Speak Up, I Can't Hear You, Part 1

July 27, 2014 The Titans and two new heroes are called into a grisly murder scene in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn, New York

A two story house turned into a duplex is the site of a terrible murder.



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11:36 PM

"Dude, you are so right," The Flash says towards Vorpal as the pair sit on a ratty couch in a one bedroom apartment that belongs to the Feline and Fast Friend of the Flash. "I was sure he had me, but the ice actually jammed up his gun!"

The Flash leans back and holds his hand to his stomach as his laugh is quite loud for this time of evening. It even gets a pound from the downstairs neighbor. The Flash's head snaps towards Vorpal with a shocked look of worry, but he follows it with a silent giggle.

But his smile fades as the radio in his ear piece, fastened to the golden bolt on the side of his head sparks up.

"This is NYPD, any heroes in the area are requested to 11203 Linden in response to a murder." The Flash looks aghast as he gives an upwards nod to Vorpal. He turns on his radio so that Vorp can hear it.

"Man, that's not far from here."

_ _ _ _

"Have you ever, in your life, seen anything like this?" says Detective Stephens as he looks at his mentor, Ophelia Smith of the NYPD. She shakes her head looking out at the grotesque scene in front of her. In the upstairs apartment of a small two story home a horrific scene has unfolded in front of the 18 year veteran.


One would think that it might have been Stephens that called for the Superhero help. That it was actually Smith underscores how horrific the scene is in front of her. Four bodies are strewn across the floor and the apartment, decorated in white, has more red than its desired color.

A few minutes later, Vorpal and the Flash walk through the door, let in by the cops.

"Oh man," the Flash says, nary a sign of his usual flamboyance. He turns to look at Vorpal.

This looks like a job for someone else. They'll have to settle for the fledgling group known as the Titans.


Vorpal the Cheshire Cat walks in behind the flash, his eyes taking in the scene. The only reason he does not pale to match the corpses is that he is covered in purple fur, which is a good way to hide your discomfort when you're blushing or blanching, but the sight clearly unsettles him. For the moment he is grateful is that his sense of smell it's not like a feline's but is rather closer to that of human. He is having a hard enough time keeping his dinner down.

"Good evening officers…" he says in a rather subdued tone, at least, subdued for him. "Who called in the murder?" because if he can't bring himself to be completely unfazed by this horrible scene, at least he's going to put what he has learned from watching reruns of Murder She Wrote into practice


Teddy Altman has a sudden three-week summer course through NYU, thank you SO much for arranging that one, Mom, because having fun with your boyfriend and practicing to be a superhero are clearly too boring to … well, you don't know about the practicing yet. OK whatever.

Professor Howard Harvey Wolowitz lives in this building, and after the first week of class, Teddy has to turn in an assignment that he was distracted from by … other things. So he's convinced Billy to stop by with him, on one of their few "late night permitted" nights. He really needs to meet Billy's parents soon.

Unfortunately, after delivering said homework, the elevator isn't working. As though it were being stopped so it could be searched for evidence? Anyway, this means taking the stairs down, and Teddy jokingly putting on the hero guise, and suddenly, there's a couple police officers. Whoops.


"Do you really think that putting on a disguise is going to help with turning in your paper? I mean, I'm surprised your professor told you where he lived, much less allowed you to bring the paper by. Couldn't you have just … emailed it?" Billy's along for the ride, but isn't exactly sure the reason for this. Maybe fifteen years ago, sure, but there's email and scanners now.

When they arrive on the correct floor, only to find the police, he frowns, "I really think you should email him…" is reiterated quietly.


"The neighbors downstairs," says Stephenson, looking toward the two heroes with just a beat before bringing his handkerchief up under his nose and mouth. Smith follows with more information, "Apparently they'd been gone for the week and the family parked one of their two cars in front of the garage while they were gone. Easier than finding street parking and it was something they both did when the other family was out of town. Sharing the burden, I guess. When they hadn't moved it after three days, the neighbors came to check. Found the window over the door broken."

"So we're looking at anywhere from half a week to a week?" the Flash asks as he leans down. "May I?" he asks the younger detective who offers him a ruler. The Scarlet Speedster uses it to prop one of the older bodies up; which is strewn face down on the floor.

Bugs have gotten to it before the cops have, that much is clear. The bodies have been here closer to a week and Wally is careful not to puncture the thin, dead skin. As he reveals the trauma, he swallows with some difficulty, "Oh God."

"Hey look," one of the officers says, "More heroes. Great. We're glad you guys are here, come in." The cop clearly mistakes Teddy and Billy for heroes responding to the call, taking the costume as his evidence. He shows the pair in just in time for them to see the Flash propping up the body.

The man has been gut-stabbed and has all sorts of cuts around the mouth in addition to multiple stab wounds to the chest and neck. Wincing, the Flash reaches towards the mouth with his gloved hand. "The tongue. It's been completely cut out."


Vorpal looks on as Flash moves the bodies. A hand comes up to cover his mouth and nose to filter out the stench.

~ don't lose your cookies here you have to stay focused~

"Multiple stab wounds, there was a lot of hatred or passion involved. Tongue removal, unusual, probably dealing with a serial killer here…" he looks back at Teddy and Billy, giving them a slight wave. He feels too nauseated for introductions, and instead he creates a small set of platforms floating in the air then he can use as a little cat walk to walk around to the crime scene without disturbing the ground, is moving slowly to see if anything else catches his attention.

"Anything that might tell us in the killer knew his or her victims?"


Costume? Well, yeah, being seven feet tall and green and easily mistaken for the Hulk except for the fancy leather armor and styling piercings and earcuff jewelry which no Hulk would ever wear (Hulk SMASH stupid fashion!) somehow, is actually a costume, for Teddy. Sort of.

He replies to Billy, "yeah, but he doesn't believe in email, the guy is like 95…" and then he has to stop. The officer has seen him. And spoken to him.

"O… Kay?" He is led to an extremely unpleasant room. It's impossible to see him turning green; he's already green and can't get greener. So he just closes his eyes and shifts his sense of smell back the hell off, because he DOES have a good sense of smell and the smell of death? Not helping.

"Forensics has already been here, right? it's safe to move around?" Hulkling asks, because his size-fifteens WILL mess up evidence if they get the chance.


"Why is a 95 year old still teaching?" Billy starts but then he's following Teddy, muttering 'Change' to get his own costume on … just in case … and they're now before a murder scene.

They don't talk about the stench and feel of such a scene on television. Brown eyes widen before he turns away and runs off to a far corner to hork. He'll clean it up when he's able to focus again — this might be worse than Klarion coming after him and throwing magic around.


"We're not sure," Smith says as she seems mildly surprised at Vorpal's floating. "We have to assume he did, but that's because most of them do. To take out a whole family like this-" Her voice trails.

Stephens regards the newcomers, "Forensics, has, yes. But still be careful please." The Flash turns to regard the new approaching heroes with a nod, but his loss of focus causes him to bump the victim's face with some pressure. The skin makes a bursting sound, similar to a water balloon and fluid behind the bloated casing and it splashes onto the floor. The Flash leaps back with super speed, barely avoiding. "Oh man," he says.


The Cheshire Cat turns to look at what caught Billy's attention and then looks away quickly.

"Well, I think we can discard any ritualistic intent, I am not seeing any sigils or anything of the like…"

He turns to face Smith and asks, "Have you checked the other apartments around the building to see if maybe any of them are on occupied? Maybe apartments that should be occupied whose owners have mysteriously vanished?"


"You're the Flash, right? What's the situa…" Teddy stops as the touch triggers a burst, and winces at the evidence of extreme post-mortality.

"Hey," he says to Billy, not remembering at the moment whether he learned a code name. He's too busy trying to put that >burst< out of his mind.

"Can you make a spell to show us what happened? Otherwise, we're not gonna do much that the cops haven't already done."

He puts a hand gently on his partner's shoulder, to steady him, and maybe himself.


Billy Kaplan flinches at the touch and he turns around to look at Hulkling. Even as the other speaks, there's an odd sort of look of confusion and, perhaps betrayal, that come into his eyes. Shrugging the hand on his shoulder off, he uses the nearby wall to stand up and steady himself. There's a glare given to the green one before he takes a few breaths and tries to actually come up with a spell that could work.

However, he's not feeling terribly investigative at the moment even as he lifts his hands and murmurs, "ShowWhatHappenedShowWhatHappenedShowWhatHappenedShowWhatHappenedShowWhatHappenedShowWhatHappenedShowWhatHappened". If anything, he's angry…which may or may not have an effect on the spell.


"We're on that now," Stephens says to Vorpal. "Hey, just so we have it down, who are each of you. You guys belong to any teams that we could contact?"

"This is Vorpal," the Flash says motioning to his friend.

"Hey," The Flash says as he looks up sullenly. "Yeah, I'm the Flash." Pursed lips of frustration as he looks back down again at the mess he made. "We're with the Titans."

Not much of a group really at this point, but the cops don't need to know that. The Flash seems ardent over being involved in this.

"Wait," he says as Billy begins casting a spell. "You can do that?"

The room begins to turn different hues as Billy casts his spell. It was a while back and his demeanor alters it some, but they're able to catch glimpses of what happened.

A man waltzes1 through the blood stained apartment wearing black leather and a white, nondescript mask over his face2. He cuts away the bonds of each of the victims and begins to clean his knife. A white trash bag sits in the foreground, a dark red coloring to the interior implies there's something from the bodies in it.

"That's amazing," The Flash says, looking at Billy. "What did you say your name was?"

The Titans sure could use these guys' help with this one.


As soon as the spell is cast, the Cheshire Cat stares, his fur standing slightly on the end in the presence of magic. As a creature of chaos he shares some affinity with reality warping, although he wouldn't put it in those words. He would simply say that he has an affinity for the weird and the unusual. He watches the scene unfold quietly.


He's not sure if the scene shown helped, but it's what he got for now. As the scene ends, he lets it fade and blinks some at the Flash.

The Flash is actually talking to him.

Freezing for a moment, Billy then gives a little shake of his head — he asked a question, right?

"My name?" Uh. Superheroes don't use their given names. Right. "Uh." That might be his name, but then he just comes out with, "Wiccan."


"I go by Hulkling," Teddy answers. "We… really are new at this, so we aren't on a team yet."

His hand shakes for a moment as he remembers the dancing monstrosity. What was in that bag? His hands clench and unclench, and he shrugs, looking around the room.


The cat turns around and heads back to the door, offering his hands to Hulking and Wiccan respectively.

"Well, it looks like you've got the major talent there, something that might help us in this investigation. Maybe you would like to join?"

He looks at Flash, "my magic is very different from his, it is nowhere near as flexible and in situations like this it is not nearly as useful. I can do illusions and a couple of weird things but I can't see into the past… And if we're going to try to catch this son of a… We're going to need help."

"Nice to meet both of you," The Flash responds. "Wish it was under better circumstances."

The cops interrupt them, letting them know that the clean up team is on its way. Flash hands them a card where he can be contacted before turning back to the two young men.

"We could use your help on this, if you're willing." He nods to Vorpal, as they're both thinking the same thing.

"If you've got a way of contacting you," The Flash says as he begins to walk from the scene, "That'd be really helpful."

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