The Raid: Fallout

August 01 2014: An Aspect Cutscene: Jericho interrogates the Ubermensch Project doctors and his own pursuers take in news of his latest activities.

Adirondack State Park/East New York Waste Management - Albany

A remote abandoned mine / A waste management facility office



  • Hydra Doctors - Tiger Division
  • Hydra Operatives - Leopard Division
  • K'nert The Demon

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Abandoned Mine – Adironack State Park

Jericho does not often interrogate people. Ordinarily he prefers to steal documents – electronic or otherwise. Which in this case to be clear, he has. He’s got boxes of documents to go through and a bunch of CCTV footage he swiped from the hospital before he wiped the tapes clean. However he knows that some of the information he needs isn’t in any of those documents: Where are the other copies.

Because Hydra does, let’s be clear, have other copies and there are probably a few other people familiar enough with the N-series of the Ubermensch Project to duplicate the process eventually. Jericho means to find them all.

And destroy them.

So, while Jericho does not often interrogate people, he has gone to the bother of scouting out places that would be good to interrogate people. And places to go to when he’s done interrogating people. Because he’ll need one of those too when he’s done here.

This place isn’t in the city. Prior to the N Mutants and their ‘incentives’ being bundled off to the safe house he’d relieved the rescue team of the captives and taken them on another little trip, this one to Adirondack State Park, one of the largest and most expansive wilderness areas in the State of New York. Home to, in this case, a century old abandoned mine.

In this mine, in a wide cut gallery are three chairs, each with a Hydra doctor duct taped to it. A few lights shine on them in a circle. In the darkness outside the circle of light can be heard the hum of a gasoline generator and… a microwave. In the center of the circle is a small creature best described as ‘demonic’ gorging itself on a bowl of ice cream.


Jericho walks over, slowly and stiffly to the circle of light and look at the Chief Scientist for the Ubermench project. He’d taken the time to change shirts after the fight, and his atypical short sleeves reveal that his entire left arm is one massive second degree burn. What cannot be seen is that this burn extends up to his neck – peeking out of his collar – and down his entire left side. That isn’t what fuels the hate filled look he’s giving the good doctor. No, that comes from the fact that the doctor is personally responsible for turning thirteen young men and women into drug-controlled assassins and spies and attempting to do the same to a young woman he loves like a sister.

Jericho Trent does not forgive such things.

“So Doctor. Now that you have had time to come to grips with the gravity of your situation, we should talk.” In his right hand Jericho is holding a quart of ice cream. That he just took out of the microwave.

“I have nothing to say to you.” The doctor mumbles.

“Yeah, I get that. But you really should rethink that. I want to know the locations of the Ubermensch Files. All of them. Every copy you know of. I know how your filing system works so I know there aren’t that many. I also want to know the names of everyone with enough knowledge to recreate the project.”

“I don’t have anything to say to you.” The doctor repeats, firmly.

“Okay, fine… You see that little guy over there?” Jericho gestures at the demon. “His name is K’nert and he likes two things. Ice cream and hurting people. So, one more time, maybe you wanna start talking to me. Like, right now.”

“If I were to tell you, Hydra would kill me for telling you.” The good doctor is becoming evasive.

“They’re not here. I am. And so is K’nert.” Jericho takes the lid off the ice cream. It’s completely melted from being in the microwave. As though preparing a dish, he drizzles about half of it onto the doctor. “You other two might want to pay close attention, ‘cause I’m gonna get these answers out of one of you.”

K’nert perks up as he sees the ice cream. He dances forward toward the chair.

“Go ahead K’nert. Dessert is served.”


Waste Management of Eastern New York – Albany

“Hey Jack.”

Jack Simmons looked up from his desk and the mountain of paperwork it contained. Hauling trash could be such an enormous hassle sometimes. Always this permit and that form to fill out. And considering the amount of trash his facility handled every day, it added up pretty quick. Standing before his desk was one of his supervisors. Ryan Gilfrey.

“Hey Ryan. Come on in. What time is it?” Jack said with a yawn as Ryan entered the room and shut the door behind him.

“It’s about four in the morning. Shouldn’t you be at home by now?” Ryan said, settling in the chair. The place wasn’t even officially open yet. He’d say they’d both come in early, but the truth was they’d just stayed super late to try and get caught up on things.

“I could ask you the same,” Jack said moving the form he had into the pitifully inadequate looking ‘done’ pile. “What’s on your mind?”

“Have you heard the news?” Ryan said leaning forward and dropping his voice. It was hardly necessary, no one else was in the office.

Jack rubbed at his eyes tiredly. “The news about…?”

“Tiger Division. Someone hit the Ubermensch Facility a couple hours ago. They lost all the material, and the files too.” Ryan murmured conspiratorially. Which meant, effectively, that the Ubermensch project was dead unless the test subjects could be recovered or the fomula recreated. There were backup files to be sure, but they were always a bit out of date, a bit incomplete and a bit lacking in certain vital details – like the test subject list. Compartmentalization can be such a pain sometimes.

“Oh that,” Jack yawned. “Yeah, I did. Look, Ryan, I gotta be honest, I’m not super worried about that. If Tiger Division wants to explain that embarrassment to the council, that’s all on them. We’re Leopard Division. Recon, remember? Not our thing.”

“I’m a bit more worried our embarrassment. I got this off a friend in Tiger. Take a look.” Ryan holds up his cellphone. On it is a grainy photo of what looks to be a werewolf made of glowing blue light, in the process of hurling someone like a rag doll.

“Trent…” Jack breathes the name like a curse. “So that’s what he’s been up to. Hmmmm. Can I see that?” Accepting the cellphone as it’s handed over he transfers the picture to his computer and enhances it several times. Odd bit of software for a waste management desk jockey, but there you go.

“What do you think?” Ryan takes his phone back.

“I think it looks like he’s quite alive and well and that his implants have progressed to the anticipated stage three integration. I wonder what side effects that has had?” Jack rubs his chin. “Well, to pull something like this off he’d have needed allies he could trust. Safe to assume he’s not operating lone wolf anymore.”

“That’ll make things more difficult for sure.” The supervisor sighs. “And we’ve already not had much success with our ‘recovery teams.’”

“Yes…” Jack says thoughtfully. “Hrm. Time to switch tactics. We need to identify his allies and find a way to isolate him from them.” Tapping up a few more screens the manager nods. “Okay. Scale back the assassination attempts on him by two thirds. At this point we’re just throwing money on the way. Keep him pushed enough to keep him untrusting and off balance. Shots of opportunity only.”

“There might be something we can leverage. Some ‘incentive’ if you will.” Ryan suggests.

“That’s a Tiger thing.” Jack scoffs. “No, he won’t budge for leverage. He’ll just get more violent. No, now that he’s showing signs of stage three integration we need to find other ways to push him. The stage four and five integrations our people have theorized might open up other options for bringing him in. For now we watch, look for our shots and look for ways to isolate him from his support network.”

With a nod, Ryan rises. “Got it, boss. I’ll get the word out to our people. New playbook for Trent.”

“Mmmm. Oh, and Ryan.”

Ryan stops at the door and looks back as Jack steeples his fingers.

“We’re gonna need a better class of operative for this. Activate Sigma Six.”

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