Legendary Weapons of Gotham

July 25th, 2014: Starring Batgirl and Batman as they pay Richard Dragon a visit.

Undisclosed Rooftop in Gotham City




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Late at night in Gotham City, so late that the horizon is already threatening a sunrise heralded by the faint tinge of orange off across the ocean. Yet it's still dark enough in the heart of the city that the shadows are hazy and amorphous, set in halos by the street lights far below in the streets. It's the time when it's truly the quietest hour in a city that never truly sleeps, and a time when the vigilantes of Gotham are near to ending their night.
It was also a time deliberately chosen by the tall man that stood atop an apartment building, seated upon a small raised remnant of a brick chimney that gives a place for someone to keep watch upon the otherwise unoccupied rooftop that might very well serve as the roof for his future kwoon or place of training. Richard Drakonovski waited patiently, garbed in casual clothes of dark color, he leans there with his elbows resting upon his knees. Currently his only companions seem to be the cage of sleeping pigeons that rests next to the stairwell alcove.

The rustle of a weighted cape the only announcement of Batman's arrival, it's the end of the run for him, he'll return to the mansion after this, eat a quick breakfast, shower, exercise (which consists of a series of stretches) and pretend to be Bruce Wayne for a few hours to at least make an appearance. For now he was making a social call, Richard Dragon has been requesting a meet for some time now and it's about time the Dark Knight made a show.
The Bat is wearing his expected attire, complete with utility belt, hoarse voice and scowl. It's been a relatively uneventful night aside from a fire and another shootout at the Zoo. Both of which he was late to.

Batgirl had mentioned to Batman that Richard was looking to speak to Gotham's guardian, but it's Richard that had dropped the info that her mentor might be by tonight so she's not too surprised to find Richard on the rooftop. She drops down onto the roof parapet shortly after the Batman, landing with flexed knees. Seeing the pair of them she pauses there, head tilting over to the side a bit, the motion accented by those long pointed ears on her cowl.

When the Bat appeared, so silently that none of the pigeons stirred, Dragon rose to his feet. Turning to face him, Drakonovski's gaze rested heavily upon the grim vigilante, greyish eyes noting small facts of how the other man stood, his reach, his body language. Yet as quickly as came that moment of recognition and judgement passed, its departure signaled by the faint smile on the martial artist's face.
"Yang Guizo. It has been some years." That having been said, Dragon lowered his eyes and executed a short bow to offer appropriate greeting. Only straightening should the bow be returned, he does offer a few more quiet words between them. "Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, I know your time has heavy demand placed upon it."

"Dragon." Batman responds while drawing closer, aware of Batgirl but as usual paying her little mind until it's required. They have this whole synchronized shadow thing figured out. "It's been some time, yes." It's only recently the Caped Crusader is back in Gotham after his year long disappearing act. "I'd heard rumor you're around again, spotty however. I suppose I'm out of touch with my usual sources." That brief gap close has his cape falling back around his broad shoulders.
"You here to stay or is there something more I should be aware of?" Curious as always also a bit territorial. This is Gotham after all.

Normal people would say hello. Exchange some pleasantries. But that's not Batgirl's way. Landing at the fringes was her way of saying hello. Giving them a chance to let her know if they'd prefer she absent herself. Taking the lack thereof as invitation enough she rises up to her full rather diminutive height and walks over to join them. Arms at her side, her cape falls forward to drape her from neck to ankle. Having her side-by-side with the Batman it's easy to see the similarities between them, so much more than the shared moniker.

While she knows the answers to the Bat's question, she doesn't try to interject. Sometimes the Batman finds answers within answers. Some weird Batception.

It is perhaps with a measure of awareness of that territoriality that Richard Dragon called for this meeting. His brow furrows as he gives a nod of agreement to the man in the mask, then tells him in that level calm tone of his. "There was an issue with the Red Master, I was tasked to represent some of our former teachers in the resolution of that issue. It was resolved appropriately." As he says this his features stay calm and measured, though a fairly subtle glance to the side signals his recognition of Batgirl and her presence.
"That service is at an end, but I find I do not wish to leave Gotham. I would ask your permission to stay. I understand this is your home and responsibility. In return for your agreement I would offer my service to train those of yours you would feel suitable. I would also seek other students, though I have no others currently."

"Dealt with appropriately?" Perhaps the Bat is tired that he repeats the words in question format or he is simply just affirming the remark. It's not really easy to read the man's body language after all. He is used to operating on the brink of mental and physical exhaustion. "There is no need for you to ask my permission. You're welcome in Gotham without my voice."
A casual glance slides over towards Batgirl then back towards the martial artist. "With you staying I tend to automatically assume you'll offer service and support to the rest of us. Part and parcel, right?" A slight smile touches the corner of the Detective's lips. It's hard to tell if the man is being humorous or coy.
"I'll send any to you who require the additional training. It's an excellent opportunity. You've met Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin?"

The mention of the Red Master and his dealing with has Batgirl's body language going quiet and reflective as she glances over to Dragon. She was after all, there for that. It was a Moment. "He is very… insistent. About shoes." Batgirl says, finally speaking in that flat, slightly broken and almost monotone manner of hers.

The martial arts master pauses for a moment, his expression still that same calm and formal mask, though it is one Cassandra is familiar with as it was the same expression he wore during their first meeting. It's an expression that offers little, says nothing, even to one as gifted as her. Though the very fact he hesitates for that instant perhaps speaks volumes. "It was dealt with in a manner much better than it could have been. Your protege is no small part responsible for the better resolution." There's a faint smile.
As Batman tells Dragon he is welcome there is another bow from the master as he tells the vigilante, "You enjoy my thanks." But then when he goes on that smile returns, "Of course, if there is any service I can grant I will not hesitate in aiding you and yours. I have not had the chance of meeting your other proteges. I am sure they do you credit."
Then when Batgirl speaks up the first break to that mask is seen as he looks at her sidelong, a faint smirk there only for a moment. He looks back towards Batman and states, "I am a traditionalist." As if that was enough of an answer.
Dragon adds quietly, "I have decided to purchase the top floor of this building. Send those you wish here, I shall welcome them."

"You'll meet them." Batman assures, though he speaks for Robin more so than Nightwing. Dick is his own person and makes sure to define that every chance he gets. They grow so fast. A surprisingly respectful half-bow is returned from the Dark Knight.
"If you're here you can help me with another issue, it's up your alley, the Lucky Hand Triad has a new enforcer, a martial artist who is breaking necks of Galante made men." The vigilante reaches in to his utility belt and draws forth a couple pictures; all of them depicting men with their heads twisted straight around, chins touching spines, disturbing really. Nothing gentle about any of the breaks. Pure brutality and explosive power, "It's retaliation but it's going too far. It's spilling over from Chinatown in to the Diamond District and East End, we can't let that continue. I am sure you have an idea what such a thing will cause with the other gangland turfs?"
No comment on the shoes or the traditionalist remark. It's all expected. Besides, Batgirl is quite used to his own rigid modus operandi and particular quirks, though, he has admittedly softened up after Babs, Dick, Jason and now Tim and Cassandra. After so many not even the stoic and disciplined Caped Crusader can maintain his callous methods. A momentary pause and Batman speaks again, "If you're up for this, of course. It'll help you get used to the City." No smile this time. Just that grave hazel stare.
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Batgirl steps in close, going up on tiptoes and craning her neck to see the images that the Bat offers to Dragon. She doesn't show any kind of hesitation in being in Richar'd's space and she has a relaxed manner that would indicate she trusts the man. Along with the rare remark, and rarer joke, the Detective can easily put together that she's spent more than a little time with the new resident. It likely helps that like the Batman himself, Richard probably doesn't find her lack of vocalization to be offputing.

The auburn haired man takes the photos and considers them, expression shifting grim as he looks at the twisted heads and the eyes of the deceased. He frowns, slowly moving from shot to shot, then he asks quietly, "Do you have images of the scenes of conflict?" His thoughts already drift towards the leverage needed for an artist of varying builds and strength levels, possible techniques. But having a look at the areas after the conflict might add foot positioning, stance, and other tell-tale clues into the deconstruction of the puzzle.
Looking back up towards Batman and it's probably obvious the change that has come over Dragon. With the formal ritual completed he is focused on the business at hand and the conundrum he has been presented. "I am not exactly the most popular individual amongst the gangs in Chinatown of late." He looks to the side at Batgirl as if to stave off any possible wisecrack or look from her that would speak to him silently of the same thing.

"I'll have the proper instruments delivered to you so we can communicate easier and in a more secure method, with that will come the rest of the files. The subject is larger than average you can tell from the angle of the breaks and talented. Also obvious from the quick snap and releases, any lingering is done out of pleasure. You're dealing with a psychopath, not just a professional. The rest you'll figure out."
Gauntlet covered hands vanish as the pictures are left to Dragon. The comment about popularity gets a glance to Batgirl again and then Dragon, "Even better. We don't want popular, we want fear." Not that he expects the master martial artist to operate like Batgirl or himself of course. That is just a blanket statement and one probably directed more at them then Richard.

Batgirl's gaze is hidden behind those dark lenses, but the slight tilt of her head as she glances over to Dragon speaks volumes to these two. Fear, yes. But not the type of fear that dropped bodies bring. It's not a warning, almost more of a reminder that yes. That line is still drawn. That one can be achieved without the other. Most wouldn't even have noticed she moved. But to others? A whole conversation.

Drakonovski gives a single solemn nod then says levelly. "I'll see what I can see, perhaps get into a position where I can possibly serve as a lightning rod and draw his attention." The photos are pocketed and at the statement of proper equipment being delivered he nods again. "I'll be here for the foreseeable future."
As he makes ready to depart he takes a step forward and offers his hand towards Batman, "Till the next time." And should the hand be accepted he'll give a single firm shake before stepping back and away. Then a small smile is spared for Batgirl before he turns and moves towards that stairwell alcove.
"We'll be in touch." But not literally as the handshake isn't returned instead there is the gust of wind and the Batman is already descending from the rooftop, cape outstretched like wings as he drops like the nocturnal predator he is upon the cityscape below.

Batgirl stands there as the two depart. Her head turns one way, then the other. Finally, with the slight cant of her head that might be considered a shrug, she pads after the disappearing Dragon. She's fairly sure she can get him to cook breakfast.

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