Burning the Hollow

July 24, 2014: So, trying to take out The Joker and Harley Quinn didn't work out so well. With some new intel to work with, Dom's got one more stop to make in Gotham tonight. (Mild language warning.)

'The Hollow' bar

This had actually been a pretty nice little bar in the East End of Gotham before tonight.



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Bruised, battered, and bitchy. Tonight did not go as expected. Her intel had been spot-on, with one critical detail overlooked. Bringing in a dangerous target alive means they need to be subdued. Tranqs tend to be the drug of choice. Turns out that her target is completely immune to what she hit him with. It had been a damn good shot, at least.

It also very nearly got her in serious trouble.

Her man on the streets, Jason in this case, had to have known this was going to happen. Stupid bastard still held a grudge after she had broken his hand some time ago. He had it coming. Just like he now has this coming.

Tonight the bar called 'The Hollow' out in the East End of Gotham smells of more than booze and sweat while it sits closed up and dark for the night. Tonight it also smells of gasoline.

Another plastic tank gets flung aside, crashing into one of the numerous large flatscreen TV's hanging from the wall. The camera behind the counter only catches so much. The last thing that it catches is the sight of a lone woman with a ghostly face stepping out to stand directly in front of it, dressed all in black to match the distinctive round patch surrounding her left eye. She turns toward it, staring at the lone glass lens as she pulls a road flare out from behind her back, held up as if placing emphasis on just what it is that she's now holding.

Then she strikes the igniter with one definitive motion, the side of her face illuminated by the flare's Hellish red glow.

She's still staring the camera down when the flare is given a careless toss over the back of her shoulder, immediately igniting the wall and the floor in a half circular pattern around where she stands. Darkness is instantly transformed into a flickering orange maelstrom as the flame sweeps across the floor, engulfing all that it touches.

One hand, black nails on alabaster skin within a fingerless glove, comes up and enthusiastically flips off the camera, holding it for a count of five as the blaze continues to sweep out of control all around her.

Having delivered her message she turns and steps off camera, quicky disappearing through the growing inferno.

That's three hundred grand for the Joker and one hundred grand for Quinn with a potential bonus of two hundred K more, a bonus which -should- have been hers. If she's going to be denied her pay because of Jason then he can stand to suffer every bit as much.

Don't get mad. Get even.

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