Danger Room Fun

July 18, 2014: Cal decides the new folk need a little bit of practice with combat training.

Danger Room at Xavier's Institute

The wonderful fun that is the Danger Room, with all its twists and bends



  • Cybernetic crows and honeybadgers!

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When the danger room's doors don't open, it's because it's already in use and walking into… well, danger, unknowing is ill advised. And never more so than at the moment. The control room's monitors show what's going on inside and the controls tell the practiced eye all they need to know. In this case, Mimic is running a personal program and the level has been dialed way up. No one is likely to die but they can hurt. A lot.

It's an urban scene inside. Manhattan. Except it's empty of people and looks like there were devestating battles long ago. Mimic is armored up, his claws are extended, and he's surrounded by green insectoids that have never been seen on this world in this reality. Brood. Dead ones litter the ground but there's a seemingly endless supply. He BLINKs in and out. Optic blasts flash. Claws rip open bodies. Heads get torn off. In a reality where the X-Men have never met Wolverine, it might be shocking just how animalistic and primal he is when he holds nothing back. He rarely lets that side of Logan's mutation loose for good reason. It's deadly.

Sitting in the control room and watching, Nancy is drinking a soda. She leans back in the chair, her feet up on the edge of the console. Her pale grey eyes follow the action and she lets out a slow whistle. "Damn…. remind me never to piss Cal off," she says outloud but to no one in particular.

Lunair is an odd duck, sometimes completely at ease with the utter contradiction in her existence. She has a cup of soda with a straw in it, and has made her way into the control room. It's impressive how quietly she moves sometimes, especially given she's not a pixie-ish waif. But then, she seems surprised that someone is already in and monitors going. Huh. She makes her way in, almost carefully enough that it might seem she feels it rude to interrupt the battle by tiptoeing past. Hard to say.

"Yeah, it would probably end badly," Lunair offers helpfully after Nancy speaks. Pause. "Sorry."

"A good rule of thumb at any time," Amara agrees with Nancy as she steps up to the control room, taking a glance at the monitors. "Though I think you're safer than most, if that should happen." She tilts her head, smile flickering as she gets a look at the other girl. "You look…more yourself. Hello, Lunair," she nods politely.

Gambit aka Remy LeBeau isn't in the control room himself - he can't actually hear Amara, Lunair and Nancy. He's standing outside the Danger Room doorway awaiting Calvin's intermission so he can hop on in and give it a go as well, he is also cupping his hand over his face and wearing his collar high because he's sneaking a few drags of a cigarette. The tendrils of smoke drifting above his head aren't really something he can hide but he's all about the gamble.
It's part of his charm after all.

If it were 'real', Cal wouldn't be staying and fighting for the simple reason that he's vastly outnumbered by the drones whoa re being commanded by the Queen. For every one he kills, two more drones show up and eventually one gets a hit in hard enough to stun him even in his armored form. Immediately, they pile on to hold him steady and the Queen moves in to to use her stinger. But he doesn't need to move in order to act and a drone disappears in a flash of pink energy a second before the Queen quite literally explodes as it reappears inside her. "Freeze program." he gasps and extricates himself from the grasp of the Brood. "You couldn't piss me off that badly." He left the intercom on in the control room so he'd know if someone showed up. "You're welcome to use the Danger Room if you like."

Nancy watches as the Queen explodes from having a drone forcefully blinked into her. "Ooooh! That's just nasty!" Nancy is then laughing her ass off. "That was both gross and awesome! I am *so* glad I'm on your side, Cal." She looks over to Lunair and Amara, waving to the first and winking at the second. "Hello, ladies. Anyone want a turn in there? Hey… does anyone smell smoke?" She pulls her feet off the console and looks around at it, making sure nothing at the controls is causing the smell of smoke.

Lunair blinks, smiling back to Amara. "Hi there, Amara," She nods back. She seems curious about the people around her, but then she seems distracted. She looks like she's - trying to find something for a moment. And then a drone blinks into the queen. Lunair's eyes go wide. "Wow, yikes, I thought two objects in one place was theoretical… nope. It's just really messy." Wince. But it is kind of funny in a dark way, so she smiles. She pauses at Nancy's question. "A little bit," She offers. "How are you two?" She asks, while she peers around. "I don't see any fire. Or anyone ON fire." Lunair: Completely, totally heroic.

"Is it reserved, Cal, or are we having an open session?" Amara asks over the speaker, checking the time. "I wouldn't mind a bit of exercise myself." Her nostrils flare at the mention of smoke, but she reflexively checks her own feet, rather than anything else. "It isn't me," she says helpfully.

The room looks like it froze up and Gambit taps the door with the end of his staff, "Toc toc. May de Gambit come in now and play?" His voice carries through the door and to the Danger Room now. He can actually at this point hear the muffled talking but not make out words. He'll hear them and be able to interact once hes inside the room no doubt. The cigarette being passed to the corner of his lips as he waits, it appears to be out now. No sign where the cherry went. Impatience shines forth in the usually very casual Remy and he opens the door to the room, "Ah Cal, mon ami. You want a sparring partner? Maybe we run some team drills." A head cant and he motions up towards the control room where the ladies await. "We have a real party with all o' us."

"Reserved? No." Cal answers. "I was just practicing. You're welcome to run what you'd like." Then the door opens and he glances over, smiling at who he sees. "Hello Remy. I didn't know you came by. Starting to get itch to be among people who'll accept you for the thieving, Cajun mutant you are? Have you met everyone?"

"Hold on, Cal. I smell smoke. I don't want you guys starting the program again till we know you're not in danger of the magic smoke escaping the computer." She carefully looks over the controls, above and below. Until she sees Gambit on one of the monitors.

"Hold on, Cal. I smell smoke. I don't want you guys starting the program again till we know you're not in danger of the magic smoke escaping the computer." She carefully looks over the controls, above and below. Until she sees Gambit on one of the monitors. And the cigarette sticking in the corner of his mouth. Sure, it's not lit, but that guy is a cheeky bugger and she knows it. She shakes her head and smirks. "Never mind. False alarm. Tell him there's no smoking in here, would ya?"

Lunair is looking around, too. "Did someone d— Oh." Hey, Gambit is smoking. That explains it. Hmm. "I guess I should be sure to practice some. I was lazy for a few days." She doesn't hear the first part of Cal and Gambit's conversation, so she seems a bit surprised. She looks to Amara. Confused. Then it hits her. Ohright. She looks a little lost amidst all the socializing and settles quiet to think a moment.

"Excellent," Amara says over the speaker, flashing a grin toward Nancy. "I'll be right down." She pulls a hair tie out of one pocket, twisting her hair into a bun and tying it as she makes her way down the stairs. She steps into the Danger Room once she reaches the doors, tilting her head slightly at Gambit. "Hello," she says with a polite nod to the Cajun. "I do not believe we have met." And then she looks to Cal for introductions.

Nancy looks over to Lunair and smiles. "How've you been? And hey, lazy can be an art form. Just ask Jamie. He's got it mastered." She leans back in her chair again and pushes with one foot to roll the chair to have her face the other women. "My power doesn't really do me any good in there, so I'll just stick to practicing my fighting in the gym, where my squishiness is not so much a problem. Oh… Lunair, that actually reminds me. You know that gun you made me in Nova Roma, would you be willing to lend that to me again for a couple days?"

Nancy keeps looking over her shoulder at the monitors. She doesn't need to do anything on this side of the console, since it is all wonderfully voice activated.

"Well, accepting me for two out of those tree ain't so bad." A shrug from the thief and he grins, "Been haunting de place for few days now since petit diable helped me with uh… that lil problem I managed to make. Sharls said it's best I hang around a spell, so here I am."

He does a flourishing wave with the staff before it slings up across his shoulders and he glances back towards the trio he does not yet know, "Don't believe I had de pleasure. Well, I maybe the one, Nancy, yeah?" He inquires more for confirmation than actually questioning. All the while of course ignoring the no-smoking remark, he knows, Remy has been told more times than he can count and is reminded each and every visit to the Institute. A small somethin' he shaes in common with Logan.

A friendly nod and smile given to Amara in turn, "Bonjou."

"Yes, I heard you finally got that taken care of. I wish I'd been there. Anna Marie didn't come with you, did she? Yes, that's Nancy." Cal agrees. "She says there's no smoking." Which is not exactly telling Remy not to but then he's used to both him and Logan. "This is Amara and still in the control room is Lunair. This is Remy who isn't yet a strong additon to the team but hopefully will be soon. And Nancy, you can certainly join the rest of us."

Nancy O'Neal looks over to Lunair with a devilish smile. "Wanna show them how us girls with the guns have fun?" she asks as she stands up and takes Lunair's hand and just walks over to the Danger Room. She comes into the room and smiles at Gambit. "Yes, Nancy would be me. Pain the the ass who will be staying away from you guys during the fun."

Lunair looks puzzled. She watches the others for a moment, and seems uncertain. She grins at Nancy, "I am okay. Some weird people were after me. And I am also squishy without my armor, if it helps. I could lend you my armor if you wanted to give things in here a try," She offers. But then Lunair goes quiet, hming softly. "If I'm awake a couple of days, yeah." She offers. She glances to Gambit as he talks. He might as well have yanked off his pants and put them on his head then started singing because Lunair does NOT understand his accent yet.

She sort of stares blankly, trying to listen. "I don't think we've met either, I apologize for my manners." She's a bit bad at this. Maybe she missed his name. That would be mortifying because then you have to follow it up with social seppuku. And then she looks to Nancy. "Su-re? Sure. Yes." She lets her hand be taken and follows along. "Although, that weird hot spell's been happening again."

"A pleasure to meet you, Remy," Amara nods politely to the Cajun. "Would you mind if I joined you here? I haven't had a chance in the last few days, and I am beginning to itch for a chance to push myself." Looking to Cal, she arches a brow curiously. "You were working hard earlier. Are you sure you want to go another round?"

"She here somewhere. Off with the Professor gettin' her anger issues worked about so she dun kill poor Remy." The Cajun grins once more before he pulls that half-smoked cigarette out of his lips and tucks it behind his ear for safekeeping.

"Strong addition? No. More like a stray cat de X-Men fed once and jus' keeps comin' back around." Pain-in-the-ass check, confused girl #1 check and the polite one, check. Another coy smile given to the ladies and he motions with his hand towards Mimic, "Talkin' is fun and all but I figure we're here for something else, some exercise. How about it, homme, start is up somethin' fun."

"Something a little lighter will be a good cool down. I'll go program the computer." Since Nancy is joining them, it needs a few extra parameters so Cal BLINKs up into the control room. "Luanir, equip Nancy with some weaponry please."

Leaning against Lunair, Nancy starts making her requests for the weaponry she likes. She could always go to her room and get the stuff she has, but well, Lunair's comes with never ending ammo and has such a lovely recycling program. Saves on space.

Amara starts to stretch as a bout is decided upon, glancing up when Cal pops into the control room. "It is always unsettling when he does that," she muses before going back to her stretching, pausing with her behind her head to frown over at Remy. "Did he just call our workout a cool down?" She looks up toward the control room. "I heard that!"

Lunair listens, then. Wait. Is she the pain in the ass or the confused? She might be #1! Go Luna! Number 1! She seems to like Amara in her way, even if that too, confuses her about how to approach someone so important as far as she knows. And Lunair isn't ruffled in the slightest by Nancy's requests. Ammo and guns appear as they're requested. She's a living armory. "Hmm" She tilts her head. "I wish I could blink around," She admits. But as for herself, she slings an alarmingly huge 50 calibre rifle over her back. "I feel kinda warm, actually." Weird, that. She rubs her forehead. "I wonder if this'll work." Hank said it was growing pains. And he's full of SCIENCE! But what could she grow? (All chest jokes aside - and plant jokes) Think, Lunair think. Why ARE you so warm? She's sweating a bit. And a suit of freaking armor like her own just appears a few feet from Nancy, clattering. "Wow. That's awkward." At least she didn't disintegrate anyone's clothes.

"Well, he's runnin' at a different pace. Or at least thinks he is; this Gumbo is full o' surprises." A quick stretch of his arms above his head and that staff pops off Gambit's shoulders as he waits for the terrain to appear, enviroment is key. He's a rogue, it's essential he knows his surroundings. "Free for all or we a team, homme? You tell us how we playin' dis game. An' don't worry beautes, Remy be real gentle." He wonders if he could sound any more sleezy in his own head but finds it amusing. It's just who he is.

"Did you just summon some armor, Lunair?" How about that. He never tried to summon more than armor when he mimiced her since she never hinted could do more. "And I'm familiar with your gumbo, Remy." Cal says from the control room. Though he's never tasted it. He grins down into the Danger Room. "Tell you what… How about a little sparring? Remy against the ladies."

Nancy can't help but laugh as Lunair starts pulling armaments out of the air. It's awesome. Actually, everyone's talent is awesome. Well… she hasn't seen Remy's yet, so his might be not so awesome, but she'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Isn't that nice of her? She gets suited up in the armor she is provided, happy that it fits so perfectly, and then proceeds to holster the weapons. Tazer, pistols with rubber rounds, and a few stinggrenades. She smirks over at Remy, giving him a wink. "But what if I like the rough stuff?" she asks putting the rogue in the crosshairs of one of her pistols. But the safety is still on, so she's not gonna shoot him. Yet.

"Er, what's gumbo?" And the last horse across the finish line - Lunair! But she nods. Cal is in a league above hers, for sure. At Cal's question, she looks puzzled. "I - guess so. Didn't know I could even do that," She peers at the armor as Nancy puts it on. Seems legit. Nice, bullet proof, resembles something sleek and powerful from a video game. "I was playing video games earlier," She then admits. "I guess I can do more than weapons," She shakes the armor experimentally. "And um. All of us against him?" She eyes poor Remy now.

Lunair smiles as Nancy laughs though. But now she's a bit baffled about her powers. "And hopefully I don't drop a steam roller on someone or something. I -" She looks to her hand. She shakes it off, and keeps the immense rifle over her back. Hmm. She might try a staff, with a cat carved at the end. Simple for now. She still has no idea what gumbo is. Is it explosive?

"That's very sweet of you," Amara smiles tightly back at Remy. "But I think I will be all right." Now that she's loosened up, she closes her eyes, taking a deep breath as she promptly burst into flame. Or at least that's what it looks like. She's actually gone molten, but Magma burns as hot and as bright as flame anyhow.

"What is Gumbo!? You about to get a good ol' fashion New Awlins meal. Be de wager, Gambit cook you all dinner if you win. " He'll do it even if they don't. It's a travesty the young woman has never heard of or had Gumbo. Armor summoning? Plus guns and toys? Fun power. While the other looks like shes part living volcano all of a sudden. He knows what Nancy is about, he remembers that ability from the Battery Park adventure. Steer clear of her that is a give in, remain on the move and in general have a good time.

"No to the gentle den, eh?" Gambit is already moving away from them, actually kind of running to get away as a few cards trickle down behind him, almost like they fell out of his pockets only these cards have a hue to them, a glowing one.
Within seconds that trail of cards begins to pop and explode in a line behind him, explosive smoke billowing up around where each goes off. A distraction obviously. He's obscuring his 'exit'. Not that he is really exiting just trying to fade out of sight and in to the terrain. Such a rogue.

And speaking of terrain… As he watches Remy, taking the answer as a 'yes', Cal adds some. The prior Manhattan setting blurs and changes into a vast expanse of open sky and clouds. Fragments of large rocks, some of which still hold abandoned and broken buildings, float by in random patterns. Some are a mile across, some just large enough to hold one person. The move in all directions, bumping into each other, paralleling each other, some going across and some going up and down. Remy begins to float away on a rock all his own leaving the three ladies together. "And go!"

Nancy looks to Lunair and frowns. She closes the distance between herself and the other young woman. "You feeling okay? You're acting weirder then normal. You sure you wanna do this?" When Lunair asks about the gumbo, she gets that devilish look in her eyes that Lunair might remember from Nova Roma. She leans in and whispers in the girl's ear, explaining, once again adding hand gestures. Yep, she's giving all the definitions of gumbo to Lunair, leaning back and waggling her brows when she's done.

And then the Cajun runs off, leaving a trail of smoke in his wake and the test is on. She turns and starts running to the side to flank that crazy cajun. Only she comes to a halt as the street she is on ends, clouds below. "Well, that makes things harder." She watches the sky, waiting for a new rock to jump on to.

"Magma! That's still really neat," Lunair remarks to Amara. Magma is also co— hot? Magma is hot. She looks to Remy and smiles. "Okay. That's a deal. I'll buy you all the ingredients if you win," Nod. Fortunately, Lunair is well off. But she seems genuinely to never have heard of or had gumbo. Lunair doesn't protest her powers being called summoning, though. But as terrain appears, with open sky, rocks and clouds, some floating and colliding. She dismisses the large rifle. It would slow her down for now. "Oh. OH. Okay!" That's gumbo. She'll definitely have to try now.

As Nancy starts to run, she remembers to answer, "Yes! I have been social lately. It wears my brains out sometimes." She's got some massive catching up to do. "also I apparently do more than I thought I did." But in HER hand, she pulls a portal gun. "I think we may want faster than running." And she's going to drop portals, to move at the speed of video game references. If Nancy wishes, they will linger for her to use. From rock to rock, surface to surface.

Amara grimaces at the terrain that appears, crouching on the stone. "Very clever, Cal," she mutters, cut off from the greater exercise of her abilities by the lack of connection to the earth as a whole. She tilts her head for a moment, considering, then moves as far from Nancy as she can get on their particular rock. "I'm going to build a platform," she explains to the other women, holding out a hand toward the nearest platform. White-hot molten stone shoots from their own piece of land to the next, drawing it back and starting to merge them together. As another of the islands bumps into theirs, she holds out her other hand, light flashing as she merges the pieces. "Send him back here if and when you can," she calls after the others. "I should have enough to work with then."

Hop. Hop. Hop. Roll. Hop.
Gambit looks like a squirrel from this vantage as he starts to gap close from one floating boulder to the next until he lands on a larger stretch of land that has what looks like a leaning empty church. He is doing what he had initially planned and keeping a gap between himself and Nancy while remaining wary about the other two. Two cards shift and place between his fingers and he launches them in a high looping arc that lances them towards Nancy and Lunair, one for each, both of them upon impact will explode with about as much force as being hit by a baseball bat by a very strong man (if they hit). Well, the one thrown at Nancy is just going to cut skin and be generally irritating since she has that protective 'null' power field around her. Lunair won't be quite as fortunate as her companion.

Nancy's progress towards Remy is slow. Made slower by the fact that the rocks she jumps onto never do seem to be going in the right direction. She tries to get on the larger rocks, so she has more travel time before having to shift. Having found one with a building, she climbs up to the roof, hoping to get that sneaky rogue into the range of her guns. Once on the roof, she is hit by a card that just happens to ding her in one of her unarmored spots. "Ow! Papercut? Really? That's just plain rude."

Lunair's mode of travel is unorthodox. Yanked right out of a video game (LAWYERS!), she opens two doors, drops herself in one and comes out another. And if he looks like a squirrel, then he is the world's most lethal, charming squirrel. Really. She moves at the speed of - however fast she can calculate two drop points. But then, suddenly there's … a card? Did she just activate his trap card? She totally did. Her eyes widen a moment and she decides to cut her losses and roll off the rock. Which doesn't help TOO much, as she's going to be a little bruised but at least she doesn't get hit like a home run ball. Right, okay. He does that. Among other things.

She has to rethink this. But then, maybe someplace more static - or to get ahead of him. Now, she'll focus on regathering herself and moving forward. ow, bruises.

As soon as Nancy gets on top of the building, there's a loud cawing and what looks like three cybernetic crows start diving down toward her.

Bit by bit, Amara works to reconstruct the world that was blown to pieces here, starting small with pieces she can reach, or those that bump into the platform she's already on. As she builds a bigger platform, though, she has more access to her power. Enough, at least, that when Lunair rolls off of her platform, she has a moment to shoot a ramp out from the platform she rolls off of to another one, turning the fall into a more controlled roll. Apparently watching Bobby work has given her ideas. Her platform rumbles as she draws deeper, actually starting to pull the larger platforms toward her.

So, trying to catch Remy on floating bits of rock isn't enough. Now she has robot crows to deal with? Ugh. She unslings the stun gun and lifts an arm to give them a target, hoping to zap them if they get too close. She hopes the other women are fairing better then she is.

"Hrm, they ain't exactly direct sort o' fighters." Remy was anticipating something quite a bit different. This both works for and against his usual strategy. The staff collapses and he tucks it away only to grip on to one of the larger floating rocks and he crouches down behind it, beginning to charge it up, it'll take a little bit, an object this size but when it goes, it'll be like something out of Angry Birds and jus' hopefully he can coast it at them. That'll be the kinda distraction he needs so he can slip around through cover and try to close range with one of them, take 'em out all stealthy-like. Well thats a projected idea at least. Always got to be subject to adaptation and change.

Lunair is often very much a direct fighter. If she had her way, she'd cheerfully pull all of her huge guns and explosives and level the whole area. But today she doesn't seem to be getting that wish. He's wily. Of course he is. He's a rogue! And it is impressive. Lunair has to watch a moment. Waiting below and downside the floating rocks. She's low, and changes her mode of travel from the portals. Running, hopping and pulling out that odd staff. It's a shockwave generator! When she swings, a shockwave is created. She's using /that/ to propel herself farther and faster than her feet alone would take her. Travel fast, travel zig zag. The downside seems to be that she has to calculate her trajectory a bit more. Distractions ahoy! At least she's not a green pig. She hopes someone is doing better than she is.

One of these rocks does not feel like the others…Amara turns her head slowly, searching out whichever must be different. Not that she's sure how just yet. No one gave her the rundown on Remy's powers. "Nancy, nine o'clock!" she calls toward the other woman. "Something different's going on there, and headed your way!"

Two of the crows get zapped and fall to the ground but the third dive bombs Nancy to knock her over. In fact, any time someone is standing on something high enough, or jumps a gap to get to a new rock, crows show up and start harassing them.

Nancy grumbles at the cybernetic crows. "Do you mind? I am trying to shoot someone here!" She zaps at a couple but, as the last one keeps dive bombing her, she backs into the building. Not that way. At least all this running up and down stairs is giving her her excercise. She realizes then that she's never seen an over-weight hero type of person. Well, things like this would explain that. Hard to put on the pounds when they are running all over hell's half acre. She scans the horizon and all the many rocks to try and find… she turns to look where Amara tells her and arches a brow. What is that crazy Cajun doing now? Pulling out the pistol, she tries to aim for him while he's still on the rock that is flying her way.

"Eaten' crow, huh?"

Horse sized super kinetically charged rock a gift to Nancy (mainly) that will explode before it even reaches her and send hundreds of smaller rocks outwards like an overly large claymore mine. A chain reaction is expected, one rock pelts in to another rock in to another and so on and so forth. All kinds of fun debris! It should shield him from Nancy directly and indirectly also shower the Mario Bros hopping bounding Lunair.
Using this to his advantage he tries to slip around closer to Amara some of those cards once more being shuffled in to his deft hands.

"Calvin, mon ami, you got a wicked sense of humor. I tink I seen a painting once dat look like dis, maybe it was a movie?"

Lunair's trying to figure out what he /does/ before she really engages him directly. She's also having to deal with the birds. Exploding rocks, exploding cards… definitely sensing a theme here. Fortunately, shock waves serve many purposes. Including dealing with showers of rocks. "Owowow," She'll get pelted with a few, slowing her down and even pushing her a little back. But she manages to drive away most of them with waves and blasts. She is definitely getting a work out, both her arms and legs. "Where did he-" BONK. She rubs the top of her head and resumes looking around. Where did he go…? She has to shoo away a crow. "Go back to the 90s and wearing tights and eyeliner. Go on, shoo shoo!"

"A book cover I saw once." Cal answers. "It looked interesting." But not interesting enough for him to buy it; he just remembered the cover. And just because she's had it easy, he sends a cybernetic honey badger at Amara. And as everyone knows, honey badger don't give a shit. That includes magma.

"Hold on, Nancy!" Amara fires a jet of magma from her own platform to Nancy's, then wrenches it around to try to turn it so that the shrapnel misses her friend. Unfortunately, that means that she's wide open to the attack of the honey badger. Yelping when it hits her leg, she spins around, firing a blast of magma at it. "What is that?!" she exclaims, distracted by trying to get it to stop coming at her.

Nancy has just enough time to turn around before she is literally showered with rocks. Thank goodness for Lunair's armor or this would have hurt. Alot. And with Magma's help, she doesn't even have to worry about bruises, the rest of the debris hitting the building that is now between her and it. She offers a salute in thanks to Amra when here come those damned crows again. She shoots a couple with the rubber bullet rounds and then starts to go back to hopping around to chase Remy. "I officially prefer beating up Bobby in the excercise room," she states. "At least I have some chance of winning."

"Think this be the first time I ever seen a honey badger too, ma chere. He looks fiesty." Yes, Gambit is that close and his hand opens up displaying a bunch of cards fanned out like a cobra's hood. "Pick a card?" He jokes because the Cajun is nice enough to give her /all/ of the cards. Each and every one of them supercharged. He just happened to use that distraction of her turning around to fire a magma blast to get right up close and personal.

The clouds above Lunair's rock start raining and floating downward are cybernetic jellyfish. About a dozen, all heading toward her.

Okay, okay. He's really super mobile, explodes things and likes cards. Lunair hms softly. And then poor Amara is getting badgered, literally. She has to think here. Portal loop him? Something faster? Maybe - wait. Are those - "… jellyfish?" She was getting ready to start moving towards Amara and THE DREAD BADGER (mushroom, mushroom, mush— oh no). She doesn't have much time to contemplate this. Start swinging! She keeps her staff in one hand, and although it weakens her swings, she chooses to pull a small lightning gun to bother the jellyfish with the other hand.

Amara frowns at Remy, perplexed by the offer to choose a card. Why would he be playing card games? Is this a flirting thing? The men here are always so- Oh, no, that's not good. She reacts on pure instinct as the cards start to glow, and the platform she spent so much time building? Well, it disintegrates explosively into little more than dust, save for a small square, about a yard around, beneath her feet.

Seeing that Remy is so close to Amara, she hopes to use his focus on Magma against him, running and leaping from rock to rock to try and get behind him. She takes a moment to catch her breath. Not that she's out of shape, but damn this hero stuff is hard. Still not close enough to get Remy in her field, even if she tries to push it to it's fuller size, she shoots at him instead. Non-lethal, but maybe enough to help Amara and repay the favour. "Cal, if I ever end up in a world like this, I will shoot you."

"This one is a cake walk compared to some that are out there." Cal notes, grinning as he puts his feet up on a corner of a console to watch. "But now you see the purplse of the Danger Room." They're getting a little tooc omfortable though so a quick addition and all the fragments start slowly disintegrating from the edges. It's slow but steady.

Getting behind Remy is usually no easy feat but it also wasn't a quick jaunt for the Cajun to get up by Amara either, it took him sneaking around to get this close. As Magma shields herself the thief does a back flip that has him getting clipped by a shot from Nancy, upon landing reflexes take over and he launches that staff in full extended setting straight for the woman's chest, that'll hurt, possibly even put the woman out of it. He isn't trying to get rough but knee-jerk reaction when one feels pain is to retaliate.

"Ow, dat hurt, no lie about pain in de ass." He rasps out because yeah, he did just get shot in the ass. No time to slow even after loosing the staff he doesn't hesitate to slow and watch it connect he is already running and using that enhanced agility to get away from Magma while trying to relocate Lunair. Just a bit of a gimp to his movements now.

Lunair was dealing with jellyfish, having to hop about like a flaming badger on a pogostick. It's a lot of hopping. And she can imagine it's a cake walk compared to some. She saw what Cal was dealing with. Being below is not an angle she likes, but it offers certain cover. Are those rocks disintegrating? It's a pain with such an agile, clever opponent who just shucked a staff at Nancy. From below, a tremendous shockwave. Lunair has a strange way of greeting her opponents?

That was not the effect Amara was going for. The general disintegration. And in fact, it takes her a moment to be certain that she isn't doing that. "That is unfortunate," Amara murmurs to herself, finally moving from her current perch to a larger one, where she can apply some effort to keeping it intact, running a current of molten magma around the outside to reinforce it.

Rumble-quake-shockwave indicates the location of Lunair and Gambit is trying to get a bead on her, it's harder than one things to keep up this kind of momentum even if he has the aid of mechanical crows and honey badger attacks. They're spread out and from what he's gathered so far rather adept with the ranged thing and general grasp of their powers - this also isn't life and death and they know that in some part of their subconscious even if the senses try to fool a person otherwise. "I dun know what you're doing Amara but I 'spose I save you for last den."

Lunair is who Gambit is now seeking out, he's gone on the assertive side now that Nancy seems out of it. She can't take his powers away now. No cards left, no staff, he is just a leaping, springing Savate Master that is closing the gap between himself and Lunair. "Hope you brushed up real good on your hand-to-hand, Lunaire."

And Lunair is trying to get a bead on him. It's tough since she doesn't have mechanical animals to assist her, he's slipperier than a greased ferret going down a water slide full of beads and the rocks! O the rocks! And it's true she's not going all out. She can create explosives, after all but filling someone full of shrapnel is both rude and not a pervy euphemism (she runs into an awful lot of those…).

And frak. He's coming in for melee. He's a master of some martial art which translates roughly to 'BOOT TO THE HEAD! BOOT TO THE HEAD!'. Lunair knows that's seven flavors of bad for her. So now it's her turn to try to keep him away from her. Her strategy changes, as she realizes trying to keep a gap on him is futile. The weapons disappear. She now has an electrified chain whip and a light saber. She's a rather alarming opponent, considering her ability to shift weapons so easily. But he might pick up that it's sort of taking a toll on her. She looks a bit winded. "Um. How well brushed?" The whip lashes out, intending more to drive him one way or another than directly damaged. But it's gonna smart of it lands. Tingly!

Never let it be said that Cal is unympathetic. With Remy going in for hand to hand, the jellyfish shift to him as a target instead of Lunair. Meanwhile, a second honey badger joins the first to harry Amara.

"What are these things?" Amara repeats herself when another badger shows up, giving up on being nice to the things and just encasing them in swiftly-solidifying magma. "Calvin, if you are creating life-forms for the purpose of absurdity, you are succeeding." He's also succeeding in keeping her from doing anything more than holding her platform together and staying on the defensive.

"Honey badger don't give a shit." Cal intones in response. "You can google them afterward." Though he does add "Granted, they aren't normally cybernetic." The encasing does seem to have worked though as they aren't breaking out. On the other hand, they did their job of distracting Amara and one of her team mates is down with one in danger.

"A lightsabre? I want one of those." Gambit seems elated by these weapons. Not so much so when it truly comes down to it. "Seriously, homme?" He says as the jellyfish launch their own assault on the Cajun. A roundhouse and a leap back to another kick has him slapping them aside with well aimed strikes. "What you do anyways?" He asks Lunair, the powerset shes displayed confuses him. "You like a walkin' arsenal."

Words cease a moment and Remy springs forward to land on both hands as his feet fold over and launch upwards at her. A handspring in to a double footed kick - a total Spider-Man rip off of a move. He's also charged the ground where his hands touched down but that isn't immediately noticable unless shes a quick eye and prepared for another of those successive explosions.

Focus, focus, focus. "Really? Sure! Sometime! It'll be fun!" Lunair is sort of busy watching him, minding the distance. She seems friendly enough, even if they're fighting. "I'm not sure. Actually. So far, I create things." She replies. "Mostly weapons." And she discovered she can do armor. Wonders never cease. She's a matter creator, even if her repertoire is untested. "Homme?" She doesn't know what that means. But she falls silent, as he becomes more serious.

What she does know is that 'kicked in the face repeatedly' is one of her weaknesses, along with being shot, set on fire, Jersey Shore Marathons (NOOOOOOOOOO), and other horrors. And there is nothing wrong with borrowing a tried and true technique. Lunair knows that Remy is launching himself into melee combat. She dismisses the light saber and does her best to slip aside or roll with the kick. Sideways is the name of the game, like an angry crab at an arcade. Again with the reappearing cat staff and a shockwave. Though, no, she doesn't notice the charged ground as she slips towards it. Uh oh.

With the honey badgers out of the way, Amara is quite finished with playing defense. Once again borrowing a page from Bobby's book, she builds a statue of herself from stone on the platform, then leaves it behind to start moving from island to island, going after Gambit. Since glowing is sort of a deadly giveaway, she even goes dark to give it a try.

"Oh! Nice dodge. Cheers!" Gambit applauds Lunair as he lands from his kick and hit nothing but air, his hands grasp the ground he planted himself on and he springs away a heartbeat later that bit of rock she is on now charged in two locations. Two locations that should be enough to cause a very big *boom*.

"You like the staff? I'll have to give you some lessons in Canne de combat sometime, I am quite the batonniste myself. Could come in very useful to an X-Men."

That spring drops him in to a tumble and he finds himself crouched no longer fixated upon Lunair (in part because he assumes she's about to take an unexpected flight via two concussive eruptions) but seeking out Amara, "Hrm, where she go?" Statue still there and this distance he can't tell it isn't her. A neat trick really and one he's going to sucker in to as he scales a small rise to begin running along one of those structure laden rock expanses, along the way picking up pellets and rubble here and there until his arms are loaded.
His attentions upon that faux Magma.

Lunair would agree. That was totally magma ninja. "Thankyou." Really, she'd reply, except that - where is he going? Why is he moving AWAY? Then she remembers. What's he been doing all along? The word comes to her after a moment. Explosions. And there's an expression across her face that hits at about the exact moment she crosses the two locations. "It is a handy. Sure—" Except that in that heartbeat, combat turns. It's a quiet reminder that a fight changes in but a moment. She has no illusions otherwise. But she doesn't have time to think about it. She's now flying Gambit Airlines as both explosions send her away and she's not going to be happy.

After all, Lunair was already pretty bruised to begin with and she'll be laying down reeling. The world is spinning and - "… when did he have a twin?" Yeah, she's seeing stars. Flop.

Amara slowly flanks at a safe distance from Gambit, already certain that the Cajun is good enough at this that she'd best be careful if she doesn't want to get caught. Without using the upper end of her powers, it's a little more difficult, but she can still feel the earth in the islands without going molten. Enough to start to get a feel for what he's doing with things. Once they reach a larger island, she lets her senses sink into the soil, feeding heat into it without melting it entirely.

Near enough now Remy does a side-ways leap off the uplifted ledge to cast out all of that armload in a spray of pellets, rubble and dirt, all of it amped full of kinetic energy. The statue that should have been Magma gets showered in dozens of pop-cracks that resemble the Black Cat fireworks. "Ah hah! I apologize but you did say you could handle more than gentle. So, victory spoils Gambit did say he would cook if you won. Because no one should go without knowing what good Gumbo is I'll cook for you anyways. It make all the aches and pains be worth it." His hands settle down on his hips and he stares at what should have been Amara and instead is a half-blasted statue.

"Oh. Well, dis not good."

Lunair's out of the fight, but she did promise to pay for the ingredients on a loss. Still, she's just admiring that sky. So prettyyyyyy~

Not good at all, Gambit. Once the Cajun has unloaded all of his ammo, Amara goes molten again, a bright flash of light a short distance away. "I hope you like it hot, Remy," she calls over, raising a hand and concentrating on the cage she builds to keep him in. A dome of molten rock, carefully controlled, starts to rise over him, trying to trap him in place. The outside is stone, yes. But she's watched him enough now to see that he has to touch things to charge them up. So the inside? The inside stays molten. No touchy.

And in that instant, the program ends and everyone is standing on the floor of the Danger Room. "Well done, all. Very well done."

Gambit grins at Magma and one hand rises up to rub the back of his neck. "I did not expect dat one." While doing that he fishes around his ear to find that cigarette pulling it free to press it back in to his lips. "Was fun. All stretched out and limber feeling now." Also sore in a few parts. "Dis a good group, Calvin." A casual look tossed towards Lunair and Nancy.

Amara powers down again once Cal ends the program, raising a hand to wave to the control booth. "You are very good with that," she nods toward the staff. "And with other things, as well. I did not expect we were going to make it for a few moments." Pausing, she looks back up toward Cal. "Honey badger?" she repeats. "That is a real creature, and not just something you made up for the scenario?"

Lunair's a bit bruised and all that, but she'll get up shortly. The stars are so beautiful. Ahem. "That was pretty cool," Lunair agrees and nods to Amara. "Er, hot?" Magma is definitely not cool. She is taking her time to stand though, looking more than a little winded. All those weapon shifts and ammo and not to mention manifesting a new - figuring out she could make armor, phew. "Thanks, that's very kind of you to say." Even if she got thwomped pretty solidly. "But you guys were incredible." Still, spinny. "And yeah, that was an interesting world slash place." She doesn't answer on the honey badger.

Cal BLINKs down into the Danger Room. "They're all good. You'd be a welcome addition since you have abilities others lack. People need you." Remy's staff floats over to him as he gives nancy a vaguely concerned look as the girl starts stirring. But the monitors told him she's fine so he's not rushing over to her.

"Merci, I have lots of practice with it. I can share this knowledge for those willin' to learn while I'm here, some tips and tricks fo sho, not much else to be doin' bout dis place." He responds to Amara then to Lunair, "I still want a lightsabre."

Looking back towards Calvin, "People always be needin' someone." Gambit says with a shrug that speaks of nonchalance that doesn't exactly translate to his red-on-black eyes. "I'm here for now. I got no where else to be for de moment. We see how long but for now! It be time to make some authentic New Awlin's style Andouille Gumbo, who else is hungry? Cuz' Remy sure de hell is."

"Far be it from me to turn down an offer of authentic cuisine," Amara laughs with a dip of her chin to Gambit, brushing herself off as she looks to Cal. "If you decide to stay, Remy, I would be interested in learning some of what you do. I had forgotten what it was like to be here, with so many people like us. Learning from each other."

Lunair smiles at that. "I would be glad to make you one sometime. I can't make objects permanently - far as I know, but it would be fun to try sometime," She agrees. "And I would love to try some. Whatever - What IS gumbo?" She asks quietly. Oddly, Lunair doesn't seem ruffled by odd appearances. Her situation makes her incredibly tolerant. "But if we don't have the stuff, I owe you the ingredients." Fair's fair and she made a bet. She smiles to Cal. "Should I move Nancy onto a couch? I think she's okay," She considers. "And it was fun. I should probably learn to do more than just flail around with the staff."

"Gumbo sounds good." Cal agrees. "I haven't been to 'Nawlins' in a couple years so some authentic food would be great. Please, Lunair." Though Nancy's back on her feet and rubbing her head. "She just got stunned a bit though. It'll highlight the benefit of combat training. For both of you." he adds. "You should learn to use every weapon you can summon, Lunair. Ideally. At least one of each kind. And while Remy is cooking, Amara can look up honey badger videos and memes."

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