Catching up with Alex

July 30, 2014 The Flash catches up with Phobos to make an offer of team membership.


Outside of a lecture hall at Empire State University



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The class is almost over, the clock hanging high on the auditorium wall beckons in four more minutes to signal the end of the professor's attempt to convey some element of statistics to his students. Four more minutes until they're free from the confusing lecture and they can rush out with their heads bowed and their laptops or tablets turned off. To be fair the professor is most likely looking forward to it as well as he seems to be wrapping it up rather well.

Yet across the auditorium in the back and frowning marginally, Alexander Aaron is in class and watching the clock for entirely other reasons. One eye scrunches up as he tries to figure out the time the next demon shows up. It was… forty nine hours ago for the last one. So seventeen point six more for the next. Six o'clock in the morning sometime, he scowls to himself and flicks a note on his KordPad to wake him up at five.

Then the class finishes, people start to file out and so does the young godling.

In the lobbyway of the auditorium, people file out and into the sun, but behind the doorway, in a small nook, a man in a beige trench coat and fedora sits and waits. As Aaron makes his way out, a red glove touches his arm, and if the young man looks back, there's a sideways nod as if to say 'hey over here.'

Stopping in mid-step, Alexander looks over towards the crimson vrsion of Secret Squirrel and furrows his brow. He looks back and forth a bit as if making sure nobody's watching… or perhaps expecting nobody to watch and would probably be surprised if anyone cared. In any case he walks to the direction of the fellow. "Hello, is something of the matter?" He asks calmly as he moves at Wally's discretion.

"Not imminently," the man says with a bit of a smirk. "I'm the Flash and I wanted to thank you for your help the other day. Without you, I may have been a goner. Then, there was that bit with the banks. You seem to be in the right spot at the right times a lot." His head comes up and underneath the hat he's wearing his classic mask. "Also wanted to touch base with you about a few things."

For some reason the young blonde man with those angellic features seems a touch uncomfortable. He scrunches one eye a touch, but does not look away, instead he keeps eye contact with the Flash, then simply gives a small nod. "I did what I could, but I am not exactly what one would consider a hero." He steps to the side to perhaps shield Wally from casual passersby. Then he folds his arms over his chest, "Touch base about what?"

"Well hero or not, you seem to be like a guy we can use," the Flash says tilting his head. "Look, I've been doing this a long time and I know talent when I need it. You wanna do good? Because you really could. As far as what we've got cooking, there was a murder that myself and others called the Titans are looking into. We could use a hand in these sorts of things. Strength in numbers."

"Here's the thing," Alexander lifts his hand, fingers uncurling as he speaks to Wally. "I can help, and sure if you need me I will. I kinda don't mind doing my part when I can. But it's not all upside." Alex's jaw tenses, tendons bunching as he looks to the side, making sure that other people aren't around. When he catches himself doing that he lifts his eyes heavenwards, then adds, "My family has a tendency to hassle people around me. Right now I have demons from Limbo that are trying to kill me every sixty six point six hours."

That hand waves to the side, as if brushing his words away. "So yeah I can help, but it can get messy."

"Hey," The Flash says as he shakes his head, "If you're having trouble with -well, whatever it is you're having trouble with, you can count on me. You saved my cookies once already. I have no problem taking on your issues with you. That's what being on a team is all about."

"Oh you say that now, but then there are the hydras and medusae and three headed wolves, and then the running and the screaming." But as he says this Alexander's smile grows, seeming so terribly charming as it broadens. He shakes his head, "In any case, sure. I've got things mostly under control right now. But let me know when and where you need me and I'll be there."

Having said that, Alexander slaps Wally on the shoulder companionably as he murmurs. "Just so long as you know what you're getting into." He gives a nod as if agreeing to a binding contract with some small measure of solemnity.

"I know, and I gladly expect." Years prior, the Flash has worked with Demons and the demons of demons. He has an inkling of what Alex is talking about, without understanding the full picture. "This is the address where we meet. I'll drop by and give you a heads up before we have one. It'll be good to have you on board." He chuckles, "You have no idea how much running I had to do to find you. Even without a mask."

"Yeah, I don't exactly try to make a splash and all." As he says this he unfolds his arms and adjusts the hang of his backpack. "Drop me a line if something comes up. I stay in that building there for the most part." He gestures towards the window at the line of apartment buildings meant for graduae students, perhaps trusting to Wally's speed and detective skills in being able to find him. "See you around, Flash."

With that said he moves on towards his next class, hands sliding into his pockets as he goes.

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