The Axe, Part 8

July 16, 2014 Kwabena Odame pays a visit to Sexy Rexy down in Mutant Town

Mutant Town

A small brownstone of Rex, a local mutant pimp.



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The Axe, Part 8

"Look," the bartender from earlier in the night murmurs as she rolls over in the bed. "I'm not so sure it's a good idea that I tell you where to find him. I mean, Rex is bad news. If he finds out I told you, Imma be up shit creek. Besides, he's working right now as it is."

Her apartment of course, not his. It's not much to write home about but it's clean and has a woman's touch as much as any woman touches much of anything in Mutant Town. While the bedroom is dark and the bed is one of those pairs of mattresses without a box spring with a hundred blankets for coverings, the living room outside is a cream color and is furnished in a bohemian style.

Smoke curls from the African's nostrils, the pungent smell of marijuana joining that of the bartender's steadily burning incense. Kwabena passes the joint to her, eyeing her lazily for a few moments.

"He won't find out you told me," he answers. "Listen, Suzannah. I'm not de best news mahself. It's like I told you, dough. Only reason I didn't stay behind to help him is cause I knew I could track dat muddah fuckah." Pause. "And I did. I didn't catch him, but I know who he's running with. It's bad news. Worse news dan you, me, or Rex could evah be." He accepts the joint, takes another long pull, then offers it back with pinched fingers. "Besides. If Rex fucks with you?" A dangerous look flashes through the Ghanaian's eye. "He'll regret it for de rest of his life."

Suzannah exhales in a sigh and shakes her head, moving on to light a cigarette because that's a thing. "Fine. Rex is a pimp. He runs out of Mutant Town with a bunch of mutant chicks. Exotic types. Don't you fucking tell him I told you either. I'm serious, Kwa." Her hand trembles a bit she takes a drag from the cigarette. "I'm not sure what him and that guy were talking about, but I know that Rex seemed to be on his back foot."

Shift takes the news without shock or surprise. He does, however, provide a grin. "So I find some girls and track dem to him. Nobody will evah know I was dere. I can dissapeah into de night." As if to remind her, his arm turns to smoke. Black smoke, easy to lose against the night sky. "I only needed to learn where to staht."

The blankets move, and Kwabena sits up. He reaches for his clothes, the camera casually excluding him as he does, before moving to kiss her. He then whispers something into her ear, before disappearing in a plume of smoke.

Moments later, he's outside hailing a cab. Givem his bike is going to be in the shop for a while, he's got to travel like the normals.

"Take me to Mutant Town."

"At this hour?"

The Bemjamin does a good job at stopping the cabbie's complaint.

The cabbie takes him not too terribly far down to the heart of Mutant Town. Rex, it seems, runs his operation out of his home like any modern age entrepreneur. It's a dilapidated brownstone with neighbors who would call the police if they gave two shits…and if they weren't scared out of their minds of good ole Rex. Ole Lemon Licker has a bit of a violent streak.

In any event, the cabbie lets Kwa out half a block from the house and high tails it the hell out of Dodge almost as soon as the car door slams.

It doesn't take long for Shift to track Rex down. There are plenty of rooftops that he can scale with ease, and both forms of flesh and smoke do well against the dimly lit night sky.

Once Shift has pinpointed the pimp's brownstone, he takes care of a few, shall we say, 'errands'. Then, in the silence of the night, a thin cloud of smoke sneaks into the brownstone through it's various nooks and crannies. It hovers along the ceiling, listening in it's own unique way for the sound of Rex's voice.

Rex, in all of his glory, is sitting on his couch. Kwa can tell because he's swearing up a shit storm, but when the Ghanian gets into the living room, he'll see that the mutant pimp is actually swearing at his StarkStation gaming system. Because hot damn, nothing sucks like losing.

With the robe open, it may be the most unceremonious pimp moment ever, but seriously wtf. One hit kill? Bullshit.

Suddenly, a black cloud drops from the ceiling. It reforms into Shift, bearing his gunmetal gray uniform with the hood unmasked, and with a snap of his boot, the StarkStation controller is batted from Rex's hand.

"It's a good idea dat you keep your ass sitting down," he snarls. For effect, of course.

"Holy fuck!" Rex exclaims as the controller goes flying and he reflexively moves back in fear. "You could have fucking knocked! What the hell?" He continues heavy breathing but tries to get himself under control as it doesn't seem like Kwa is going to kill him. Yet.

A gloved finger is leveled at Rex, then Shift nods his head approvingly. He smirks, then walks over to pick up the controller. The game is exited, a web browser brought up, and an IP address keyed in.

Its amazing what you can do with some duct tape, a webcam purchased from a corner store in the hood, and a little bit of technical knowledge. The IP address calls up a video stream, displaying two of Rex's girls, tied up in a dingy back room somewhere.

"I still have your attention, don't I?" he asks. Surely the pimp recognizes him from the bar. Kwabena gives Rex a moment to say whatever the hell he wants to say, but Rex's words will be inevitably cut off by the African's harsh tone.

"You're gonna tell me what you and hoodie were talking about before he flicked a gahnishment into your larynx."

"Yes, fuck yes, just don't hurt her!" Rex exclaims. "Look, me and that guy were talking about Charlie. He wanted to take Charlie out for a 'date' but Charlie's off limits right now, man. Fuck don't hurt her!"

"Who is Chahlie?" Shift is relentless. "Why is she off limits?" A crackling sound comes from his hand, and the controller is easily crushed under strong hands and suddenly super-hardened fingers. "Don't fucking lie to me, Big Rex." He drops the mangled controller onto the floor.

"Charlie's not a she. Not a he either. Both." Rex holds his hands up, "I aint lyin man, I aint lyin. Charlie, the last dude Charlie was with ended up dead, man. Shotgun blast to the face. Charlie wasn't there, but it's a good idea to keep them off the beat for a while, you know what I mean? Plus, guy was sort of creepy. Started getting very graphic about what he wanted to do. Said he'd pay extra."

The response serves to temper Kwabena's tone a bit. "You take good care of your girls?" he asks. "You don't hit dem, treat 'em like shit, like half de oddah muddah fuckah's out here?" He presses in. "Even if she is a he, or a both?" It's a moot point, perhaps, but a part of him wants to know. If Rex is mistreating mutants, then there may be a score to settle at a later date.

"Where can I find dis creepy shitface?" he asks. This may all be a dead end, but Shift learned a long time ago not to leave stones unturned.

"Mutants gotta stick together man. You don't trust me, ask one of my girls." Or guys for that matter. "As far as where that slime sucker is, I got no idea. He never said. Never did anything by email so I don't even have a way to contact him."

A long silence lingers, before Kwabena's expression softens just a bit. "We do got to stick togedah. You want to find dis creep? Put her back on beat. I promise you, Charlie won't get a scratch." Shift's silver eyes stare unblinking at Rex in a manner that bleeds dedication.

The pimp starts to protest, "Dude, the cops w-" But then he stops and thinks it over. Charlie has begged to be put back on. "Yeah alright. I'll do it. But Charlie can't be caught up in this man. This guy is guy is all sorts of creepy, man. You better fuck him up good and proper. Kick to the teeth special from Rexy, if you'd be so kind."

Neither man knows who the adversary truly is, or the bravado would likely be far more subdued.

"I only hurt propah who deserve it." Granted, Shift has an odd way of determining who deserves what, but it's worth noting Rex hadn't earned a scratch. "702-555-3748. It's a burnah. You'll let me know when she goes back on."

Shift turns, lifting the hood over his face as he goes. The mangled controller gives him pause, and he looks down at it for a moment. "Sorry bout your controllah, boss. But honestly? You suck at dat game."

With a poof and the sound of air displacing, Shify transforms to smoke and zooms toward an open window.

Twenty minutes later, Rex's girls are released.

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