September 01, 2014: Rachel Summers meets her roommate: Noriko Ashida.

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It's time to get settled into the Xavier Institute. It is so strange to talk about a place that has been your home, and yet it isn't anymore. It is all new and unknown, despite Rachel knowing every small nook and crook of the place, every bad floor board, every door knob that doesn't work.

And now, a new experience in a place she knew in the future. Rachel Anne Grey-Summers stands before the door of her dorm, one simple suitcase in hand, a suitcase she bought to feel normal, like the traveller she is. Inside there are clothes donated to her, but nothing else. No pictures of her mother, no pictures of her father, her friends.

And yet Rachel summons a smile and knocks on the door, wearing her usual attire, trying to look as friendly as she feels. Despite some experiences of meeting people she knew but for whom she was just a stranger here, Marvel Girl cannot complain about her return home. As hard as they are, it is never difficult to adapt to the changes, and slip a little further into the embrace of new and old alike.

"Noriko! Er… It's your new roommate!", she calls from the other side of the mahogany door, waiting for this other resident to answer to the door, balancing herself on the balls of her feet and resting both hands on top of the crest of her ass, the redhead's suitcase on the floor besides her.

Rachel tries different kinds of smiles, trying her best to impress whoever is on the other side.

"Sore wa daredesu kaaaaaaaa?" Comes the voice from within. It sounds… irritated? Uh-oh, maybe Rachel's new meeting wouldn't be as smooth as she thought! "Subete no kusa-tsuun, ima watashi wa rumumeito o kakaeu!? Osoraku ikutsu ka no akage no otaku. Do no yona doraggu, otoko… Kono Ni~Tsu wa dono waruku o eru koto ga dekimasu ka?"

There's the sound of movement behind the door, soft, muffled footsteps on carpet. The lights out in the hall flicker ominously. A latch turns and then the door creeeeeeeeaks open.

"Hai?" Sounds the annoyed-looking Asian on the other side. Her short hair was shoulder-lengthed and dyed a shocking blue. Though with mutants it was sometimes hard to tell what was natural, if you looked closely enough, Rachel could see the black roots starting to show. Her brown eyes travel up and down the redhead dismissively. The teenager was wearing a plain white t-shirt, and some short-shorts that barely came down to her thighs, shin-high socks, and sneakers. Maybe she just came from a workout, or gym?

"Anata wa oku no yo ni miteinai. Soredemo, watashitachiha, sukunakutomo yoriyoi shokai o okonaimasu ne…" And then the very irritated girl bows. "Watashi wa Noriko Ashida. O ai dekite ureshi." Then Noriko stares. And waits. Does Rachel have the presence of mind to bow!? Noriko's steel-gauntleted hands raise, clad in metal from fingertips to elbow, except for her thumbs. …Prosthetics? With a long-suffering sigh, she holds out a hand to be shook, clearly having low regard for touching vice the more sanitary bowing of her homeland. And there her metal hand /stays/. Until it's shook. Like a polite person would.

That's when Rachel Summers gets zapped like she'd just grabbed a joy-buzzer and the formerly-annoyed Asian teenager lets out a mirthful titter and slaps her hands together, shifting from one foot to the other. "Geez, at first I was like 'should I?' and then I just went for it! You should have seen your face, you had the dumbest look. Sorry, sorry, I just had to. Your last name is 'Summers', right? That was just begging to be… messed with. I'm Noriko, c'mon, quit standing in the doorway."

With that, Noriko Ashida, apparent prankster, grabs for Rachel's suitcase and leads the way inside!

Woah! This is a lot of japanese! Rachel's green eyes go slightly wider at the outburst within the room, the woman's words flying over the telekinetic's head, making Marvel Girl at least wish she had taken her japanese lessons with Kitty and Wolverine more seriously.

She didn't, so in the end the girl is left with nothing but her patience, waiting for something. Anything. And then Noriko bows, and Rachel does the same, going through the hoops of social interaction until a hand is offered, and a hand is given.

And Rachel screams and jumps on spot, the shock coursing briefly into the woman's body, psychic flames showing around her as Noriko's whole room jumps for a moment.

The redhead looks annoyed at Nori, rubbing her palm, before she walks inside with the japanese girl.

So many things she never had on her time… she wonders what some of them are even for. "Do you do this to all your roommates?", mumbles the girl, allowing herself to also notice how Noriko dresses, arching a brow. It isn't practical like the uniforms at Xavier's will be in the future, and it is NOT adult fashion. Rachel says nothing, but she wonders as her fiery aura vanishes.

"A-Ave. My name, yeah, it's Summers. Rachel Summers.", she offers with a more relaxed smile now, picking the bed that doesn't seem occupied.

"So, you are Nori, right? Have you been here for long?"

"Yes." The blue-haired teen answers automatically. "Well, no. The last one I just made think all her electronics were broken. But that was… three years ago? We were roomies for a long time. But she wanted to get out of the Mutie-biz, go follow her dreams, become a procoto-gynea-pharmacologist. Went to med school in New York." A beat as she slings the suitcase up and drops it onto the un-occupied bed that kinda also seems occupied. "We text."

Noriko's side of the room seems covered in heavy metal bands, popular movies, some indie movies, slashers, thrillers, posters, DVDs, some discarded clothes that speak to her fashion sense. This was clearly not how she usually dressed.

…She seemed to like to show off her stomach. A /lot/. And she was kind of a slob.

The other side of the room is ALSO decored up in… all kinds of random stuff. Posters of girl bands, boy bands, heart throbs, a bumper sticker stuck to the wall that says 'Never Miss An Opportunity To Pee', a little card taped up that informs one that if they wish to know how to keep an idiot occupied for hours, they should flip it over, and an honest-to-goodness stop sign right above the pillow where Rachel would rest her head.

"Didn't really know what you liked, only had your Institute ID photo to go off of, so kind of got you a little mish-mash of everything." The blue-haired, metal-gloved young woman says, waving her shiny gray fingers at the wall. "Won't really hurt me feelings if you don't like it and tear it all down." Leaning over, Noriko pats the stop sign. "Except this. This stays. Forever."

Leaning back, the Japanese mutant surveys her handiwork on behalf of her room-mate, pressing her lips together. Then she looks at Rachel, as if just now noticing that she had been asked a question. "Huh? Uhhhh… I dunno, three or four years. I was fifteen when I came here, living on the streets. No place else to go, like a lot of the kids here, I guess.
…Oh, got you something."

At that, as she turns away and walks back to her own side of the room, Noriko points towards a little iPod mini on the pillow with a tiny boy on it. There's even a small, plain white card on it that says, in cursive script 'Don't worry,
it's shock-proof! -N.'

"So listen," The teen says, throwing herself onto her bed and bouncing a bit until her back is against the wall, picking up a pair of headphones and hitting the 'play' button on her stereo. "Rules: Don't care what'cha do, just don't make a lot of noise when I'm trying to sleep and don't steal my pocky. You can remember that, we'll get along just fine."

As the redhead looks up at her corner of the room, there's a curious smile as she tries to take in every small detail about it. She doesn't recognize the meaning of most things there, nor the faces on those posters, but it's a very pleasant surprise to see the work this girl has done for her!

Holding a first closer to her lips, Rachel turns around with a wide smile and hugs the other girl, tightly, not the kind of embrace that most people would do, bureaucratic, but one that's deep and full of sincerity.

Which means it's all shades of awkward.

"Thank you, Noriko. It was really sweet.", she whispers by the woman's ear before letting the japanese girl go to jump on her own bed, on her knees, to run her fingertips along those posters and signs, allowing her mutant gift to really take effect.

As her fingertips dance along the objects, Rachel is able to grasp the surface thoughts on Noriko's mind, her feelings and impressions, back when she was hanging those up. Rachel wants to memorize those feelings of good will never to forget them, and hopefully return them soon enough.

A faint aura of fire envelops Rachel as she does so befor ethe woman sits down onto the bed, knees close together, feet somewhat appart on the floor, as she toys with the box in her hand, giggling at the message!

"So… what is this?!", she asks with a wide smile, nodding at the rules and eyeing the other woman, and then her gift, which she unwraps very carefully.

"I'm glad you found the Institute… it's the perfect place for people like you… and me.", because, right now… Rachel is also homeless, in a way. "This is o TINY! What does it do!?", she says, excited.

"Wait, what? Ew. Tell me you're not one of those touchy-feely types." Surge protests as she's hugged, stiffening uncomfortably and kind of… edging away. But as Rachel picks up Noriko's latent emotional impressions, she'd feel an overriding sense of melancholy blanketed over eagerness and determination. She missed her old room mate dearly, obviously, but she had been determined to make the new girl here feel welcome, as if she'd come home. Something a hell of a lot better than SHE had gotten when she'd first shown up at the gates, anyway.

Her new room mate catching on freaking FIRE has her frowning, half-pulling the headphones off of her ear as she eyes Rachel warily. "You're not… flammable, are you? Because I'm not really good at putting out fires, and if you're going to be lighting up and burning your bed every five seconds, then I think we should ask to get you transferred to the room with that girl that creates water."

The electrical manipulator eyes the redhead for another minute or so, as if half-expecting something around her to combust. Well, more than 'half'. Then there's a noise at the door, it's pushed open, and a dark-skinned young woman sticks her head in. "Surge, you do something with the lights again? You tripped the breaker in the girl's bathroom and now all the water's cold. Whatever you're doing, knock it off!" And then she's gone, before the Asian can even say anything.

So she just shrugs at the open doorway into the hall as if it didn't even matter, as a girl with moving hair, floating as if it were underwater, and a scaled young man with a tail go walking by.

"Psh. Yeah, 'found'. First time I showed up I got chased away from the gates." She looks at the gift, and from it up to the redhead's puzzled expression. "It's an iPod-mini? Y'know, to play music on? How do you not know what that is? You grow up in Africa or something?"

"Combust…?", Rachel inquires for a moment, not really ready for the question, until she realizes that the blue-haired japanese woman means. Rachel has so much story with the X-Men that she forgets that most people don't know these flames.

Suddenly, a picture perfect clone of Rachel's, but made from these very flames, shows up behind Noriko to hug her tight, as the real Rachel, still smiling, speaks. The illusion/construct feels like a real human being, despite looking anything but made of flesh. It even scents like the girl, like shampoo.

"These are psyonic flames. Although they take the appearance of fire, these cannot burn. Yet. I mean… I don't know how to make them burn… mom did.", she says, before her fiery clone jumps on her roommates' bed and disappears with a giggle.

"And yeah, I'm kinda touchy feely, so if you can be a prankster, I can hug you whenever!", teases the redhead before just smirking at the question about Africa.

"I… Mmm… not quite, no, but… what happened when you first showed up!? People here don't have the tradition of chasing others away from the gates!", asks Rachel concernedly, taking one of her pillows and hugging it tight, smiling
it's scent.

It is JUST like she remembers! UGH! "This place is perfect! Juuuuuust like home!", she says, hoping to make the other girl happier, and saying the truth, all in one. Extending her arm towards Surge, Rachel makes a grabby motion for the other girl to join her in bed.
The girl stiffens as she's touched again, through a look of alarm at the fire-clone that's now hugging her, somehow, even from the safety of her own bed. She puts a gauntleted hand on it. And tries to shock it away. "I will give up pranking for life if you agree never to hug me again. Ever. For any reason outside of a sports celebration" Noriko says with stone-faced sincerity.

"I was a homeless street-rat hooked on drugs. It was a shitty time, not really something that's fun to talk about." Noriko says blandly, going back to sorting through her musical library on her laptop, organizing her latest downloads by artist and album and mood and… color?

But then there's pillow-smelling and gushing about 'home' and… holding arms out. The Asian stares dubiously at the redhead, red vs. blue, squinting across the room. After a moment, she sloooooowly lifts her own pillow from by the top of her bed, leaning over to get it, never taking her eyes off of Rachel. She tosses it across the room to her. "That's as much as your getting from me. …And I want it back at lights out."

"So where was 'home' before here, then? You go to some kind of boarding school?"

Rachel narrows her eyes at the japanese woman, smirking wickedly before placing a finger onto her lips and looking upwards, in thought. "Mmmm…. NOPE!", she teases, grinning at the other mutant."I cannot help hugging people, and if you don't like that, then I guess you'll just have to deal with it!", says the time traveller, her smiling diminishing some at the story Noriko tells her. Rachel just nods, knowing when not to pressure, almost caught unaware by the pillow that zooms in her direction!

It's midflight when the whole thing gets encased by those flames, and drops to the ground, staying there for a moment.

"Bam bam bam bambambambam bam bam bambambambam…", murmurs the telekinetic, synching her lips to the tune of Disney's
Fantasia as the pillow stands up and starts to march towards Noriko, Rachel grinning as she speaks."It seems like we have a grumpy one here! Maybe she wants to cuddle ME instead!", and at that the pillow, acting as if both of it's upper extremities were hands, crawls up on the bed and jumps to hug Noriko, and tickle her ribs.

"I exorcise thee, Grumpy Spirit!", Rachel says, the pillow now mounting the blue-haired japanese woman as Rachel stands and walks over, frowning as she tries to control the thing. "Surrender, Noriko! Surrender to the power of my hugs!", the redhead teases, stopping when she has decided she had enough, letting the pillow go limp over the other mutant.

Noriko stares. She staaaaaaaaares at Rachel. Figures she'd get the weird one. One of those joyous, happy types who thought sunburns were how the sun showed his love and farts were just happiness trying to escape the body. The girl probably barfed rainbows and shat unicorns. Maybe if she came back from her run really, reeeeeeally dirty she wouldn't
get anymore hugs.

Alas, it was not meant to be, for the other woman shows her ability to hug by proxy.

The pillow stops in mid-air. Okay, that was something. The girl was telekinetic! Sure, she'd seen a lot weirder stuff. But then pillow starts moving. Worse, it starts /coming at her/. Okay, this has officially moved into the Twilight Zone of weirdness and now she could never sleep with that pillow again for fear of nightmares involving it coming alive and trying to suffocate her. "W-W-What the hell? That's not funn- DON'T MAKE IT TOUCH ME!"

Noriko squirms, she pushes, she scoots away, but the pillow follows. It follows, it CLINGS, it crawls on top of her! The lights go out! Oh, that was the blue-haired girl's doing. The room goes pitch black except for the light from the hall, and even some of the lights from outside go dark, too. There's a few groans of annoyance from nearby rooms. More than one person shouts 'Surge!'.

There's a bang, and crash of DVD cases to the floor, and some shuffling around. Noriko's silhoutte shows up in the doorway. "Quit making things dance around all creepy, you big weirdo! This isn't Clockwork Orange! I'm going for a run.
Don't touch my laptop!"

And with that, Noriko is off at a brisk pace! …By which I mean a solid sprint. That girl can /move/ on down the hall! As she runs, she listens to her headphones and tries to think of what to make of her new room mate. She was weird, though in a good way or in an awkward way had yet to be determined. Noriko was almost certain she was a lesbian. She liked touching other girls waaaaaay too much for that not to be the case. Which wasn't a problem, she was cute, she'd probably have girlfriends lining up.

But still. Dancing pillows that attacked their owners? She was taping her pillow down tonight.

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