Potential Roommates

07-17-2014: Supergirl and Stargirl chat during a patrol and decide to give being college roommates a try.

Downtown Metropolis - City of Metropolis

The view from above downtown Metropolis is as if a giant-child dropped all of his grey legos and mapped them into a perfect grid with varying heights and then sprinkled in gleaming glass towers; architectural masterpieces, the shapes of which are only and specifically created for America's greatest city: The City of Tomorrow.

During the day the general feel is grace, elegance and business. At night, neon seems to spring from every corner-the halogen so bright you'd swear the sun never set. Each corner you turn seems to have hidden a pulsating feel that echoes: progress, progress, progress.



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Metropolis, the closest thing to a true utopia that America is ever likely to get. It's this dream of a perfect life, among other things, that bring people to this city of the future, and with people comes problems, some big, some small, but all bad. There haven't been much in the way of problems today, it has been quiet on the trouble front. There was an attempted bank robbery earlier, but that was wrapped up quick and painless and since then there hasn't been anything the two heroines have had to intrude upon.

A large fluffy cloud passes over the sun, which is starting to fall below the high skyscrapers of the skyline. Which is where Stargirl happens to be, on a skyscraper that is, standing on the ledge leaning on her staff "If I had known today was going to be this boring, I would have just went to work." she comments to her friend.

Sure, it may be quiet today, but that's a good thing in the mind of Supergirl. Because not stopping giant robots or death rays or Rao knows what else some evil genius has cooked up means time just flying around and enjoying the day. Kara smiles at her friend and patrol partner, shrugging a bit as she just floats casually, enjoying the feel of the breeze on her face and the sun on her skin. "You'd rather be stuck at work instead of just enjoying the day, Courtney?" A pigeon flies up to the girls and Kara holds out a finger to let it perch for a while. "Come on. It's beautiful outside, the bad guys are taking a break, we're getting to fly up among the clouds…most people would consider this a perfect day. Just relax and appreciate the calm."

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"Point." Stargirl concedes as Supergirl enlightens her on why it's good that things are quiet "I'm just antsy for more action I suppose." or maybe it's all that caffeine she imbibed earlier. She giggles at the bird landing on the outstretched finger "Add a few mice and you would make a perfect Cinderella." she glances around "Though you don't seem the type to need a fairy godmother all that often." if at all.

"I don't know," Kara says as she lifts a finger and the bird flies off. "I mean, I suppose you and I could be considered fairy godmothers to everyday people." She floats over to where Courtney is standing and takes a seat on the building ledge. "We watch over them. We protect them. We give them a needed helping hand from time to time. That's pretty much what fairy godmothers do in Earth legends, right? But I still wouldn't mind having someone like that watching over me." Kara smiles up at Courtney and shrugs a bit. "I mean, aren't we entitled to having a happy ending too? Getting the prince, riding off to the castle, all that? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be a protector here. But it's not wrong of me to want something more out of life than just be on duty all the time, right?"

Stargirl moves to sit down on the ledge, laying the staff on the rooftop behind here "I suppose, only we don't give people uncomfortable shoes, or make them live in a tree. Though I guess it depends on which version you are referring to, Disney or the Grimm Brother's." she gives a shudder "Those Grimms were some dark dudes." she grins at Supergirl "As long as I'm not the damsel in distress and the one doing the rescuing I'm okay with getting a prince. Did a bit of that recently. And yes, I mean no, it's not wrong of you to want more.

Kara looks over at Courney, smiling in that 'Oh reallly?' sort of way. "You did a bit of prince rescuing, hmmm? Was he at least cute?" it's a bit of good-natured teasing, something that Kara hasn't been able to do since before Krypton exploded. It seems that regardless of the planet, there are some constants between girlfriends; like tease each other about boys. "It's good to hear you say that, though. It means that I'll have you backing me up against Kal if I ever to find the time and guy to date." The Kryptonian teen laughs, picturing how sweetly overprotective Kal would be of her if she dared have a social life. "Speaking of my cousin, he helped me move into my own apartment last week. It's not much, just a little corner apartment, but it's a place I can call my own at least. So, things are kind of good right now, I suppose. A fresh new beginning and all that."

"Yes." she gestures in whatever way New York is in "I was in Chinatown in Manhattan. A guy was getting chased by a gang of thugs. Six against one isn't very good odds, but after I took down the first two the others ran off." there is a nod "More handsome really, he was a bit older than me, easily 25, if not a few years older. His name was Jaime, a bit of a goof, but nice." she takes the teasing with good nature. Sure she has friends, but not any that can understand the need to be out and fighting crime and what not. "I do have your back. Your cousin won't know what hit him if he gets all in your face about dating." at the news of the apartment she puts a fist out for a bump, "Way to go. No dorm life for you than, 'eh. Lucky."

Kara smiles and returns the fistbump; it's these quaint little human customs that she enjoys the most about living here. "Well, it's a dorm apartment," she says. "But it's a single, so I don't have to worry about a roommate finding my costume or something like that." She looks back at Courtney, slightly curious. "You have a dorm room, right? Do you have a roommate assigned to you or do you have a single like I do?" There's definitely a plan brewing in Kara's mind given the thoughtful look on the girl's face. "It's just got to be hard doing what we do when you have to worry about the person you're living with finding out, right?"

Stargirl ahhs, that makes more sense to her, "I had one last term, but she transferred to some college in Florida to be with her boyfriend." she pulls a face at the idea, or maybe she just didn't care for the guy or maybe her room mate "They haven't assigned me a new one yet, but yeah hard to keep anything secret from a roommate in a dorm." she chuckles "Thankfully she was to focused on her own life…and boy toy to care about what I was up to.

"You know…" Kara says thoughtfully. "I could talk with my cousin and see if he'd be okay with me splitting a dorm with you. It would definitely save on housing for both of us." And with the look in her eyes, Kara is probably already figuring out how to pitch this idea to Kal. "I mean, if you'd want me for a roommate. The big hurdle is that we'd know each other's identities then, rather than just first names and some facts. Kal is really focused on maintaining the secret, but I think he'd be okay with you knowing, considering all the hero stuff that you've done." She smiles brightly at Courtney, looking convinced she could pull this off. "So, what do you say? Want to give it a try?"

Were it not for the mask over the top half of her face it may be noticed that her eyebrows arch upward, though the widening of her eyes may give it away "Why do you have to have your cousin's permission for that? Is he that protective of you?" of course she doesn't know who Kal really is or she probably wouldn't be asking that question "Well you would be a better roommate than some random stranger the university assigns me." she is silent a moment as the contemplates "I guess knowing each others real ID kinda keeps both of us from spilling, eh." she nods "It's worth a try, and certainly safer for both of us. Which dorm hall did you get stuck in?

"I'm asking him because i respect him," Kara replies. She's not angry or upset at the question of why she has to get permission. "Because my Identity is linked to his. Someone knowing my identity has repercussions on his life. I trust you, Courtney; you're my best friend here. But Kal needs to know because he has people that he cares about and he needs to think about the risk to them if his identity is discovered." She smiles reassuringly at her friend, trying to soothe the matter. "But like I said, I doubt he's going to have a problem with you knowing. And like you said, it's better than you getting a roommate assigned that might be more…nosy? Than I would. Right now, I'm over in Swann Hall. Even if your room is across campus, it'll be a simpler move than what Kal and I just did."

Stargirl can understand the whole respect thing, "So it's more like making sure he is cool with it then asking if you can." she gets it "Both of your secrets are safe with me." she crosses her index finger over her heart. Maybe Kara knows the meaning of that or maybe she doesn't, Stargirl wouldn't know either way "I'd me more than willing to meet your cousin if it'll help. Is he cute?" she has to ask! "Swann Hall is pretty good. I think that's where a few of the football players are dormed at. My dorm is closer to the middle of campus, near the admin building. Which sucks." as she talks she divides her attention between Kara and the ant like people on the streets below.

The question of Kal's cuteness makes Kara laugh and smile. "I don't know. I mean, he's my cousin, but I suppose he is rather cute. but i think he's already taken, Courtney." She giggles more and pats her friend on the shoulder. "There's plenty of other cute heroes, I suppose. Maybe like The Flash? I don't know. Are you a member of the League? If not, maybe we should talk to Diana and see about getting you membership there?" Kara's just jam-packed with social ideas today, apparently. "And yeah, there's lots of the football players there at Swann." Kara shrugs a bit. "I know I need to have a low-key identity, but I still wish I could do more normal stuff, sort of like you and cheerleading. Having to hide all the time really kind of sucks."

"Yeah, I guess it is hard to be objective when it's a relative." Court waves a hand dismissively "That's alright. If I really wanted a steady guy I would have one. I can cross the campus in my cheerleading outfit without getting asked out at least a few times." her eyes widen again, this time in surprise at the question, "I wish, being a member of the J.L would be awesome. I'd probably need more experience before they even thought about it though." she bumps shoulders with the other girl "Normal is subjective, there are plenty of normal things you can do. Like mall crawling or maybe we can hit a club or three later.

Kara smiles at the excitement Courtney shows at the idea of joining the League. "Well…let me talk with some people and see if I can get you some introductions. I think you'd make a great part of the League; you've got lots of power and versatility." The shoulder bump is returned with a smile. "Mallcrawling is really fun for me. On Krypton, all our needs were met, so there was no need to go shopping or look for different clothes." She tugs at the fabric of her costume. "If we wanted to have our clothes look different, we can program them to change style and color. Having huge areas to explore different clothes and items…it's really fascinating to me."

Court bounces a bit in excitement, "That would be so awesome. Even meeting one or two of them would be great. I think it would be a pipe dream though to actually join the group though. They are big leagues, I'm just street level stuff." which isn't totally accurate overall, but for the being in Metropolis it is "Programmable clothes? That's neat, I bet stuff like that would go over real big in certain markets here." she gives a slight shake of her head "But no shopping, no thanks. Without malls where do you go do hang out, and people watch?

"Well…we had parks and things," Kara says while getting a wistful look. "Social interaction was…different, though. For one thing, there was no such thing as 'people watching'; the idea of just sitting around and watching others go about their day was completely, well…alien. Most of the time, Kryptonians engaged in debate, research, or personal pursuits like art. Some of us spent time trying to make our cities better aesthetically, but there weren't things that you would consider to be 'hangouts'. We just didn't do that unless there was a productive purpose behind the meeting."

Her best friend is an alien. Court's friends back in Nebraska wouldn't believe it, or think she was talking about some sitcom from the 80's. And as Kara describes the culture she was raised in she is obviously astounded by the differences "Showing up here must have been culture shock. Even more so when I moved from the west coast to here." she does look puzzled for a moment "Isn't getting to know people through hanging out productive though? Like right now, in this moment, aren't we being productive, even though we are just hanging out, learning about each other, making plans. I mean sure it isn't debate or any of that other stuff, but it does serve a purpose.

"It is," Kara agrees. "But you need to understand how…isolated Krypton was. We had gone out into space, seen the universe. And we came back. We felt we had the answers to everything, so there was no need to be out there amongst the other races of the universe." She sighs, biting her lip some for the folly of her people. "There was a very strong sense of not-intruding on others, of minding one's own business. Krypton was highly conservative in several ways. Sure, there were lots of us that did social interaction just to meet others, but for the most part, my people had no real use for a lot of social things. Many marriages were the product of genetic planning because of the offspring they would produce, rather than love. My parents and my Uncle and Aunt weren't the norm, they did love each other, but everything on Krypton was carefully organized and planned out to prevent overcrowding and to encourage the most efficient use of space. There were no real schools, we were taught by robots and computers in our homes. It's not that there wasn't any social interaction, it was just not seen as important."

"So they were pretty much isolationists, kind of like America was before WWI?" she may be a blond cheerleader but she did pay attention in her history class, at least enough for a few things to stick. She gahs and pulls a face at how relationships were set up "Sounds a bit archaic, very dark ages in a way. Guess your parents were the lucky ones. A lot different than here, that's for sure. Or at least parts of here. You get homesick much?

Kara doesn't reply to the last question for a long time. She takes a deep breath and looks out over the city, and it's pretty obvious what the answer is. "I do. All the time. I miss my home, my family…my friends." Kara turns and gives Courtney a quick hug. "I love the friends I've made here," she says with a sad smile. "But everything I knew is gone. There are pictures that I have, memories, but it's not real. I'm never going to be able to hug my parents again. Kandor…the Glass Forest…all of it's gone." She looks down to the city below, trying to smile but not being very successful. "Even with as great a friend as you are, even with Kal…I still feel alone, because I'm the only one with these memories and experiences."

Now she feels kinda bad for even asking the question. Mentally Courtney is kicking herself for being so callous "Oh, I'm sorry Kara, I didn't mean too make you feel all bad or anything." the offered hug is returned "I get homesick to, but that's nothing compared to what you are feeling." she keeps an arm around the other girl for a few more moments "I'm glad you have found a home here with friends you can trust.

Kara hugs Courtney back tightly. "It's okay," she says to her friend's apology. "I know you mean well, and you want to know about my home. And truthfully…talking helps. It helps me keep the parts of Krypton that are in me alive as I share them with others. So it's not a problem." Another little squeeze is given to Courtney, then Kara settles back in to sitting on the ledge. "How are your parents doing?" she asks as a way of switching the topic temporarily. "Your mother and your step-father. Do they come out to visit you?"

Courtney nods with a sheepish grin on her face, "Thanks." is also she says to the acceptance and explanation. "I spoke to my mom over the weekend. They're good, wishing I would come visit this summer." she gives a shake of her head "Not recently. They were here to help me move onto campus, but haven't been back since. I'm tempted to fly out there but every time I try something comes up.

"Well, why don't you go for the weekend?" Kara looks at Courtney as the question is asked. "Seriously, I'll cover your patrols. You can go spend a weekend with your folks. By the time you get back, I may even have a chance for you to meet Kal or Diana set up. Don't ever pass up chances to spend time with your family." Although she doesn't say it out loud, the smile on Supergirl's face says volumes about the brief temporal nature of enjoying family while they're alive.

"Maybe, if I can get someone to cover my shift at work.."Courtney grins "You will to do that too." she teases then sighs "Speaking of work. I'm closing tonight. I should go get changed and head in so the boss doesn't ream me for being late." she gets to her feet, standing on the ledge "I'll see you later. If I head west I'll text ya." with that she leans, falling sideways off the building and then letting the staff pull her up and away.

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