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July 14, 2014: Lara delivers payment to Roy for the Baffin expedition and meets his little girl.


A coffee shop



  • Lian Harper

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Lara Croft sent word to Arsenal that his payment is ready for the Baffin Island Expedition. She arranged to meet with him at a small coffee shop in Soho in New York. The young tomb raider sits alone at a table in a corner, wearing a pair of modest navy blue shorts and a white halter neck blouse that floats freely at the bottom. She's even wearing sandals, with her hair braided in a thick rope. She looks the picture of visiting British tourist, rather than the rough and tumble adventurer.

Striding in with a young girl clad in a yellow summer dress, not more than four or five years old, Roy Harper, himself clad in brown shorts and a light red t-shirt takes a seat opposite Lara. Propping the young half-asian girl up to a chair, Roy introduces the young girl. "My daughter, Lian. Lian, this is Lara Croft. She's, um… an archaeologist. Like, uh… Indiana Jones."

Lara watches, fascinated, as Roy brings in the little girl. When she's introduced as his daughter, she looks even more surprised, but her expression is one of delight. "My pleasure, Miss Lian. And yes, very much like Indiana Jones, luckily with less snakes." She waves a waitress over and orders a cup of tea for herself, and whatever the pair would like. "I didn't peg you as a daddy sort," she notes to Roy.

"I was young and stupid," Roy replies. "Still am, but I get by," he adds, as he starts to try and tuck a napkin into Lian's dress. It doesn't work, mostly because she pushes his hand back and starts to do it herself, barely acknowledging the introduction. At least for now.

After ordering a coffee, and a milk, Roy leans back. "Couldn't grab a babysitter right for the moment, and figured you wouldn't mind."

Naturally, -now- that she's good and settled, Lian quips up, heedless of her father's having a conversation. "I don't like snakes. You don't have to fight snakes?"

The question gets a broad smile from Lara. "Not often, thankfully. But they do tend to live in the jungles where I look for treasure. I've just not found them to be quite as hostile as Indy did," she explains. "My father was an adventurer himself, as was my mother. I accompanied them many times on their expeditions when I was about Lian's age."

"Daddy won't take me on his trips," Lian replies, adjusting her napkin so that it was neater (at least from her perspective).

"Not while I'm working, princess," Roy laughs. "Besides, what Daddy does is very different from what Ms. Croft does. Daddy does bang-bang, Ms Croft does… um, lots of digging and lots of looking and lots of searching. And lots of reading, isn't that right?"

"Indeed, that is correct Mister Harper. I do a great deal of research, with a little bit of climbing and digging, and cleaning of dusty old things with history attached to them," Lara explains. "I try to keep the bang bang to a minimum, and my parents did even more so." Of course, that isn't how it always goes. "Do you like to read, Lian?" she asks the girl.

Shaking her head, Lian tugs at her head, before ducking it low. "Nuhuh," she replies, having shown interest at climbing and digging, but making a face at the notion of cleaning dusty old things.

"Still learning her alphabet," Roy adds. "You were travelling a lot with your parents as a kid?"

"I was. Borneo, Costa Rica, Madagascar. They took me on what they knew would be safe digs, where the government and native populations were welcoming to an archaeological dig," Lara notes. She sips her tea when it arrives, even putting up her pinky like a proper British lady. It's quite the contrast from Lara in the field. "And learning an alphabet can be fun. I know several different ones," she quips.

Watching Lara, Lian imitates the British woman, although the pinky is perhaps not so effective with a glass. Her brow furrows, however, at the notion of different alphabets. "There are more alphabets?" she says in that way a child gets when she suspects she's about to be tricked into doing more than she agreed to.

"Yes, but uh… Ms. Croft is special," Roy replies. "Daddy learned more later, she learned them when she was your age, I think? And yeah I'm sure it was safe. Especially Madagascar. Lots of talking animals, right, Lian?"

Lara chuckles. "Yes, I was about your age. I learned a few different languages at the same time. It's easier to learn them when you're young, so take advantage of it, Lian." The pinky imitation has her expression softening a bit. "I don't recall any talking animals, but maybe I just don't speak their language?" No children, no time for animated films.

IT was probably in her genetic makeup, given her parents could handle multiple languages, but Lian looks none-too-pleased at the htought of learning -more- when she could just run around outdoors or watch more movies.

Chuckling at the dour notion, Roy shrugs. "I could try, but I'm not sure the schools are going to teach her anything more, and I don't exactly homeschool," Roy notes. "Anyway, Ms. Croft here finds all sort of things for different museums."

"Oh," Lian replies, in that 'Daddy's talking about something I don't understand' way, before drinking her milk. A little bit dribbles, but Lian waves off any attempt by her father to wipe her face.

"I promise it is more exciting than it sounds," Lara tells the girl with a wink. She then reaches down to her bag beside the chair and withdraws an envelope. "Here is your payment for the Baffin Expedition. Your help was invaluable, Mister Harper."

"A lot more exciting when you actually find things. Otherwise, it's a pain in the… butt," Roy grins, as he reaches for the envelope, only to be intercepted by Lian. "Mine," she crows.

Roy sighs. "Hand it over, princess. Or no toys."

"Mine!" she insists.

"I should've traded her in for a dog," Roy grumbles, though he winks at Lara. "Anyway, happy to do it. That was fun. Call me if there's another one of these expeditions. Less Vikings, more Amazons, though?"

"I certainly will, Roy," Lara says, finally using his first name now that their business is concluded. "And perhaps you have a future money manager on your hands," she notes, at Lian's taking of the payment. "I should be going. I have a meeting with my lawyers this afternoon." She pays the bill.

-Now- Roy raises an eyebrow at the use of his name, but grins. "Sure thing. Give me a call anytime."

Standing up, Roy offers a hand. And then as Lian starts switching hands to offer her own to Lara, there's a swipe of the envelope and Roy is using his oh so superior height to keep it out of Lian's wailing grasp. "Say good bye to Miss Croft. Maybe we'll see her again, won't we?" Roy admonishes, tucking the envelope away. Sooner it was out of sight, and Lian distracted, the better.

Lara shakes both their hands, looking very amused at the interplay between father and daughter. "I will. And spend that money wisely, Miss Lian," she stage whispers, before she departs for her meeting.

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