The Iceman Maybe Cometh

July 12, 2014: Cal and Scott discuss Bobby's potential.

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Saturday. Glorious Saturday.

Scott's reclining in a chair, watching some television. Workout is done. Pre-planning with Hank for the support mission is done. For once, he's got some peace and quiet — the kind of peace that never lasts, naturally, but he's enjoying it while he can.

"There you are." Those ominous words herald Cal's arrival in the lounge and he flops down onto a couch facing Scott. "No, no emergency. I just wanted to talk to you about someone. Again, nothing bad. It can wait if you're engrossed in…" He looks at the TV to see what's playing.

Scott shakes his head slowly and flexes his fingers out as his head tilts up towards Cal, "No. No, it's nothing." Short-lived peace is what makes those moments so special anyhow, he supposes. He reaches to the television remote and turns the flat screen off before looking back at Cal. "What's up?"

"Have you had a chance to spend any time with Bobby Drake?" Cal asks, turning back to Scott and angling himself in the corner so he can sprawl comfortably.

Scott nods to Cal a few times. "Yeah, I had the chance to meet him twice now. Saw him spar with Nancy and he was here with Hank last night. Haven't gotten to know him very well to this point."

"There are differences between realities." Scott's learned that since Cal arrived and he's pointed out several. The last was Logan. "Just because someone exists or something happened in mine, doesn't mean it's the same here. Bobby's one of them. In my reality? He's our age. In fact, he was one of the first five mutants the Professor took under his wing." Cal being the sixth. "He has the potential of being an incredibly powerful mutant and an excellent X-Man."

Scott nods a few times, "He's one of the good ones, then? One to hold on to. What's his power source? What can he do?"

"Ice." Cal answers. "Ice and cold. We never did find out to what extent he could use his powers but I wouldn't be surprised if he had the potential of starting an ice age given enough time and effort. Don't tell him that."

"Yeah," Scott chuckles. "I think I'll leave that part out of it. What makes him so good for the team? Odd that he's younger in this timeline. You knew him well? Sure its the same guy, right?"

"I'm sure. Same name, same appearance, same powers. Similar history." Cal answers. "We knew him well. We went through school together, trained together, fought together. He was a good friend. Here… Well, I've found that personality is one of the first things to change from reality to reality. No surprise since events shape people. His powers are likely to be the same but what he's like as a person…" He shrugs. "The Bobby I knew was an eternal optimist and a prankster. It was hard to get him down and he'd always try to lighten things. You were the target of more than one of his jokes."

Scott chuckles and shakes his head, "Something to look forward to, I suppose. What's the kids back story?"

"It's in his file but the usual. Powers manifested, people turned against him. In his case, most of his town. We got there in time. Or rather, the Professor did." Cal shrugs. "It was before my time here. According to his file, once he learned basic control, he decided to leave and go to college."

Scott nods, "I'll be sure to keep an eye on him and see how far I can push him. What was he — your Drake — like in battle?"

"Once he was trained? Effective. But right now, I'm better at using his powers than he is. Which is not surprising as I had them for a few years and he just used them to cool his drinks. I showed him the type of things he could do not long ago." Cal tells Scott. "But he's still unsure about what he wants to do. He should be encouraged."

"Great for parties," Scott says absently. He nods though as Calvin mentions and he gets the hint. "I'll talk to him. Soon. Like today."

"That's why they pay you the big bucks." Cal says with a grin and stands back up. Some light telekinetic pressure turns the TV back on. "Enjoy your show. Though if you want to stay undisturbed, you should hide in your room." Not that it would have stopped Cal since he followed the scent.

Scott chuckles and shakes his head, "Here I'm in the middle of all the action." Scott nods to the TV, "And the one in here is bigger."

"I'll buy you a wall sized flat screen for your birthday." Cal tosses off a half wave, half salute and *BLINK*

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