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August 04, 2014: Tel's feeling much better after a rest. Until he finds out when he is.

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The meeting between the Titans wrapped up about 3:00 AM. Rather than go home, The Flash is sitting sleeping on a couch. He figures he needs to work on the murder case when he gets up anyways, and allowing the cars in Keystone City to pile up only means it'll give him more work to get through in split second time. Auto Mechanic is a great job to have when you're a speedster.

Meanwhile, in the darkened roomthe makeshift medical bayTel Vole has been stabilized by Swedish doctors, where he's now resting comfortably. It's now 4 A.M. and a slight snore comes from the lounge area.

Tel had no actual injuries aside from some minor bruising from the landing. His force field shielded him from the explosion and the trip through time. It didn't help much when it came to the less physical effects of being ripped out of your timestream. But after some much needed rest, and an IV to make sure he's hydrated, he slowly wakes and sits up, making the pole the IV is hanging from rattle. "What the hell?"

The door to the rather cramped partition opens and Vorpal comes in, taking his jacket off in the process. One quick eye at the sleeping Flash and he shakes his head. "Sleeping while sitting down. That's going to be uncomfortable in the…"

A pause, as his ears detect a voice coming from the makeshift 'medbay'. Growing quiet, the Cheshire tiptoes over to the door and listens, to see if he was imagining things.

Tel follows the tube from his arm up to the bag and shakes his head. "Talk about primitive." He starts disconnecting himself from the tube. "What planet am I on? And how did I get here?" There's a pause and then he says "Explosion. But I was on Earth."

Yup. Sounds like their visitor was awake. And also totally talking to himself, which was the sign of an unhinged mind.

Or a superhero. Funny how those things went together, right?

Giving the Flash a look, Vorpal ponders whether he should disturb his rest or not. And then the real possibility that their guest might be a villain crosses his mind. So he tiptoes over to him and taptaps his shoulder, whispering quietly. "Hey, Flash… wake up. I think our guest's awake."

The Flash sits right up and holds his hands splayed out to either side as he desperately tries to get his bearings. This isn't his room. Why's he wearing his mask? A turn to the left and he catches a sight of Vorpal and flinches. "What? Guest?" There's some heavy exhales as he finally get conscious. "What time is it? Oh, guest. Right!"

Tel carefully pulls the needle out and just lets it dangle from the tube as he applies pressure to the small hole and swings his legs over the edge of the bed. A faint grown escapes him and he reaches up to rub his head. Bad move. Bad.

"Just in case he's not, you know… evil and prepared for seeing someone like me…" Vorpal snaps his fingers and suddenly he's not Vorpal anymore. He now looks like one of the Swedish nurses who tended to Tel's recovery, right down to her voice. "Shall we go and see?"

The Flash nods to Vorpal and goes to the door. "Hey dude, you're probably disoriented right now. On account of the clothes and that sweet facial hair, as well as us totes not knowing who you are, we're thinking you're not from around here. Anyways, there was some crazy stuff going up in the clouds and you kind of just…well…showed up. Can we, uh. Come in?"

As the door opens, Tel looks up then quickly rests his head in his hands. "Not so loud. My head feels like Procyon just went nova in it." He's speaking very quietly himself. "What day is it? And who are you?" That can be implied as permission since he didn't sy stay out.

Vorpal blinks. Wally wasn't kidding. For a second he fishes for words, and finally says, "Er, this is The Flash." 'she' gestures to the spandex-clad runner. "And it's the Fourth of August. Do you need me to get you an aspirin, sir?" Because, as long as he's playing the Nurse, he might as well go all the way without actually ofering a sponge bath or to bring him one of those embarrassing gowns that open up in the back.

The Flash opens the door, very very slowly and winces as the door creaks. "Sorry," he whispers. "Like they said. I'm the Flash. You're in New York City at the United Nations Headquarters."

"If that's a painkiller, the answer is get me two." Tel says without looking up. "August fourth? I lost a few hours. Must have been the explosion." BUt then Wally tells him where he is and he looks up, wincing as he does so. "New York City? On Earth?" Or did someone name another city on another planet after it. That happens.

"Er…" Vorpal frowns, "Yes, on Earth. Where do you think you are, sir?"

The Flash enters the room and makes for one of the cabinets, getting him a mega-ibuprofen. He doesn't have a medical license, so he can't get his hands on anything that will really do the trick. He holds it out for Tel. "Vorp, can you get him some water?"

"I was on Earth." Tel answers and his eyes shift to look around as he avoids moving his head. "But why does everything look so…" Ah, hell with it. Politeness can wait. "Primitive." He reaches for the pill and looks at it as if it's a perfect example of what he was talking about.

Primitive? Nurse Inga Vorpal shrugs and goes to get the man some water. Soon enough, a glass is offered when the Nurse returns. "Primitive in what way? There's 'Ah, what a delightfully rustic environment' and then there's 'What do you mean, don't drink the water?'"

Raven is not a nurse, she is not a doctor, heck she may barely classify as a citizen so when she comes in wearing a purple hoodie and black jeans, she really doesn't look the part of belonging in a medbay other than as a patient. Just in time to hear that things look primitive, no less. "How old are you?" She asks the newly awakened Tel with an air of muted curiosity. Her arms cross over her chest in an attempt to look relaxed, she's still too stiff.

The Flash's mouth twists in confusion. He's pretty sure that if New York looks primitive to this dude, it appears that he might be from the future. "Uhm, what year do you think it is, dude?"

"Thank you." Tel takes the glass and takes a drink then swallows the pill. "Sorry, I didn't mean to be insulting." Some people like vintage. Raven looks vaguely familiar when she enters but he doesn't really remember much about what happened right after the explosion. "How old am I?" That's a strange question. "Twenty five Sol years." Wally's question is even stranger. "Thirty fourteen, of course. August fourth you said which means I was unconscious for a few hours."

"… Thirty Fourteen? I hate to break it to you, but you've been unconscious four a few hours minus a thousand years." The Nurse crosses her arms. "You know… screw this. If he's from the future, I'm sure he's seen weirder things than me."

And he dismisses the illusion, replacing the attractive nurse with… well. Himself.

"The year is twenty fourteen right now, I'm afraid to say."

Vorpal is an anthropomorphic feline standing at 5'6''. There is nothing subtle about his appearance: His fur is iridescent reddish-purple with dark black stripes, cropped short and well-groomed. He has bright, almond-shaped yellow-green eyes and a short and disorderly mane of red. He has the impressive build of an athlete with powerful, developed muscles and a shape built for agility and speed.

His hero 'uniform' consists of a sleeveless band jacket in dark red with gold accents, which he wears open over a bare torso, his forearms are protected by what seem to be banded metal bracelets that go up to the wrist.

For pants, he wears green skin-hugging tights with red piping.

"That solves it." Raven seems satisfied, "He's from the future." Thirty fourteen. She remains nearer to the door than to their awakened new ''friend''. "I'm sure you have already covered it, but do you have a name? I'm Raven. I introduced myself to you the other night but you were far to preoccupied to make first contact with a prehistoric civilization at the time." So understanding. She actually sounds like she blames him, somehow.

"Who is Night Girl?"

The Flash face wrinkles in an overly exaggerated manner. It's not where he is, it's when. Oh boy. "Do you want a seat or something? Can I get you anything else?"

"What? No. That can't be." That would mean Tel's back in time. Duh. With no way to get home. Ouch. He drops his head back into his hands a moment while he thinks that over. "Back in time. Okay. I can work with this." How, he's not sure yet but the Legion has had time issues before even if he's not a Legionnaire. Looking back up, he double takes slightly at Vorpal but doesn't look anything but surprised at the change in appearance. "Weird? I'm not familiar with your planet. Is your illusion psionic or mystic?" At Raven's question, he says "Oh, forgive me. I'm Gravity Kid. Tel Vole when I'm off duty. And Night Girl is an instructor at the Academy." He's still sitting on the bed so gingerly shakes his head. "No thank you."

The Cheshire raises an eyebrow. "It's magic." Tel Vole. Apparently naming conventions in the future went in an entirely unexpected direction. "Flash is a speedster and Raven is our resident mystic. I'm not a mystic, I'm just magical."

He crouches down next to Tel, looking at him. "So you're from the future… therefore you don't have any resources or a place to live… much less a legal identity. " The purple hero looks up at Flash, clearly thinking about the practical matters. "… That's going to be a bit of an issue if he can't get back home." And then, of course, something hits him. He looks at the costume, such as it is, that Tel is wearing. "Gravity Kid. You were a cape back where you came from? When you came from."

"I like that you're taking this well." Raven says without really meaning it. How else would he take it? Throwing a temper tantrum wouldn't solve anything, unless it was a vortex time portal like tantrum or something equally absurd. It's just the polite thing to say, so she says it. Even if she really doesn't mean it. "Were you a career criminal in your time?" She asks with a scrutinizing squint of her indigo eyes, asking the flip coin to Vorpal's question.

That's the another option. With a codename you got three. Hero. Villain. Pilot from Top Gun. The Flash tilts his head, "You can stay here as long as you want, man. Or until we can find you a way back."

"A cape? No, they're pretentious and impractical." Tel answers, thinking he said 'wore a cape'. Which is another strange comment. "How else should I take it? I just have to figure out how to get a message to the people who can come get me." He waits a moment then sighs. "Which is going to take some time since they haven't show up already. Oh, damn. Jed is going to be devastated if they think I'm dead." It's Raven's question though that makes him blink. "A criminal? Of course not. I'm with the Science Police. Thank you, Flash. I'll have to take you up on that."

"Science police? Wow… sounds like Bill Nye finally got his wish." Vorpal mutters. This time he does resist the urge to joke about the existence of a Fashion Police, because the poor guy is time-stranded which is worse than being stranded on a desert island. It's like being stranded in another country that makes up the entire universe. "Jed? That's the guy you need to contact? Well, don't worry. It looks like my link to Mister Fantastic might just come in handy. I'm sure he must have fiddled with time travel by now. And the fact that time hasn't imploded upon itself may be a sign that he's been successful, I would say, aye?" He looks at Raven.

"Oh, the science police. That doesn't sound ominous at all." Raven drawls sardonically and shakes her head, "How about you write them a letter?" She asks, perking a brow. "Is there UPS in your time?"

She looks to Vorpal in return and shrugs, "Do I look like I paid attention in science class? As far as I know we might be the dimension where people go when the world does implode. It would make sense why everyone annoys me so much…" Actually, she cants her head and glances up at the sky…. nah.

"Everyone but me, Sugar," The Flash says unable to avoid the quip. "Gotta agree with the cape thing, man. I could never wear one. Who's Jed? I got a friend named Jed. He lives in Missouri. Probably not the same dude."

"Well, he's one of them. He'd get a message to the Legion who'd probably come get me." Tel was almost a Legionnaire after all and his superiors would insist. "The Science Police is the law enforcement agency for the United Planets." he explains to Raven. "I'm not sure how a message could get to them. Unless…" he pauses a moment as he thinks. "If my name was in the history books, someone would put the pieces together. And then they'd know I didn't die in the explosion and figure out how to come get me. The Legion has traveled in time before so they just need to know I'm here."

"That doesn't sound too bad. How much do your history records have on this century?" Vorpal asks. "I imagine it must be well-documented up the wazoo, so you know what's coming."

Raven looks terribly unconvinced, but Wally is tossing his chips in, so she just listens to their plan. "Unless I am drastically misunderstanding how time travel works, wouldn't your being here change things there? Or the other option is that you were always intended to come here anyways, in which case nothing will change, and all you have to do is send them a letter." Glancing between Wally and Tel. "For the exact moment you would disappear? Either way seems far fetched and nonsensical to me, but I'm not really into science fiction."

"I'm not a historian." Tel says and shakes his head, wincing as he forgets how bad an idea that is. "I expect there are many records of the next thousand years, especially concerning the super powered. This is when they really started, you know. There's always been some on Earth but they really grew in this and last century. Yes, you could be right." he tells Raven. "I might have always been supposed to have been here but it wasn't in the history books until I actually was." Time paradox. "Thank you, Flash. I will." He has no intention of going anywhere until the nova settles down.

"Well, then… quick question: Do you guys know who, say, Superman or Wonder Woman was?" The Cheshire says, and then looks at Raven.

"Why do you keep looking at me…?" Raven asks of Vorpal when he turns her way again. After a second she shakes her head and looks to Tel, "You might, yes. Now all we have to do is get you into your times social studies books…" Arms still crossed, face twisted into an 'almost' disinterested lull of her eyes towards the floor. "We should probably get started. It would be really awkward if you left twenty four and returned forty six."

"Of course, they're famous." And while Tel's in agreement with Raven, his head is splitting. But he is Science Police. "Do you have something in mind?" Then as a thought hits him, he asks "No one else showed up when I did, did they?" Because Magno Lad was right near him.

"I'd say you were the only one who came across. But going back to the earlier point—- Superman and Wonder Woman are active right now. Now… I don't know them. And I don't know if Flash does. But let's suppose that we manage to get their ear for a moment and ask them to do something that could send a message down in history?" The cat tilts his head and hmms. "Also, you must be hungry."

"Maybe we can build a two hundred thousand foot Lego 'help me' sign over the arctic?" Raven suggests, rolling her eyes and pushing off the wall. "You want to get put into history books by riding the coat tails of someone who is already in them? Be my guest." She grumbles and starts towards the door, "If I were the one stuck in the past, I would be wanting to make my way on my own, but it's your time. I have to go see someone."

"That should work." Tel agrees, sounding hopeful. He even looks around briefly to see if any of the Legion appear as soon as the plan of action is mentioned. Raven gets a frown and glance at Vorpal. Who said anything about riding anyone's coattails? Giving a message to am immortal is just plain logical.

The Cheshire gives him a sympathetic look, putting a hand on his shoulder and saying very quietly as she heads towards the door. "Don't worry about her. She kind of hates my guts, I think." In a normal voice, he says "I repeat, though- if you're hungry, I can take you out and get you something to feed on. Show you the kind of world you're in and give you the lowdown on how things work around here. So that you can make your way around until we find a way to get back home. When speedy boy gets back, we can ask him about whether or not he can pass a note to the Big 'S'. But you'll need to learn how to get around, otherwise people will look at you suspiciously when you don't know how to operate a simple ATM."

Tel can take some pain because he is in fact very hungry. "Food sounds like a very good idea." he agrees. And the puzzled look he gives Vorpal seems to indicate he has no idea what an ATM is.

"Automatic teller machines. It's one of the ways we withdraw our money from the bank…" the cat stands up. "C'mon, I'll get you something, my treat…" he frowns. "Actually, there might be a problem. Do you want to be incognito, or do you want to advertise you're a… well, by this century's standards, a superhero?"

Tel stands up and takes stock of his physical condition. Headache but he can deal with it. Achy but nothing serious. "I don't see any reason to hide what I am. And they'll figure it out anyway when we fly to wherever it is we're going. Which is where?"

Vorpal blinks. "Fly? I can't fly, I'm afraid. It's a nice little noodle place I know, just a couple of blocks down the way. But believe me… for the moment, it's better if we blend in. I'd hate for my Welcome To 2014 Lesson to be interrupted by a supervillain who wants to beat up on a couple of tights. As flattering as your uniform is, you'll need to put something over it for this excursion." Vorpal gestures to the other room. "I've got a shift of clothes under the desk over there. There's a mirror there, which is good because I can't turn back without one."

"I can take you." Tel assures Vorpal. "But all right, this is your home so I'll take your word for it. If you have a jacket, that should be enough right?" He studies Vorpal a moment before asking "Turn back to what?"

"Well, turn back into 'him'. Or myself. It's a little complicated." The Cheshire cat walks to a corner of the room that has a piece of furniture covered by a cloth, which turns out to be a full-length mirror once he removes the cloth.

"You can take my jacket, then, I won't need it. I'll get it for you in a second…"

Looking into the mirror, Vorpal's reflection grins at him.

"So soon? But there's so much to do!" comes Vorpal's voice… but from the mirror.

"I know. But everybody needs a break now and again."

"Fine. You know how it goes."

The feline grabs the sides of the mirror and looks into it with intensity. The next moment, when he speaks, his voice echoes across the room in a way that is not natural.

"Don't go among mad people." And, saying that, the mirror becomes something else- no longer a reflective surface, but it appears to be a window with depth and perspective. He quickly steps through—-

And then Keith O'Neil steps through into the room, from the mirror. Vorpal, on the other side of the mirror, turns to look over his shoulder and grins. And in the next instant, it is a perfectly normal mirror, and Keith's reflection looks back at the world.

The redhead smiles and shrugs off his jacket, tossing it over at Tel. "Just figured we'd draw less attention if you're not being escorted by a purple freak."

"My former husband was purple." Tel notes, having watched the entire process with interest. "That's who I was talking about earlier: Jed. That's really fascinating. I can't think of any Legionnaire who's been reputed to do anything similar."

"Former? Huh… it's good to know you're in good terms with your ex." Keith says, covering the mirror up again. "Purple is a fine color, but it isn't very common here. Or rather, not common at all. We're not exactly a cosmopolitan space-faring society with hordes of aliens running around just yet- I imagine your former husband must have been non-Terran." Keith nods to the door as he walks up to it. "Non-Terran. How science-fictiony. Anyways… I also need to warn you that I'm not real. Not in the full sense of the word."

"He wasn't." Tel agrees. "Most of the Legion is made up of aliens. Not that Jed was a member. He wanted to be but wasn't accepted." He shakes his head over that comment which just doesn't make any sense. "You're not real?"

Keith gestures for Tel to follow. As he leads him out of the building- and there's quite a bit of building, being what it is- he says, "Well, I'm not real in many ways. See, I was supposed to die. Something having to do with fate or Wyrd. Only, I didn't because the Cat in the Mirror interfered and did some of his chaos magic. It wasn't a showy thing, just a little 'nudge'."

Coming out through the main doors, he comments "The only reason I'm telling you this is because sometimes the universe seems to remember that I died and… some strange things happen."

Tel follows Keith to the outside and then stops as he sneezes. Oh. So that's what he's been smelling. Internal combustion engines powered by gasoline. Primitive indeed. "You were supposed to die." he repeats but us obviously distracted as he looks around. "Except you didn't. Do you have powers in this body?"

"None whatsoever. The cat never shares," Keith grins. "… actually, it makes it sound like I have multiple personalities. I am the cat. Or he is me. There used to be two- a man and a cat spirit, but they both ceased to exist. The spirit was trapped in a mirror, and the man fell onto that mirror…" he looks around, and then slowly raises his T-shirt, revealing a powerful torso… but one marked by an unsightly scar, right across his left pectoral, over his heart. "And that day, they both ceased to exist when their souls merged and gave birth to me. So, you see…" he lowers his shirt. "I died. But I didn't. And sometimes the universe remembers and doesn't like it. Some days- not many, and not often, but every once in a while, I will wake up and nobody sees me. What's more, people don't even remember I exist. When that day passes, I usually get in trouble for not having shown up to work even though I -was- there at the time. I've lost a few jobs that way. Most people wouldn't believe me if I told them why that happens… or I could tell them, and blow my secret identity. With other heroes, though, it is something I can confide. So now you know, sometimes I'm the Nowhere Man. C'mon, let me treat you to some noodles." He tilts his head in a direction, and starts walking.

Tel listens as Keith talks but he's really studying 21st century New York. Which is not to say he wasn't listening. "Then get behind me if anything happens." he says, focusing on the important part of the story: him not having any powers. "I'm afraid you're going to have to. It seems impossible that my credit chip will work here. The computer network doesn't even exist yet. Has universal population identification been implemented yet?"

"Hey, it's my pleasure. It's not everyday that I get to have dinner with a man from the future. Now you can tell me exactly when it is that those blasted hoverboards are coming out," he says ruefully, and then Keith adds, "I don't have powers, but I'm not completely defenseless. I'm a black belt in Black Tiger Fist."

"Oh goodness, I hope that doesn't happen for a while. I rather enjoy my privacy as it is…"

Then maybe Tel will be able to get a job in this century and earn some money. Maybe even in the police force since he's already trained for it. He just nods at Keith's assertion that he's not helpless and asks questions about things on their way to get noodles.

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