Paperwork and Promises

July 21, 2014: Lara asks Matt to review her paperwork from SHIELD for any issues, and they discuss their relationship.

Penthouse - Waldorf Astoria Hotel - New York

Penthouse suite



  • Winston Sinclair (Croft Butler)

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Lara has been staying so often in the Waldorf's penthouse, she just went ahead and leased it for the next six months. She's using it as office space as well as living space whenever she is in New York, moreso now that she has had an offer from SHIELD. Speaking of such offers, she's given Matt a call on business, rather than something social, to look over the paperwork.

Winston answers the door for him, and, although looking somewhat disgruntled at Murdock's seeming relationship with his employer, he doesn't grouse at him. "This way, Mister Murdock. Lady Croft is in the dining area." Which has become her office. The large table is covered with paperwork, map, artifacts, you name it. Clearly the desk in the living area did not work for her, and she hasn't planned any dinner parties.

Lara is seated at the head of the table, wearing simple linen shorts and layered tank tops. Her feet are bare, her hair in a tail, and her expression serious, though he may not be able to see that.

"Good evening, Miss Croft," Matt says as he enters with his cane after giving a nod to Winston. Whatever the man feels about him, Matt can deal with. It's not his approval he's working for. As he greets her, Matt gives her a smile, "Something exciting, I hope?"

His outfit is business like, sans tie because he's not good at telling when they aren't perfect. His shirt is blood red and his suit a navy. His blondish hair is pushed to the side in a part left to right and he smells faintly of fine aftershave.

Lara smells of her shampoo, as usual. She smiles when he enters. "Matthew, thank you for coming. I suppose it is good news, albeit unexpected news." She lets that hang in the air for a moment or three, to let him panic over the various possibilities. "I've been offered a position as a specialist with SHIELD. I would act as a contractor of sorts, much as Agent Barton does, on call so to speak, but free to do as I wish otherwise. I wanted your firm to look over the paperwork and make sure I'm not violating any international laws or endangering my inheritance or such." There is a shuffling of papers as she slides a manila folder his way.

Winston leaves them without a word, going to tidy the sitting room that she's turned into a gym of sorts.

Matt smiles and nods, "That's g…great!" There's just a slight stammer. Rather than force her to ask, he decides it's best that he divulges it to her. As he begins to run his hands over the paperwork, he presses his palm down over the paper and slides it along quickly, taking in the information far faster than normal people read. "Sometime when we're meeting on personal terms, I should really have a talk with you regarding SHIELD. Professionally, I think it's wonderful."

"And personally? I value your opinion in both respects, Matt," Lara says quietly, now that Winston is out of earshot. "I think I could do some good. Plus it would give me access to survey and extraction equipment I don't have. Deputy Director Hill even indicated I'd probably have better access to possible archaeological sites in countries I can't get to cooperate currently."

"Oh, I think it's great for you. I also think it's a great get for them. So far, so good on the paperwork." Matt winces a bit and his tone changes from professional, "Listen, I don't want to push at you too much. I'm not sure how into this whole thing you are, and I don't wanna come off like I'm pressing. But on the other hand, I just don't want you to find out from someone else either. There's an agent over at SHIELD. Me and her used to be a thing. I didn't want you to find out by someone else, and I want you to know there's nothing there anymore. We're still good friends."

Lara arches a brow and chuckles. "Well, I don't think that will be an issue, Matthew. Even if she did, we haven't established any sort of boundaries as yet, have we? Would you like to?" Her voice sounds amused, teasing almost. "Not that I have time to go about and play the field, but I'm sure Superman just needs to meet me before he'll sweep me off my…" she breaks into laughter, clearly pulling his leg. "But really, what do you want out of this?"

"We haven't set boundaries yet, no. But I prefer just to be up front and honest with the people I spend my time with and I thought that if you were someone who was annoyed or had issues with that, you might like to know," Matt shrugs. "As far as what we are, well that's up to the both of us. As far as I want, I know that I really like spending time with you."

As he turns to the side with a chuckle, she'll notice he's got a small bandage over where he was injured the other night. "And I'd very much like to keep spending time with you."

Lara gets up and rounds the table, to sit in the chair beside him and gently touch the bandage. "I quite enjoy spending time with you too. And I appreciate having someone in my life who understands what I do, isn't going to make me stop, and can take care of themselves if they're alongside me on my adventures." Her voice is soft and gentle, her touch very light. "I like whatever this is. I don't want to jeopardize it."

"It seems we agree then," Matt says as he leans in softly to her touch, almost like a puppy but without the helplessness. "As far as exclusivity, I'm not going to tell you how to live your life. If someone comes along that's better than I am, well hell you better take them up on it."

That gets a chuckle out of her. "I sincerely doubt that will happen. But I promise, if such temptation arrives, I will tell you about it first, and not after the fact. That's all I ask, is that you're honest if you find someone else."

"Well, the nice part about it is that I think we've both been as realistically honest as possible with each other to start this off. I'm extremely happy." Matt turns his head over to the papers, "I can probably have all this done for you by this afternoon. I'm going to keep it between us; I'm not sure how SHIELD would feel if Fog and Karen knew. You don't mind if I work here, do you?"

"I don't mind at all. This place is cozy compared to Croft Manor of my home in Gotham, but it's still much larger than a lady and her butler even remotely require," Lara replies. She leans in to kiss his cheek. "You get some work done, I'm going to get some yoga done."

Amid an exhale, Matt smiles. "Please do leave the door open. And put music on. It'll help me think. And see you."

That gets another chuckle as the woman rises and heads into another room. "You're a feisty one," she quips back over her shoulder. Of course, she does leave the door open and some music on just for him. Winston likely closes it 5 minutes in with a mutter.

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