An Apocalypse for Four Cellos

July 12 2014: Illyana takes Nancy and Jeri out to a concert on a whim. Apocalyptic Cello Music ensues

Warsaw, Poland

The Warsaw Philharmonic Hall is, tonight, full of cheering, bearded, leathered, dancing, gothy poles. Oh and three friends from the US



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Illyana's first stop tonight? Nancy. Not 'Nancy's room'. No, no. She just zooms in on Nancy herself and drops in on her. It may not have been all that long since Illyana last popped in on Nancy to Nancy but… time moves differently for Illyana. "Are you done being a robot yet?" Hey, at least she's not a zombie anymore.


Nancy is enjoying this new found freedom, using it to spend her nights 'not in the mansion'. Sitting in the passenger side of Bobby's car and sucking on a lolly, the pair are talking about what their plans are for the evening. Something about movies on the couch and figuring out what movies the other likes to watch. Nancy isn't admitting to her guilty pleasure of Disney yet. Illyana is suddenly in the back seat and Nancy nearly chokes on her lolly. "Holy Crap! Don't you ever knock!! You could text me and say INCOMING or *something*!"


Illyana's elbows come to rest on either side of the seats as she leans forward between the pair. "Iiiii'm gonna take that as a yes!" Illyana says rather brightly.

"Hey Bobby." She says, looking at him briefly before turning her attention back to Nancy.

"No reception in Limbo." The blonde says in a 'duh' kind of tone.

Then she looks *back* over to Bobby. "Don't worry. I'll have her back before dawn. Promise!" She gives him a too-wide smile and then teleports herself and Nancy right out of his car.


The portal drops Nancy on her backside on Illyana's big bed. So at least the landing is soft. "Be right back!" Illyana says, and then walks right out another portal standing against her wall. Right in on whatever Jericho is up to this evening.


For once. For once Illyana catches Jericho doing something normal and kind of embarrassing. Working out. He's in work out pants and a tee and just getting into his eight count pushups. He's kind of at the point where he's strained everything enough to have the muscle definition standing out but not quite at the point where he's had the chance to work up a proper sweat.

"One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-YIKES!" He almost jumps into the sliding glass door to the balcony as she ports in.

"Oh… whew. Illyana. It's you." He swallows and tries to get his heart to come back down out of his throat. "What's up?"


Illyana is dressed *very* casually. For her. Sandals. Shorts. Tank top. Her brows go upwards as she looks him up and down.

"Mm. Nice." She says absently, and then gives her head a slight shake. The portal's still open behind her and she waves and him. "C'mon." And then… she walks back through leaving a sweaty Jericho alone with the open portal of light.


Jericho blinks. "I… alright…" He wonders for a moment if he shouldn't grab a gun but… he's got his traces. And she didn't seem exactly girded for battle… so he walks right on through.


Nancy oofs as she lands on the bed. "You know… if you wanted that sort of evening, you could have said so," she snarks and then is left in the room alone. "Or you could just abandon me in hell. If this is your way of making me some demon's lover, I am gonna so be pissed with you," she yells to the empty air. She sighs and shrugs then and rolls onto her side, pulling out her phone to play some Angry Birds.


Hopefully her phone doesn't need any kind of network connection to play! Illyana's only gone a couple of minutes, seconds for Illyana, before she comes back in and hops onto the bed with Nancy as she waits for Jericho. Because of *course* he followed. When he does step through she leeeeans over to reach out and try to swipe Nancy's phone. "So. Now that someone's feeling better, we're going out."


Jericho comes back in, in workout clothes really quite obviously having been Illy'd right in the middle of his workout. He's not icky sweaty or anything but… you can tell. "So here we are back in Limbo, is anything the mat-" His eyebrows quirk and he breaks into a smile.

"Nancy? Feelin' better, I hope." He actually seems really glad to see her. Perhaps slightly more strange, doesn't seem to be bothered to be in Limbo. And his traces are glowing faaaaaaaintly red, though one can only notice if one looks closely.


Nancy goes to grab her phone back. "Oh hell no. I read what you sent last time. Sweet lips? Gimme that… " She's on the bed with Illy, the two wrestling on the bed when Jericho walks in. Nancy pauses to look up and smiles brightly.

"Jeri-Curl! Hey! Hold on a mo. I'll be right there ta give ya a hug." Nancy grabs her phone and drops it down her cleavage and goes to give Jericho the promised hug. "Yeah… Bobby was saying something about me being sick. I don't really remember it like that, but everyone says I'm better now. Maybe I have a mutant flu or something."


Because while it only took Jericho seconds to cross the room, think about his gun, and follow after, it was more than enough time for Illyana and Nancy to get into a wrestling match on the large bed.

Illyana ooofs softly as Nancy elbows her in the gut and just lies there while the other woman goes over to hug Jericho. She rolls onto her side and watches the pair, looking pretty damned amused. It is after all, the first time she's seen them around each other. That counts.


The once again black haired not-quite-goth girl gets a big hug from Brother Wolf. "Yeah, you had us all worried. It's nice to see you again, Nancy. Looking yourself, that is."

That hug? Well, it's just a hug. A nice tight hug to be sure, but just a hug. But it makes all the getting shot at, the bleeding and the broken arms and the pain, frustration and rage all worth it. Then he steps back and smiles first at Nancy and then over to Illyana.

"Don't we look satisfied?" He chuckles. "Thank you. So what's this about?" He hadn't quite heard the part about going out.


Nancy is happy as a clam and goes back to the bed, giving Illyana a poke and a grin. "Thanks. Been missing my big bad brother wolf. But seriously? You couldn't have waited till after my date?"

She leans on her elbows and tilts her head to one side. "Another metal club, or something else?"


"I'll drop you off when we're done so you don't miss it." Illyana says, rolling her eyes at the grumbling. At Nancy's question, Illyana just gives her one of those wide, wicked grins. She rolls off the bed and makes a gesture with one hand at Nancy, who suddenly finds herself picked up off the bed by nothing at all and the swirl of smoke and shadow as her clothes are transformed.

Over-the-knee boots, leggings, short little skirt with skulls, layered tops with a belt and sleeves with more skulls on her arms. This time her dark hair holds tints of green like some fairy of abisinthe.

Nancy is set down on those heels before Illyana turns her attention to Jericho. Her eyes flare white a moment and then his vision is lost as smoke and shadows crawl over him, likely teasing his traces as she conjures clothes for him.

Heavy boots that perhaps thankfully end mid-calf, low-riding leather pants accented with belts and buckles. No shirt, but a coat that's cut a bit like a duster that falls all the way to his ankles.

Illyana raises her hands above her head and her form is obscured as well. They won't see her until after the stepping disks that open at their feet set them back down again. Illyana's dressed in her ueusal more metal-than-goth look and they're in a sea of people. A few look around confused, but there's enough flashing lights and chaos that it's just shrugged off. Illyana makes 'turn around' motions with both hands, and behind the pair is a stage.

Jericho might notice faster than Nancy. That no one is speaking English. Also, his 'net is very confused. It's telling him it's March.


Poland? Jericho doesn't speak polish. Well, not much anyway. And he's not worn anything remotely like this… okay that's a lie. But it was for work. Still, one of the first things he notices, beyond the fact that it's March in Poland is the fact that Illyana does really, really good work with the clothes because they're not nearly as uncomfortable as they look like they should be. He has no idea how he looks in this getup, but at this point he's willing to trust Illy's judgement on a lot of things, like being a magical battery. So why not club wear. He turns as the blonde gestures to see what's up over near the stage.


Nancy laughs as she is floating over the bed, doing a happy little mid-air dance as her clothing is transformed. Yay! New clothes from Illy! She gets her best wardrobe this way! She is busy looking herself over, twisting this way and that while Jericho is getting the clothing treatment.

She starts to look him over as Illyana works her magic on herself. "Good lord, you have abs I could do laundry on!"

The trio ends up in the middle of a concert and as Nancy turns her jaw drops and she screams. "Eicca!!! I love you!!!!" She is jumping excitedly and yelling like many of the other fans. "Pertu! I want your baby!!!" Okay, so she's been suddenly dropped into an Apocalyptica concert. She's gone just a little fan girl.


"I told you he was fit." Illyana says, as she comments on Jericho's abs. But further commentary is pretty lost as Nancy has her little freakout. She leans in towards Jericho so he can hear her, and even then she has to yell.

"Think she'll forgive me for interrupting her date?"


Jericho has to blink to clear the demonic script from his vision, but it goes unnoticed by all except perhaps Illyana. Nancy doesn't seem to be in a state to notice anything.
"Forgive you? Oh I don't think her forgiveness is going to be the issue." Jericho has to half shout it back, leaning in close himself.

"Especially if she ever figures out she's still four months early for her date." Yeah, he noticed. And checked. And checked again. It's March. Somehow. The cello rock is something he's heard about but never actually heard and to be honest he looks pretty impressed by the music. And also pretty impressed by the apparent time travel.


Nancy closes her eyes, basking in the music. She's been listening to these guys since she started playing the cello 7 years ago. They were part of her inspiration. She turns to Illy and hugs her tight. "Best birthday present EVER!!" she tells Illyana and goes back to bouncing and cheering with the crowd. She starts to sing along to the Metallica song that is currently being played.


Illyana's eyes go a little wide and gets a sort of 'ack!' expression as Nancy hugs her tight. Illyana's not much of a hugger y'know. When the little bundle of perky goth turns back away she looks at Jericho.

"It's her birthday?"

The fact that he's noticed the date surprises her a bit, since she's not as tech-savvy as he and then there's a sudden 'oh!' moment. She reaches up to pull Jericho down so she knows he can hear her, and not just read her lips.

"Don't like, email or text or anything! Or let yourself know you're here via your internet mumbo jumbo. There's no 'Butterfly Effect' freak out to worry about but interacting with yourself would be an issue." Illyana wasn't figuring it would be an issue, since they're in *Poland*.

Illyana hooks her fingers in Jericho's beltloops then, to keep him from going anywhere and smirks up at him. "You can dance, right?"


Jericho is already powering down his connections. "No worries there." He calls out. It's weird, having to shout to talk to someone literally inches away from him. "Just a night out, right?" He chuckles. If Nancy were looking back she'd notices his traces flush red the moment Illyana touches him.

"Actually yes." He laughs with wink. It might disappoint her if she knew he learned to dance for 'work.' Gotta blend in, of course. And he's very practiced at blending in.


Nancy has always joked about how if she ever got to go to an Apocalyptica concert, she would throw her panties on the stage. It's not like she would be the only one. She is wearing tights, so the panties are staying on, but that doesn't stop her from screaming like most of the crowd. She doesn't even miss the sugar, getting enough of a rush from the music and the excited crowd.


Illyana gives a broad grin. "Good." Illyana has a few hobbies. People watching, trolling people, watching movies and dancing. Only the latter is really an outlet for her. Her hands slide up over Jericho's skin, gaze lowered to watch his traces light up beneath her fingertips. Some people have Angry Birds, some people have Jericho.

Illyana looks over her shoulder at the freaking out Nancy and then turns back to Jericho, shaking her head. She was planning to troll Nancy by dancing with Jericho, but obviously she's not going to get *any* of Nancy's attention. Ah well. There's always another night. But she's still going to dance with Jericho and see if he can keep up with her, or he's just talk.


Thanks to her getting to choose the outfit, there's plenty of trace to watch light up. And it does, absorbing trace amounts of her magic and… well no one's actually bothered to look where it all goes yet and Jeri doesn't exactly have any way to tell himself. It makes for a fairly impressive light show, though. It also makes demonic bleed through into his vision again which is kind of distracting to be honest but he's slowly getting used to it.

One would think someone like Jeri, who really kind of doesn't socialize except with his few friends would be socially awkward and not really good at dancing. One would be largely correct about that and if Illyana had just thrown him out onto a dance floor prior to getting to know him a bit she'd probably have been disappointed. Whether she will be now? Well he's not sure, but it's not because he's unwilling or unable. He actually can dance. Not the slickest moves on the dance floor, but he clearly does know to use his conditioning to his advantage here. And he's quite limber.


Nancy is smiling from ear to ear, clearly loving the concert. She turns around to thank Illyana yet again when she sees Illy dancing with Brother Wolf. She pauses in her own dancing and makes a face like she's about to throw up.

"Would you two get a room? Good grief, you're turning him into your own personal lite brite." She sticks a tongue out at the pair. "You know, if you were just gonna be all over him like that, we could have brought my date along so I had someone to molest."


Illyana turns her head to look back over her shoulder at Nancy, grinning wickedly again. "He was driving!" She points out. Also, that would have made it seem very date-like.

While Illyana does let surprise show on her face that he can move, she doesn't seem disappointed and while Nancy's claim of 'molesting' might be a bit much, others would probably argue that it's right on the money. Give her the music to dance to, and Illyana's more than happy to do so.

After the encore, and the encore's encore, the venue starts to empty. Snagging Jericho and Nancy about the waist, Illyana keeps hold of them as they make it out onto Poland's streets outside the Palace of Culture and Science. "Soooo, you want me to drop you back off with Bobby now?" Illyana asks, smirking at Nancy. Who might well have lost her voice.


She's still turning him into 'her own personal lite brite' mostly because there's no way for Jericho to prevent his traces from absorbing magic. So yes, quite literally lighting up everywhere Illyana touches him. The light show has gotten him a few… he assumes they were compliments in Polish. They might have also been drunken rambling? He's not sure in the least. Illyana, from what he can tell, loves to dance. A lot. It's mildly alarming that he's fairly sure he probably could not in fact have kept up with her without SF conditioning.

The question gets a glance over to Nancy and a small smile, as he waits to see if she has lost her voice.


Nancy comes back to Illyana and Jericho, grinning as she shows off that she got her chest autographed. She hugs Illyana tight, again.

"Okay, best birthday ever. Shame I don't actually… wait. If we're not in America… dammit! I could have had a drink this whole time." She laughs. "Ah well. My loss." She then gives Jericho a hug too.

"So, shall I have her drop me off at my date's house and you two can continue that … dirty dancing that you were doing. Perhaps in a more horizontal mode?" And yes, her voice is ragged and raw from all the screaming.


Illyana gives one of those huffs that's like the beginnings of a laugh, smiling. "How about, first, we get some tea so that you don't sound like you're gargling glass." She's not embarrassed in the least at Nancy's teasing of their dancing. She looks about and then frowns slightly.

"But I don't think I have any Polish currency… C'mon. I know a place back in NYC." Also, she can shift them back to normal time.


The notion of getting tea in these getups makes Jericho chuckle and he hugs Nan back tight. "I'm glad you had fun Nan… nice autograph." He adds the last part dryly. He can tease too, it seems and doesn't particularly seem to mind… well, anything right now. It's been a while since he was out and about to have fun. Things back home are getting a bit… tight. And there's going to be, probably, a fair amount of sneaking and shooting to be done, so, yeah. This was a great birthday present for Nancy, it was great to see her looking herself and smiling, great to see Illyana having fun and nice to cut loose and dance. All around really good night.

"You know a place, mmmm?" Jericho gives Illy the 'lead on' gesture. Nan's suggestion that there might be additional dancing in the future… Jericho is amused by it but clearly doesn't think Illy was doing anything but trolling the both of them. Well, and having fun. He's never seen her have fun before that didn't come at his expense. Or involve ice cream. It was kind of nice actually.


Nancy scoops her arm around Illyana's waist, walking along with her in the evening air of Warsaw. She looks around, taking in the sights. "You know, someday, I will be here because of my own talents. Playing in the music halls. And the best part is, maybe Hydra will get word that I'm here in Poland and come running over to find me." She smiles as she walks, her ears ringing from the music and her blood pumping from the adrenaline.

"Glad my power didn't kill anyone while we were at the concert. I forgot till just now to tone it down."

"Most mutants are OK without access to their powers. And if they had a sudden freakout we'd probably have noticed and moved out of the way." Illyana gives Nancy's waist a squeeze. "Well pull it in tight." And then there's a portal and they're stepping through to Limbo, and then back out to the back of a small cafe with Russian trappings. She calls out in Russian to the counter, the older woman there giving her a wave as Illyana steers them towards a quiet table.

"So, when I rifled through your room that original time? I remembered the group."


Jericho has a seat opposite Nan and Illy at the table. "The posters. That's right." Jeri remembers them too though that's the only one he can call to mind. He had a lot of other things on his mind. Like getting Nancy the hell out. Oh, which reminds him. She said she was gonna need a car. He'll have to get on that. He is fairly good at acquiring things people don't know they haven't given to him. Taking a moment he reconnects himself to the city networks and takes a deep breath.

"I think we'd have been hard pressed to really be picked out in that crowd anyway." Jericho laughs. "Well, except me maybe. Not many people lighting up there." There's probably a joke in there, somewhere, lighting up when an attractive blonde touches you, but he's not going for that one.


Nancy remembers her posters, as well as all the other stuff that she has lost since the fire. She sighs softly and shrugs. "So, we're looking into getting a safe house for the N series. I'll probably be moving in with them to help them out, give them a safe place while we get them mentally and physically sorted out."

She shakes her head and smiles. "You were definitely noticed, Jeri."


The older lady shuffles over with tea and biscuits, nattering at Illyana in Russian. The older woman leans in and Illyana leans back, kissing her cheek before the woman shuffles back away. Illyana pours tea, and listens, looking between the pair of them.

"I think you guys just moved to talking shop and I'm clueless." She doesn't say that like 'tell me more', it's more the 'work? Boooooring.'

Illyana chuckles then, the sound low as she grins over at Jericho. "Yeah. Yeah he was."


Jericho laughs. "Sorry Illy." He texts Nan an address with literally the bat of an eye. "Come on over to my place later Nan and we can talk shop and get details. I have a few party favors stashed there for you too."

Jericho takes a sip of the tea, apparently very pleased with it and shakes his head with a wink. "Well when you light the place up…" He says with a mischievous grin.


Nancy gives Illyana's arm a poke. "Not by you, you perv. I meant other people. I know *you* noticed him. You are having way too much fun using me as a dress up doll. I'd protest if not for the fact that the clothes are awesome."

She reaches for the tea and has a sip, wrinkling her nose as she looks for the sugar.

"That reminds me. I have to see if I can't get Lunair to lend me a few things as well." She shakes her head as Jeri now starts trolling her too.


"I meant them too." Illyana says, chuckling at Nancy. "I figured the glowy wouldn't be remarked on too much at that venue. And protest all you like. Won't change anything." Illyana says, smirking.

The cafe is quiet, and since the little old lady that runs the place clearly knows Illyana the outlandish attire is ignored and the trio is left to sit in the corner, laughing and mocking each other into the evening.

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