Just Another Day At The Office

July 31, 2014: Angelo wants to get to the gym before seven PM. Not happening.

Avenue C Clinic — Mutant Town — New York City

Mutant Town isn't so much a slum or ghetto as it an enclave. Sure, it started out as something else, but it's big enough now to have its own
personality and, frankly, subcultures within the larger… uh… subculture.

Regardless, it's as eclectic and unpredictable as its inhabitants. Which means: Very.

One bastion of apparent normalcy, near the north side of the enclave, is the Avenue C Clinic, a one-story building with a fifteen-car parking lot, landscaping, and a sign that gives its name and in smaller letters, "Serving the Neighborhood" in front of an accessibility-ramp.

The entrance is airlock-style, a long shaded-glass tube in a sort of portico, with a pair of automatic doors on one end and the clinic proper on the other end, behind another pair of doors.

Inside, there is a waiting room large enough for perhaps 25 people, fewer if someone is giant-sized; the ceilings are high. A receptionist desk provides a barricade to simply walking back to the six exam rooms; behind those, three private labs, a store-room, and five offices. A pair of rest-rooms, a space for a phlebotomist and a private washroom for "samples" to be taken - This is a very complete small clinic. It doesn't have overnight facilities, nor a pharmacy on-site, as such, but they do have medical supplies customized for the heavily Mutant clientele.



  • Kali the Receptionist

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Nick is wearing his normal dark-blue suit with matching tie with a white silk shirt. His hair is slightly fluffled and his face looks like he hasn't slept very well in a little while. He approaches the doctor.

"Doctor Angelo?"

It's late afternoon now and Thomas has been looking for hours. Damn it. His contact said that he'd be around here somewhere. Granted M-Town is a pretty big area to search but hell, there's only so many places he could be. And he'd really, really like to talk to him.


A car with US Marshal's markings pulls up in front of the Avenue C clinic and a tired looking Thomas gets out, glancing about for his mark. Maybe… inside? Couldn't hurt to look. What was the name of the guys who ran this place again? Oy. He can't remember. Right then… inside…


Angelo is just closing the inside door to the clinic, carrying a gym bag.

"Are you looking for Angelo diLucci? That'd be me," Angelo answers. He's a short guy, but built, like a tank. He looks up at the tired-looking man who just came in the entry door.

"We're closing soon, but if you have an urgent medical need?" the doctor says, pausing where he is. He rubs his hair - prematurely white, or extremely blond - and looks up at the newcomer.


Nick holds up a photo and hands it to the doctor.

"I'm not actually here for medical attention. I'm looking for a man in the photo".

The photo is a standard black white possibly from a security camera. The figure in the photo is wearing a long black trench coat with a popped collar. Other than that you can't see a face or any other body features. But he is partially walking through a wall.


Thomas walks in the door and… son of a gun. That's him. And he's talking to the doctor? He hangs back near the doorway. Nick isn't under arrest or being detained or anything like that. Thomas just needs to talk to him. Maybe when he's done. Who knows. Maybe the guy is hurt.


"I'm sorry," Angelo says. "I can't tell from the picture. Are you a police officer?"

Because, at this point, despite an irrational urge to trust this guy, Angelo's doctor-reflexes are kicking in. He glances up, the small entry filling with a third person.

"OK, we should either go inside, or out, since the clinic's still open for an hour. Come on inside, it's air conditioned." Angelo pushes the door open and steps in to a waiting room/registration area. He nods to the woman at the desk.

"On your left." says a young man in scrubs as he brushes past Thomas holding a styrofoam box shape with biohazard stickers on it. Test samples and the like one would imagine.

"On your right." says another young man a half second later as he brushes past Thomas and heads into the lobby; he's carrying a package that's more traditional, which is to say cardboard box.

"Left." says another.

"Right," says a fourth.




"Right," as for a moment what feels like a constant stream of young men enter the clinic staggering one to either side of Thomas. Lets hope the Marshal isn't claustrophobic. However, very rapidly the lobby becomes quite crowded with young men holding boxes upon boxes upon boxes, one of them even has a handful of bigger boxes on a red chip-painted hand-truck. The young man nearest Thomas turns to look him up and down.

"Sup?" he says, wobbling under the weight of his box. It may be at this point that the strongest feeling of Deja-Vu settles in on anyone actually looking. They are, of course, all the same young Murse… just… so many… of him… The 'leader' of the mob grins a crooked wicked smile at the gal behind the counter.

"How you doin'?" he offers, brow waggling in a teasing way. Another young man sighs, "Supplies came in heavy today, where do you want 'em?"


Following behind the slew of the same young man comes one lone goth girl. She too is holding a box, smirking.

"Just love making an entrance, don't you?"

She waves to the woman behind the counter. "What my flirty friend would like to say is is Dr. DiLucci here?"

She hip bumps one of the Jamies, "Oh sure, you flirt with her, but once I start dating Bobby, you don't look twice at me. So cruel."


Nick pauses before following the doctor and looks behind him and see Thomas. Nick gives a half smile.

"Sorry, lawman, not looking for trouble but I am a bit busy."

Nick continues walking with the doctor.

"No I'm not with the department of hum-drum authorities. I'm here for more personal reasons. Besides," he smiles, "do I look like I'm the cop type?"


"Nick…" Thomas says. He hopes that Nick remembers him. Thomas certainly remembers Nick. The guy who led him on a four month manhunt. One of the few he never caught in the end, though in this case only because SHIELD caught him first.


The girl behind the counter is a mutant with four arms. She looks up, adjusting her eyeglasses with one right hand while still typing with the other and with one left hand, while mousing with the remaining left hand. She says, in an unimpressed tone, "Did you bring the invoices today? Also, why don't you ever use the loading dock?"

Not that she'd really want him to do that, he's more fun to tease.


Angelo, by the door but to one side, is hidden from view behind the army of Jamie. He does the frown, pinch bridge of nose between eyebrows, "Are those from McCoy or are you one-man-strike-breaking for UPS?? Oh, hello, Miss O. I'll be with you once I'm done talking with this gentleman here."

When Nick explains his situation, he shakes his head.

"No name for yourself, no name for the person you're looking for, no better picture, no legal authority to ask, then no, I've no information for you. I wish I could help, but I can't."

He yells over to the girl at the front, "Kali, please show the delivery boy to my lab, that's where this load is going," and turns back to Nick just as the other unnamed person interrupts the stranger. OK. The chaos is strong today. Is this what happens when a demon-queen steps in your entryway?


Two of the Jamies turn to look at Nancy and in unison say, "He puts ice cubes on my balls when I ooggle your naughties," offering Nancy her explanation in stereo.

As that little gem is dropped the Jamie chatting with the secretary continues, "Because your loading dock is a wee little door that opens up on a narrow alleyway," he explains, "And because then I couldn't give you the 'I'm imagining you naked' look that makes out relationship work so well." He winks.

"Yup, Hankie-Pooh thought you prolly woulda burned through your last trip by now so he sent me. Also I'm supposed to be beginning my nurse rotation in the clinic today, Hank wants me up on mutant medicine and says my last year in the hospital is enough to hold me for now."

The Jamie speaking with Angelo looks around… then just puts his box on top of the one Nancy was holding so that he can offer his hand to the doctor.

"He…" Jamie eyes the man, "didn't tell you he was sending you a Murse did he?"

This Jamie makes a face, the others all wolf whistle at Kali in unison as she stands up, which frankly is an impressive wolf whistle indeed.

"Hank's the dumbest smart person I know. Except Forge. That guy would lose his leg if it wasn't welded to his body and even then it's a crap shoot! Call me Jamie, I'm an RN, already done a year in the ER. Murse extraordinaire, pleasure to meet you Doc."

The Jamies with their boxes begin to file out, leaving the one boxless Jamie behind.


Nancy laughs at the revelation of what happened to Jamie when he ogled her.

"Coolest boyfriend ever," she replies.

"Sorry," she calls out to the receptionist. "No one told me about the loading dock. These are from Dr. McCoy."

She looks through the crowd of Jamies and smiles.

"Hey there, Dr. Feelgood. I'm actually here with the army of hotties."


Nick's face grimaces as his empathic perception begins to take in literally a little too many Jamies than he cares to handle. But Nick regains his composure and continues, "Please doctor."

He sighs because he knows he going to regret the next sentence. Nick takes one hand and embarrassedly runs it through his hair.

"My names Nicholas Chance. I'm a… criminal consultant for SHIELD. You might have read about my persona 'Fleece' in the papers a few years back."

Nick shows Angelo the picture again

"The man in the picture is a mutant— I'm certain of it. I just need to know if you're familiar with any mutants that can walk through walls operating anywhere near the West Coast. He's responsible for the death of two people very close to me. Please, any information you might have would be more than I have to go on."


Thomas steps forward and puts a hand on Nicks shoulder.

"Is there trouble here Doctor? Er, I assume you're a doctor anyway." He shoots Nick a look that says 'the hell do you think you're doing'?

"Thomas Nashoba. US Marshals."


"Normally, Jamie," Angelo says, "the people who you're working for, who will be paying you, HIRE you. With interviews and such."

"Hey, he went through Dr. Patil," Kali says, pushing away one of the Jamies who's getting too close. "(Back off, James, confidential stuff here.) Patil says it's good to hire more mutants, right? Anyway, he starts tomorrow."

Angelo sighs. "FINE. Only paying you ONE salary, it's 'Nurse' not 'Murse' because you're not a handbag, and one of your dupes has to come to the gym with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Which reminds me, Nancy, this guy named Paul said to tell you 'Hi, sorry, they have my boyfriend.' Just so you know."

Once Nick explains himself, Angelo looks at him, and his eyes start glowing white. It's kind of unnerving. "OK, you're telling the truth. I'm sorry, man, I do not know of any mutants who walk through walls. Marshall, how can I help you today?"


Jamie Madrox pffts at Angelo while another one makes a pouty face at Kali and bats big puppy dog eyes at her as she shoves him.

"Wow, okay, so not a fun jokester sort of Doc, man are we ever not going to get along," Jamie says to Angelo, his smile still in place. "Don't sweat it, everyone loves to hate me, it's kinda my thin-hey! How'd you know to say dupe? Everyone else calls them clones."

Now that the Jamies have been bustled to the back, there is breathing room again and Murse Jamie, because fuck the new boss's rules, shifts a bit so that he stands to one side and behind the doctor, goofy grin still in place. He might be a nut, but end of the day he's a Mutant, and this clinic is important to his people, and Johnny Law usually isn't good news. His positioning, none to subtlely, places him firmly in the roll of 'backup' for Angelo.


Nancy rolls her eyes with a shake of her head and starts walking in toward the back.

"Hey, I always call them your twins, no matter how many of them there are."

She deposits the pair of boxes into the hands of the first Jamie that comes out from the back.

"Here, take these back there too," she says as she gives him a gentle push back to where he came from. She makes a face at him and then goes to lean in the reception desk. She is keeping an eye on the law man and the other guy, but is looking tres casual.

"Paul can stick he apology where the sun don't shine. Actually, no… he'd probably like that"


Nick sighs at the doctor's lack of information. He casually looks at the hand firmly placed on his shoulder.

"Thomas, this isn't really a good time to talk. Besides I haven't broken any laws—well in the last three years or so."

At that last remark Nick opens a portal and steps through it appearing at the other side of the room walking towards the exit.


"I was going to ask you the same. I just needed to talk to Mister Chance here. Unofficially. He's not in trouble or anything. Or at least I don't think he is."

Thomas give Nick a look.

"Unless he's bothering you, in which case I'd be happy to show him the door." Nick has… well, let's call it an obsession. It's perhaps one of his bigger flaws. Nearly let Thomas catch him a few times… oy… there he goes.

"Nick! Ai ya. I just needed to ask you a question or three."


"I'm one of your future bosses, if you want to have fun with me it has to be off-hours," Angelo says to Jamie, putting down his gym bag. "And they're obviously dupes. Clones take years to grow."

Angelo looks over at Nancy's outburst, and raises an eyebrow. Nick chooses that moment to teleportal away, and Angelo bites off the instinctive Sphere of Seraphim that he almost threw to detain the man. It's Not Ange's Business.

He shrugs at the Marshall, clearly still going to be here, and then looks at Nancy, who gets to have the mild annoyance he's been building up.

"I just delivered the message. But I've known the guy since he was as skinny as Jamie here. I got him started lifting. So trust me, I know he's sorry, he didn't know what Polyglobal was like. They kept him from getting his own medical training. He had to play fairy godmother for you instead. So, think about whether you really want to throw away a friend, because you're not the only one they've hurt."


Nancy arches a brow as the guy portals out.

"Hmmmm.. guess he's not a mutant then," she observes. Leaning on the reception desk with both elbows, Nancy looks to Angelo.

"Sorry. But for three years he pretended to like me, got me to open up to him. And all that time he was telling Hydra everything I said. I'm sorry about his boyfriend, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to punch him in the face before I'm ready to forgive him."

Her tone of voice says she's already forgiven him, but just needs to get the last step done before the healing can truly begin.


Nick exits the hospital takes a minute to lean against the hospital wall. It's been a long day. Hell, it's been a long three years and an even longer 6 years of no answers and dead ends. He really hoped this doctor knew at least something. Maybe SHIELD was right. Maybe he should gives this up. No. No someone brazenly walked into prison and murdered each one of his parents. The thought of that bastard getting away scot-free is enough to make Nick's blood boil.

"No, that bastard is gonna meet his fate."

Nick clenches his fist and resumes walking. "Time to find another lead."


Thomas sighs.

"Aaaaaaaand there he goes. Sorry Doc," Thomas flashes Angelo an apologetic grin. "Looks busy in here today and I'm probably… in the way of your parking a bit…"

Jamie now gets an odd look. Yes he noticed the dodecuptlets. All the Jamies came. Well not all of them but close enough.


Angelo nods to the Marshall. "It's OK. I'm used to this."

He points a finger over his shoulder at Jamie and it starts glowing.

"You'd better not be making faces while I'm talking," he says. "Unless you want to be the one who goes to the gym with me tonight, Murse Jamie."

For Nancy? He's already said what he has to say, so he just nods to her and picks up his gym bag again.

"OK, this time, I'm really going. Unless someone has a reason I shouldn't?"


Jamie Madrox wiggles his fingers in a little wave over Angelo's shoulder at the Lawman's face in a sort of 'hello there!'


"Making faces? Sir no sir!" Jamie grew up around telepaths, he doesn't get caught off guard by glowy fingered doctors asking questions. You try to be the engine of mischief under Xavier's watch… you gotta get crafty quick.

"Sorry Doc, I don't do weights, don't feel the need for that much compensation. I'm more of a swimmer, a jogger, an Xbox'er. Really mostly the last one. Lots of that last one. My thumbs are like thumbs of steel." Jamie lifts his hand and wiggles his thumbs back and forth in example.


Nancy laughs as Jamie is getting dragged to the gym. "Well, I guess I get to drive back home, unless yu want me to wait for you. I could go hang at Bobby's place till you're done at the gym." She starts to reach into a pocket and pulls out some bubble gum. "So, do I stay or do I go?"

"Ah I see. No, I've got nothing for you though… actually…" He pulls out a card. "We're working with the FBI on a smuggling case involving several fugitives connected to some illegal genetics operations in the area. If you have anything helpful on that, I'd appreciate a call. Otherwise you… uh… " Jamie and Nan get a wave. "You all have a good day."


"Will do, Marshall," the doctor says. He turns around and smiles at Jamie, one of those, 'You are going to be working here, this will be fun' smiles.

"Fine, you're off the hook for this week," Angelo says, "But with the trouble you were having with those boxes, you're gonna need more than Assassin's Creed for exercise. Maybe I'll have to mention it to Hank. I'm sure he could come up with a training regimen for someone with your special needs."

Live action Assassin's Creed? Totally.


Jamie Madrox smirks at Angelo, "Yeah Doc, you do that. Talk to Hank about my training regimen."

Something in Jamie's tone suggests this is a topic that's come up before but that generally doesn't end well for anyone but him. Or he's just a cocky bastard.


"Hank loves talking about me, favorite thing to do. And cuddle. Not me, but just in general. Hank's a snuggler."


Nancy gives Jamie a glare when he starts talking about Hank being a snuggler and flips him the bird.

"So, either you are coming home with me now, Jimbo, or you're getting home on your own. I gots the keys and I'm leaving."

Ooooh! Touchy much?


"You didn't steal her boyfriend, did you?" Angelo asks Jamie in a stage whisper. Because that sort of chilled-out dude from the planning meeting a few days earlier seemed more like a boyfriend, at least, more of the 'do what I say' version. That, and Hank hasn't seemed like the 'gets intimate' type, but Angelo has yet to meet him in person. Maybe he's a big ol' pussycat or something.

"You better take the ride. I'd have to bring you back out there on my motorcycle, or fly you."


Jamie Madrox shoots Nancy a look, and from the back comes a veritable army of Jamies pouring out of the doorway, once they even get all jammed up in there, arms and legs every which direction before they pop through the doorway in a sprawl of people. More people in fact. A larger crowd stands up and in one voice shouts "SHOTGUN!"

… at which point Murse Jamie The One Who Was Here Before, just grins at Nancy wide, "See what you did? You have only yourself to blame."

He shakes his head at Angelo.

"Naw, I like the boobies to much to mess with boys, but she's all sorts of confused about her love life. What can you do?" he asks, shrugging, "Chicks be crazy."

Then he heads for the door while the other Jamie's begin to wrestle trying to figure out which of them is getting shotgun… they'll figure it out a split second too late.


Heard from outside the clinic is Nancy's voice: "You idiots could all just merge and all get shotgun! And get off of my lap!"

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