Why So Circus?

August 1st, 2014: (Bullet to the Face Gag, pt.3) Yet another hit on the Joker and Harley by the likes of the Taskmaster and the Javelin, caught in the crossfire is one unfortunate Amy.

Burnley, Gotham



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Even Gotham has what one might call cultural events. In a place more rural this would probably be called a farmers market taking up three blocks of space on one of the larger thoroughfares in Burnley. In Gotham it's morphed to less farmers and more just street market. And it's not completely certain that everything here is legal. But there you go.

Joker is watching from the shadows at the edge of the market itself, near alley. He's seeded the crowd with members of his Carnivale… and it's possible some of those Jokerz are hanging around as well. If Gotham wants culture, well… he's more than happy to provide.

Amy was brought here with a few other people from her school, hearing about this market. She arrives and they all basically disperse, looking at different things. Amy for her part squats in front of a display of miscellaneous parts and electronics, some new and some old, arrayed on a tarp, with prices. Some could be useful for building a thing or another, possibly.

Nothing like the /hunt/ to invigorate a man. It's not often lately Taskmaster gets to take out contract hits even ones that simply require capture but today, today is a treat. The Joker is a fairly high profile target and good for business (or very bad depending on how you look at it) and if some costumed maniac who has a fixation on Bats can capture the Clown, why can't a bonified badass like himself? Of course he's caught wind that both Spot and the Old Man have recently tried and been obstructed. That'll just make it sweeter when he pulls this off.

Lingering around Gotham lately on business for the Baroness and getting his repairs completed has had the added perk of him being able to follow the Joker's activities, Chinatown, the Zoo and now hopefully here. You'd think a guy that is so… colorful would be an easier mark.
The mercenary is operating disguised right now, the image inducer he sports masking his appearance to look like a rather large boned woman carrying a big shopping bag. In reality the man is walking around looking like he's ready to kick down doors in Syria and take on the Sham Legion all by his lonesome. This means armor, explosives, firearms, his omni-tool, combat knives, a composite bow and arrow even. It's grim but not as grim as the hefty woman in a moo moo walking down the road with her weave on lopsided. "Out of da way bitch! Thats my watermelon!" Big Bad Momma barks at an elderly woman who is in front of her poking through a stand of the fruits.

The Joker does have an odd ability to move around mostly unnoticed. Perhaps it's because Gotham is full of colorful characters. Or maybe it's because people are f—-ing terrified of him. Whatever the case very few people are in a position to see him at the edge of the tent when one of his flunkies nods to him. Everything is ready…

The Clown prince himself pulls out a flare gun and shoots it into the air. As it rises the sound of clattering tables fills the market as thugs produce weapons - some guns some otherwise - and begin knocking things over, causing a ruckus and generally herding people they can catch toward a group of waiting buses. Let's see how Batsy reacts to this. Or those other chumps. Seriously that last one, who the heck was that? It's seeming like anyone thinks they can don some tights, grab a glock and change the world. Well… we'll see about that.

Amy was already pretty low on the ground, so when this crazy stuff starts to happen, it's not that much of a stretch to… hide. So she gets all the way down, and does her best to crawl behind some boxes, trying not to be seen.

@emit Big Bad Momma is surprised, pleasantly so since it looks like the Ace of Knaves is coming to him. The heavyset woman has her watermelon in hand now and is looking up at the flare, beyond that produced technological wonder of an illusion Taskmaster's lenses filter out the light and he begins to look around. Instantly doing a broken down version of SALUTE and evaluating the situation, his adversaries and where the biggest threats are also the terrain. It's something every guy (or gal) in his line of work just does on habit alone. If they don't know the basics they're probably dead.

"Oh no honey, this is not the time, not the damn time!" He's having fun with this Big Momma is chiding the nearest Joker goon with a finger wave and a hand on hip around that big ole' melon. Amy is an unnoticed at this point, a face in the crowd he has yet to see. It's a market, there are a lot of those.

The Joker begins to cackle as he strides forward into the crowd, letting of a burst of gunfire at some poor bystander's feet to get them moving. The rounds will probably ricochet… and who will they hit? Who knows? Guessing is part of the fun. Based on the sound of his slightly manic laughter he's not far at all from Amy's boxes.

The thug doesn't appear to have a gun, but he does have a nasty length of chain.

"Get moving you fat, ugly…" The rest of the sentence is drowned out by the clink-whirl of chain as he swings it at the woman's leg. It'll be fun to see her limp.

Amy is doing her best to hide. Staying on her hands and knees. Fortunately the boxes she's hiding behind are full of heavy things, big old metal contraptions. Casings, televisions, from when things used to be sturdy. One of the goons probably tried to kick them over already but they wouldn't really fall that easily. So any bullets aren't going to get through to her, at least flying randomly like that.

"Fat, ugly?" Big Bad Momma looks furious at those words, "I'm a healthy, voluptuous woman of the century, you'd do right to… " A back flip follows, belly, large chest, everything seems to suddenly wave with a moving body. A body that evades the chain with that backwards tumble and somehow, mid maneuver tossed a perfectly brand new watermelon in to the thugs face. "….FUCKING RESPECT THAT!"
Big Momma turns in to a raging bull at this point. A raging bull out of a Wire Fu flick shes dancing like a butterfly and stinging like a swollen honey bee packed with the punches of a professional heavyweight boxer, first the watermelon headed thug; a cross, a jab and his body slackens and then she's springing over to roundhouse kick another thug with a rubber mask, this man's ribcage actually implodes from the impact. Ribs snap-crackling like bubble wrap. "Who else wants to call Big Momma fat and ugly!?"

The sudden, aggressive movements in the crowd draw the eye. Who is making them makes jaws drop. Okay, Carnivale and the Jokerz are officially done screwing around. As Big Momma slaps through the crowd like a wrecking ball, several thugs who do have guns open up on her. Collateral damage? What's that?

The ruckus also draws Jokers attention. "What in the name of… oh this is too good." He begins to saunter over, never too busy even in trying and amusing times like these to barrel whip a passerby or shiv someone who looks like he's thinking of getting brave.

Amy is pretty legitimately scared at this point. These people are serious, and they're mean. She hears guns, she hears people crying out, getting hit, getting hurt badly, and maybe even getting killed. And she's stuck here, hiding behind boxes, not able to see what's going on because the last thing she's going to do is poke her head out here.

Bullets. Nothing ever goes straight up Walter Hill Warriors anymore. The round house turns in to a dive tuck and roll that comes up at the end with a flying lariat wraps Big Bad Momma's floppy arms around the neck of one gunman, his body soon locked up and being spun about aiming that man around like a shield while his trigger finger is depressed.


"EAT HOT LEAD MOTHA FUCKERS!" The woman's voice booms out but breaks up at the end, sort of distorts and a metallic sounding cough is audible. This doesn't stop the retaliating bullet spray from her meat shield though. It's going EVERYWHERE too. Apparently not a big concern on who it hits, Clown, Joker thugs, Amy and civilians alike. Sometimes you just don't have the time nor care to think about these sort of things. Not when you're trying to earn yourself an Oscar.

A pair of thugs scrambling for cover crash right into the boxes Amy had taken shelter behind. Ooops. Hey! Who's this? Seems like they're thinking Big Momma has the right idea. Cute little human shield, anyone?

Joker himself is no fool and goes scrambling for cover. Which in Joker terms equates to yanking a large and rather dull looking thug in front of him so he can take several hits. Ah, thank you Smithers. Emerging from his 'cover' the Joker hefts an automatic 9mil and lets out a burst.

"Hey you! Yeah you! You look just about the right kind of crazy for this. What's got your panties in a wad?" He's still approaching at a walk as he lets out another burst.

"Why so serious?"

Amy cowers away. Staying behind everything. With the bullets flying still it's kind of essential. But she tries to get further way from the other two, not knowing if they're seeing her or not, or if they're focused on the nice lady over there of size and armaments.

"Why so serious?" Big Bad Momma asks, "Why you so circus mother fucker!? Huh!?"
A burst is fired back from the puppeteer-ed meat-shield just as it soaks up those rounds from the Joker. Exchanged gunfire also plugs his own barrier of man with some rounds.
"Shit. You broke him." A spin and Big Bad Momma has the thug's corpse being launched towards the Clown Prince and his bodygaurd. The large lady is already tumbling this time kicking up a table to crouch behind, now Taskmaster is pulling out his FMG9 sub-machine gun. A flicker ripples across the hologram projection and begins to sputter. Times running out. He's used it too much recently. "I guess the gig is up." Another flicker and it shuts off, now, it's only the armored up skull-faced mercenary ducked down behind that makeshift barricade.

Joker grins. "You… You're the…" Not Deathstroke. Not Batman. Not Superman. Not… hrm. Does he know who this is? "… guy. Hello Guy! Guy. Heh. Rhymes with die."

Joker goes rock and roll on Tasky, still approaching. Apparently he's of a mind to get stuck in. Or too lazy to run. One of those.

Most of the flunkies in the immediate area are out of commission but the two near Amy seem to have an idea. This hero type… well she…er he, now, is odd but all hero types respond to one thing. They make a grab for Amy. Hostage. Hostage would be good.

Amy yanks her feet away when these guys grab at her, and she lets out a shriek. It's not an intentional thing, it's just… panic. She curls up in a ball, and shrieks in surprise and fear, not quite losing her mind but pretty much working on fight or fl ight, and she's in flight. IF it weren't for the bullets everywhere she's actually just get up and try to run.

"Taskmaster." Not the man behind the tables voice. This is a whole new individual. A vaguely German accent carrying with the voice. It's then a high speed projected object sails at the Joker, a javelin, an actual javelin. The man behind the thrown weapon a muscular man in a blue and yellow onesie with a belt of those same tiny spears not far off to the Joker's right standing atop a small food truck.

"Yeah what he said, that weenus…" Taskmaster doesn't point at the man, he shoots at the man who performs a rather impressive leap out of the way of his own. "Looks like you even got out of town idiots after your crazy ass." A glowing shield appears on the skull-clad mercs arm, a shield that launches out and catches a hanging string of lanterns between himself, the Jester and the Javelin. Amy and those two are actually below this falling debris. This is not intentional. Taskmaster cares not for her safety!

The Joker actually has to throw himself out of the way and it's still not fast enough to prevent the tip of the javelin from tearing his shirt sleeve and opening a gash on his arm. "You! Guy the Second!" Joker reloads from the ground and fires, but it's only cover so he can dip into his pocket and pull out a magnesium road flare. The kind you just have to bang on the pavement to start. Ah, there it goes.

"Time to get… fired up!" The road flare returns toward Javelin delivered in like manner as the eponymous weapon.

Amy, well… the thugs aren't gentle. One of grabs her shoulder and tries to hoist her up, using her as a cowering human shield with a gun held to her head. "Hey! Drop the weapons! Or she gets it!" This always works, right?

Amy is in complete panic now. Squirming a little, whimpering, she realizes she has a gun pointed to her head and just lets out a scream, as though she were a little girl again because um, well there's no because. It's just pure, raw emotional reactions at this point.

"Fired up?" Taskmaster mumbles, "At least I'm not the only one with bad puns." He carries on to himself as those lights crash down in a spattering of shrapnel and popping bulbs. Cheap stuff. It's not even making the impact he had hoped for. Javelin's distraction grants the merc his chance to spring up and launch himself in a flying kick towards the Joker.

Javelin has already thrown a second of those lethal toys and it's landing where Taskmaster just /was/. "It's Javelin, not Guy." That accents getting thicker as he gets mad but a flare has him shielding his face and trying to re-position, slinging himself down behind the truck. It'll work as a temporary cover while he finds a new angle to try and send a vicious pike through either Taskmaster or the Joker. An adversary and his mark. Also who the hell is screaming, "Someone shit zat beetch up!" (it comes out sounding like that because well, hes annoyed)

The thug that is holding the gun to Amy's head is suddenly not very capable of standing, sinking to the ground after a very hearty kick to the noggin by a little red boot. Harley catches the gun as he drops it and slips her arm around Amy. "That's no way to treat a lady! Anyone messes with the girl and you mess with me, got it?" Harley looks to the thugs that surround Amy, pointing the gun at each one of them in turn. None of them are dumb enough to disagree, which causes the harlequin to pout. But it's not a long lived emotion. She hugs Amy to her and holds the gun to her head. Nope, no escaping the hostage situation. "Hi! I'm Harley, and I'll be your captor for the evening. Our specials tonight are carnage and giggles!"

Joker's flunkies know much better than mess with Harley. So right now they just concentrate on rounding up more Harly Approved (tm) hostages and herding them into the buses.

"Harley! So nice of you to make it. I was going t-ooof!" The kick connects rather impressively, knocking Joker back down, but the Clown Prince is nothing if not resourceful. Sizing upon a knee, or tying to at any rate, he twists in a motion meant to get himself back up and knock Tasky off balance. And then there's the joy buzzer on his hand which is more like 100 volt pain buzzer than joy buzzer, really.

Amy started to relax a little bit but… as soon as Harley pulls her surprise, any little bit of relaxation and relief in her face and her body language evaporates. She goes tense again, and begins to cry. That was just too much, too cruel.

Joker's counter actually catches Taskmaster's left leg clipping it out from under him but the man, with amazing reactive speed manages to catch himself on his hand then double-back in to a handspring. It's those kind of moves that make the warrior look almost inhuman. Thats one he actually witnessed video footage of a Spider in NYC pull off. The joy buzzer crackles very close to where Task, close enough if he didn't wear his face mask he'd be smelling fried hair. "Not bad, Clown. Show me what else you got." A knife slings forward (where did that come from!?).

Rounding back out from behind the truck Javelin sees Harley has arrived, that one is also a mark, not worth as much as the Joker but still, a nice penny on her head.
Eat Javelin. Well, a javelin. Not him. He throws one at Harley (which also means Amy because they're right there beside eachother).

Harley leans her head on Amy's shoulder, holding her close as if they are the best of friends. "Ain't my Puddin just marvelous. He's like a Timex. He takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. That's a bomb reference, in case you didn't get it." She takes the occasional pot shot at Javelin, cause it's fun. "Now now now, a gentleman knows to keep his pointy things to himself till at least the third date."
The javelin being thrown at the two women, Harley leaps up and back flips back in place, taking Amy with her for the ride. "Now, what did I just say? Pervert."

Joker throws his arms up like a flamenco dancer, spinning to one side. Another rip in his shirt. And a fairly deep and painful looking cut right over his third rib as well. "OLE!" He cackles with manic glee. This is fun. Almost as good as fighting Batsy. He's wondering if the poor, poor guy got hospitalized after tangling with Slade. Maybe he should send a fruit basket. C4's a fruit, right?

Dipping into his pocket, he produces another handful of micro explosive jacks, hurling them at Taskmaster before sliding on a sit of spiked knuckles and rushing in at the warrior with a grin. The Joker is an odd mix of wild, almost joyful aggression tempered with just enough actual fighting moves to make one wonder.

"Glad you could join, Harley. Don't let that guy get too fresh with you! Or is he just interested in your new friend there?"

Amy is still crying. Her eyes closed shut, tears streaming down herface. She's very tense, and being held onto by Harley. At this point she's jsut trying to shut the world around her out, as though by doing that, all the bad things going on would go away.

"You damn loon." Taskmaster snaps out, then surprisingly imitates that exact flamenco dancer spin to the side move the Joker just did. "Why the fuck did that just work? Seriously… " That onward rush gets a deflect from Taskmaster's vambrace as the first fist comes out, "Not bad. Some power behind it." Another chaotic swing, the man is hard to read, much harder than most and thats annoying. Usually within the first few seconds of a fight with someone the Taskmaster begins to map out their moves, their style, he can predict them. He's not having an easy time mapping out the Clown Prince of Crimes moves. It's akin to Deadpool. They're just too random. Unfortunately he's not super speed or enhanced like the psychotic super soldier despite their similarities.

Taskmaster is a professional, he is like a surgeon once he gets a hit in, instep is broken, wrist twisted and the Joker is face-planted with a boot heel in the back of his head and then they're scuffling again, knocking over a few tables and stabbing through a person. The unfortunate aspect of fighting crazy… its relentless and doesn't know when to quit. "Just stay down." Snarls Taskmaster as a helmet crashes forward and clocks the Joker in the temple, sending him in to one of his goofy spins. That was very Batman as well. How many times has the Joker been headbutted by his best frenemy.

"What is wrong with you people!? This is life and death and you all joke around. THIS IS NOT FUNNY! I am the Javelin and I am going to kill you! DEAD no more laughs… " He rushes Harley now a javelin in each hand. "I am going to… wait, what did you call me… a pervert?" A momentary distraction. "I am not. I am a mercenary and I am your executioner. How is this perverted?" Jab jab poke poke. Fighty time.

Harley kisses Amy's cheek. "Aren't you glad yer with me? I just saved ya from being improperly prodded by some stranger. The mook that was holdin' ya before woulda just let you get skewered!" She fires a few more shots at Javelin. "Don't get fresh, Mister! I mean, I appreciate the help in makin' my new friend all Stockholm Syndrome for me, but really, I don't need the help!" Another few shots are fired at the Javelin as he starts to rush them. She takes a moment to grab a grenade from her shoulder bag and hands it to Amy. "Throw that at the bad man, would ya?" Instead, Amy just drops it. "Well, that ain't good," says Harley as she starts to leap up the building beside her like a monkey on crack. She deposits the hostage on the roof. "You stay here. I think you might be holding me back."

Joker fairly giggles as Tasky 'spins him round and round'. Ah this is fun. Of course now he has a broken foot and his on his butt about ten feet from Taskmaster, but, hey, that's just how this goes right.

"Ah!" He says, blood from a cut inside his lip. Not the biggest of his worries, that. "You. You could almost be him. Can you try it again with some self righteous babble about being the order to my chaos?"

Request aside, Joker doesnt' seem to be one to wait. A grenade - a smoke grenade with a smiley face on it and the words 'Joker Venom Gas' on it - comes out of his suit jacket. It takes him two tries to pull the pin and then he rolls it with flick toward Taskmaster.

"Lemme see you smile."

Javelin's fury is only increased by the fact he just got grazed by two bullets. He is acrobatic, highly athletic and good at what he does but just a man and he doesn't dodge bullets, he is also probably not on par with Harley's mobility. Those javelins though, they're dangerous even though he is down quite a number. "Fresh? Nein, nein, nein, nein, stop making me sound like a pervert. I am not wanting you. I am wanting to KILL you. Stupid annoying Clown girl." Imagine what he does next? Yes, he throws another javelin at Harley before twisting behind the corner of the building. Standing there while he quickly ties off a wound with a bandage. Muttering furiously in German under his breath.

"Be who? Make sense. Shit balls you're annoying." The grenade tossed his way has him lunging and rolling and coming up to a pause behind a dumpster. The gas sprayed out has little effect on him from this range. Not to say he hasn't caught some of it, probably a taste and a whiff. How much more potent than CS gas could it be? A quick glance across the way has him spying Javelin who looks about ready to burst a blood vessel, apparently the Joker's gal has his panties in a serious twist. Thats what that doofus gets for wearing a onesie.

Harley blows Amy a kiss and the starts bounding down the side of the building, leaping from one to the other as she cascades down. She finally lands at the entrance to the alleyway where Javelin is trying to bandage himself. "Achtung! I'm a stuffy, perverted guy who likes to shaft pretty girls to compensate for my lack of love as a child from my mother. Seriously? You know, if you need someone to talk to about your Oedipus Complex, I would be happy to do that when I'm not, you know, trying to help my Puddin'." She starts to approach the spear-chucking mercenary, cracking her knuckles. "But right now, yer sorta bein' a distraction for me and I can't have that." The smile on Harley's features shifts to a very threatening grimace as she swings a superstrengthed punch at the Javelin.

That Joker can even move right now is kind of a testament ot his ability to ignore physical limitations. Cause he's up and moving no mistake. Getting slapped around by If-I-Close-My-Eyes-And-Think-Of-Gotham-You're-Batsy is all well and good, but maybe bullets are wwhat's called for here. Out comes the handgun again, reloaded, slower thanks to the hurting wrist.

"You know you're not half bad there Tasky. A damn sight more fun than the last bunch of humorless mooks they sent after me." He shows his respect with bullets. Lots of them.

"Do we really have to do this? I mean, really, what's either of us getting out of it at this point?" Negotiate and shoot? The man's mad, it's true.

Amy sits on the 'ground' on the roof, cowering against the edge. She looks around, not sure where she is, but… breathing hard, relieved that nothing too bad has apparently happened to her.
Javelin looks startled as Harley closes the gap between the two of them, startled turns to enraged when she starts to call him a pervert again. "Oedipus? WHAT!? NOW you are just making things up. What is wrong with you!? Crazy stupid Clown girl." Then her fisst connects, knocks his head right up and to the side, she's strong, like peak human strong as a man beyond her size and one of his crowns just snapped off. He's also seeing spots. "Not perver… " He mumbles as he staggers sideways and lashes out with a sidekick then a thrust of one of those pointy javelins.

"Humorless mooks? Lemme guess, Domino and Deathstroke? I know they both beat me to the punch on you. I'm just kinda sad I almost fell behind the Javelin. Seriously, look at that yutz." A glance over and he spots the Merc being rope-a-doped right now by Harley.


"The fuck…" Taskmaster curses out as the Jokr actually sounds rational for a heartbeat, "Is that you? You hear that sound?"


If Joker and Taskmaster look around and near them they'll see small metal spikes with blinky lights on their tail ends that have just been deposited in to the ground by the both of them.

"Pause." Taskmaster shouts and then begins to run, bound and scale the nearest building like a spider-monkey.

Soaring around back and forth above them is a dark silhouette with lit up boots and a rocket pack. Too high up to be made out at this point. That is probably the source of these new trinkets. That /are/ about to explode.

Joker blinks. Time to go. He throws himself behind a dumpster that had been rolled out for the venue behind one of the tent/stalls that had been set up. That's… probably not Batsy. He doesn't do the whole explosive death thing.

Yeah, the guy has some blind spots. But he's just so goood at being self righteous that it's hard to hate him for it.

"Oooooh. A new actor? Harley, are you done with your playmate there yet?"

Harley is not just super strong, but bendy too! She dodges the javelin that is poking at her and then grabs it out of his hand to stab him in the shoulder with his own weapon. She looks over her shoulder at Joker's call. "Comin' Mr. J!" She frowns at Javelin. "See what you did? You went and got me in trouble with Mr. J!" She angrily stabs the Javelin twice more with his weapon. "That's what you get. Pervert. And I should know. I'm a trained psychoanalyst!" She leaps back up the way she came and lands on the roof beside Amy. "Okay, no roof access. My bad. Here, I'll make you one." She then tosses what looks like a pie over to the middle of the building. It blows a hole into the roof and when the smoke and dust is gone, so is Harley.
Amy is more than a little startled when that explosion hits. She curls up in a ball, whimpering. She's afraid and doesn't know what's going to happen next.

It's time for Joker to leave. Once he collects Harley. There's plenty of ways out of this stretch of street that are hard to see, and with no more Taskmaster shooting, making use of them shouldn't be that difficult, even for a very banged up Joker.

Javelin's protests are cut off as one of his own weapons buries itself in to his shoulder. "Not a pervert… " A sigh escapes him, his eyes roll in to his head and he either just gave up or he went unconscious. Both actually. Slumping down the man's body crumples on the ground where he'd been bandaging himself. Blood loss is not a friend to any man.

Taskmaster's climbing and scaling puts him up on the building adjacent to Amy where he has a bow being opened up, snapped out; he pauses long enough in his draw to watch Harley and Joker bound away. "Feh." He mouths before taking aim on the airborne merc. "Dickhead." That arrow notched and loosed and then the Skull-Merc is gone. That shaft a parting gift to the asshat who just helped him lose the Clown Prince. At least he shares something in common with Slade and Domino now.
A satisfied smile appears on his features under the mask as he walks away and hears the cries of a plummeting would-be flying bomber. A bomber that smacks loudly on to the building next to Amy with a *splosh-crunch*, guts erupt everywhere and Amy's nice new shoes are no doubt ruined.

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