Soul by Soul They Gather

August 2nd, 2014: The Darkhold's threat gets approached. The hunted become the hunters and the X-Men group up with unexpected assistance.

Xavier's Institute

The school for the gifted. A secure wing.



  • Charles Xavier

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X-Mansion, Faculty Wing away from the students and the rest of the traffic that could happen at this hour. A monitor sits in a room set aside from the sub-hallway. Usually an area no students are allowed in, Alumni, Teachers and X-Men are about all you'll run in to in this wing. The room itself is large, large enough to host about twenty individuals with some level of comfort. Anymore than that is pushing it. A monitor rests situated in the center of the room, inset fashionably in to the table centerpiece.

Gambit stands in here by himself, wearing a half-armored body suit and no trench, a large smile stretched across his features. A bit of wear and tear but the man seems to be in good spirits, a cigarette hangs out of his lips and his arms are folded akimbo across his chest.
Xavier himself is not present. The man's face is stretched across the large monitor in the middle console. Why he isn't present telepathically, who knows.

Illyana has found herself a spot on the fringes to perch. She's in boots and jeans and T-shirt, which is fairly casual wear for her. She's looking a bit tired, but that's not too unusual. She always looks a little tired. Probably why she's so grouchy all the time. Like Remy, her arms are crossed as she waits.

Bobby is in the room looking entirely out of place in his work casual clothes. He'd actually only stopped by because he left his guitar. That's when Remy caught him. And now, well, here he is. With less than zero clues about what's going on. There's a chill in the air about him, primarily because he's having some trouble holding it all in. Like some mutants, not using his powers is an active effort and while it's one he's used to, it takes some concentration and Bobby's a bit unsettled right now for several different reasons.

The memories of running Danger Room scenarios back when he was a student makes Doug Ramsey smile, as he seat himself at a table near the main console. "Like old times. One of those 'welcome to the X-Men' rituals. I had to hack the computers to pass mine," Doug comments, as he watches everyone get settled in.

So… As Charles explained to her she was not a prisoner here, but Rogue needed to stop tearing the clothes she wore apart and keep covered, for everyone's benefit here, not just hers. So sitting in her room she stared at the outfit left for her, picking up the red and black body suit, stretching it while lips twisted and brows furrowed. "How tha hell Ah'm I s'posed ta fit in that??"
Well, she figured it out, staring at the clock ticking by time (a thing she seems pressed for) she zips up the suit and leaves the gloves clasped in one hand as she races down the stairs.
Opening the front door she leads someone in before he can even press a knock on the wood, smiling, but there is still a look of apology to the man before Rogue has him follow her to where the others are gathered, opening the door to the room and not revealing who she has behind her just yet, not even knowing everyone herself save a few, and even then it is barely. "I brought someone… Ah think he'll fit with us." A hip-nudge to the door and she opens it wider to reveal her guest…

It is not the first time Magneto is in the school. In fact, it is not even the first time he is in the school also not trying to destroy it. Although the times he used to do that are long past, it was before some of the younger mutants in the room were born.

"Good afternoon," he greets to the X-folks, stepping into the room just after Rogue. "Charles," he greets to the monitor, offering a nod. "Worry not, I come in peace. My only intention at coming here today was to verify Rogue was in good health."

Fashionably late, purposely done and all of that. It takes time for a woman to get ready -just- to go home to her hide y hole. And.. she was there, walking in behind a Magneto with a displaced eye and a turn up of her lip, arms folded about her chest as she continues on to stand near the back, supposedly elusive and watchful. Psylocke is home! No parties, please.

Not quite the War Room but it makes due when 'guests' like Magneto arrive or uncertains like Rogue are present. A conference chamber in the Mansion in a wing the students are kept away from for faculty purposes. With the large monitor present hosting Xavier's head those gathered around it may come to a shock to discover the doorway opening from the main antechamber to admin Rogue and Magneto, like they were guests of honor. To some extent the are.
Psylocke following up behind them only makes her look like some warden leading in the guilty.

"Why he here?" Gambit asks with a frown.

"Erik." Xavier's projected face says calmly, a brief glance around the room and he looks back towards the man and Rogue, "Magneto is here by invite. Under the premise he keeps his helmet off and no one enters his mind. That is our agreement, isn't that correct, my old friend?" There is a certain firmness to the Professor's voice that many may not be used to hearing.

Illyana glances over at the new arrivals, eyes narrowing a touch but she doesn't say anything. It's not objection, just a thoughtful, considering look. Given where her brother's loyalties have been in the past… Yeah, the objections won't be coming from her.

Bobby looks around. Geeze so many new faces. And the intimidating friend of Nancy's. Well, actually, maybe not so intimidating considering that he at least knows who she is which is more than he can say for… um… anyone else. Right now it just seems prudent to watch and listen. Mostly because his talking would sound like this: Um… hi?

Yeah, master of small talk Bobby is not. Best to just see what's going on and why the odd Frenchman grabbed him.

"… Professor…?" Doug's eyes go wide as saucers when he sees Magneto. That Xavier's response is calm and collected causes him to stand down. Not that he can do much. Still, that Magneto's body language seems to be calm and relaxed… well, he wasn't terribly mollified, as he looks towards the others, before he seats himself back down. "Yes, Professor," he says, although now he does study Rogue a great deal more so. What was -she-?

Remy's look and tone has Rogue giving him one right back. The auburn and white haired woman fidgeted for a moment, the gloves in her hands flipped over and over and then lowered to her side, staying right by Magneto's side and up-tilting her chin. Utter defiance in her stare, she is the one lone brick wall between any and all if they chose to move for the man, Doug getting a warning look.

"He helped me, or tried to when Ah was plagued by that thing, he's my guest, sorry if ya'll don't approve." Though her voice intoned she wasn't sorry, not at all, the only one who seemed to get an apologetic glance over her shoulder is Magneto, though when the words passed from Charles to the man a rigidity seemed to ride up her spine… /Of course he knew../ The thought and surprise not shown as she looks across the seemingly growing 'sea' of faces, following Psylocke's path in and to the back. Doug and Psylocke the only others known in passing aside from Remy, who still gets passing glares and signs of unsurety.

"Awe, Professor? Not even just a little?" Psylocke holds up her fingers, creating a little measurement gauged by a little pinch. "Just a smidge? I want to know what he ate for breakfasssstt.." Surely, she had her weird moments, this was probably one of them. Pure and utter creep she is at the drop of a hat. "But you're not sorry. Don't waste them." Advice probably fallen on deaf ears but it needed to be said.

She almost went a little further than that, she was about to offer Magneto tea and crumpets laced with arsenic but hey, Xavier is watching. So instead she sits in the background, intending to be a quiet fixture in the gaggle of mutants. For now at least.

Magneto nods again at the monitor, "indeed, Charles. You have nothing to fear this time." Not many of the present here have crossed swords with him, after all. They all seem too young. Except almost everybody seems too young to him… he sighs and offers Rogue a chair, and waits for her to be seated before finding one himself.

Psylocke brief outburst earns her a few moments or icy staring. But he abstains to comment, instead he explains, "I met Rogue a few days ago, and she seemed to be suffering from hallucinations and perhaps a psychic attack. I had to deal with some troublesome mutant mercenaries and couldn't help her then. I am glad to see she is recovered, and interesting in knowing what happened."

"No one is on trial here, Rogue. This is a peaceful accord. " The Professor adds in. It's might make sense /why/ he isn't here now with Magneto's presence being something he had been accounting for, the distance and lack of the man's helmet gives him the upper hand should it be required. A re-assuring half-smile is given to Doug before he looks back towards the Master of Magnetism, "This is an attempt to further an understanding. I'm not completely without hope for the likes of Erik." His features have softened up now, it's perhaps more than anyone here needs to hear but it's simply the man displaying his usual empathic nature.

"Magneto, Magik, Gambit, Rogue and Iceman have all experienced a recent disturbance that could very well threaten this reality. Something that left unchecked will become a problem for all of us." A look around and he studies each face, "Illyana is the expert in this subject, the subject of the Elder Gods."

Quiet again he is letting it sink in. Gambit is still standing with his arms folded over his chest, a coy smile given to Rogue. She'll lighten up to him eventually. They always do.

There's a slight grimace as Charles throws the spotlight on her, but Illyana doesn't shrink back. Instead she turns and rises from where she's been sprawled out comfortably, the soles of her heavy boots a solid thud as she does so.

"The Elder Gods get their moniker because they've been around since most of the Gods we know of today. They've been around since the creation of Earth. Not like, 'since the dawn of man' but way back when Earth was just forming." Cold blue eyes sweep the room as she speaks, and for those not familiar with her she's a lot more at ease in front of a group than her usual standoffish nature might have implied.

"These gods had… a difference of opinion. Some were killed, some became… lesser and the worst ended up trapped in another dimension. A dimension that they badly want out of. The Darkhold is the creation of one of these Elder Gods and, maybe, one of their gambles to get free."

Ah. This. Bobby had, in all honesty, been trying to forget about that. Apparently now he's gonna have to start remembering. That creepy, oddly persuasive dwarf was disturbing enough to give him a week of nightmares and the page of that damn book, if that's what it was, was good for another week all by itself. Something about just being near it made its skin crawl.

And now this is starting to sound like an HP Lovecraft plot. But given what he's seen and how serious Remy and Illyana seem to be… it's no joke. Which begs the question what the hell he's doing here. "You locked that page we found away though. I'm guessing… there's more trouble afoot? Another page?"

"How many pages now, Illyana?" Doug asks, eyes wide open. "I remember what happened the last time I tried to read a page…"

Wrinkling his nose, the linguist shudders, looking away, eyes falling on Rogue and Magneto. "Is that why they're here, then? How'd -they- get involved?"

"Creed's bought muscle.." Rogue murmurs. "Also my fault." She is slow to sit, the tension in the room is palpable and it seems she brought it in. Typical. For a moment her hand lingers on the back of the chair when Magneto slides it to her, holding it still as Psylocke also gets an unwavering look from Rogue, but she had to hand it to the woman for her bluntness, despite how it urges the desire for a good 'ole fashioned fight.

The wood of the chair let out a low groan, protesting her tightening grip before it broke beneath, easing her up to finally claim her seat with an unceremonious -flop-.

Creed is known news, the anti-mutant lobbyist hiring mutants through others to hunt mutants now, at least to Rogue's suspicion via her ties with the Brotherhood. Perhaps new news, but right now… It can wait.

The coy smile from Gambit earns him her own look, quelling the edge save for the flex of her jaw just before she speaks. "I absorbed it from Remy trying to fight him away, and now she has it locked away." Rogue gestures to Illyana after she speaks. "If it was not for Charles and these people.." Rogue shrugs as she eyes Doug. Part and parcel of her abilities, who knows how long it would have /stuck/. At the mention from Bobby of another page Rogue tenses, enough so that the wringing of the gloves in her hands can be heard squuueeaakking.

The reason why they were gathered, possibly. Psylocke was pleased to at least hear that they weren't doing a meet and greet and getting friendly and all hand shaky. She would have avoided this place like a plague and set her roots down in Timbuktu. The serious moment was met with the same from her in kind, no remarks that would upset anyone, just a step forward to pull out a chair and settle down to give those who speak about the incidents her utmost attention.

But her violet gaze falls upon Rogue, her lips forming into a thin line as she watches her movements and mannerisms. It was almost as if she were picking the woman apart to display her upon the table in front of the rest, but whatever thoughts she had was kept and locked up tight. Someone needed a cornering later.

Magneto almost rolls his eyes at hearing Xavier talk about having 'hope' for him. Such an old, old argument. And he keeps bringing it in. But that is not what he came to talk about.

Then they young blonde begins talking about religion and other dimensions, and Magneto scowls. Past experience has taught him not to reject outright the existence of alien, malevolent entities lurking in other dimensions. But the concepts still offend the man of science in him. "What is this Darkhold? Are you talking about pages… as in a book?"

"Graydon Creed?" Xavier asks Rogue then carries on. He already knows what she speaks of for the most part. "At this point in time not a concern, not immediately. The man is an ongoing threat politically but there is nothing that can stick to Mr. Creed. We would fall in to what he wants if we were to act against him, we would look like terrorists. We are not. That is not our agenda." A glance to Magneto is given and the explanation by Illyana is let to settle upon those gathered.

"These are things we /can/ do something about. Something that has affected all of us directly and Mr. LeBeau has brought information forward that can assist us in getting to the source. A collector, the man who initially hired him and is responsible ultimately for several of your involvement up to this point. Any of you who have come in contact with the pages or those infected are still showing lingering signs of it's touch. It's tethered to your very psyches like a cancer. I would very much like to have this dealt with." Erik and Bobby should feel some weight in that. They too had contact with the pages. "If this man has more than even one page… " He doesn't finish.

"It be real bad." Gambit adds in those earlier smiles gone, a serious Cajun is always an odd thing. Absently he reaches up and rubs a scratch on his neck. " We talkin' ugly bad, I know de man , de collector. He a popular figure wit de T'ieves Guild. That where we gonna have to go for dis. That means we can't go in stupid, or alone. They won't take kindly to us sniffin' around."

Xavier smiles, just slightly though it is strained. "Those of you who have come in contact have a bit of a resistance to it now. You know what to expect but it will try other ways to take you, to turn you. This is why each person here has particular strengths that can be useful in this, Magneto's power alone I am counting on and to some extent even his leadership. Another reason I have invited him. If this is a threat on the level I suspect, we will need all the help we can get."

Illyana gives a nod over to Magneto. "Kinda like calling the meteor in Armageddon a little shooting star but yeah. It looks like a book. The pages, even /pieces/ of the pages, are dangerous. Not in the 'might hurt me', though they might do that too, but in the 'might eat my soul, turn me into a demon and damn me to Hell'." And not a hell that Illyana controls. A real Hell. One that souls go to.

Yay. More danger. Well, Bobby did say he wanted to help. He knew that'd entail some level of risk. All the same. This just got real. Between this and last night, yeah.

Hell? Souls? Illyana is scary, but heck, she's Nan's friend and no one but no one deserves that.

"Right. What can I do?" He asks, his voice perhaps a bit less confident than he'd like.

The sound of high heels can be heard running down the hall and suddenly there is a Nancy at the entryway. She stops and catches her breath, holding on to her side and bent over. "Sorry… I'm late. Had to… my mom… and…. what? Is it party night?" She stands up and fixes her hair, trying to walk in a more composed fashion the her shortness of breath would imply. She walks over to Bobby and leans on him, using him as support so she doesn't fall on the floor. "Quick," she mutters to him. "Gimme the Cliff Notes."

The mention from Charles of the residual effects of the page make her cringe, a small thing that draws her shoulders tight and one corner of those mossy green eyes tic. "Like waking nightmares.." But for /her/ it is permanent, just like the other she absorbed, she sees it, hears it, that residual echo and everlasting impression that never sleeps, not even when she does. It's not so easy, but Rogue left it lie, straightening with a deep breath to press back against the chair and rock it onto its two hind legs, lifting the front from the floor.

When Nancy comes in though, something changes, a sudden shift in Rogue's mind. A silence and that darkness that the Darkhold residue keeps pressing at the corners of her psyche - Clears. A breath of fresh air, one that makes those two legs of the chair slam down and Rogue's eyes to snap around the room. "What tha hell?" That southern accent crisp, a harder drawl at her surprise. Charles managed to help some, but this…

All of this just seemed so interesting to Psylocke. Instead of battling her own demons, she could put the true focus and anger into something else that has nothing to do with her, even if it was for selfish reasons. Bobby's eagerness to help inspired her own, her head nodding slightly in his direction, eyes soon turned towards the screen with a smile that dares to reach her lips. "I'm in as well. Tell me what I can do and it'll be done to the best of my abilities."

Nancy's entrance was marked with a raise of her brow, a little sigh drawing out from her lips as she settles back into the chair, her hands pressed flush against the table, fingers soon curling to lightly tap out a small rapid cadence. Tha-thump.

Magneto listens to the exposition of the problem in silence. Mysticism is really outside his area of expertise, but anyone attacking mutants is something he will want to deal with. "Where is this collector person?" He asks.

"All of you have invaluable abilities, talents and skills that will be useful in this venture. Those of you who encountered the Darkhold the most prepared. Psy… "
Xavier pauses and smiles at Nancy as she enters the room, "Good of you to join us." A knowing and sympathetic look gifted to Rogue, "Nancy is uniquely gifted with the ability to turn off the abilities of others by her presence alone. That is perhaps what you are experiencing right now, Anna." Carrying on without a hitch, "Betsy, your psychic powers are an extreme asset in this. You're less susceptible to possession than many of the others here. Illyana of course our resident expert on the occult, Gambit will be our guide."

Remy LeBeau looks at Magneto and speaks, he doesn't have much in the way of 'friendly' in his tone towards the aged mutant powerhouse, "Back home, my home. I lead us right to him… " Not fun things for him to say, the last time he lead a large group of mutants anywhere it turned out ugly. Very. This isn't quite the same though, not at all. He trusts the X-Men, knows them, knows their stance, he doesn't feel so keen about it now with Magneto's involvement but he's putting everything he has on Charles. A gamble in his mind. It always is.

Illyana has leaned back, and her arms cross now as things start to settle. Her chilly blue gaze has moved over to Remy and there might be the hint of a smirk as he says he'll take them in. The blonde looks over to the rest of the group gathered, giving Nancy a small nod before speaking. "We don't know if there are any more pages to be had, but if nothing else there's likely information to more than one. This is kinda my wheelhouse, not really mutant rights. I appreciate the help but you've got to be willing to trust me if you go in with me and things get hairy." And a lot of people have reasons not to trust Illyana. Demon sorceress, some of them know her brother played for the other team (as in Magneto's, no the Friends of Dorothy), and the habit of doing what she thinks needs doing, even if she needs to manipulate others to make it happen.

Bobby leans over to Nancy and murmurs. "Long story short? Big evil magical book is out there, could do something really bad and these guys want to stop it. Could be big, bad, damned-to-an-actual-hell trouble for Illyana." That about covers it right? Bobby can be there to make sure no one loses their cool. Heh. Okay, not funny but one must find ways to cope with the unimaginably grim. It was either that or learn Russian. And he's not Doug.

Bobby falls silent because enough people are talking and he still has only about half the answers. Of couse Bobby knows really only three things about Illyana. Number one, she intimidates the crap out of him. Two, she's got a wicked sense of humor ad three, she's Nancy's friend. No points for guessing what wins out for him on the being willing to follow her lead front.

Nancy looks up at the monitor with the Professor's face and tries to smile, but it looks more like a wince. She had once been told that if there was a super power to wield guilt like a weapon, that the Professor probably had it. And even though it was meant as a joke, she's always gotten the impression that he could give Catholic grandmothers lessons in the subject.

She waves a hand at the one called Rogue. "Sorry bout that. Sometimes I forget to tuck my power in like a lady and just let it all hang out." She closes her eyes for a moment and takes a calming breath and pulls her power in tight so only those closest to her can feel it. She nods to Bobby as he explains and it seems a no brainer her her. "Oh, well then, I'm in. Duh." Helping the closest thing she has to a best friend? Heck yeah.

Hearing Charles speak about Nancy, gets Nancy Rogue's full on attention. A curious glean in her eyes, and for once not one of anger, indignant and unsure… Or apology. For that moment she forgot about the Darkhold and what they were discussing and even lightened the hold on her gloves.

All good things come to pass though, and as if an elevator lurched to a stop and jerked just before the floodgates opened it was back, making her hand rise and press fingers to her temple. No words, silence from Rogue as she starts doing what Charles was teaching her. Think happy thoughts or some crap like that.

A clear and solid glance was given to Illyana, filled with apprehension and a little bit of doubt. The gaze soon flits to Magneto and then Rogue to a whole, her own hand reaching up to lightly pinch at the bridge of her nose, Nancy's power being pulled back having no effect on her but it was noted.

Trust was something that wasn't given so easily, and instead of feeling it, thinking it, she says it. "It's not something that's given so easily Illyana. Trust, that is. If that were the case, any random ol' bloke would have it." She glances back towards Video Xavier, then towards Remy, and with a sigh she relents. "But you got mine, no question.. only when necessary." And if it fails, Betsy will pitch a fit. Pitch. A. Frickin. Fit.

Xavier and Magneto both seem to pause and lock eyes briefly. Then the Professor looks towards Doug who has been sitting quiet for some time now, "Doug if you would walk, Erik to the door please."
No words just a simple stand and depart with one of the most dangerous men in the world. In passing Magneto will whisper something to Rogue then as monumental as his arrival was it's gone.

A look back towards those gathered and Xavier steeples his fingers together a wash of mental re-enforcement against that returning surge of voices is granted to Rogue (she can feel his presence in her mind helping push those mental echoes back behind walls), "Magik will be taking point. Our trust in her is a necessity."
"Gambit, Psylocke, the two of you will lead this mission. Magneto if he returns, which I believe he will, is going to be there as an adviser and to lend his considerable power. Nancy, I want to work on some mental exercises with you and Doug if you two are to accompany them, unlike the others you have yet to encounter the Darkhold. You do not have the same resistances, Elizabeth, you will aid me in this. We shall speak more when I return. Good luck, X-Men."
A flicker and the monitor goes out.

Gambit's hand rises up with a cigarette in it once the screen goes black and he places it in his lips, it's not lit up yet. "So, we goin' assemble a team. I feel all kinda official X-Men."

Illyana's eerie gaze settles on Psylocke as she makes the obvious remark about trust. The blonde gives the other woman a smirk, her tone almost mocking. Familiar, to those that know her. "No question. Just a remark, hmm?"

Remy's remark gets a short huff of amusement but Illyana doesn't try to jerk his chain mainly because she knows he wasn't keen on giving up this information to begin with.

Bobby just feels out of his depth. But that's starting to feel familiar, so it's not nearly so uncomfortable as it has been. "So is this like, you'll phone me and I come a-runnin'. Or how is this going to work?"

Nancy chuckles over at Bobby, snapping a bubble with her gum. "Seems to be what works for me," she tells him with a teasing grin. She then looks to Remy. "Does this mean I'm all officially in now? Not just an onlooker?"

When Magneto leans down to utter words to Rogue she shies back, shifting to the side slightly to avoid the closeness, her hand rising holding the gloves, but a gesture as if she is warding the man back before he exits.

Charles' aid is felt, the tension slowly easing out of Rogue while she re-weaves the mental netting for the holes just made while she slides one glove on and looks up, back to the others gathered within this room. Finally settled back into what she has known for years her eyes show the war waging. There's a rage there, but (for once!) not at Remy, it stares through and past them all. Stay or go? She looks at the door Mags and Doug just left through, a fight or flight decision that has her looking at the last glove before she is easing it over her hand, as she pushes each finger into place she speaks.

"Ah'll do it." The resolve and reason unexplained.

The cadence stops as her glance turns towards Xavier, wanting to speak but.. well, he was gone. With a huff of a sigh, Psylocke slumps lower in the chair before sitting up straight in preparations to stand. She doesn't however, that cool gaze soon averting towards Illyana, what looks to be a smile forming, but never reaches her eyes. "Course. A couple of them."

Rogue captured her attention next, a thought given before she speaks. "Rogue. Meet me tomorrow in the garden. It's important." And very private.

"Good. Sharls not givin' some of us a choice." Remy only loses his smile a little at that. The road to redemption is a rocky one. That response going to Rogue before he looks over at Illyana then Nancy and Bobby, "I seen dis before, same thing he did to me. Think it just means like initiates now. One foot in the door… maybe start gettin' fitted for fancy leather costumes soon. "
A wink and Remy pulls out his phone, head craning as he turns the picture around on it. Whatever is on it makes the man's eyebrows rise upwards in unison, "Oh, I bes' go. Petit diable, I find you an' we talk about dis stuff so we know what we're needin' still. We all be in touch." And the thief is gone in a rush.

As the party starts to break up, Illyana isn't one to linger. Remy gets a nod and then she teleports out in a flash of light. More than likely, it'll be hurt finding Remy. Likely when he least wants her to be there.

Bobby nods. "Back to the Farm then, Nan?" They came in separate cars, but doesn't mean they can't travel back together, after all.

Psylocke's words get her a long hard look, one that bears no wiggle room. Rogue has no desire to be a part of the woman's icy humor or frigid scrutiny. Gambits words and exit not getting her gaze to tear from the others though as she rises and only offers a nod to Psylocke, confirming that 'date'.

This was not anything she is looking forward to, none the less with a group of strangers who likely trust her as little as she does them. Which is not at all. "I'll be there." If she doesn't leave in the night.. Though she has been given one damn good reason to stay.

Mossy green eyes pause on nancy for a moment and out the door she goes, tugging at that red and black body suit, unzipping it as she curses under her breath. "Ah hate this, I can taste the fabric. How can people wear this crap…." On and on as she goes back to her room.

Gambit glances over his shoulder at the sound of a zipper but keeps moving on his way out of the Mansion.

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