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August 03 2014: Jericho goes looking for Richard Dragon for some advice. And doesn't find him. Per se.

Diamond District Street

A bit on the ordinary side, just a city street leading from a market to an apartment.



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When Gallante set his hired hitmen off to look for the twisted neck killer, he gave each of them an area to cover, a set of operations to oversee. Each part of the city where his interests were seen to had a new button man to cover them. For the new killer, Quinn, his job for the last week has been to make sure that the numbers games, bookies, and the off record poker games are secure. Sure the hours are long, but so far it's been quiet. It's when the sun starts to rise that Quinn's task is complete and his responsibilities discharged. It's then that he returns to his safe house.

It's a small apartment in the Diamond District, just a hole in the wall in a run down apartment building. But for someone with a command of data it's not too hard to find it. It's also not too hard to gauge the man's routine who lives there. He stops at a corner grocer to make a few purchases, stops near an old storefront church, then heads to his apartment. That routine is met like clockwork, almost as if he were hoping for someone to key into it.

So that is where we find him, not looking quite like Drakonovski. He's got glasses, dark hair, a black turtleneck, but otherwise is fairly non-descript. He emerges from the grocer carrying an armful of groceries, moving on to the next step of his itinerary.


Fortunately even in this run down part of Gotham there are fire escapes. Like the one Jericho is perching on casually. He's in his usual get up. Long sleeved tee, jeans, boots, faded baseball cap pulled low over his eyes as he leans and waits in plain view of one of the windows. There's an art to finding someone who has gone into hiding… or perhaps incognito, he's not yet sure. All he knows is that when he went to look for Drakonovski, he couldn't find him, but a net search turned up this guy.

In any case here he is, in plain view so as not to provoke a hostile response. When 'Quinn' passes under him he looks up and calls down. "You're not an easy man to find these days."


The tall man lifts his gaze to that fire escape and the fellow perched there. A faint crinkle touches Quinn's nose as he pauses in mid-step, gesturing absently to the side as if banishing any problems one might have in tracking him down.

"Not in my usual haunts. Still…" Quinn shifts his paper bag to the other arm and gestures to the sidewalk with the newly freed arm. "You gonna hang upside down now and then we kiss, or you wanna walk down the sidewalk like normal folk?"

As he says that he smirks a bit. Definitely seems to be Drakonovski, but different mannerisms. Still, they've only met a few times to be fair.


Jericho grins and slips under the railing to land lightly on his feat. He's favoring his right side a bit. "Thought we could walk and talk, if you're not too busy with the bread and eggs there." It's not ideal, in Jericho's mind, but it is a damn sight better than nothing. Based on Richard's own observations of Jeri, he seems to be… tired.

"Hope you don't mind."


The older man gives a small shrug, "Don't mind the walkin and talkin," 'Quinn' meets his gaze and half-smiles back, even as he jostles his paper bag with a faint rustle as if to emphasize the thing. "Though I didn't exactly by enough food for entertainin'." With that having been said he turns and sets deed to word and resumes his leisurely stroll down the sidewalk.

A moment passes, then he adds levelly, "Can shoot the breeze some, if ya know the usual caveats apply and all that." The way he speaks it's as if they're old friends, perhaps enough to fool most casual eavesdroppers.


Jericho's good at blending. Even though he's not able to, obviously, change outfit, he immediately starts emoting like someone you'd expect to see walking around this part of Gotham. Just part of the scenery, nothing to see here, thanks.

"Sure thing." He shrugs, as if it's just small talk he wanted to bring up. "I wanted to talk some about a mutual friend of ours. The one with the badge?" He hopes that Drakonovski will pick that one up, since most police badges these days are some manner of shield.


"Ehn," The tall dark-haired man crinkles his nose as he walks, his gait leisurely and at ease as he moves. "Don't got any friends with badges. But I get what yer sayin'." Quinn's finely crafted leather shoes scuff on the sidewalk faintly, kicking a pebble down into the gutter as he moves. It's at a corner that he pauses, waiting for the lights to change. In the interim he looks at Jericho and adds, "He up to his usual tricks?" He makes another faint grimace as if expecting the worst.


"Yeah, 'fraid so. Well 'he'…" May is anything but male. "And his friends. It's actually his friends. Run into them a few times now and on balance, they don't like me much. I'm thinkin' it may be trouble for him but… I ain't known 'im that long. Needed, you know, a street doc second opinion if you get my drift.

Jericho makes a face. Code talk. Yay. Yeah, ever since Hawkeye tracked him down he's been a bit concerned about SHIELD's sort of general distrust of him, and what that might be for the only agent they've got he gives a damn about.


A faint haze slides over Quinn's features as he parses that information, He frowns and says simply as that crosswalk sign turns to a little man striding forth in earnest, "Ideally yer friends with the man, not the job. Thing is, some folks are their job. Even when I first met the guy he was married to it. You gotta be careful, not much those folks won't sacrifice on the altar of job loyalty."

With that having been said he reaches the other side of the street and continues on, "Thing is there's another angle. You friends with him, ya don't put him in that position. I know where I stand with him. Maybe your read is different. Maybe I've known him for longer… but you might know him better."


"Don't wanna put him in that position. I just don't know if disappearing would make it worse. His friends, I'm not sure they're the kind to let go. I can deal, I think but…" But he just doesn't know. He's fairly sure May would have told him if he were that much trouble, but he's not sure May would know. Damn spy agency is a place where secrets have secrets. Maybe Hawk hasn't told May of his concerns, which would belie his assertion that May is his friend.



A fingertip lifts to scritch at the bridge of his nose. He glances sidelong towards Jericho and shakes his head as if understanding the difficult situation. His jaw tenses but he responds. "If there's one thing I know about, it's groups of folks who take themselves entirely too seriously about who they let in their club and who they don't. Sorta like the guys down the way, the Vostoks and all." Quinn waves his hand to the side. "Knew a guy who wanted to get gone from them. He tried a few different ways."

The bag crinkles and crunches as he shifts it to the other arm. "He tried to make nice. Tried to make it more profitable for them to leave him be. Even did what he could for them now and then. Thing is with some groups, once things calm down enough or don't need whatever you can do for 'em, they start to go down their list of grievances and there you are. So he went the other way, made it too damn expensive for them to go after him. Told some of those Vostok boys that if somethin' happens to him… you know the deal."

There's a shrug and then he adds, "Course, another way… you go all gung ho and sign up. Can't beat 'em….


"That's as like to get me killed as not." Of course he sort of already has. Ish. Promised to help out a 'team' in exchange for not having a very important bit of work stomped all over. Not that they helped of course. Oh no. He's not happy about it and it probably shows, and he's only in so far as he has to be.

"I'm confident that I can just vanish, but that just means looking over my shoulders for another set of eyes." And they may find him too. The other group has often enough.

"What would you do, if it were you?" He's actually curious. It's a form of advice. He may not take it or agree with it, but Richard knows May and this group of people so… it'd sure be helpful to know.


The man's jaw extends a bit and to the side as a 'hnh' of sound comes from him, his thoughts turned inwards for a moment. Then he pauses after a few steps and levels a stern gaze upon Jericho. For a time he just looks at the young man as if gauging the entirety of him in the amount of time it takes for him to look him up and down once.

A moment passes, then he shakes his head. "In a similar situation…" A rough and calloused hand lifts to push through his hair and then pause to grip the back of his neck. "I'd make them think I was mostly harmless, wouldn't let them be able to quantify exactly how far my reach is and what I could do, and then when they come nosin' around just show them enough to scare the hell out of them. All the while keep on smilin'."

He starts walking again, "Once they think they have you pigeon-holed you're no longer a player, yer an asset or leverage."


If there's one thing that no one at SHIELD has seen yet, it's the full range of Jericho's abilities. Mostly that's because using them is a two edged sword. Subtlety is the hacker's game. Firepower the soldier's. He's both and the two don't always jive together that well. "Mmmmm, well it's not a bad thought, anyway…"

Jericho sighs and shakes his head. This is probably going to get at least a bit unpleasant before it gets any better. "Thanks, though. What about you? Moving up in the world are we?"


A small smirk touches his lips, "You know, sometimes if ya decide to live in Rome, one must render unto Caesar." He leaves it at that, perhaps not comfortable to mention the Bat while wearing this particular identity. "Got a gig, nothin' you'd want in on. Standard junk."

With his playing it that close to the vest he gives Jericho a nod. "You set?" He gestures with a nod towards a particular window in the nearby apartment building. To a passerby it'd just be a casual gesture. To Jericho it's probably enough info to give him Dragon's new safe house address. "Like I said, I ain't exactly set ta entertain visitors."


Jericho nods slowly, adding the information to Dragon's internal file. So nice to be able to not forget things about people in the heat of the moment. "Yeah, thanks for the walk Quinn." He keeps walking at a slow pace himself, mostly to avoid showing a limp. "You'll do okay I think, but you got my number if you need it."

"And watch your back out there."


The front door to that apartment building opens and with a wave over one shoulder that crime family hitman known as Quinn disappears from view.

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