Feather in his Cap

August 01 2014: Cap looks into the location of a suspected Hydra plague research facility. And makes it look easy.

Tibeten Plateau Research Base

Monastery up top, secret world ending virus down below



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How do you disguise a facility in the Tibetan Highlands? Well, apparently, you build a Monastery on top of it. On the surface this place is just simple building, if a fairly large one, built on a rocky plateau in on a godforsaken mountain. It's cold up here. Really cold. Which, is ironic considering how this place got outed.

You see, satellites are wonderful things, especially ones with the toys that SHIELD is able to afford. That's how the Cap was alerted to the rather massive heat signature bleeding through from under ten meters of rock. There's a structure or complex or something down there. The entrance wasn't too hard to find either. Well, an entrance. It's a ventilation shaft cut in the rock, about a hundred meters from the Monastery itself. Hey. Air's gotta get down there somehow.


"You ready?" the voice on the intercom comes to him from the front of the cockpit. He's travelling light, only one SHIELD pilot came with him. This is a solo project, and with all of the threads of drama working their way through, he was thankful for it.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Cap says as he looks over his shoulder. His normal red, white, and blue uniform has been traded for darker blue and silver hues. Better for stealth, which he'll need.

"If I get in trouble," Rogers says back at the pilot, but through the radio system. "Blow em to hell."

"I'll call you when I need a ride home."

Cap looks out over the snowy landscape, takes another breath and then leaps out of the Quinjet. Arms extended, then legs-there's a piece of fabric between the spaces, a wingsuit fashioned by some of the latest technology SHIELD has to offer. Sam Wilson, eat your heart out.

The wind ruffles underneath his body and it takes a moment to steady himself and the large shield he wears upon his back. As he soars faster and faster, straight for the side of the rock cliff, and that small air vent, he calmly pulls the shield from his back and holds it in front of his body.

For any man this is suicide but Steve Rogers is no ordinary man. The perfect blend between humanity and science, he has no fear as he hurtles towards the edge, picking up more and more speed.


Steve flattens the bars of the vent and slides to a stop inside the vent. Looking over his shoulder, he mutters to himself.

"Well, that was better than hitting the cliff."


The vent is cut at a fairly steep 50 degree angle. Cap's wound up halfway down it. Fortunately the slide to the bottom looks unobstructed except for a fan that isn't currently on. Not that it'd deter Steve Rogers. It also means he has a chance to make a less than noisy entrance and based on the sat photos he saw, that might afford him a chance to look around.

Or, you know, just a chance to sneak up on someone and bash them in the head.

When indeed Cap does clear the vent he finds himself in a machine room. There's noise outside, voices, but not alarms. Sounds like just a couple of people talking in the hall. In Chinese. Or Tibetan. One of those.


Cap leans down against the doorway and closes his eyes as he listens to the voices outside. What are they saying? He doesn't care. He's listening for their distance and the footsteps of those who may be walking.

Are some staying? He hopes to get an idea of numbers before he moves out into the hallway. He looks back into the room, hoping to get lucky and see if there might be wiring running in it. The jackpot would be a computer room he could steal data from. At the very least he's hoping to get some photography of the place. Tibet is so nice this time of year.


There is, in fact, wiring running throughout the room, this apparently being one of the server hubs. Makes sense. You'd want it cool and well ventilated and the fact that it can circulate air to the rest of the place is just a bonus.

The voices outside are slowly moving away. There's three people, by the sound and though the words foreign the tone is one of workplace banter. The occasional snicker breaks through as someone tells a joke or otherwise makes a funny. Wouldn't be laughing if they knew what was behind that door.


Cap looks at the wiring, trying to figure out the best route to take when he goes out into the hall. Left or right? Once he's got his best guess, it's time for him to act. He assumes the three are gone from the hallway, but if they aren't, he's ready to clear the short space with his shield.

He focuses on his exhales, crouches low, and reaches up to slowly turn the knob upon the door. He takes a peek as he opens it, and slides out, ready to fling the shield if need be.


Cap may be new to the 21st century, but he knows what electrical wiring looks like it's a fair bit. So that other stuff that doesn't look like electrical? That's probably data wiring. Right it is then. There are three Asian men with their backs to the door in a small knot, talking amongst each other. And they don't seem to know he's here yet. The hallway is empty otherwise, with a couple of forks that branch out in different directions but he can see the computer room and, probably, thus also the labs from where he is.


Cap pads silently down the hallway with his shield cocked at the ready and prepared to fling at the back of these guys' heads if necessary. His goal is to get into the computer room unseen, but if they so much as move a muscle to make it look as though they might turn around, he's going to give it to them.


No alarm is raised as he clears the hallway and thankfully, there's a bit of a doorway to shelter behind as he approaches the computer room. Now the computer room itself? That might be an issue. There's three coated lab techs there, moving about, mostly pretty focused on the screens but it's a fair bet if he simply strolls in someone will notice.

Oddly, no armed guards yet. Perhaps they're elsewhere… or perhaps they don't expect anyone to human missile through a ventilation shaft.


Dammit, Steve thinks as he looks at the room, wishing they would have been lucky enough to have not been in the room. To hell with hit. He tries to fling his shield with enough force to bounce off the wall and carom like a billiard hall pool table in an attempt to take out all three at once. Not wanting to press his luck, he goes right after the third lab tech and, in case he's not knocked out cold, choke the bastard out.

There is an intense worry of things going south on him in a hurry. If he doesn't get all three before the guardsmen come back, there could be some drama. As he moves he finalizes his game plan, hoping to drag them out of sight before the men outside of the door make their next pass.


Steve might consider pool sharking as a living with skills like that. Three lab techs go down like destrung puppets. He's been in now about ninety seconds. Rule of thumb is the guards should be around once ever ten to fifteen minutes, but he can't count on having caught the end of their rotation so , five to seven minutes is more likely the window he has before they swing around next. Maybe. Dragging the bodies eats up some of that time but, in the long run, probably wasn't optional. With that done he's free to access the computers or move deeper in.


Seems to run on some form of electricity.

Steve chuckles to himself and looks for a place to jack in his specially modified USB-type device. What does it do? He has no idea. All he knows is if he puts it in and lets it do his magic, he's likely to get his results. Fury himself assured him it was Cap-proof.


At least it gives a good light show. Breaking encryption like this actually a lot of work, but this thing makes it look easy. Looks like it's only gonna take another thirty seconds or so to- "Nani? Korewa nandeska?" Okay, that's not Chinese or Tibetan. It's Japanese. Asked in a perplexed and somewhat alarmed woman's voice from the doorway. Crap.



Why'd it have to be a lady? Regardless if it's his life at stake, the idea of hitting a woman with a shield-or otherwise-kills him. Letting the computer program run, he takes a step towards her and plays innocent, hoping it will by him some time. Looks like he's going to have to come out the way he came.


The woman gives back a step or two. Her hand is hovering near a button that's probably an alarm, but she hasn't pressed it yet. She is looking rather frightened at the sight of the techs dragged off in the corner to sleep off their Cap-hangover. Her eyes slide over this uniform trying desperately to figure out who he is and why he just laid out three of her co-workers. Two minutes, forty five seconds in.


Cap sighs and just lets the shield go, aimed at her in an attempted knockout shot to prevent her from hitting the alarm. It kills him, but it could end up be his life. Being still in the room, he can't see if anyone else is out there, but in the end it doesn't really matter. He just needs enough time to get the computer operation finished.


He gets her. She goes down like a sack of potatoes. It's hard choice to make, but needs must.

And then she hears a male shout from the end of the hallway. Huh, three minutes and five seconds in. They're early. Real early. He can quite easily hear a half dozen booted feet rushing toward the door. He's got not a whole lot of time to react.

"On the plus side, the program will be done running in ten seconds, so there is that.


With a heavy exhale, Cap holds his shield up in front of the computer as he uses it to brace against an attack against the computer and his own body as well. While he waits for the incoming fire, he doesn't get worried but he does get just a twinge of nervousness.

He looks down. 10 seconds. He can hold them for 10 seconds. He whispers into his wrist. "About that pick up…"


If he's waiting for a storm of bullets… well he's not disappointed. It's really surprising, and kind of disheartening from a certain point of view, how much lead a group of people can put in the air in ten seconds. It's absolutely everywhere. Handguns by the sound of things. The shots are aimed. They'd love to kill Cap or failing that kill the computer. Steve is making both a chore, but they're not out of tricks yet.

Someone tosses a disk into the room. It looks a lot like the shocking devices that SHIELD uses as portable tasers for field agents. Only the size of a palm instead of the size of a dime. And it's charging. Rapidly.


With his right hand, Captain America reaches and picks up one of the lab technicians and literally throws the man on top of the portable taser to use it as a shield. He looks down at the computer, praying to God that it's ready. He needs to get out of here. Quick.

"Upload Status 100%" The blinking text informs Steve as the taser goes off under the tech and fries him rather than every computer in the room. By the sounds of things another guard team has arrived in the hallway, and that clank and ratchet sound is rather distinctly like one of a crew served weapon being readied.


His mind flashes to the moment he picked his shield out, so many years ago. It's been through a lot in a very "short" amount of time, but he needs it to come through at least once more. Securing the computer drive, Steve begins to run at the full 40 mile per hour sprint, holding his shield out in front of him as a battering ram. He literally wants to bow over those who stand in his way as he tries to get back to the shaft.


It's almost a pity he can't see what his enemies see, because it's quite a sight. A machine gun at the end of the hallway opens up, sparking Cap's shield as bullets fly off it and bounce around the hall. No one who can get out of his way stays there, but there are still a fair few who just get knocked the hell on their butts. The gunner on the machinegun switches tactics and tries to shoot Cap's feet and legs as he makes the turn into the ventilation room. Ooooh. That shaft is steep isn't it?


As the first bullet skitters past his leg, Steve crouches down low, covering the distance although it slows him down quite a bit. All he needs is to get to that doorway. He leaps for it at the last moment, trying to get out of the way of the oncoming hail of fire.

Give the guard credit for at least trying. As Steave disappers into the doorway they rush the place. No idea what he's made off with yet, but losing anything could prove critical. At the very least the site will now have to be abandoned now that it's been discovered. There's a riot of Asian languages shouting behind him as they try to impede his escape with the usual Hydra tool. More bullets.


Steve growls as he catches a bullet in the leg. But he knows he must fight on if there's any chance of this mission being a success. Whatever this contagion is, it needs to be researched. It needs to be identified. It needs to be cured.

He gets to the shaft, bleeding slightly from the leg and hoists himself up into it, using both his arms and legs to propel him through it at superhuman speeds.

Blood drips down from the vent. He's been hit before. The serum has a way of mitigating gunshot wounds because of the strength of his muscle fibers, but inwardly he hopes it's not as bad as he fears.


More gunfire sounds in the shaft, but it's getting hard to angle the shot right, and the shaft is rather steep. It's not like anyone down there is in any condition to go after him.

Above he can hear the sound of a Quinjet coming in low, then the roar of its distinctive nose mounted gun and the thump-thump-thump of some kind of light cannon.

"Woah! Cap we got a suit out here. Better get a move on. He's loaded for bear."


Cap nods, though the pilot cannot see him from his perch. He leaps out from the shaft and back into the wind, expanding those flaps and catching the wind as he falls downwards steeply at first. Soon, he gains altitude and looks for the Quinjet, trying to find it and fly directly into its hangar.


The quinjet is faced nose-away from him, hanger open, in a vehicular shooting match with what looks like a clunky robotic suit armed with two shoulder mounted cannons. Well, clunky compared to Iron Man, anyway. Most things are, come to think of it. Having Cap's transponder now on radar the jet tilts to make his ingress a bit easier. Though from his vantage point Cap can see time may be running out. A hangar is opening in the snow, formerly disguised as a rock and looking ready to disgorge more robosuits.


Steve folds himself tighter as a way of picking up speed trying desperately to get into the hangar. As bullets fly all around him he's forced to swerve to make his way into the hanger.


Steve hits the deck so hard, he's lucky not to have slide straight through and out the front.

"GO GO GO!" he yells to the pilot and winces as he looks at his leg.


"HANG ON!" The pilot calls back as he rams the throttle forward and pulls up sharply, away from the radar guided tracer fire now arcing up toward them in increasing amounts. Several nearby detonations shake the jet before they gain enouhg altitude to be well and truly in the clear.

"You okay back there Cap? Need a medic? And… did we get what we came for?"


"Nah, I think I'll be alright. Nothing I haven't stitched up myself before. Just don't tell Pezzini I pulled down my pants in front of you. She might get the wrong idea." Steve pulls down the pants to check out the wound. A bleeder, to be sure, but he should be okay. "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

He pulls the computer device out of his belt to make sure it's not harmed. "Yeah, we got it."

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