A Case of the Blues

August 5, 2014: Hank and Kurt talk to Nancy about the recent raid of the HYDRA Facility and her involvement in it

Beast's lab at the Xavier Institute

Deep in the heart of the mansion, Hank's lab is his sanctuary.



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Nancy doesn't have a lot to pack, but she does have to make sure she has it all. She has tidied her room so that there is no evidence there was someone here over the summer and then finally slides her name plate off the door. All of her things are packed into the trunk of her car and then she goes to say her good-byes, starting with Hank. She needs her innoculation anyway.

Heading down to his lab, there is a knock on the door. She waits for an answer, rather then just walking in.


Beast has been walking the Institute, trying to find any students, teachers, or visitors who might need the vaccination. There is no answer at the lab door, but Hank does round a corner into the hallway after a moment or two. "Nancy…I've been looking for you. Come here…I need to give you a preemptive vaccination…and I'd like to talk."


Nancy looks over her shoulder when she hears Hank's voice and smiles. There is a hint of regret in her grey eyes as she looks at him, but it's hidden quickly as she nods. "That's why I came by. I heard you were giving everyone in the mansion a little prick and I figured this was my best chance for some lovins." Yep, hide one's discomfort with bad jokes.

She pops a bubble with her gum, gesturing with her head to the door. "After you, boss man." She keeps her power pulled in tight, now able to keep her aura snugged in to only 3 feet around herself.


There's a pause as Hank looks at Nancy before he gives a nod towards the door, "Yes…perhaps that might be best." He unlocks and opens the door to the lab, allowing Nancy to enter first, before he mostly closes it behind him. He wouldn't want her to feel trapped or anything.

"Please, have a seat and relax…it's ok." He makes sure to clean the injection spot with an alcohol wipe…even if it means losing his blue, furry form. He was actually ready for it.


Nancy sits down and sets out her arm. She's used to shots, though they were mostly blood tests in her past. This is really nothing new. "Intramuscular or veinous? I'm used to most vaccines going intramuscular, but who knows with this one. It's all new, after all." She holds out her hand. "You want to let me do it? Had enough of these that I could probably do this in my sleep. I'd make an awesome junky."


"Veinous…and no, that's all right. I don't need you doing this. There may be a slight reaction in itchiness or soreness, but that should be about it." Once the shot is given, the needle is tossed into the medical waste box and he returns to sit back down beside the younger woman.

"I'd like to hear your side of what happened during the rescue and how you felt about how things were handled."

He knows he's sitting close and he knows he's no longer blue and furry. It's a trust thing.


It's like herald- a small, blue imp appears upon the ceiling with a soft bamf!, clinging to a hanging lamp which sends it swaying. In the next second, it's gone. It's probably a good bet for a five-count before the larger, 'original' version of that imp teleports in very much the same manner, with a sulfurous-smelling bamf that conjures genetic memory of Hell. Kurt, however, isn't quite so crass as to land on the ceiling. Nope. Not even the wall. Here, he manages to land on his two feet, dropping to a three-point crouch near a lab-table. Standing to full, not so impressive height, he begins a greeting only to stop… and stare. "Hank?" Though now, too, he catches Nancy and he can't possibly hide his frown. Such things he's learned since their talk the other night. "Gut.. guten Abend, fraulein."


Nancy watches as she gets the shot, a gum bubble popping as if in commentary. She bends the arm, putting pressure on the spot where she was injected. Yep, she's an old pro at needles.

When the raid is brought up, she frowns and looks away. Her lips twitch and she's silent for a good long time. "We got the people out. The mutants like me and the hostages that were being kept to guarantee their cooperation." She doesn't meet Hank's gaze when she says it though, the sadness obvious in her voice.

There is the familiar sound of hell fueled teleportation and when Kurt appears and frowns at her, it causes her to look the other way, now avoiding eye contact with two people. Ooh, floor tiles! "Hey."


Hank looks up at the familiar sound and smell, even without the heightened senses, he recognizes it, and then points a non-clawed finger at the Bamfs, "If either of you touch anything, I swear I will find out what Kryogenics do to you." It's not quite a growl, but it's close. The warning is also aimed at Kurt since he's responsible for them. He watches the other blue mutant for a moment before he looks back at Nancy, "How did you get them out? What happened?"


"I heard stories. Guns blazing, grenades exploding. I understand that even you were armed." Can't miss that disappointed tone. "Is that true?" Those glowing yellow eyes land upon Nancy and remain; there is nothing in those eyes. No pupil, no iris, nothing. All amber. Perhaps, at times, it isn't so far fetched to catch the more than passing resemblance to a demon?

Kurt looks down and finds a rolly-chair upon which to perch- not sit. Perch. His tail wraps about the back of the seat loosely, the spade-tip twitching as if it has a life of its own. "He's left again, Hank. Und, I'm…" Canting his head, Kurt's attention falls back to his friend, "I miss the blue on you."


Nancy's voice is quiet, subdued. Her arms cross over her chest in a manner that is more for comfort then out of anger. "I… We came in through the roof. I had non-lethal shots in my gun, but… I never got a chance to use them. Bobby and I were in the back, just sealing the doors so no one came in from behind us. Then it all went crazy. People shooting on both sides. I hit one with the tazer round, but then I got hit with something that … "

Nancy looks over to Nightcrawler. "Yes, I use a gun. I always have. Rubber bullets or tazer rounds only. Not just in the danger room, but anywhere. The grenades I had were also non-lethal. They're called sting grenades, rubber pellets coated in tear gas." When Kurt says he misses the blue on Hank, she slips off her chair and moves it so Hank is out of her aura, looking like she is just giving up.


Beast holds up a hand to Kurt, "Just…stop. Let Nancy talk." When she does, he listens, not saying anything quite yet. Finally, he asks, even as he moves back closer to Nancy, forgoing the blue for now, "Did you know that the others were using lethal force?"

There is a look to Kurt, "Thank you, but…sometimes it's important to be vulnerable." Like now.


"I went to look at the hospital, Hank. Blood everywhere." Kurt won't be silent. "'People shooting on both sides'." At the question posed to Nancy, the fuzzy blue elf waits. He's learned something (not a lot) about a person that was hired by the girl. Stories, again. But, the word 'peaceful' wasn't on their lips. At all. "Who was in that 'raid'?"

Vulnerable? "Do you mean non-threatening looking, Hank?" Kurt turns to his friend again, his brows rising in question.


Nancy's nose itches. Or maybe it's allergies. That's why her eyes are watering, dabbing at them to not have her make-up run. Or maybe it's the shot. Yeah, the shot is making her eyes water. We'll stick with that. She swallows, her body language growing more defensive and pulling away. "Yeah. I knew. I told them I wouldn't kill anyone, but … they said that if we didn't, these people would just do it again. Make more like me. Only… now that they know the serum works, they would likely just cage the children from the beginning. I thought that… if I didn't kill anyone, that it would be okay but… I keep thinking of those people's families. Their children that will never see them again. I tried to suggest going in more stealthy like, but they said that would take too much time."

She looks to Kurt as he asks for names. "Bobby and I, that cop Pezzini, Dr. DiLucci, some robot thing, Jericho and …. the Partisan." She looks away as she says the last name, knowing that most of the blood found was either belonging to the vigilante or shed by her.


"No claws, no teeth, less muscle…" Hank starts and then gives a heavy sigh. He's trying not to have it look like he's interrogating or berating her, but that, apparently, won't be happening.

"Do you understand that we," he gestures to himself, Kurt, and Nancy, "We don't get to choose who lives or dies? We don't take that into our hands. We want people to live. We want the people to have done wrong to be punished for it, but not through death. They need to go to prison or to institutions. Our powers…our ability to use weapons of destruction, it doesn't allow us to decide who gets to live or die. That's what has upset us both."

He looks over to Kurt, "This sounds very much like extreme peer pressure, if you ask me, from people with questionable enough views on the matter. I'm surprised that Dr. DiLucci was a part of such a raid, being a medical doctor devoted to -healing-…and I'm disappointed in Bobby as well." He only knows some of the others through hearsay or via phone conversations. "Nancy, we want to help you and to teach you. We want to help you to be the best person that you can be…but you need to realize that their methods weren't right. This could have been handled in so many different ways that would have caused less…or maybe no bloodshed."


Kurt shakes his head slowly, his expression most decidedly concerned. "It is not only for the families und the children, fraulein. It is now also for the fact that they will not hesitate to use such force on us, warranted or not." A finger from a three-fingered hand rises, "Und you will say 'but they would anyway', und I say, there are some who would hesitate. Now, they will believe there is no mercy to be had, und they will kill." No mercy. "To kill gives those a cause to rally around. 'Those mutants,' they will say, 'Kill or be killed'." He nods to Beast before he shifts in his seat to look fully at the girl.

"Ya. Peer pressure. Or, the words of a madman trying to defend their stance. Und, before you think I do not know what I am talking about, remember who my parents are." For a long moment, he allows that to hang in the air before, "Azazel, who claimed title of 'Satan' until he was overthrown, und Mystique. Who believes in mutant supremacy. Both are," a touch of a sad smile rises, "quite good at convincing." Snake. Garden.

"We have no right to be judge, jury und executioner. With our abilities, we could rule the world. To make all those who hurt us pay. Particularly those who hurt us, hunt us down like animals." Climbing off his chair, Kurt goes to perch on the arm of the chair. "I am disappointed to hear that a police officer, who was to uphold the law, was ready to act thusly as well. In fact, it frightens me."


Nancy shuts her eyes tight to try and stop her eyes from watering. Her nose twitches, itchy and starting to sniffle. "These people were HYDRA. They wouldn't have gone to jail. They would have just walked away, scott free, allowed to do what they do again and again. And we asked for help. From you guys and from SHIELD, but … well, all you guys did was provide a place for them all to live while they recover. Which is great! Don't get me wrong, they need that place but… if the X-men had been more involved… hell! Isn't it SHIELD's job to fight HYDRA? They gave us one little operative who sat at the bus the whole time?"

She looks over to Kurt as he implies she might be saying these things as a very convincing act. Hurt, angry. Even though her powers have no affect on him, Nancy's aura grows in spite of herself, a reaction to her anger at being accused. "I… don't.. kill. I thought I could deal with those that do, but I can't. I appreciate all she taught me before you guys came around, but I have told the Partisan and Jericho that I will *not* be fighting with them ever again if the goal is to kill people. Ever. If you'll excuse me, I should get to the farm. The other mutants there *like* my power. Like being around me. It makes them feel safer."


Beast glances over to Kurt…he knew she wasn't a killer and this confirms it. Her words, her tears, the intensity of her powers…it's an emotional reaction.

"We like you too, Nancy…we like who you are and we like who you can become. You've done wonders at learning how to control your powers in such a short time." There's another sigh, "We did what we could to help, Nancy…we're only a few people and we're spread thin as it is. If I had known when this was happening, I might have tried to be there, but as it was, I was working on the vaccines." It's not an excuse, but the X-Men did discuss it and this is what they were able to do. "It may make them feel safer, but it won't teach them to use their powers if they have them muted." He looks at Kurt once more, "Kurt and I will come out and help to teach them control as best we can."


Kurt looks at Beast at her exclamation, and puts a hand out. "Wait. That is the other question. Are those mutants ours to teach, to do with as we see fit, or are they the government's? Did you tell anyone of that safe-house? Anyone?"

Kurt keeps his voice down, though he wants to yell from the top of the rafters that one isn't innocent while those around them have blood on their hands. "You shouldn't be associating with murderers to begin with, fraulein. Don't you realize that? Do you not understand that? You cannot say, 'Oh, they are nice people, but they unfortunately kill sometimes'. That isn't like stealing a box of donuts, or forgetting to pay for a newspaper. Human lives."

Kurt nods at Beast, but he goes one further. "We will take over their re-education und introduction into society. You asked us to house them, und now we are taking on the responsibility of doing just that. This is not just 'somewhere to stash something'. This… this is dealing with human lives."


Nancy shakes her head. "HYDRA was teaching them that. Once they knew what their powers were, and they had them confined, they taught them to be weapons, to be an army. Give them some time. Time with the people they love, time to be themselves again. Their powers aren't going anywhere. As they come to accept themselves again, the powers will be useful again. But right now, they are all pretty damaged. Though… CHarmer and Jinx. I could use help with them. They actually *want* to be with HYDRA. I don't know what to do about them. I don't want to make them prisoners but… what else can I do?

She takes a deep breath and looks to Kurt. "THey both know how I feel about the matter. They both saved my life though and I can't just toss them aside as if that never happened. I won't be fighting with them. Ever. But I won't stop associating with them. US Military… they train people to kill, but they still have people that love them and accept them. Hell, that Magneto guy! I read up on him after the other night. He's killed plenty, but he's still welcome here."


"Stockholm Syndrome. I'm not terribly surprised," Hank starts, but then he looks at Nancy for a moment. "I don't mean this to be condescending, but…how old are you? How long have you been training your powers? I know you're intelligent. I know you're strong. But in this matter, I really must ask you to listen to myself and to Kurt. We're older. We've been through this longer. They aren't the only ones who were trained as weapons." There's a history about that.

When she plays the Magneto card, he looks to Kurt sharply before offering, "We're not saying you aren't welcome here. We aren't saying that you can't…speak to them. But there is a reason why many wear costumes and why many don't appear in public with certain others. As Kurt mentioned earlier, if you're associated with those who killed, they'll think they have the right to try and kill you in retribution."


Kurt nods at Beast's pronouncement.

"Do you have -any- experience in teaching mutants how to use their abilities? How to teach them how to live again, in peace with themselves? How many years? Tell me, fraulein… how long did it take for you to learn to control your own ability? I have learned from the best. Studied with the best for -years-." And that doesn't even include his work with the Church. Kurt doesn't sound even vaguely ready to allow her to take on the responsibility. "I don't care who they are. HYDRA doesn't have the assets we have. Und I'm not bragging. I know what they need. Do you think I have no understanding of all this?" He sounds on this side of insulted. "Do you think I have no experience in helping mutants with their abilities? With understanding who und what they are? Do you think me that… naive of the world?"

Kurt shakes his head and hangs it. "Do you understand? They are not US military in a government sanctioned war. Magneto has blood on his hands for which he must atone. Does he repent? He's been trying. But you… you are insisting upon being seen with them, for being their friends. Und you will receive the same measure of mercy as they from their enemies. Und we, in turn, will be guilty for your associations."


"I'm not saying you shouldn't come around. I'm just asking that you give them a little time. These mutants are like me. They've been experimented on for years to see if we had talents and then when Hydra finally gave up on us, we manifested. I know you guys have *way* more experience then me. I'm not asking you as their leader or anything like that. I'm asking you as one of them, as someone who has gone through a lot of the same stuff as them. You guys did more for me then you guys know, so of course I want them to meet you guys, learn from you. But let them meet you as friends first. But, like you say, I'm young and inexperienced. That's why my suggestions for how to get them out were ignored and that's while they will be ignored now."

She starts growing more defensive in her behaviour, looking away not in shame but in growing anger and resentment. "I'm not abandoning my friends just because of who they are. And if you are insisting that I do, then I… I don't know."
Beast holds another hand up at Kurt's words to try and at least get him to pause. "Nancy…I'm not asking for an answer to this now, but I want you to think about this. Really think about this. Are they your friends because they saved your life, or are they your friends because you truly care about them and they care about you? Are they the kind of friends you go out to the movies or hike a mountain with?" Hank hikes? "Are they the ones you tell your hopes and dreams to? Confide in when you have issues? Seek out when you just need someone you know cares about you?"


"You believe we are ignoring you because we have more experience und we are trying to show you the correct way? The way that will not get you shot by some Humans First? Or perhaps picked up by some other mutant organization that believes as you- that we know nothing." Kurt shakes his head slowly, "Do you not hear yourself?"

Kurt will pause, certainly, but it's quickly coming to a point with him. In order to protect the school, there must be -no- contact with this Partisan. Or any chance of it being tracked back. They're targets as it is.

"Look at me, Nancy." Kurt takes a step towards Nancy and crouches down. "Look at me. My ears. My eyes. My face. My hands. Do you think I do -not- understand? I know 'they' are out there to try und kill me, or worse, take me to experiment on me. Do you not wonder why I am -not- affected by your ability? I'm certain others would be -too-. Other -mutants-, even. But I know what the larger picture is. I have a dream, und it's the same as Hank's. It is the same as the Professor's. As everyone in this compound. Every day, at the school, it is taught. By the way, I do teach at the school."


Keeping her eyes downcast and her arms folded over her chest, Nancy's voice goes back to being subdued and low. "I can already answer that. For the Partisan, no. I… I try to treat her like a friend, but she scares the shit outta me. When I try talking to her about… stuff… she always gives me the impression she would rather be fighting, or training how to fight. But Jericho? Yes. I talk to him every night. He's who I talked to when you were being… evasive. He's helping me with Illyana's soul, trying to recover it with the garden. I think… if we had had more support, he would have tried to go with my ideas, but we didn't have the manpower. We were only 8 against … 60." She puts a hand to her mouth then, thinking of how many lives that is.

She tries to look at Kurt but can't keep eye contact. She wipes at her eyes with her sleeve, her heavy make-up smearing into a teary mess.
Hank gives Kurt a brief nod, trying to communicate something to him silently. "Then you know which is the friend and which isn't. No one is telling you to be rid of someone who you feel is a true friend but also please try to see our side. The Partisan…you don't trust her. We don't trust her. While we trust you, we don't trust her and we don't trust that she wouldn't use you to get to us. You owe her nothing…if she wanted your friendship, she'd respond to it. We are secretive here, for everyone's safety and…we can't let our secrets get out or stolen by someone who abuses your trust."


"Illyana? Trying to recover her soul?" Kurt shakes his head and exhales, "Oh, fraulein, you do not understand," he says softly. "Do not get involved with her demons. Und, believe me. I have experience there, too." Slowly he rises, his tail dropping slowly behind him, and he shakes his head once again.

"Do not blame us for your desire to hire your friends. Do not make this -our- fault for your impetuousness, fraulein. You simply told me, 'Oh, he knew', not 'Oh, I asked him for help und he said he could not'." Taking a step back, his tail whips around before it wraps itself loosely around a leg. "Eight against sixty with us would have meant we would have been in und out with none the wiser. We could have done 4 und the same. Me, Hank, TJ, Storm, Charles to coordinate, Doug to scramble their computer system. No loss of life." But, that's how a team works; each to their strength. Which is why they're so successful. "You should have asked for our help und stayed with us. I can't begin to believe you were not involved with their planning. You -knew- what it was und you could have left at any time. Right? They respect you und your wishes so much because they are your friends, ja?"

Kurt looks to Beast and nods, a sigh exiting the fuzzy blue frame.


Nancy nods her head, scuffing her feet now as she remains defensive. Those floor tiles must be fascinating. "I have tree saplings, if people wanna help Illyana," she says in a weak attempt to change the subject.

Nancy takes a deep breath and tightens her jaw. "First of all, I only said he knew rather then explaining because we were in the middle of a public street. That's why I invited you in to dinner, so we could talk about it a little more freely. Secondly, what's this 'I hired them' baloney. There was no hiring going on. They did this because they felt it needed to be done and would have done it with or without me. I went along because I felt it was my duty to those people that are mutants for the same reason I am. I thought if I went I could maybe cut back on the violence. And we did ask for the help of the X-men. Scott and Hank. I didn't realize I had to go to each and every person in turn, I thought what with Scott in charge if he said no it meant no for all the X-men. And yeah, I could have left at any time. But those people that were being held prisoner… they were like me."


"And do you understand that we cannot associate ourselves with the likes of the Partisan. We weren't given details of the attack…we were only told that there would be a rescue. A rescue is not an attack." Hank shakes his head and leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, "I blame myself for a lot of this. I should have pushed us to be more involved. I should have insisted when I spoke to Jericho." But who is to blame really isn't the point here.

"Do you understand what we're saying, Nancy? We know you wanted to help. We aren't faulting you for that. We're just concerned that you continue to keep company with at least one who could harm you…or use you to get to us."


"I know those mutants on that street, Nancy. Don't sound as if I don't know what it is I'm doing," Kurt corrects. "I have been doing this a long time. Why do you think I was playing basketball with the children? Some of them I have known since they were infants, their mothers afraid for their lives."

Kurt walks over to his friend's side and crouches, putting a hand upon his knee and makes a soft *tsk* sound to gain his attention before he shakes his head. "You are right, Hank. 'Rescue' is not a full on assault with guns und grenades und widespread bloodshed. You were -told- there was a rescue? Not you were -asked- to help?" Here, his featureless yellow eyes turn towards Nancy, "You didn't ask. You told. Und you left it to him to have to insist upon our aid?" Right now, whom does Kurt believe more?

"Do you truly understand what it is you are doing? You cannot have it both ways. You cannot claim to live and work peacefully while you keep such company. You need to search your heart, und tell us the path you wish to travel, because you cannot do both."


Nancy wipes at her eyes again, her face a mess now of streaked mascara and eyeliner. "I don't think the Partisan would ever intentionally hurt me. She respected my decision enough that when I went into hiding with you guys, she voiced her concerns but then let me make my own decision. She didn't try to find the place or extract me. But you're right. Her enemies might try to hurt me becuase of my association to her, and if they try to hurt me, they might hurt the kids here. That's why.. I don't like it, but okay, I'll distance myself from her."

She frowns at Kurt. "If I'm still associating with you, that is. Which I'm getting a distinct impression you'd rather I didn't. You keep asking for me to understand you guys, to trust in you guys, but I'm feeling like you aren't trying to understand me, or trusting in me. And Kurt, don't you dare tell me to turn my back on Illyana. She's been a better friend to me then *anyone* in this place." She says that last bit with an accusing look to Hank. "So… what now then? You don't want me at the farm with the other N series mutants either?"


Beast sighs and looks over briefly at Kurt, pushing his glasses up his currently-narrower nose, "I was asked to help with the potential virus and I was asked about some sort of safehouse for those who were being rescued. I was told there would be a rescue. I asked about details and wasn't given many…just that they would try to do it without too much injury. I asked them to be as careful as they could."

This is a mess. This is all a mess.

"Nancy, I think that we do understand you, but you're young and strong-willed. There's nothing wrong with that, but there are some times when you should listen to those with more experience. We're not saying that you shouldn't be at the farm with the others. Just…you need to be careful. You also can't let them rely on your power for safety. If they look to you to stifle their powers, they'll never come to accept them and learn to control them." Says the mutant who despises what he's become.

Nancy's accusation causes him to sit up straighter, aghast for a moment before he sort of slumps, "I deserved that. I'm sorry I couldn't be what you wanted me to be, Nancy." With that, he just shakes his head, "This is all totally my fault."


"Have you ever met a demon in person, fraulein?" Kurt's smile is a little wan, a bit lopsided. "Und I don't mean an imp. A demon." He shakes his head, not moving his position beside his friend. "I am not asking you to turn your back on Illy. I love her as a sister. She und I have a very … special understanding." It seems that the pair are inextricably entwined in certain areas; Limbo, Hell.. the whole demon thing.

While Beast may despise that which he is, Kurt has more than come to grips with it- heck, ever since he could walk he could bamf. He is what he is, and he is truly comfortable in his own skin.

"I am not telling you you cannot go. What I am telling you is you are in no position to tell -us- what is best for them und their medical und psychological treatment. You may suggest, offer insight, ja… but do not presume to know better und know more than we. You have no idea what experience we have, und you have no idea the lives we have lived before you met us."

Kurt looks to his friend again, looking as vulnerable as he sounds. Taking a quick hold of the man, he teleports with a resounding bamf! to the opposite side of the room, leaving behind the stench of Hell. Brimstone. Sulfur. Here, hopefully, Beast is away from Nancy's effects. It may not be the best thing, but it is his -reality-. "Hank," Kurt begins, "Stop it. You are who you need to be. That whom God has designed for a purpose. I may not know what it is, und may never know. But, there is faith."


Nancy is letting the tears flow down her face, her power pushed to the extreme of her ability without her even aware of such. "I wasn't TELLING! I *was* suggesting! And you have no idea of the life I lived before I met YOU! And to imagine I was considering giving up my music to try and help you people! I HATE YOU! You kept me a prisoner here in a pretty gilded cage for nearly 2 months before I was allowed out as long as I had a babysitter. Fine… Just FINE! I'm going. I should have known you were too good to be true." She starts to storm out.


Beast is teleported before he gets any say about it and as soon as he's out of the aura, he's back to being his fully mutated self. "She's twenty, Kurt. She's twenty." As if that explains a lot. It may.

One thing though, catches Hank's attention out of all that Nancy said and he pulls free of the other's grip to pretty much leap to the door and block Nancy's exit. Whether he turns back or not, but his words are intense, "Don't you EVER give up your music, do you hear? EVER. There is nothing in this world…there is no ONE in this world who should ever ask you to give that up. Don't you throw away that gift that you've been given. You can hate me all you want, but do NOT give that up."


"Und she is acting as if she were three. Giving up music for us? Why would we even ask you to do such a thing? If there is anyone here who did, I will speak to them personally." Kurt shakes his head and reaches to put a three-fingered hand upon his friend's shoulder to stay him, but it doesn't work.

"Let her have her tantrum, Hank. If she wishes to scream to the heavens, let her. If she couldn't begin to understand that all was for her -safety-, just as she now insists upon those mutants to remain in their gilded cages, their abilities muted by her own. At least we didn't do that to her. We let her have her ability to learn what it was und how it could affect another."

Kurt actually chuckles in the face of 'I hate you', and his brows rise. "Do you think I have never heard those words, fraulein?"


Yes, Nancy is having a tantrum. Her 'I don't give a shit' veneer has been broken and her emotions are in control. "You are such a hypocrite! My little power has been being used all summer as a 'safe place' for the kids here whose powers are so hard to control that they can't go home. I'm doing here exactly what I was gonna do at the farm. And Hank was working on a pretty little piece of jewelry for me till the whole vaccine thing put that on the backburner. So don't you DARE stand there and say you didn't!" When Hank lands in front of her trying to stop her, she goes to hit him, reaching for his shoulders as her knee rises. "Let me GO!"


"What? Who has been using you for your power here? Are you kidding me?" Blue-again eyes look over to Kurt at that before he scowls, "The jewelry was for -you-. To help -your- control, Nancy. No one else's." Not only are -his- feelings hurt, but now she's attacking his work? He doesn't flinch at the strike, but he does whip his hand out to grab at her wrist. Even without being blue, he's strong. Not -as- strong, but still strong as his mutation can't entirely go away. "You do not want to strike me," is offered calmly as he looks directly at her. He makes sure she truly hears those words before he steps aside and lets her go, as she demanded.

His mutation returns and there's something between a sigh and a growl before he reaches up to rub at his face. "Think this wouldn't have happened if I agreed to date her?"


Kurt's reaction is just as quick as Beasts as he, too, actually lets out a surprised growl. "Who did that to you?" Stepping forward towards the pair, he waits for the answer. If it doesn't come, however, don't let it be said that he won't move heaven and earth to find out.

As for Beast's work, well… there is little that can shake the faith the elf has in the Beast. Dr. Hank McCoy is no Dr. Mengele.

"I think you should leave now, Nancy. That is what you are trying to get Hank und I to say, und I will make you feel better. Walk away now und think about what you have said und done here."

Taking a deep breath, Kurt looks to Beast with no little compassion. "I think that it would have been worse if you had. You can neither hold a tiger by the tail nor let it go safely."


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