The Return of the Eensie Eight!

July 26, 2014: An avenging group of youngsters protects the Harrison First Bank from the Eensie Eight!

Financial District - New York City

A neighborhood on the southeastern side of Manhattan which comprises the offices and headquarters of many of the city's major financial institutions, including the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The World Trade Center existed in the neighborhood until the September 11 attacks and is currently being rebuilt.


Bob the Bear
Dale the Deer
Daisy the Duck
Doug the Dog
Fred the Frog
Matty the Mule
Paula the Pig
Tim the Tyrannosaurus

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How he got in no one knows. Something is up in the air duct of Harrison First Bank down in the Financial District in Manhattan. The totality of the security guards within the bank is huddled underneath the duct in the main room. "What do you think it is boss? Raccoon?"

Actually, Rob the Raccoon is on vacation.

Deep inside the shaft, what can only be described as a 'little person dressed as a cosplaying stuffed animal' struggles to get the big lizard head that is affixed above his normal head through. Out of the vents the guards can hear the struggles and one looks to another, "I think…I think that's a person in there."


The front door is kicked in and Bob the Bear steps through, days unshaven and stogie in his mouth, smoking away. Six more members file in and it's clear that this is a stick up. If the Bob the Bear is here that means there can only be one team of supervillains…

Bob the Bear
Fred the Frog
Daisy the Duck
Paula the Pig
Doug the Dog
Dale the Deer
Matty the Mule


"We gonna make this real easy," says Bob as he motions towards the teller with a sawed off shotgun bigger than he is. "You put the money in the bags and you open up the v-" His voice is cut off by a terrible shriek as the metal gives way and the end comes crashing down.


Bob looks at Tim and gives a heavy sigh. This sort of thing makes them look like amateurs.


Sometimes even gods must do their banking.

Alexander is one of those people standing in line, backpack slung over his shoulder and his expression of trite disdain for this fact of life one must partake that is called queuing up to move money around from one account to the other.
Then there's the fur and the costumes and the guns and the stogey…
And one can almost /see/ the steam coming out of the young blonde man's ears. He doesn't seem to react to the guns, nor does he take cover. He sort of stands there incredulous.


Coming to a bank during the afternoon? The gods must be crazy.

But then, so is Lunair. She's entering the bank, likely to pick something up or have something activated. She does sometimes go shopping, as young ladies are wont to do. And she juuuuuuuust manages to get in line in time to spot Alex and - HOLY COW A T-REX holding up a bank!? With a bear!? A Tiny bear!? "Oh my god. It's so cute." Never mind the bending metal or shotgun… Today is apparently not one of Lunair's serious days. Or maybe it makes her violence all the more horrifying in the joy she takes in life, bounding gleefully and slinging mines at people. Probably that. For now, she just sort of blinks. "Oh hi!" That's Alex. Then Lunair bolts into the bathroom. Gotta call up her armor, and she's never been one for changing in front of people. She also doesn't have a Sailor Moon style henshin.


There's something to be said for the element of surprise. Like when you find a leech in the bathtub, or when you find out that you misread the date of your next paycheck and the date when your rent was due. Not pleasant surprises, but surprises nevertheless.

Just like the Malfeasing Menagerie that bursts through the door. Now, this is bound to make people boggle… and most do, except for one red-headed young man who simply stares with a death glare.

Vorpal's not surprised by the animal theme. Heck, he turns into something stranger than that. He sighs as he slips his paycheck into his pocket and looks to the bathroom exit.

It's now or never. Alexander standing there makes for a good distraction- so he takes cover and tries to make his way towards the bathroom as fast as he can. It wouldn't do to transform right there in the lobby… he was trying to keep up a pretense of a secret identity, for crying out loud.

Well, there was that bit of hope that anyone who saw him go into the restroom wouldn't immediatelly put two and two together when the Cheshire cat came out and started doing His Thing. He was hoping people were too terrified to pay attention.


Having arrived back in New York a few hours earlier, Garth had gone to his apartment, opened some windows, removed the plastic he had on the furniture, and with his stomach growling, got a bite to eat. Knowing that he'd have to meet Wally later in the day, he was hoping to get a few groceries in before then, but his wallet was a bit light for that, so he headed on down to the Harrison First Bank. He'd been hoping to catch Roy later this week.

So far, things hadn't gone too well on his grand idea, but he wasn't taking Nightwing's rejection too seriously, figuring that he would join the group later on down the road. Probably after he got a promotion from cadet to lieutenant.

As he headed into the bank, past the spinning glass door, he came across the sight of a hold up, "Oh," is all the hero says at first, a little shocked. "Really, a bank robbery? Well, that's a first." He's not dressed as a hero, currently wearing a baby blue polo shirt and beige dockers, but he doesn't have a secret identity to worry about, so he immediately begins waving his hands, one glowing red, the other blue, "All right guys, give up now, and I'm sure the judge will make your sentence a short one."


Wally West pries an eye open and looks at his surroundings as he pushes himself up from the leather couch. They're god awful. Empty cartons from Chinese restaurants are strewn over the coffee table while clothing is strewn to and from all over the place.

The television is on in the background, tuned to a PBS documentary on the Glenn Miller's disappearance during World War II and it's a few decibel too loud and the fan is desperately trying to keep up with the Midwestern heat here in summer.

Somewhere there's a continual and annoying alarm.

Wally brushes some of the boxes away and there's a communicator there, lighting up and beeping madly.

He grips it and peers angrily.

"The Eensies…"


"Hey!" Bob says with the stogey making understanding a bit difficult as he glares at Alex, "Get yo ass down before I pump it full of lead, tough guy!" When Alex flat out refuses, Bob aims the butt of the shotgun right at the man's love nuggets!!!

As others make their way towards the bathroom, Daisy the Duck's shrill voice calls out, "Hey! They're getting away! And we didn't even get their moneyz!"

"Quiet you!" says Doug the Dog as he pushes a shotgun in Garth's face. "Get on the floor and gimme your wallet!"

A blur of red and yellow streaks across the great state named after a City (or is it vice versa) until the FLASH skids to a mighty stop just outside the bank's propped open doors.


The shotgun butt impacts with a whumpf! And suddenly Alexander's eyes widen with a mixture of rage, annoyance, and no small amount of pain. He even leans forward a bit but more locks his stance in place right next to that service island in the middle of the bank where people fill in deposit slips and the like. His fingertips next to the pen that's chained there, he taps out a short staccato rhythm and then glares at Bob.
"Oh look. A superhero." He gestures with a slight nod towards Tempest, as if hoping to distract Bob's attention with the sudden appearance of the fellow.


Unisex bathrooms are both progressive and hazardous. Especially when two people get the same idea at the same time. Lunair almost yelps but then hey, unisex bathroom. Vorpal has every right to be there, too. "ohmygod KITTY!" Yay! Humans love cats. Even worshipped 'em a few times before (and some kooky humans still do!). Fortunately, she misses Alex getting nailed in the groin. But she has to sort of create her armor around her clothing because she's a bit self conscious, even around a shapeshifter. And it's not really a big bathroom, either. She has to be careful not to elbow the Cheshire (is that 7 years bad luck?).

Eventually she makes her way out, covered in a sleek, high tech armor with a visor down. "Um. Have - at - you? I - really tend to just shoot people in the face, sorry." Pause. Right, there's a duck lady there. Lunair really should just be banned from dialogue. "Hey! Er. Stop? that's bad?" Ponder. A shrug. What's she going to pull this time? The answer comes in a portal gun. She's going to loop someone. Oh dear.

Vorpal's transformation doesn't take too long— what takes long is navigating around Lunair to get a good look at the mirror.


Vorpal's transformation doesn't take too long— what takes long is navigating around Lunair to get a good look at the mirror.

"Could you… move your elbo—ow, no, that way. To the left. To the OTHER LEFT, ungh!"
Finally, when he can get a clear look of himself at the mirror (granted, peeking through the crook in Lunair's elbow as she forms the armor), the young man finds his eyes in his reflection and, having no option but to change in the presence of Lunair, says:

"We Are All Mad Here."

A bright flash appears in the bathroom and the upright Cheshire cat stands there where Keith used to be. He grins at his reflection.


And then he becomes invisible, a he goes through the door after Lunair comes out.

~So you like playing at animals? I've got one for you….~

Summoning his powers of illusion, the Cheshire creates a cloud of purple smoke that billows out near Daisy the Duck. And a rather raspy tenor voice intones out of the cloud: "I am the terror that flaps in the night…"

Because, why have powers of illusion if you couldn't do something like this?


Despite the shotgun being waved around his face, Garth shows no fear of it. His left hand, which had already glowed red, begins to send out a beam of heat, focusing on the metal of Doug the Dog's shotgun, heating it ever so gently. It's not an immediate heat, not the kind that would give him a burn, but it grows slowly, making it uncomfortable, hopefully uncomfortable enough that he'll put the weapon away. There must be a bone around her for him to fetch.

Meanwhile, Alexander's distraction works on Garth as well, as he looks in his direction when superhero is mentioned. He's trying his best, to keep the situation in hand, but there seems to be a few of them in here, with Lunair doing her thing, and others to follow. "Fellows, come on, you know this is wrong. You haven't done anything that'll get you hard time."


Bob the Bear is shocked as the shot didn't put the man down. What sort of man is this? Those are his thoughts, but he's not a very smart villain and as Alexander motions toward the Superhero, Bob turns, "whaaa?"

Daisy screams as Vorpal's illusion takes hold. As Lunair fires the portal gun, it hits Daisy the Duck straight away as she charges away from the pair-the blue light exposes a rift and Daisy roars through it, just in time to come out the other portal and slam head first into the wall. You can almost see the stars above her head.

"EEP!" exclaims Doug as he begins to run from Tempest as the gun glows. He takes route one to get the hell out of here post haste, with his little tooshie waggling as he heads for the exit

Meanwhile, the inner room of the bank crackles with electricity and whooshes with the wind as the red and yellow streak of the Flash begins to zoom around the room. When he finally comes to a stop he's got Paula the Pig, Matty the Mule, and Dale the Deer all hanging from his arms. "Aagggh!" exclaims the Flash, "Get them off!"


Meanwhile as mayhem ensues, Alexander calmly waits for Bob the Bear's attention to slide away from him. Once the differently-abled criminal shifts his gaze and weapon away, Alex casually yanks the pen and its chain with a short sharp /snap/. With one clean motion he loops it around the distracted midget's throat, then yanks it taut as he lifts the poor fellow off the ground.
"All I wanted was a deposit slip. Was that too much to ask? Apparently it was."
Doesn't take too long to knock the little fellow out and once he's unconscious he drops the poor ole bear to the ground and then tries to feign innocence by fading into the background.


It's sort of hilarious in a 'Lunair is so going to hell for laughing at this' kind of way. She got squished in with Vorpal, and now she ended up bowling with Daisy the Duck. Vorpal is the thing that flaps in the night, Alex apparently choked a bear out and … Flash is carrying around a bunch of them. He's cool, but it's hard to stifle the giggles.

Okay, maybe the portal gun is a bit much. And she can't zap Flash with it. What's Lunair gonna do? DUBSTEP TIME. It's time to turn the bank robbery into a DANCE PARTY. People should just be happy it's not the nudity ray, really


And then there is a Rabbit-Hole in Doug's way, as a Cheshire cat emerges from it, arms crossed and standing directly between Doug and the exit, the portal closing neatly beneath him.

"Aw, don't leave!" Vorpal says, with a rather self-satisfied grin. A purple, glowing flamingo mallet appears in his hands, swinging them back. "We haven't even played croquet yet!"
He swings at Doug. Not a personal best, but maybe a 4 out of 10. It's been a while.


Garth smirks and chuckles softly at Doug the Dog's reaction. He's almost cute in a way. "Well, that was easy." He remarks, though his eyes light up at the familiar sight of a red blur. "Flash?" he asks, even before he's realised that Flash has stopped and is now standing there with three of the crooks hanging off, or is it on, to him.

As he looks around, taking stock of the various little mini-fights that have broken out, he begins to gently try and sort them out, emitting violet beams of force, first trying to help the Flash, "Nice to see you again Flash, been a long time." These aren't powerful beams, he's keeping it in check. For now, it’s about the level of intensity that a normal human would find moderately painful, and will increase if that doesn't work.


Bob falls to the tile floor, fast asleep as Alex totally chokes him out. With the commotion, it goes relatively un noticed, but it's enough to throw the Eensie's into disarray as their leader is out of commission.

"Uh, yeah!" Flash says to Tempest. "Just a sec!"

Meanwhile the Eensie's drop off of The Flash as they all go into dance party motions. The bad news is that the Flash does too! "Hey! What is it his?! He exclaims as it appears he's getting freaky-dance stylish with Paula the Pig.

Doug the Dog gets a 4 out of 10 shot from Vorpal, but a 4 out of 10 shot is good enough to send the furry flying. But Vorp doesn't get much time to gloat as Tim the Tyrannosaurus is biting at his ankle! MUNCH!

Eventually, the Flash is able to break free of the epic hold of the Dubstep gun and begins rounding up all of the Eensies currently unaccounted for. Those already disposed of are tied together in the middle of the room, while the others are still up to the remaining heroes.


Lunair blinks. "Sorry, my bad!" She calls over to poor Flash. At least she's going to help round up any of the remainders. With the power of dance. Magic dance. She is trying not to laugh at what's going on around her. Because as hilarious as this is, the little gang is pretty dangerous. "I really am sorry!" She moves to help deal with Tim. Everybody, get on the floor- ahem.


"I guess I knocked it out of the pa-AAAAAAAAARGH!" Vorpal flails, trying to get a good bat at tim— the surprise from the biting caused his mallet to dissipate, critical failure in maintaining willpower!
"Why you little…" He's hopping around on one leg, trying to get rid of the Tinysaurus.


Garth can't help but laugh. "It's been a long time since I enjoyed myself this much. It's not every day I get to help foil a bank robbery, especially by crooks who are so cute." He gazes over at the Tinysaurus, and with a wave of his right hand, a bank of pens, all chained to a counter, begin to spew ink in his direction, creating a slippery path for him to slide into the side of a teller's booth. "Of course, Flash, I can see you've got your hands full." With the crooks largely wrapped up, tied up in this case, he relaxes, shaking his head.


In the end, the group is finally all corralled with a bit of rope that Flash took down from outside on the flag pole. The New York state flag is strewn inside on the ground while the rope is finally tied off and the Flash becomes visible with a bit of breath. He dips around, dapping each of the heroes, "What is up, homies?"

"Heroes win again. That's 2-0. Tally Isham in Five, yo." The Flash starts rattling off names, "So, I've been thinking: We got the Grommits, the Avenging Youngtimers, or the Protectorate." He shrugs his shoulders at Vorp and Lunair, "Any of those sound good?"


Lunair winces as Vorpal arghs. And is hopping around. She seems amused at Garth's reaction, too. And suddenly Tinysaurus is on a slip and slide. "Wow, that's pretty cool," She seems amused. Still, it's pretty cool. She saw Alex, the Flash and now two new faces. Although, it's hard not to giggle a bit at the gang. Even if they were perfectly murderous and serious.

"… taly ish-what?" Lunair looks confused at Flash. She rubs the back of her helmeted head. "Um. I'm bad with names," She admits. The girl seems a bit off somehow. Friendly enough, but off. Alas. "Do you know the fellow with the ink? Have we met?" She looks puzzled by Garth. And then realizes she's had her visor down so no one can see her face anyway. Lunair: Totally #winning at social interactions.


"I don't know a single one of you, yay!" Vorpal says with a smirk, high-fiving back. "Thanks for getting the anklebiter. Geez, those are sharp teeth…" he looks puzzled at Flash's interjections. "… I'm very partial to the Stray Cats myself."


"Grommits, Avenging Youngtimers, Protectorate?" Garth intones, hearing those names for the first time. "Why Flash, that sounds almost sounds like you're looking to name a team of heroes? Did Nightwing talk to you?" He waves his hand some more, directing the flow of water from the unisex bathroom that Lunair and Vorpal had snuck into earlier, using faucet water to fly through the air like a snake. It lands near the ink that Garth had slipped so recently, and he begins to use it to try and clean up the mess he's made of the tinysaurus. "My name is Tempest," he gestures to himself, hand on his chest, "and have you considered the Titans? Greek names are chique these days."


The Flash daps Vorpal but stops in his tracks as Tempest asks him about Nightwing. "Stray Cats? Nah, I haven't talked to Nightwing in a couple of-Titans?

"Titans you say?"

"I like the sound of that."


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