Mutant Town Hot Saturday Night

August 2, 2014: An impromptu get-together with cake. No lie.

Mutant Town — New York City

Mutant Town isn't so much a slum or ghetto as it an enclave. Sure, it started out as something else, but it's big enough now to have its own personality and, frankly, subcultures within the larger… uh… subculture.

Regardless, it's as eclectic and unpredictable as its inhabitants. Which means: Very.



  • Mutant Town denizens (kids, parents, dogs, cats, pigeons, etc.)

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Despite all that's happened in the last twenty four hours - and it's been a busy one to be sure - Bobby has somehow wound up back at his place in M-Town. Despite intended to make the new N-Mutant Safe House his primary residence, this place is just too convenient to let go and since he's here right now he might as well get some food.

This has involved a trip to the market a couple blocks away, which is a short enough distance that he decided to walk rather than drive. Eh. Excersise will do him good right. At any rate, he's ambling back up, perhaps a bit tiredly, to the apartment building he calls home, whistling him some Josh Groban.


Mike Drakos, Mutant/Robot, also returned to his place at M-Town, though he went by way of somewhere else and changed into a zippy sports-car to make his way back. The sports-car, contracted into a box the size of a freezer, is "parked" in the alley behind the apartment, and Mike, once again in his 'gold humanoid robot in clothes' format, is now walking out of the alley, juggling six metal cartridges. Souvenirs, apparently.


Lunair has had a quiet weekend so far. School is mostly out and there's not a lot of mercenary work that is okay by school standards, so she's kept away from it. It's been a long while since she - hey! Time to check out a new place. She's probably here to visit someone, although she holds a fancy cake in one arm and frowns at her phone as she walks. "Oh. Bummer." Guess whomever she was visiting has canceled. She's one of the fortunate mutants who can pass as normal aside from some things.

But then, there's a familiar face as she spots Bobby. Lunair had resigned herself to walking back to her car. "Oh. Um. Hi!" She hopes she's remembering this properly. Otherwise it might get awk— oh my gosh is that guy kinda shiny. HE IS. She looks a lot like a dog spotting a laser dot, as she notices Mike. SHINY! Wait.


On the weekends, particularly when just coming from Vigil, Kurt does spend a reasonable bit of time in 'Mutant Town'. As much as he hates the term for the area, it does describe the inhabitants, though not as nicely as, perhaps, 'Little Italy' or 'Chinatown'. In soup kitchens in the area, mostly, though he has been seen playing basketball with some of the younger 'freak's, the ones with obvious mutations like his own (though none quite like his!).

The sound of a basketball and kids laughing fills a side-street as people sit out on their stoops, watching a moment when they're 'just like everyone else'.

"Kurt, pass it to me!" one calls out, and with a couple of dribbles of the ball, it's passed and the kid makes for the hoop. Of course, one of the kids on defense is in on it, and an arm streeeeetches out to guard the basket… which brings a grin to the fuzzy blue elf's face. Suddenly, it's 'mutant ball', and everything goes.


Kurt is perched atop the backstop, calling out, "Here, drop it here!"


Exactly when did Nancy turn into a soccer mom? And why is she the one in charge of groceries for over 20 people? 'Oh, but you lived in that mansion with all those students. You have more experience in that sort of thing?' How does she let herself get talked into this? She parts the minivan that is full to brim of supplies from the local Costco, and parks in front of Bobby's place. Might see if he wants to stuff the van with more stuff.


And just like that. People. It's Mike and Lunair that Bobby notices first. "Oh Hey Mike!" Hey gives a shrug-wave. Both his hands have lunch in plastic bags in them. Sandwich and soup fixins mostly. "Hey I don't think I got a chance to tell you but thanks for last night."

Lunair gets a smile. He remembers her from that mess in the skate park. "Lunair right? Nice to see you again. What's with the-" He was about to say cake but Nancy's minivan pulling up draws his eye-line and suddenly, down the street… There's a bamf. The noise is kind of attention drawing to say nothing of the guy who made it.

Days like this? Bobby loves living here.

"What's with the blue furry guy?"


"No thanks necessary," Mike says, juggling the cartridge cases. Actual juggling, not cheating with metalkinesis, which is good, when Nancy drives up and he's hit by pulses of the "off-switch" as she moves in and out of range.

"Except that I didn't expect that OH HELLO NANCY!" the robot says. He notices the girl with the cake staring at him like a shiny thing, and consolidates the cartridges from the air, sticking them in his hoodie pocket while doing the fingers-wave with the other hand. He moves down a few steps so he can see down the side street where Bobby's looking.

"Never seen him before, but he looks like a great volleyball player type," Mike says, "but I don't know if the backboard is considered out of bounds for players to stand on. In Basketball."


Lunair smiles, waving back to Bobby. Her gaze is kind of distant and blank, but she's shaking it off after awhile. There's the sounds of a sports game nearby and it sounds so happy. She tilts her head. "The pleasure is all mine. And a friend couldn't make it. Um. Y'want cake? If I eat it all, it will be ugly," She promises. And then a bamf! She recognizes that! Definitely from SRD shenanigans (that electro guy was a jerk. She still thinks he owns a fedora).

"Huh, Nancy too? Wow," She seems surprised. She smiles at Mike. She's puppylike sometimes. "Those seem like tough rules," She considers. It's not a malicious or creepy stare. Lunair's just easily - she changes focus easily.

And yes, she waves to Nancy too. Just carefully. And the hand without the cake. Otherwise things would go south faster than an angry William Sherman.



The ball swishes into the net, and everyone lets out a cheer. Mothers clap their hands and call out to their respective kids, "Dinner. Come in and clean up."

"But mom! Kurt said—"

"I don't care what Kurt said…" is given in response as the matriarchs glance at the blue, be-tailed mutant as if searching for a little bit of help from the 'big brother' of the block.

"Ja," Kurt is still comfortably atop the backboard, balanced easily, his tail loosely coiling around the basket hoop. "Go und eat your dinners. I'll be back tomorrow."

"Aww, okay…" sounds from different quarters of the street, and slowly the mutant children begin to file into their respective apartments.

Now, Kurt is able to look down the street, the comings and goings of life on a Saturday night gaining a small smile as he teleports down from his perch with that BAMF! in rapid succession; one to disappear, and one to reappear once again with feet on the ground. Once there, he looks around before heading back up the street, remarkably towards the gathering. One is sort of recognized while the minivan driver— heh.. and it's a couple more steps before Kurt reaches to catch the door for Nancy, adding, "Do you need help bringing things in?" Yellow, featureless eyes move towards the gents in the area as if silently willing them to help the lady! There's lots of stuff in the van! (Costco run means BOXES!)


Nancy keeps her power pulled in nice and tight. After that one time of stopping some girl's breathing here in M-Town, she is always careful. She hops out of the car, about to lock the door when she is greeted by a fuzzy blue elf. She slips her arm in his. "Nope, these boxes are going to the farm. I've moved there to take care of all the dangerous mutants we got from the rescue mission last night. As they stabilize, they will start coming to the mansion."

She smiles when she sees the crowd gathering by the front entrance of Bobby's apartment building. "Hey Mike. Hey there cool stuff." She unlinks her arm from Kurt's to slips her arm around Bobby's waist and stands on tiptoes to give him a quick kiss. She then blows a bubble, letting it pop before waving to Lunair. "Hey there, Lunair. Thanks so much for that armor? It really helped last night. And you know I never turn down sweets. Ever. Kurt, you know Bobby? Or Mike?"


"Kurt?" Bobby smiles, giving Nancy a kiss on the cheek and then extending his hand to the big blue brother on the block. "No I don't think so, though… you kinda look like a bamf. I don't suppose there's any relation?"

"Cake? Cake sounds great. Unless it's a lie." His gaze slides down to the cake. "Doesn't look like it."

"So, okay, this is all good. Why doesn't everyone come up to the apartment for soup and sandwiches. I've got soda and beer up there too. You too Kurt, come on. Nice to meet you, by the way."


"Any 10-W-40?" Mike asks, and tilts his head a bit at the growing crowd. This is a great neighborhood, really.

"You going to need folding chairs or something? I could whip 'em up."

He spots the cake, and preemptively moves a hand underneath it to prevent tipping, because it is too pretty to become sidewalk food. Never feed your sidewalks, they don't need calories.

"So delicious and moist," he says, in GlaDos's voice.


Lunair watches and listens more than she speaks today. She pauses. "You're welcome. I'm glad it helped," She nods. "I've gotten better at calling my own," She offers. She smiles politely to Bobby. "It's not a lie. I had to wait in line for ages." Then, Mike speaks. "You make folding chairs?" She peers. And suddenly, GlaDos! Her eyes go wide as saucers. Oh geez.

Then Kurt is helping Nancy. It's a lot for her to take in all at once. "We'll have more people on cam— uhm, there?"

She tries to follow the threads, looking a bit like she's got to juggle them or else. Lunair nods. "There's enough for all of us, but I don't think I've met your friend?" A motion to Mike with her free hand. "How are you guys? I am glad to see you."

And Nancy's kindness is not lost on her, nor Bobby's. She even lets her smile linger.



Kurt looks up at the house, and back to Nancy. "What farm? Where? Who are these 'dangerous mutants'? Und what 'mission'?" He sounds… concerned. Confused. "This wasn't done by 'us', Nancy?" More a question than a statement. "Und the decision for them to go the mansion isn't yours. It's the Professors.. und.."

"I need to meet them."

Those empty yellow eyes look back at Bobby now, then at Mike, shaking his head slowly. "Nein.. though.." Bobby looks familiar. Photographs, stories even. But not since he's been at the mansion has Bobby been there. So… "Bobby Drake? I have heard of you. The stories," and for a flash, there is almost a rueful look, "I heard you were the best prankster. I am not too bad myself."

Kurt chuckles at the question regarding the bamf and he nods, his tones sounding honestly apologetic. "Ja. They are my.. brothers. After a fashion. Whatever they have done, I will replace." They tend to be little thieves, after all. At the invitation, however, Kurt seems a touch reticent now, and shakes his head. "Danke, I think I need to visit this 'farm', however," is said quietly. "Tonight."

Lunair is greeted with a nod and a "Good to see you well," following.

Mike's imitation of GlaDos' voice brings the blue, fuzzy elf's attention around, and Kurt stares for a long moment before that smile quirks for a moment. "My daughter would love you."

Still now, the import of what was done and what still needs doing weighs on the X-Man. "I apologize again," is given with a slight bow. "But, I have to go to this 'farm'."


Nancy hugs Bobby as he invites the group up to the apartment, but quickly, Kurt nabs all her attention. "Woah, woah, cutie. Calm yerself. Don't really think we should talk about it for everyone to hear. No, it wasn't done by 'us', but 'we' knew about it and have provided the farm for the recovery of these mutants. My ability makes it a little better for them, safer." She gestures to the apartment, "Come on in and have a bite and then I will drive you up to the farm myself. We can talk about it ad nauseam. And *you* can play with Jinx." Nancy mutters something under her breath about the other mutant that sounds a lot like itch.


Bobby makes a face that says the name 'Jinx' isn't one he's fond of either. "Yeah, Kurt, Nan and I are both headed there soon enough. But they're safe for now. There's time for a drink and a bite to eat. Sure you don't wanna come up?" Even as he's saying this he's leading the way up to his apartment and, when he gets there, opening the door.

"Yeah, Mike I think maybe a few extra chairs would be nice if you don't mind. I dunno what I have for raw materials. Lunair, Kurt, this is Mike. He lives here in the building. Kind of the… resident handyman, I guess you could say?" Boy is that ever the understatement of the century.


"Don't drop the cake," Mike says, and steps away to move to the door under the stoop. The one with no handle on this side. It opens as he approaches, and he goes inside it. Whoever left the box-springs propped against the door in the storage unit, too bad for them, because Mike broke them a two days ago, and now they're being converted into folding chairs, in a special effect stolen from Magneto. Fortunately nobody here sees it; Mike carries the four folding chairs upstairs to Bobby's place, while the others have to lug food and things, HAH!


There's discussion of escapes and farms and mutants. At the talk of dangerous, she frowns a bit. Lunair knows what being dangerous is. If she hears anything, Lunair says nothing. "I am confused, and have no idea what's going on. Is this one of those things I shouldn't know about?" She rubs the back of her head, looking sheepish. At mention of a daughter, Lunair pauses. "I only know one person with a tail that resembles yours. She also likes pizza." Yes. "And really harsh music," Lunair recalls.

"She was really nice," She remembers. She doesn't know wtf is going on. But then, there's Mike. "Pleased to meet you, Mike." She nods. "And of course not." She beams. Then the cake would not be a lie, just a disappointment. "So you turn things into things?" She seems curious. Again, shiny. Like a puppy.


"'We' didn't know about it." Kurt responds. "The ones who are responsible." Empty amber eyes look towards Bobby then back to Nancy, and he takes a deep breath. "I will be going alone, without your particular ability. I want to know the true extent. Nothing hidden." Here, he smiles tightly, "Und I'll see you there, then."

Kurt seems truly… concerned and a touch disappointed. There honestly is nothing he'd -rather- do than go in and sit down, but.. he can't. He won't. "Danke for the invitation, und I hope one day I will be able to take you up on it. Or, perhaps one day serve as host." Without the bamfs.

Luna's question, or rather, observation gains the girl a genuine smile. "She is my daughter. A long story there, but ja. She looks a great deal more like me than her mother." And he's not telling who Talia's mother is!

Kurt takes a step back before he looks one last time at the gathered before BAMF! he's gone in a cloud of brimstone.


Nancy sighs as Nightcrawler leaves in a cloud of stink. "So much for dinner with my hunny and friends. I should head to the farm. Last thing we need is his dashing good looks scaring the people that are there to recover." She hugs Bobby and gives him an apologetic look. "I'll see you tonight?"
"Right… I'll come by in an hour or two." He says giving Nancy one more hug. "We'll talk to Kurt. Maybe just… Hank and Scott didn't tell him. I don't try to keep track of what they do there." Nodding to Mike and Lun. "Make yourselves comfortable guys. What do you want to drink?"


Mike did leave the area, but he left behind an unobtrusive monitor device - a large wasp. It's hovering in place listening to the conversation, as Mike goes thumping up the stairs inside from basement to third floor.

The wasp hovers a non-threatening distance away from Lunair and says (in Mike's voice, using some kind of vibration tech) "Yes, I do make things into other things. I should add that to my titles. Mutant Robot Maker Bot. Is that redundant?" And then the fuzzy blue dude disappears in a cloud of sulphur dioxide and trace sulphydryls, like the smell of the Devil's Underpants. And Nancy threatens departure as well, because Fuzzy Blue is heading for a farm full of presumably power-equipped and easily traumatized Hydrants.

"Wait, you're going to take off? Aww, I made chairs and everything."


Lunair looks so, so confused. "See you. Be well." A beat. "… she never told me she had a - what's a hunny?" Baffled. "Well, I'm sorry to see her go. I hope she'll not feel too bad," She considers. She is so, so lost. "Um. Just anything sweet like soda or juice is fine." She blinks. A wasp. Stare. STAAAAAAARE. You can almost hear the Good, the Bad and the Ugly standoff music going for a moment. It's a tragedy there's no tumbleweed going by.

Either way, she finally rolls with it after a moment. Lunair is all-accepting. It's probably a little unnerving in its own way. "That is pretty neat," She considers. "And it's up to you."


Bobby shrugs ruefully. "Sorry Mike. Yeah, trouble from that thing last night. And Lun, maybe it's best if you don't know right now. Folks seem to be in a tizzy about it." Between Ange and Partisan going at it last night and this… "Anyway, that's neither here nor there. You guys want something to drink while I warm some soup up?"


"Oh well, you've got 'em for next time," Mike says cheerfully. He stashes the chairs in one of Bobby's closets and returns to the others, and the wasp lands on his shoulder. A small door opens in his neck and it crawls inside, and the door closes.

"I'm good with anything," Mike says. "Dishwater tastes nasty though, so none of that."


Lunair frowns. "Oh. Okay," She just accepts it. She's concerned, but still. Lunair isn't going to push too hard. She watches Mike a moment, peering. Wait. Did a door just open in his neck? Again, like a puppy on a laser dot, she tilts her head. "Well, I hope we don't drink any dishwater," She furrows her brows. "Uhm. I can take this to the kitchen if you like," She's still holding cake. It's quite silly, really. "Just anything sweet is fine. I hate to impose too much."

"… and is a hunny like a honey?"


Bobby chuckles. There's some clinking of glasses and clanking of dishware and soon that old American standby - chicken noodle - is heating up. Soup. BLT's and cake afterward. The cool host comes out with a soda for Lunair, a soda for himself and a beer and a can of WD-40 for Mike. He honestly doesn't know which he'll want. "Sure, set it on the counter. Looks delicious. What flavor is it?"


Mike is impressed at Lunair's ability to pronounce 'hunny' and 'honey' as distinct phoneme combinations. He takes the WD40, slips the little straw into it, and pushes it against the side of the beer can; it goes in and he presses the button, allowing the WD40 to squirt into the beer. The trick is harder than it seems; there's less pressure in the WD40 than in the beer so he has to deform the beer can slightly to get it to flow in the right direction, and he has to do something similar to the light machine oil can to add pressure. But like any good magician, the work involved is mostly invisible. He pulls the straw out of the beer can, sealing it again in the process, and puts it back down, then seals his lips around the top of the beer. Again, not something that looks normal, except that people usually open the can first before drinking.

KACHUNK! FSSST, the beverage runs down his throat (because the nasal cavity was temporarily sealed.) After the pressure equalizes, Mike smiles and takes the can from his face, about 2/3 full. There are two fang-marks in the top, ala Dracula.

"I believe that hunny and honey are both the same word, but with different degrees of cuteness," Mike says to Lunair.


Lunair smiles as Bobby chuckles. "Thank you," She nods. "And um, light yellow sponge with chocolate buttercreme frosting. Supposed to be delicate. I dunno…" She seems uncertain. She will carefully set the cake onto the counter and accept a soda in turn. Lunair is good at phonemes! She's just direly undersocialized. She tilts her head. He - drinks WD40? "Is that like, flavoring?" Mike boggles and awes Lunair. Huh. Her eyebrows lift. But then.

"That makes sense. I feel like a bad friend for not realizing she had a 'hunny' unit? Yeah."


Bobby grins. "Does sound delish. Soup will be ready shortly. Hope you like BLTs." There will be food. And cake. Which is not a lie and therefore delicious. It won't last long, sadly. Bobby has places to be and people who count on him, but that's life.

"Oh Mike feel free to hang around after I have to go. Just lock up when you're done, okay?"


"Yes, flavoring. I'll put the fires out before I do," Mike says. "Do you need the keying on the lock to be the same when I'm done?"

He's not only trolling Lunair, here, he's not above teasing Bobby a bit. A second draught on the beer drains it to 1/3 full.

"BLTs are good."

Mike finishes the beer, flattening the can, then eats the can… what? it's tasty. Aluminium! With the extra 'i' in it!


"Cool, and BLTs are marvelous." Lunair smiles She will enjoy her time with Mike and Bobby. Again, Lunair looks completely baffled by Mike's behaviors. "So you eat and make things? Well, that's um - kind of mean to ask," Lunair considers. Very humanocentric that! It makes one think. Either way, the time will pass peacefully and she will help make sure things are all locked up.

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