Losing the Light

July 31 2014: Bobby and Nancy catch up while sunset bathing and realize that it's getting dark in more ways than one.

Xavier's Institute Pool

Favored hangout of the young and overheated.



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Nancy doesn't sunbathe. She doesn't have time in her busy schedule to take the time in the middle of the day. She tends to sunset bathe, watching the setting sun go down as she lounges by the pool.


Bobby comes on down and grins when he sees her sunning by the pool. "Hey Nan!" He grins. He's got a towel and is in a tee-shirts and shorts. He clearly plans to lose the t-shirt at some point soon.

"What'cha up to? Just out catching some sun?"

He lays the towel out on a pool chair near Nan and lets the back side down. Yeah… that looks about good. Shirt comes off and Bobby leans back in the chair. Perfect.


"Well, there is not a lot of sun left, but catching what I can." She looks over her shoulder at the approaching Bobby and grins.

"How about yourself? How was work today? Do anything that changed the world?" She is chewing on bubblegum today, instead of her usual lolly. "Gonna cool off the pool?"


"Does it need it?" Bobby grins. "Nah. Changed the lab, maybe. Still working on the world." Bobby gives Nan about a five minute description of his project today because, well, he knows she likes it. He's grinning when he finishes.

"So what about you Nan? Get up to anything fun in the last day or so?"


Nancy smiles as she listens to his day. She does indeed enjoy listening about his day. She leans over to run her fingers through his hair and then leans back. "Me, my life has been pretty boring. You have been around for the exciting stuff. I went out today with Jamie to deliver more of the inoculations." She pops a bubble.

"And the pool could totally use some chilling. Don't warn anyone about it and chill it to just above the freezing point."


Bobby grins. "I'll do that. Right as soon as we're done here."

He steals a kiss and sits up, inviting Nancy to sit down with him. "You okay? You've seemed a bit worried recently. Is it the um… big date, we have coming up?" It seems wrong, somehow, to use words like 'raid' here in the school.


Slipping off the lounge, Nancy sits herself closer to Bobby, her hip touching his. She nods her head, taking a deep breath.

"Yeah. It's… I don't know what's worse. The plan, or the fact that I know that plans never go the way they are supposed to, so something is going to go wrong. I don't… I feel responsible for all those people that are in the building that aren't going to see the next day. It was me that led to this. People fighting for me."


Bobby nods. He'd suspected that it might be something like that. His arms circle Nancy's shoulders. "It's not your fault Nan. You didn't make Hydra experiment on your mom and all those other peoples' moms. And your friends aren't doing this because you're making them. And if you'd just given up, well, who knows what they'd have twisted you into." Bobby has a fairly good idea what she could have been twisted into, after seeing what she's like all zombified.

"I mean you're involved, but it's not like you started any of it."


Nancy leans against Bobby when he puts his arm around her. "I'm thinking of going sugar free till this fight is over. That Dr. DiLucci says it turns off my emotional response. Might mean I fight better when I'm up there. More tactical. But… I don't know. I won't be *me* then, will I?"


Bobby frowns. "I dunno Nan. I mean, what if someone gets to start telling you things that isn't someone we want? Or…" He frowns. "Or what if there's other parts of that we don't know about. I don't want you going down or drawing down on me in the middle of it Nan. And… it seems to me that maybe it'd hit you anyway, just later." Maybe. He doesn't know for sure but he doubts it'll give her any real distance from it.


Taking a breath, Nancy nods. "Yeah, when it comes back, it's even stronger. You're right. Though, if you were the one giving the orders… " She smirks and gives him a poke in the ribs. "Maybe I'll leave that for a special date instead."

She waves her feet back and forth in the water. "Thank you, for doing this. I know that you are doing this for me. And I hope everything goes according to plan and we're bored as hell up there on the roof. If anything happened to you, I'd hate myself."


"Goes for you too." Bobby murmurs. "If something were to happen to you and I didn't come, I don't think I could forgive myself. Maybe that's why everyone's doing it, really. I mean, everyone would regret not doing it for some reason more than doing it…"

He sighs. "It's gonna be soon, isn't it? Did you get a call about the time?" Maybe she hasn't but he's had this feeling that it's going to all start happening really fast.


"Well then, I guess that, other than watching the door, keeping each other safe is going to be pretty darn paramount." She slides her hand down, her fingers lacing with Bobby's. "It's going to happen soon. Very soon. Tomorrow night… maybe Saturday." She takes a deep breath and looks to Bobby, offering him a smile. She leans in for a kiss. "Soon, we'll be at the farm, a bunch of others like me. Mom, other hostages. Maybe you sometimes…."


"Would you be disappointed if it were maybe me a lot? I'd been considering. I'm not sure how much these guys want me on their team. I mean I've not heard anything about it in a couple of weeks. Maybe they do and if so, that's great. But I could move down there. Help out more or less full time. Well, when I'm not working, that is." Bobby watches Nan's expression as he suggests this, looking to see some reaction.


Nancy starts to smile, leaning against Bobby with a soft laugh as he suggests being there a lot. And then he explains what he means by a lot. She stops and seems a little stunned. "Are you asking… you want to…. Bobby, are you saying you wanna move in with me? At the farm? You do realize my *mom* is going to be there, right?"


"Yeah. I do." But hey, she's not Partisan. How bad could she be? Poor Bobby. Hasn't he learned yet? Will he ever learn?

Probably not.

"And yeah. That's what I'm saying. What do you think?"


Nancy leans in towards Bobby and whispers in his ear what she thinks of the idea and then pulls back to waggle her eyebrows at him and pop a bubble

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