Rise of the New Warriors, Part 3

August 2, 2014: Garth continues his recruitment drive for the New Warriors, bagging another one.

Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo holds the current record of being the world's largest metropolitan zoo, spanning two hundred and sixty-five acres and covering about six hundred and fifty different species with around six thousand animals in total. First opened in November 1899 under the name Bronx Zoological Park and Gardens, the zoo has come a long way and has since assisted in several breeding programs which have helped critically endangered species. The major exhibits include the Congo Gorilla Forest, JungleWorld, Asia Monorail, Madagascar, Tiger Mountain, African Plains, World of Birds, World of Monkeys, World of Reptiles, and the Zoo Center. To make the zoo more accessible it can be reached through several bus lines and the subway platform at Pelham Parkway.


Lian Harper

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Leaning over the railing in his civilian clothes, Garth watches the captured Congo Gorillas. And one of them watches him right back. It's as though it's observing him, observing it. One of the nearby children, standing next to a "do not feed the animals" sign, tosses a peanut at it, and it turns briefly to eye the boy. But then it turns its attention back on Garth.

He idly wonders to himself, what could it be thinking? He's heard that some gorillas are sentient. Could the Zoo have mistakenly captured one? Nah, that could never happen. It's probably just his mind playing tricks on him.

Pushing off from the railing, he turns, so he can lean with his back to it. Garth stands out in most crowds. Being as tall as he is and with those two scars, he can be spotted from some distance away. "Where is Roy?" he wonders aloud, "he was supposed to meet me here."


Roy was delayed, mostly because a Zoo trip meant that Lian Harper was most certainly coming along. And Lian was certainly not going to take 'Daddy needs to meet Uncle Garth' as a reason to hurry along.

So Garth shouldn't be surprised when Roy shows, with a young little four years old girl in tow, wearing a bear-hat and holding on to a red balloon that's secured on her wrist. "Sup, gillhead?" Roy greets, an apologetic shrug as he jerks his head down towards his daughter by way of explanation.


When Garth looks back over his shoulder, the gorilla that had seemed so interested in him is gone. But where could it be? He scans the enclosure, and there doesn't seem to be an obvious answer to that. "Now, where the devil…" he says, perplexed by the missing gorilla, until he hears someone call him gillhead?

He immediately spins to see Roy and his daughter, Lian. Crouching down, so his knees bend, Garth brushes a finger against Lian's nose as he smiles, "you can't be Lian. I've met Lian. She's much shorter than you are." His voice is childish, a sing-song quality to it, "come here you," and he grabs her, tickling her through the jacket, "Where's Lian, what have you done with her?"

But then, after he's got a few giggles out of her, he sets her down, and offers his hand to Roy, "Great to see you. How've you been?"


Lian squirms, as she regards Garth with wide-eyed suspicion. "It's Uncle Garth," Roy confirms, as he grins, grasping the hand and pulling the Atlantean into a brohug. "She wouldn't hear of me going to the Zoo without her, and it didn't sound like there was going to be immediate danger, so I brought her along. Lian, it's okay, you can answer him."

Lian shakes her head, squirming a bit. "Ah, just let her down. She'll get used to you. I don't think she's seen you since she was… uh… two?" That was a whole two years ago for Lian, and… memories weren't what they used to be. It was practically half a lifetime ago for her.

"Anyway, what's up, gillhead?" Roy goes on to ask, glancing abou


Garth remembers her, but she probably doesn't remember him. Usually he's good with kids. But she'll take to him eventually. "I should hope not," he answers a little too quickly about the immediate danger. Obviously, he's still got that odd gorilla in the back of his mind.

"Well," he pauses, trying to think of how to approach this. "now that I'm back on the East Coast, I've been checking in on the old gang. Paid Dick a visit in Gotham, saw Wally and Rachel here in New York. We had some good times." He trails off, wistfully thinking of the days when they adventured, saved the world, fought evil, and generally had fun with people their own age.

"And I know we've all moved on from the days in Dick's basement." Looking at the adorable Lian, he adds, "obviously." And grins, "Dick's joined the force, I've become a High Councillor, Rachel visited Tibet and Japan. Wally… never changes. But the rest of us do. I can do things that I couldn't before and I'm sure the rest of the gang can as well."

"Anyway, I kind of had this crazy idea that we could start it up again. Not a full time thing, but… proper, with an HQ, goodies we all have access to. I've already taken the liberty of procuring funding… and a name." With a check to see that no one's listening in, he asks, "what do you think of the New Warriors?"


Taking a deep breath, Roy considers, ruffling Lian's hair. "Daddy needs you to keep this secret, Lian," Roy notes absentmindedly as Lian looks up. Oh. Another one of -those- secrets.

"I'll think about it. Have you talked to Kori yet?" he notes. Not that he was sure if Starfire was in or out, as she never talked about the past. "The name's not a bad one. Better than Hogan's Heroes. God, what did we ever see in Hulk Hogan?"


Lian's four. Garth isn't too concerned about her blabbing. If she did, it could easily be dismissed as the imagination of a child. But it's nice to see that Roy has the kind of relationship with her already that she can keep a secret. That'll help out in a few years when people start taking her seriously.

"No, I haven't managed to track her down. But I'm working on it. If you see her or any of the old gang, I'd appreciate it if you could let them know I'm looking for them." He's not going to do the hard sell. He's made his case. He just hopes that Roy joins in. So far, there's Flash, Raven, himself, and a few people he doesn't know too well, but they could handle themselves in a fight. "Still hoping to chat with the metal man and the princess too."


"I'll have to grab her for a cup of coffee, and let her know," Roy nods, rubbing his head. Lian fidgets, and the ginger looks down at his daughter. "Oh go ahead, you can look at the monkeys," Roy grins.

"They're GORILLAS, Daddy," Lian replies, as though the distinction mattered, before she runs over to check things out.

"So, the New Warriors, eh? We going to be that good? Well, I can at least check out the pitch when you've got everything together. So, you wanna hit Red Lobster and talk things over?"


"Thanks Roy, I appreciate it." He smiles at the fidgeting Lian, and chuckles at how she runs over to check them, "careful there," he calls out when it looks like she's struggling to see over the railing. The last thing they need is for her to climb up.

"Yeah, it's a name. Sounded pretty good at the time." But at the mention of Red Lobster, Garth smirks, "Actually, I prefer steakhouses myself. I was raised on seafood. And besides, I… don't like to support seafood restaurants unless I know where their suppliers get their stock from."


"Oh… right, I suppose it'd be like if I was talking to cows and chicken doing all the moo and the cluck clucks. It'd be awkward. Fine… Outback's then. There's a 15 percent coupon from them for this weekend, so why not?" Roy notes, as he throws an arm around Garth's shoulders. "Let's get Lian before… HEY! Lian! GET DOWN FROM THERE!"

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