Winston's Got His Back

August 2, 2014 Matt and Lara catch up after the Axe.


Lara's ritzy hotel penthouse in NYC



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The Penthouse of the Waldorf-Astoria is as gorgeous as always, and as pristine as ever, thanks to Winston Sinclair, the Croft Butler. The aged servant is in a particularly bad mood right now. His employer returned from one of her romps with Daredevil with a hospital discharge, a dislocated shoulder, and a concussion. She had also apparently been inside a building that exploded. He is displeased.

Lara, however, is relieved that Bullseye and Fisk are in jail, at least for the moment, for what they did to Rhys Bale. The Brit is lying on the couch, under Winston's orders, reviewing paperwork. She would much rather be up and about, but the brace holding her left arm still (the upper arm straight against her side, and the forearm across her torso) hampers a lot of things, like dressing, showering, eating, sleeping, breathing….you name it. There are a few small bandages on cuts from debris and shrapnel launched by the explosion. She's in a pair of scrub pants and a tank top, her hair loose for a change because the very idea of pulling it back makes her concussion throb. She has a blanket over her lap and pillows propped behind her. The television is tuned to the local news.

Matt Murdock took some time to stitch up the wound of glass to his back which is pretty tricky when your arms face forward, and even trickier when you're blind. But he's used to it now, despite how long it takes him. As he comes to the door of the penthouse he's holding a bag of Chinese, a lily, and a six pack of beer. It's somewhat difficult for him to ring the doorbell, but he does it alright.

He's wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black v-neck shirt, matching Lara's move towards comfort.

Winston opens the door, looks Matt up and down, then sighs and lets him in. "Lady Croft, your suitor is here bearing apology gifts. Shall I bring your gift for him into the sitting room as well?"

"Yes please, Winston!" Lara calls back. "I'm in here Matthew." She knows he can follow her voice.

Matt is left to his own devices as the butler closes the door behind him and wanders off into another room of the suite.

"It's," Matt says to himself. "It's not an apology. She's getting a flower because they're nice and dinner because I'm that kind of guy."

As he strolls into the room where Lara is with no need for his cane, Matt grins at her. "To the victors go the spoils of the General. And if you don't like my man Tso, I've got some other stuff in here for you too."

Lara chuckles, then winces, because that makes the sloshing pain in her head shift a bit. "Have a seat, handsome. It smells divine. I have a present for you too." The butler comes back in with a tray bearing medical supplies, proper bandages, cleansers, etc. "Did I mention Winston here did some time in the RAF as a field medic in his youth?" She grins. She knows he'd tried to patch himself up rather than go see a doctor.

Matt sets his things down upon the coffee table and takes a seat next to Lara and raises an eyebrow at Winston. He can smell the medical supplies. It's very clear. "This is going to be painful, isn't it?" he says with a wry grin.

"Winston, if you wanted me to take my shirt off, you should have asked beforehand."

"Yes, yes it shall be," Winston replies to the pain question, then scoffs at the shirt comment. He pulls an ottoman over for Matt to sit on so he can face Lara while his back is worked on.

"A little pain is worth insuring you heal up faster. The streets need you," Lara points out with that wisdom that sounds wiser with the British accent. "So," she asks, setting her papers aside and lifting the flower to give it a deep sniff. "Are the charges against Fisk going to stick?"

Matt nods, knowing she's right and he takes off his shirt, faces Winston, and shows him the terrible cut on his back. "I certainly hope so," Matt says. "They've got Walters and she's probably the best Prosecutor out there. They can prove that Bullseye was in so many places. They can prove that Bullseye and Kingpin were working together. And Gunroe is going to testify. We might not have the smoking gun anymore, but I think Walters will have enough to put him away."

"Good heavens! Who did this triage, a rabid ADD weasel with a grudge against you!?" Winston exclaims. He begins undoing what Matt has done to himself, and cleaning it up properly with antiseptic and iodine.

"Do you think Gunroe will actually survive to go to trial? I've a feeling Fisk and Bullseye will both have something in the works to make the man disappear before that can happen," Lara says skeptically. She begins to dish out some of the Chinese for them both, carefully, one handed. It's awkward for her, but this is not her first injury rodeo.

Matt winces at the antiseptic, "Winston, I did it. And I did it behind my black. And blind." He chuckles as he tries to help her, before thinking better of it. The sense of pain hits him hard, harder than most people feel it, and though he doesn't yelp, he does grit his teeth. "I think they'll try, for certain. But I think Pezzini and Manning will die before letting anything happen to Gunroe."

"Perhaps a rabid ADD weasel would have done a better job then," Winston retorts with another scoffing sound. He goes about his work diligently though. He's been patching up Lara since she was born, and her father before that. Damned Crofts and their penchant for adventure involving guns and blades and explosions.

"Sara will do her best, but they don't have the same resources as Fisk does," Lara points out. She hands Matt some food and begins scooping some into her mouth with chopsticks, propping the container expertly in between her sling and her torso.

"True, but I feel like he'll have a tough time keeping that out of the press. Gunroe goes down the only chance Fisk has is if it doens't go to trial. Because every single person alive will know he did it. All roads will come back to him." Matt gives an upwards nod to her. "Are you going to be alright? I'm sorry I wasn't there."

"Not necessarily, Matt," Lara points out quietly. "Gunroe is in a profession where he's garnered many, many enemies and rivals. And the media attention will alert every one of them to where he is. So there will be no way to prove that it was Fisk or Bullseye who has him killed. It could be anyone. Reasonable doubt is a tricky fish." She smiles at him warmly. "I'll be fine, believe me I've had much worse. And if the Kingpin's word is worth anything, which I assume it is to be where he is today in his underworld empire, I got an assurance that he will not seek retribution on Rhys' family. That was worth the injury."

Matt shrugs his shoulders, "I think they got him, Lara. I mean, the trial is the trial and it'll be up in the air, but even if someone else offs Gunroe, the balance of the minds of a juror are going to swing towards the idea that Kingpin did it. I guess we can hope for the best." Matt nods, "If it's helpful, I've heard tha when the Kingpin gives his word, he keeps it."

"That is a relief. I don't want Rhys' sister to pay for his mistakes. If he'd just come to me, I'd have helped with her ex. Damn the man." Granted, she was pretty young when that all went down. Winston finishes properly patching Matt up. "Next time, Mister Murdoch, please seek proper medical attention or myself before trying to sew yourself up. It's much less work for me."

"You're so sweet to me, Winston," Matt gives him a smirk before turning back to Lara as it fades. He nods sadly, "I'm sorry he's gone. He sounded like a fun guy. A good man. I know he did a lot for the community."

"He was a lecher and a drunk, but he was actually a good man, in spite of himself," Lara says quietly. Winston packs up his gear and moves off to give them some privacy. She shovels food into her mouth. "Winston has been trying to feed me rabbit food since I got home. This tastes so good right now." She smiles at him, her mood shifting.

"Well good, that's why I got it." He comes down off the ottoman and leans against the couch on his knees as he digs into some of the boxes. "Is there anything I can do for your shoulder or your head?"

"I think the painkillers are doing their job, but thank you for offering. It's just going to be an annoying few weeks until I can use this arm again." Lara ponders a moment. "Oh dear, that means I'll have to wear this contraption to the Museum opening. The Museum of Natural History is having a party to celebrate their new display, of ancient Inuit and Viking artifacts found on Baffin Island." She smile wryly. Clearly it's their Helluland discoveries.

"Well, darling, I'm sure that you'll start the newest fashion craze. You'll make the slings look good." Matt smiles and rests his hand on her ankle, "When is that supposed to happen anyways?"

"Sometime this coming week. Will the esteemed Mister Murdock be available to be my date?" Lara asks with a grin. She'd touch him back but her hand is holding chopsticks.

"I suppose I could make some time in my schedule," Matt responds. "I mean, I'll check with my secretary," he jokes. "I'd love to."

"Well then, that's the best present you could have given me. I hate attending those things unaccompanied," Lara chuckles, then ows. Then delves back into her meal.

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