The Raid: Aftermath

August 01 2014: Partisan Angelo Bobby and Nancy all return to the CCU HQ to… talk. Follow up scene to 'The Raid: ER'


A repurposed K-Mart distribution hub outfitted with make shift hangars and machining rooms.



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The birds settle into their respective locations, before Part seems entirely at ease. Shoulders slumped, as she brings up the lights.

"Everyone get'cher shit off my birds, we are done. Operation has concluded."

Finally tossing her carbine on a convenient work table, before shedding those shredded gloves. Off comes her bullet scarred helmet, and finally that gas mask which finally just tears into thirds and falls into a pile. Her eyes blood shot and glassy, but there’s no real apparent source of injury. Off comes the shemagh, which settles on the table in a reddened pile. Literally everything she's got on if not ripped has been just plain shot to hell. Her chest rig flops down, sending bits of mulched trauma plate across the floor. The BDU shirt comes off leaving her with just that clingy undershirt which is in just tatters. There’s blood -everywhere- but, no signs of any trauma.

"I'm not cooking, but the kitchen is open if anyone wants anything. I need to get out've all this shit before I puke, too much fucking blood."

Even the Partisan, legendary or otherwise has her limits it seems. Her hand gun is bent to hell and the mag well partially ripped free. Her combat knife is in thirds, her breaching blade is in even more bullet riddled chunks. Thankfully her radio seems to have survived the mess, it's just everything else that didn’t.


Nancy takes a deep breath as she watches the Partisan get out of her things. She has never really seen the extent of what her mentor has been able to do and is a little bit stunned. Chewing on some bubblegum, she starts getting out of her own gear too.

"Thank you, Mama Wolf. We couldn't have done this without you."


Bobby is near Nancy. It actually took him a fair amount of time to get warmed back up. The ice armor he'd covered himself with prior to just popsicling one of the N-mutants didn't want to come off for a while.

"Aren't we missing a few?" He murmurs as he sets himself down in a chair.


The most fun part of every mission is the recriminations, that is to say, the debriefing. Mike the Robot didn't hang around for this part; he repaired all the important parts of the Partisan's weaponry, for the experience and to see how they worked, removed bullets from parts of people, removed his bb-bots from the various places they were lodged, and left.


The Seraph arrives after that, on a separate vehicle, and takes a few minutes to get to where Partisan is waiting. His go-bag is full of interesting things - among them, type O-negative blood. Universal donor. He moves into the compound and tracks down the mercenary.

"Before we discuss my breaking plans," he says, "you need at least two units of this stuff. Probably five, but I only brought two."

He waits for the answer before he continues.


Nancy is staying close to Bobby too, warming him up with her proximity.

"Jericho is asking some questions of the head doctor, getting more information, don't know about Mike or the others. We will have to go as soon as we can and get these people set up in the farm." She nods to Angelo when he arrives. "I can give a pint too, if it's needed."


"Your welcome, darling but it's bad luck to thank someone for doing their job. I'm the mother fucking Partisan, I did what was necessary."

Her voice is, a little on the soft side, Part is tired for once it seems.

"Not everyone wanted to come chill afterwards, Jerry has some loose ends to attend to. Operation was a success, no casualties on our side and no innocents unduly harmed. Not the way I wanted things to unfold, but whatever."

Moving quietly to the kitchen to snag a bottle of Gatorade, a pair of oranges, a Dagwood she made before things kicked off and a loaf of bread. So yes, she really does prepare for anything and everything it seems. The angel in the room gets a skeptical look as she settles down to eat, but she doesn’t say no.

"If I were anyone else, that stunt on the third floor would have gotten me killed. Your lack of security, allowed team three to be flanked and very nearly got all of us killed as well as every patient inside the facility. I'm not even going to say anything about forcing the fight so near to patients, it was my body that stopped half those poor fucks from getting shot to fuck as collateral damage." She doesn't even sound, angry. Just spent really.


After some thought Bobby does go to the kitchen to throw together a hash. Something high in carbs and starches that can quickly be broken down into sugars. He also sees what Partisan has in the way of - ah. Rocky Road. That'll do nicely. Bowls for everyone. Big one for Nancy. No going zombie mode for her again anytime soon.


Eating one-handed is going to be a necessary trick because Angelo puts an IV port into her left wrist, then starts feeding the blood pack - warmed by a light-bolt that ensures its maximum usefulness - and a secondary pack of that popular mix that isn't only saline solution, but a bunch of other stuff. The mix will take from ten to fifteen minutes to feed and Partisan should be feeling much better as the first bag goes slack. Angelo begins setting up the second bag in series as he talks.

"I intended to tell you the first day we met, but I apparently failed to do so. I suspect my mentor was busy chatting you up. What I was supposed to tell you is that I have a two second warning of catastrophe. The catastrophe was you catching a bullet to the skull from Jinx and the rest of the N-series coming out of their cages fighting. I had no time to warn you."


"Not the way you wanted them to unfold? You just said no casualties on our side and no innocents harmed. Isn't that just about perfect?" Nancy listens as Parti dresses down Angelo and slowly nods.

"Ahhh, that's what you meant. Gotcha."

She takes the bowl of ice cream from Bobby, thanking him with a kiss on the cheek.

"You sure you want to come to the farm after this? It's gonna be a lot of hard work. Especially with that one they call Jinx."


Partisan frowns "Plans work best when they are followed, in my experience. The catastrophe was you. Just because I heal doesn't mean that I like, really love getting shot full of holes. I'm not invulnerable you know, if they'd forced the wolf out she would have lost her fucking mind with all that blood. You'd have been fighting them, and her and anyone who got caught in the middle would have been hamburger. Nancy and Bobby are kids, this was their first real op. I had you attached to them explicitly so this would not have unfolded like this, she could've fucking killed Sara at minimum because of your neglect." Part's still, surreally calm about the whole thing.

Gaze shifting over towards Nancy and Bobby with a soft smile. "You two, did very well considering. I'm very proud of both of you."


Is this how all debriefings go? Bobby has even less idea than Nancy who at least has done this kind of thing once before. "Yeah, Nan, count me in. You're gonna need more than just you and some traumatized relatives to keep an eye on everyone." Which is, in all fairness, probably true.


Angelo has had it with this one. He says, "Fuck yes. Plans work best when they're followed. Right. Because your bullet-ridden but temporary near-corpse, in the hands of Hydra's researchers in a fucking stasis tank, the re-enslavement of Nancy, the death of Bobby, Jericho and whoever else came along on your carefully planned war, which I fucking SAW with two seconds to do something about it, and avoided by adapting to the situation so you could RETURN to plan, would have been better because I'd stuck to your perfect plan. I've seen how well your perfect plans work out, Partisan. They shoot at you in the dark."

Angelo picks up his go-bag, and lights up for flight.

"Miss O'Neal. Your judgment about Madrox was ignorant at best. He's worked as a trauma nurse, and he fucking knows when to do his job."

He looks over at Bobby last. "Good luck. You'll need it, kid."


Bobby blinks. Yeah… okay. He's fairly sure that's not how this is supposed to go. Honestly, he's not sure what's happening at this point. The castle stormed, everyone rescued. Dragon vanquished. Nancy gave them all a good scare but she's okay now. Okay, so he's not really a soldier after all.

Still not sorry he came.


"Mama, he saw you got shot in the head. If he only has two seconds to respond then… he took a chance, saving the life he knew was at risk. I know it didn't all go according to plan, but it went pretty well, considering. We learned a few things about how each other works, like what the hell did they shoot me up with?"

She pulls back as Angelo starts yelling at her. "Hey! Don't get pissy with me cause I didn't invite someone along that I don't trust. If you trusted him so much, you should have asked him to tag along. Who the hell pissed in your cornflakes, cause you have been pissy with me the last couple of times I've seen you."


Partisan snorts, finally getting a little wound up. "And you communicated any of that to anyone, no. You rolled down there in the middle of it, didn't say a fucking word to me. How can I adapt to information which you fail to impart to the rest of us, I'm not pissed at you because you’re a worthless dick. I'm pissed, because you failed to inform us of relevant information which would have changed my outlook on the fight. I'd have put 3 on the roof, and had them lock the exits down and wait there. I'd have swept the right flank and pinned them in, and lobbed a breaching charge down the stairwell." Not that she's getting up, she's got -food- here and certain instincts are much closer to the surface. Chief amongst them, aggression when food is on the table.


"How much warning can I give in two seconds, Partisan," Angelo says. "When I have to use them to act? I already apologized for not letting you know what was happening. I am PISSED that I didn't tell you how it works ahead of time, that stupid trick with my mentor taking over. If you have to blame me for your getting shot to hell, let me remind you that when I told you I was worried about this going south, you told me that this is exactly what you expected to happen. I only get two seconds. Not two days and two seconds. I couldn't see the real danger until I was there."

He turns to Nancy, "Get some rest. If you don't figure it out we can discuss it later."


Bobby sighs. "Nan, is this how this thing usually goes? I gotta say I'm pretty out of it myself. Dunno how they have the energy for that. I suppose we should Get some rest at some point. What'cha say?"


"Rest. I have a house full of, what, 23 people I need to take care of now? Incentives and recovering mutates. And my mother. Including some that seemed to *like* working for HYDRA that I have to figure out if they are a danger to the rest of us if I let her stay. Rest is not something I'm going to be getting for a while. I'm sorry that I don't trust Jamie. The fact that you do after only meeting him once makes me wonder about just what it is about him you really wanted him along for." She puts her half eaten dish of ice cream.

"I have to go to the farm. Bobby, you don't have to come if you don't want to and no, usually the debriefing is a lot less finger pointy then this."


Partisan just, waves. Might as well be waving the white flag, she's had her bit and it's over.

"You kids be safe, Nancy I prepared a bag for you on the work bench. The black one, keep in touch alright? I'll be back in the fight after a night's sleep, so don't be a stranger alright?" Easing back slowly before glancing back towards Angelo "Get my smokes for me if you would, I don't wanna rip the IV tryna carry it right now. There’s a carton in the fridge, I don't get a smoke and I'm gonna start hurling."


Bobby nods. "Well, we might as well get started." The young man pushes himself up. He's going to drive. No Nancy doesn't get to argue. "Hey, thanks to both of you. And the other three if you see 'em." He waves and heads out.


Angelo reaches into the fridge for a pack of cigarettes, hands it to Partisan.

"So next time, what code word do you want me to use while I'm going off the reservation?"

Because, clearly, there'll be a next time. He waves to Bobby and then shakes his head as Nancy departs.

"Kids. Can't live with 'em, can't stick 'em in a box until they grow common sense."

He waits for the blood and fluid packs to finish, and takes out the IV port.

"Thanks for doing the heavy lifting back there. Be safe."

And then he's off himself, cloaked and flying back.

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