July 26th, 2014: Taskmaster lets Baroness in on a couple secrets. Perhaps more than he should.

//NYC Penthouse/

The roof of a building the Baroness has purchased.



  • COBRA Henchies

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Omni-tool was recently busted up by some jackhole SHIELD Agent but nice and fixed not long ago by a fence and tinkerer named Rant, Taskmaster is making sure it works with some field tests. The field being the Baroness' penthouse suite in NYC the entire top floor hers and clear of any eyes. Hell, the woman probably owns the whole damn building. Cobra Security is international and makes bank after all.

These field tests involve several of her suited and trained men facing off against the skull-masked mercenary with a variation of weapons from sidearms, knives, chains to even a bow and arrow. Not that the guy is very good with it.

Taskmaster is wearing only the omni-tool vambrace, a tank-top, work out pants and tennis shoes with a bandana like skull-mask wrapped over his mouth. Not all of these mooks need to see his real face, anonymity is a blessing. It's also hot, partially cloudy and sunny as all hell. The tennis court he is practicing in not far away from a pool that gradually looks better and better.

The ruckus is not easily ignored, especially when you live below that very rooftop and your bedroom spans… Well, where ever the hell she decides to plop down. The stomping and the movements are not what woke the Baroness, its the gunfire and overall sharp noises that came from the melee upon the roof, a cup of coffee poured and grasped in pale hands as she heads slowly up the winding stairwell.

The only sound that comes out of tune with the rhythm of the current training scuffle is the crack of a weapon firing that is not part and parcel of the training deal, aimed right for that omni tool wrapped on Taskmaster's arm.

Lowering the derringer, the bullet fired from that small handgun was defying of its size, a .410 shot shell came from the small barrel that is now lowering to aim towards the ground at her side as she flicks the kimono'esque robe back shut around her exposed thight that bore the straps of the leather holster for the Texas Ranger.

Sip. Those steely blue eyes stare at them over the rim of her glasses as she finally cracks a small smile around the rim of her mug.

Taskmaster's smooth flowing combat moves scream of Bruce Li's Jeet Kune Do until his kick arcs out and snaps up catching one man in the chin a rapid change of style in to Savate in that same instance a tri-blade is formed by the omni-tool that rakes out and swipes across the chest piece another sparring partner. Fortunately they're all armor covered and the most they'll sustain is a superficial wound unless they screw up and Contingency T decides to punish them.
Or… the Baroness herself shows up and shoots at them and the mercenary uses one of these unfortunates as a meat shield; because clearly his omni-tool is more important to him than, Sam Kuzman a Bulgarian a former member of the SOBT and one hell of a left hook. Unfortunately he's now sporting a bullet hole through his left buttock.

"What the fuck, woman!?" Taskmaster snaps as the men all back up quickly some of them diving for cover while Kuzman rolls back and forth upon the ground clutching his ass.

A panting Taskmaster glances down at the downed COBRA soldier then back at the Lady Snake herself. "This about that redhead in Glasglow? One night stand I swear, I don't even remember her name. Who was I to know that Tokyo flight would end up grounded with a lay over, I was bored… " The sputtering man's already formed a shield on the arm of the omni-tool. Just in case she shoots again. As the skull-faced warrior speaks the men around him edge further away trying not to make eye-contact.

One of the COBRA fighters with a little more brain than the others does hiss, "Kerel opsluiten… " Rough translation is something about shut up in Dutch.

Baroness is looking down into her mug with a small frown, swirling the dark contents with the small rotation of her wrist, bringing it back to her lips with a more satisfied sigh. The damn sugar settled… And Taskmaster is talking, his voice mixed with the white noise of the downed soldier holding his ass and howling. She seems far more distracted in her orning ritual of waking up then caring about /excuses/.

Moving forward the parting and shifting men get no regard, somewhere in hr steps and the revelation of bare legs with each silk parting of her robe she had re-holstered that derringer.

"Here's the bird that never flew. Here's the tree that never grew. Here's the bell that never rang. Here's the fish that never swam." Pausing over the now silent wounded COBRA soldier she lowers and hooks one finger in one of the holes of the seat of his pants where the spray had hit, ripping it open to expose his pale and bloodied meat. "I do so love that cities crest and meaning." Coming back to rise after making sure to give an assuring /pat/ to the mans wound she stares at the shielded Taskmaster, grinning and sipping from her coffee as she wipes her bloody palm off in a smear down the embroidered robe. "And in each of those parts you can find a piece of your fling."

Well, there's that. "I see you got your omni fixed. Good."

A shrill scream escapes the unfortunate man and he passes out, the shock settling in as adrenaline and vitae seep out.

Taskmaster cants his head in a motion for them to remove the man's body, "Get him to a hospital." It doesn't take all four of his sparring partners to move the man but they all take the cue and make for a quick exit dragging Kuzman's unconscious (possibly dead) body after them. Normally criminal masterminds would worry about this kind of treatment but Taskmaster knows Archie Monev has a hand in keeping these guys up to date on their brainwash-cocktails.

"Eh, sounds like gibberish to me." Walking over he grabs a towel wiping his face and some stray bits of blood and what he hopes are not ass chunks from his forearm and shirt. "You tracked her down? Doubtful but I wouldn't give two shits." The omni-tool is flipped over and powered down, lights on it dimming as he begins to unclip it from his wrist. "Yeah, some squirrely tech-nerd in Gotham fixed it for me at half the Tinkerer's going rates. Seems to be work just fine."
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Baroness' eyes slide after the retreating men, watching them disappear from periphery of the shark like narrowed slits. A derisive sniff passes as she looks back to Taskmaster nd pushes her glasses back up on the bridge of her nose, sipping her coffee after the interlude, the slow steps taking her forward carrying her in a sway that is tell tale of a cobra's hypnotized sway.. The one that is simply the cold blooded creature looking for a way to strike the pipe player in reality.

/Sit still asshole./

Taking the towel from Taskmaster she uses it to wipe off one of the duct pipes before she claims a repose upon it, setting the coffee mug aside. "Your memory is hell. But let me remind you…" As she speaks her voice flicks through accents like a change in channels o a television from one nation to another. "I have eyes and ears everywhere, especially overseas. Loyal, faithful, soldiers who will disarticulate a woman and dispose of her bits without a flinch. I do so love Europe." The final words said wistfully, with no accent.

"Cheaper is better sometimes… Gotham is so filthy, you sure it is in top notch and not bugged?"

"If it is I gave her one hell of a scare." Taskmaster adds in about the repair-job, "I kinda like Gotham it's just hard to breath there. Too much scum takin' up all the elbow room."
A glance around and he unties the bandana to display his usual features, a grin worn across them. "You really hunted that chick down, huh?" He isn't sure if he is flattered or creep-ed the hell out. Maybe a bit of both. The Baroness isn't one he finds all too stable and never knows half of what she says as truth or not he does know she lives up to her word though, if she makes a promise, shit happens. The woman gets things done.
"So, uh, you heard any rumblings along the vine lately? I know HYDRA has a lot of SHIELD issues right now but other things… I heard something about a gathering? I dunno, I wasn't invited yet and usually I am…. " He is being vague or fishing, perhaps both. "Like, more then just SHIELD goin' at HYDRA? More than your typical d-bag cape crap." What he is sayin' is people like them. But not the usual infighting. The way he is talking is like knows something but is also fishing.

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