What about Tel?

August 4, 2014: The Titans meet at the Swedish Headquarters to discuss the man who fell from the sky.

Titans Temporary Headquarters at the Swedish Offices of the United Nations…of the World

A 1970s looking office building with a medical facility attached.



  • Tel Vole is discussed, but is not present

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2:37 AM

The Flash closes the door softly; very softly in hopes of not waking the mysterious man who fell from the clouds. It's been an odd couple of hours. Since we last caught up with Wally West, he was carrying off a strange visitor after the team had defeated the supervillain known as the FIDDLER.

With the help of Swedish doctors (and their nurses *wink-wink*) Tel Vole was stabilized and was resting. That was the good news. The bad news is that the Flash was no closer to knowing the man's identity than he was when he plucked him off of the cement outside the Philharmonic.

The Flash turns around from the closed door of the makeshift medbay and looks at those who've assembled in the lounge area.

"He's stable, but dude hasn't told me jack about how he got here. Just mumbles. But the doc thinks he'll be alright."

Lounging with his arm across the back of a couch seat and his leg propped up on a nearby chair, Alexander Aaron presents the very image of luxurious yet polite interest in the man's fate, if not sincere. It's not that he doesn't entirely care about Tel Vole, he's heard a little of what happened, but he just sort of looks that way whenever anything of weight is discussed. It tends to take something more to gain his attention fully. Then again could be just that he likes the way the sunlight catches him and frames his features just so from this angle.

In any case he looks over towards Wally and lifts his voice, "So for those of us that don't frequent artistic endeavours, what exactly happened? As far as we know."

There's a percentage of the population that just do better in the middle of the night. After the witching hour, they get a second wind and come alive. Raven is never going to be confused for having an over abundence of energy or excitement about life, but she does look bright eyed and awake, even after two in the morning. Sitting straight backed in one of the chairs in the lounge area with her hood pulled back so that black hair spills out all around her bare shoulders.

She looks up at Wally as he filters in from the makeshift medbay, then shifts enough to look around him at the door that hides the newest arrival to Earth… or this Earth anyways. "I've been considering the potential of a combination of the speed force and one of my portals." She says flatly, hands laying on her black jeans covered knees. Does she ever relax?

"There are an infinite number of dimentions and I have long ago realized that my portals are like a folded sheet of paper with all of them somewhere in the middle of the two points. As far as I knew, I was unable to interact with them… I believe my portals gave the speed force the ability to act like a crane game and pluck him either from one of those multitude of dimensions or from a different time that mirrors our own." All very clinical, really.

"I suppose they now got part of the ampitheatre in whatever dimension he came form. Which is a shame, I really enjoyed the music.. I hope they rebuild it."

"Sorry I'm late-" a rather bright purple character enters the scene, closig the door behind him. "Had to work overtime to compensate for the bank heist day…"

The Cheshire looks at the assembled crew and smirks a little when he spots Alexander. He turns to Wally, "I heard we have a visitor of sorts?" This is the first time Vorpal has been in their new temporary 'digs', so to speak. He also takes in Raven's presence and does a double take. Yet another 'coincidence'.

~This is getting old very quickly~

~Suck it up, that's what you get for being me. You. Me.~

~I get the picture~

"Heya Phobos," The Flash says to Alex as the blonde main leans against his chair. Wally, meanwhile leans against a post on the wall. "Sorry about the cramped space, guys. Apparently Sweden is building us a headquarters out on the water. Swank."

"Basically what happened is that this dude the Fiddler was playing songs through his magical-wing-ding violin and it made people go insane and get really grabhandy in a bad way. We got him before he got away, but we got something extra too."

Wally is about to answer Raven, just as Vorpal walks in the door. "No worries, Felix." Wally nods, "Yeah a visitor with no name, no id, no passport, and I think he's missing some of his clothing. Unless that's the style wherever he's from."

Then to Raven, "I wonder if the lightning, Magma's power, and the violin itself had anything to do with it. We'd have to search out a scientist of some sorts to be sure I guess." Science. Pfft. Like science could explain Raven.

A slight quirk is given as Alexander watches Wally while the other man speaks. "Is there some sort of bond we have with him, who not turn him over to those SHIELD people or some such equivalent." He takes a moment to look around the room, noting that most folks have a costume of some sort. He really should get on the ball with that. "Or is it we feel some measure of responsibility for what happened to him?"

"Or a mystic." Raven counters. It's not that she has anything against science; men descending from monkeys seems like a logical ideology considering how much they all act like apes, "I would prefer to work with a mystic. They're more open minded." Because that's exactly what they need right now, open minded.

Truth be told, Raven does feel a little responsible for the new arrivals arrival. She probably wasn't directly responsible and it was all just a horrible coincidence that came together across time, space, and endless amounts of small details that happen just precisely enough to create a desired effect. She's lost thinking about it until Alex suggests handing him over to SHIELD, "We are a new time. If we hand over the very first problem that pops up to an established government agency, no matter how well established, we beholden ourselves to them. Wouldn't you rather solve this conundrum ourselves?" Is she playing on the man's ego? Probably. "Besides, I do not want to talk to them about my abilities. They always have more questions than I care to answer and feel they have some right to know them. They don't."

As if science could explain Vorpal, either. "As standard practice, I would not suggest turning anyone over to an agency whose main priority is to find a convoluted enough name to make an acronym work." He crosses his arms and leans back against the wall. "Besides, what if he's a newcomer to this world, to this dimension, to this whatever? I'm not sure what the Government does with people who aren't From Around Here, but I don't think they'd just let him out when he's done recovering. Especially since they couldn't deport him to wherever he's from, they might just keep him under quarantine and study him, or whatever." He shrugs. "Granted, I don't know what the actual procedure is and I'm going off on science fiction movies. But in any case, I agree with petite, dark and mysterious— I'd rather keep the boys at SHIELD blissfully ignorant and without a chance to reach for cattle prods."

"I think it's the latter, Phobos," The Flash shrugs. "You know I didn't even really think about dropping him off with someone else. I really fight he was kind of our responsibility. I think we brought him here-by mistake."

"Fair enough, Raven," The Flash says in response to the gothigal's earlier response. "Do you know any?"

As Raven explains her rationale for taking in Tel, the Flash looks downward and shrugs, "I'm not sure this is all gonna be an us versus the government thing. I mean, to me," he says softly. "He's just a guy who needs help.

"I don't like to be negative," The Flash echoes Vorpal. "But I don't trust SHIELD either."

Surrendering his position in the argument, Alexander opens his hands as he accedes to the wishes of his teammates. He looks around from one face then to the other. "Then we are agreed, this man is our responsibility." He looks across the way as if looking through the walls to where the outworlder rests. He looks back towards Wally and tells the man levelly, "We have seen to his health as we can. To do more we may need outside assistance."

Towards Raven, Alexander levels his gaze. "A mystic for assistance, I would advance we could make use of a telepath if we are on friendly terms with one. An insight into this man's mental state could give valuable information and aid in our decision."

"Not us vs them." Raven retorts, shaking her head fractionally. There's a brief dull flash of the chakra set in the woman's forehead, just enough to highlight it without shining like some beacon. With trust mentioned, she nods to the trio, "It is a matter of trust. I don't." Anyone? Not many… Not very easily… and not for long if a reason presents to change her mind.

"When he is regained his senses, I would like to speak with him." She says, leveling her own gaze on Alex, "I cannot touch his mind, but I can sense his emotional status. A great deal of information can be gleaned from how he feels. We still do not know that he's not some villain from whatever dimension he comes from." Pointing out the pesimistic postion quite soundly.

"I have some knowledge of mysticism. I am no Zatana, however. For now information seems to be our priority?"

It takes all of Vorpal's might not to make a Counselor Troi joke. But, to his credit, he succeeds. "There's always Mister Fantastic if we need a scientist. Johnny Storm gave me his card, which we could use to contact the stretchy one if anyone shoul sense tension…"

Okay, so he failed.

Wally nods, "I think letting him have a vote might be a good idea. But we should maybe have some back up options in place. Do you know folks who can do the job, RavRav?" Wally nods with approval at the mention of Reed, he definitely knows who that is.

Settling back in his seat, Alexander glances aside towards Raven, then back towards Wally. "I know a handful of the X-Men, there is the demon girl Magik that could possibly assist. Or Elizabeth Braddock if we choose to peruse the contents of his mind." He offers those words as options, though his tone of voice at such an even keel isn't what one could call a ringing endorsement.

"I can create a safe zone." Raven indicates with a nod, "He deserves a vote, one way or another, about his own fate. Conversely, if he proves to be some criminal escaping justice in his place of origin by coming to ours? I am all for second chances, but that would present some fundamental gray area." She pauses briefly, "Especially if those agencies ''do'' get involved. Which is only a matter of time."

Raven looks over to Alex and tilts her head at his glowing recommendation of these outside sources.

"And if he isn't looking for second chances, there's always the ol' anvil." Vorpal says, manifesting a tiny purple glowing anvil at the end of an extended finger.

So, Flash, what exactly is the roster of this team? I realize I sort of got swept up in all of the excitement without really reading the handbook."

The Flash tries to think and put together a plan that might be acceptable to everyone. The team doesn't have a leader yet, and Wally's pretty sure he'd be last on the list, but he is pretty good at trying to bring people together. "So, maybe we have Phobos talk to this Demon and Braddock to see if they'd be interested. Maybe we don't want to come at this guy too hard, but it'd be a good idea to have Raven on hand just to see if he might be giving off the 'I'm a fugitive and I've come to eff your universe vibe.' Because if this dude is someone severe, that's something we should know right away. Short of that, maybe we just let him call his old shots and see what he has to say."

"Roster?" The Flash says. Darn there are a lot of hard questions today. "There's us four, Wiccan and Hulkling."

Almost dismissively, Alexander gestures towards Raven with an uncurling of fingers as if brushing past her concern and tossing it aside. "Bah, I carry a safe zone with me at all times simply by my presence." As he says this oh so terribly arrogant thing it'd be easy to take it at face value, though a faint hint of a smile perhaps robs it of some of it's sting.

Looking towards Wally, Alexander nods. "I'll contact them." And as he says this he reaches a hand int the pocket of his jacket and withdraws his IKord Phone, proceeding to flip through his contacts, keying one, then dialling.

"Yes, it's called arrogance." Raven's head turns to stare at Alex, "People are so put off by your personality that they simply walk away rather than interact thus preserving the sanctity of your ''area'' by definitively turning away all potential wrong doers before they've even a brief moment to talk." She's quiet, unplushed, but there's no smile to smile anywhere in her bag of expressional tricks.

She looks back to Wally and nods, then to Vorpal, "An anvil might be a bit light. He was in the center of a very big explosion and simply lost consciousness." Shrugging a shoulder, eyes turning down to the floor.

"And here I thought it was B.O., personally," Keith adds to Ravens's quip with a grin. "I can make very big anvils. Very, very, very big ones. I just thought it would be a good thing not to do it here, lest out headquarters be moved to the dungeons in Stockholm Palace. Even if that ''might'' increase the chances of a pity visit by Frida Guvstavsson for Flash."

"Guys," the Flash says as they start to hound on Phobos. "Thanks Phobos. Let me know what they think about it and we'll set it up. We'll have to have it all happen pretty quick. I'm not sure when he'll be awake."

Holding a hand over the receiver, Alexander tells Wally. "It's ok, it's true. My 'area' is indeed sanctified." And then someone on the other end of the line picks up,

"Hello, Ms. Rasputin? Some colleagues of mine could perhaps avail themselves of your aid, if you were so inclined to help them. Also I believe your demons will attack me in three days and some change." As he says the last he checks his watch and then calmly awaits her reply, nodding as it comes.

Raven clearly isn't very good at ribbing, but at least she doesn't realize she may have been a ''bit'' to venomous with her jab at the crimson eyed Phobos. "I thought he could take it. Safe zone and all." She retorts, but returns to the conversation at hand with a nod to Wally, "I can imagine that traveling over such a long distance is an exceptionally draining ordeal." Lowering her tone so that Alex can conduct his conversation over the telephone, whether she's being polite or simply not wanting to be heard by the person on the other end.

"Then it sounds like we're set on the mystic path. I'd offer to help, but my brand of magic is all about making messes, not cleaning them up," Vorpal clarifies. "It's not the most precise approach, but it is the most fun."

Wally nods to Alex and seems satisfied that he's getting on it. He chuckles a bit and shakes his head as Raven cannot help but get one final rib in at Alex's expense. "You two know anything about this Rasputin person?" he asks Raven and Vorpal. "My history class powers tell me to be worried."

For his part Alexander continues to speak on the phone quietly, nodding a few times as he murmurs back, "We have a space man of some sort who fell to earth, and our resident conjurer could use some assistance in seeing to him. In return for your assistance I will grant you one pizza of your choosing?"

There's a pause as the golden-haired young man looks across the way towards his colleagues.

"He's more from another dimension we believe. It is tup to you. Our current magical authority could use some aid she feels. PersonIt may be up your alley. If it is not, then I will owe you for your effort." Another pause as he straightens up in his seat, resting his shoes fully upon the floor.

Raven shakes her head quietly and sits like there's a stick up her back keeping her pin straight. She blinks a few times and looks down at the carpet like something has caught her attention. A little swirl or a little smudge, something that stands out as unusual and hitns to some deeper meaning that she doesn't outwardly share. "No, I do not know her. The name is interesting, if there is any relation…"

"Well, as long as we do not have an impressionable Tzarina and a Tzarevich bleeding from his ears, we should be fine," Vorpal shrugs. "I'm relatively new to this scene, so I have no more inside knowledge of any of these people than your usual tabloid."

"I'll talk to you later then," Alexander ends that call with a stroke of his thumb, then he glances towards his compatriots, "She may be able to help, depending on how something goes for her this evening." As he says this he's already thumbing through contacts again.

He reaches the right one, keys it in, and waits for a time as it rings. When it requests him to leave a message he lifts his chin and says quietly, "Elizabeth, it is Alexander. Please contact me at your leisure." And as quickly as that he turns the phone off and pockets it once again. He retakes his proper slouch in the seat and nods, "We'll see if that pans out."

Raven's brow furrows at Alex and his surprisingly diverse range of contacts and finds that while she 'should' find it surprising… she actually really doesn't. Something about him does have an intriguing quality that she could fully understand others wanting to understand. Chasing their tail in hopes of getting close to him.


Patting her legs, not really aware that she's staring at the golden haired man. "I am surprised that I am not surprised that you know a surprising amount of people with diverse talents. I'm sure you're going to say something cocky, but I am giving you a complement." And then insulting him, but there's no reason to dredge that up.

"And with that I'll let you take care of the details," Vorpal says, pushing off from the wall. "I'm going to go and patrol. I'm sure there must be a purse snatcher somewhere trying to snatch some granny's life savings or something. I'll come by and check in later today, just in case sleeping beauty is up."

The Flash nods to Vorpal and holds his hand out to slap the Kitty-man some skin. "Sounds good, Vorp. Let me know if you need any help with anything." As Vorp gets up to leave, the Flash goes over to crash in a chair opposite the other two. "You guys know of any cats we'd want to team up with?" He shouts at the door, "No pun intended, Vorp! You're the only cat we need!"

A hand lifts towards Vorpal as the fellow makes ready to depart, "Another time," Alexander says in way of a farewell, then he looks around towards the remaining individuals. It's curious, but when Raven makes that comment to Alexander he takes it with a measure of seriousness. His brow furrows as his countenance darkens, but he tries to explain things in a suitable manner.

"My family has a certain aspect to them, something to do with the strands of fate. Ours are… stronger than some." His tone is curiously more like the twenty year old that he is than perhaps that glowing red-eyed mantle of a deity that he wears. "So we draw other strands to us, and meet individuals who might form their story to ours… if that makes sense." He, of course, neglects to mention of the shortened lifespans that often occur when two such cords overlap, fray, and snap.

He gestures towards Wally, "How I met the Flash, I had a glimpse of the future and if I did not act I feared it would come true. Such happens."

Raven lifts her head in an exagerated up nod to Alex's explaination. She listens with a measure of interest mixed with curiousity, then she shrugs. "I believe I owe you one answer to one question." Sort of a weird reply to what is a fairly open revelation. She is kind of weird though.

Vorpal's departure nearly gets overlooked, but she's not completely socially awkward, "Good bye." Lifting her hand in farewell without looking back. At least it's not personal.

After stopping at the door, Vorpal smirks and looks over his shoulder after Flash's quip.

"Hey, bring whomever you want into the team. Just make sure that he's single. And loaded."

That's what you get for reading Zsa Zsa Gabor's autobiography during bouts of insomnia. "See you in the funny papers. Or in about three hours from now." And then he vanishes, with his grin being the last to disappear, floating in the air for a few seconds before it too is gone.

"Yeah, that'll be first on my list," Flash mentions after Vorp dissipates. He looks between Raven and Phobos with a raised eyebrow and then asides, mostly to himself. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking." Ayup. "Ayup." The Flash zips away for a second, long enough for the others to hear the fridge slam and is back with some soda and chocolate cake.

"Oh I know," Alexander's eyes gleam all the more, something terribly arcane in his gaze and a hint of the malevolent there when he tells Raven idly, "I plan to hold onto it for a time, until a perfect moment arises when you feel safe and comfortable, and then… I strike." That last word has some emphasis to it, but that slightly sardonic half-smile of his lends something terribly wry to the seraphic young man's features. He then holds up a hand towards Wally, not having to ask with words, but clearly wanting a soda.

"You will be holding onto it for a very long time." Raven assures Alex with a slow, almost sad, shake of her head. "But it is your question to ask, so do with it whatever you want." The woosh that whips up when Wally vanishes from his seat, runs to the kitchen, and returns with a coke and cake whirls up her hair. She looks to him with a tilt of her head, but does not hold her hand out in the manner of Alex.

"If you will both excuse me." Said as she stands and reaches up to pull her hood back into place over her head.

"Are you guys gonna make out? If you're gonna make out, I can leave," the Flash says with a raised eyebrow. As Alex holds out his hand, there's another whoosh and then a can of soda dropping from about eye level towards the hand. The cake is back in Flash's lap as he keeps eatin.

In answer Alex cracks the soda can open and pulls off the pull tie, casually flicking it across the way at the young speedster. Thus suffers all who oppose Phobos! But after he takes a sip he says, "If you notice, Flash. She's leaving us alone. Together." At that there's a faint waggle of his eyebrows that probably stops any consumption of that cake, at least for a second or two.

"Right." Raven says to the pair of them and turns to use the door for a change. "leaving the both of you alone.." She repeats with a nod, hands sliding into the pockets of her hoodie as she vanishes around a corner. Out of sight, out of mind, Raven always says.

Wally nose wrinkles. "Us make out?"


"Sorry dude. I gotta wash my hair."

And from around that corner as Raven walks away she might hear the sound of laughter shared between the remaining Titans.

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