Rise of the Planet of the Titans of the Apes

August 5, 2014 The Titans talk shop and bicker after the trip to Sweden.

ESU Campus

Near the campus of Empire State



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Wiccan was a little uncharacteristally quiet on the trip home — he had just been on a mission and defeated international villains. Maybe they were even Supervillains! And yet he had no one to really tell about it besides the others and they were there. Durin the plane ride he tried to sleep but mostly stared out the window and in the cab he tried to be somewhat quiet, but finally ended up asking, "So…what now?"

Looking away from the window as the cab rolled slowly to a stop in front of those old Brownstones that line ESU's campus, Alexander meets Wiccan's gaze with his own slightly gleaming crimson eyes. "What, the adoration of millions after a job well done is not sufficient for you?" His lip twitches as he then slides a few folded bills to the cabby's outstretched hand. He then unlocks the door and shoulders it open, stepping out onto that sidewalk and streeeetching to be free of the enclosure. He stifles a yawn and grimaces, "Though suppose there are a few options."

Trying to run alongside a cab is trying to jog with a shih tzu puppy. You got faster than walking, but if you break into any sort of real jog you're going to burn it right past them. The entire trip is awkward for the Flash and he's thankful it's over as the others get out of the car. "Options? You guys talking about a late night dinner? I'm not sure there's a place to eat still open, but I could find one."

"No, I'm not really hungry," Wiccan offers with a slight smile, "I'm probably going to pass out shortly, in all honestly." He's been up for how long, worked magic he didn't really know he could do, and went through how many timezones? "Do you really think that there was an adoration of millions? I mean…we kept things safe, but…really?"

That wry half-smirk of Alexander's is seen as he looks between the two men. He adjusts the hang of his backpack with the sweep of one hand, then steps to the side away from the curb as the cabby starts to roll off. He tells Wally, "I could go for something, but something has to be open here at this time, city that never sleeps and all that."

Then Wiccan's voice draws his attention, "Ok maybe not millions, per se." He scrunches one eye and looks aside as if trying to recall. "Dozens?"

"Quick," the Flash says as he holds up a finger. "Name every single superhero from Sweden you can think of?" The Flash folds his arms and taps his foot. "That's my point. They love us." A grin comes across his face.

"But we're not from Sweden," Wiccan points out to both of them. "Dozens…ok, I can buy that. Millions would be awesome, but…" it really wasn't something hugely publicized, was it?

Smiling as he takes up a seat on the stoop of one of those terribly expensive houses, Alexander leans forwards, resting his forearms upon his knees. He looks between the two of them and then says idly, "Not to be a jerk, but I don't really consider myself a superhero." He scritches the back of his neck thoughtully, then hm. "Perhaps a non-themed vigilante is more fitting."

"No, we're not," the Flash says slowly as if he's waiting for a punchline. "I think they're pretty appreciative though. I mean, their government and royalty came to us, we helped out, they had a big ole press conference for us and are helping us build an h-q." The Flash looks around, wondering why the group is nitpicking about a phrase.

"I think we must be pretty tired," he says as an afterthought.

Wiccan moves to sit on the stoop as well, "We might not yet be 'super'…except for Flash here, but I do think we're getting to the 'heroes' part." There's a bit of a smile then before he looks to Alex, "Did you do what your dad wanted you to do? I'm sorry I missed the fight…" sort of. Back to Flash, he tilts his head some, "You don't find that a little weird though? The Swedish Government is helping us to build a Headquarters…and they're letting us use their office in the UN. That sounds an awful lot like being pretty partisan to Sweden, if you ask me."

A small wave of one hand is given as Alex responds in that casual manner of his. "Not yet. I have to finagle a few things. Find someone willing to risk life and limb for me, put them in horribly dangerous situations, and then give them nothing as a reward save a few words at the most."

He shakes his head and looks a little distracted as he murmurs, "Ideally another person like me, or someone not of Earth, or a magically-inclined sort." To which he looks at Wiccan, "And if you had thoughts of volunteering you shouldn't."

The Flash shrugs his shoulders as he leans against a post, "Well, the first thing is that Sweden is and has been neutral in armed conflict for over 215 or so years. So there's that. The second thing is they didn't ask for anything in return. Folks can't just be nice and grateful anymore?" Wally goes through this when he deals with people from the East Coast. Jaded vs. Optimistic.

Wiccan was opening his mouth to say something, but then he's shut down. "Well, depending on the words, sometimes they can mean more than any other sort of reward. But if I can help…" he'll just leave it there.

Dark eyes look back to Flash, "Well, I don't necessarily mean for us, per se, but…what about how we're going to look to others? And are you sure that isn't Switzerland?"

As for Alexander, he does rob at the bridge of his nose a touch awkwardly, which is curious considering he doesn't often make nervous gestures. He looks towards Flash and tells him calmly, "Whatever the case, I don't mind who pays for what. If they plan to ill use us then they purchase with their actions and money a reckoning." There's a faint half-smirk, "Then again, I understand if this is not the majority opinion."

"Yes, I'm positive. I got an A in history. Switzerland also has neutrality and has for a long time. But," The Flash makes scale-hands, "Sweden has the hotter ladies and bois, so we totes lucked out, brosef." The Flash shrugs, "If they ever, worst case scenario, tried to hold it over our heads, we'd just tell em where to go and how to get there. We don't owe them anything. They did this, they say, because they wanted to return the original favor. I take them at their word."

An eyebrow lifts at Alex's words, "You're…really intense, you know that?" Wiccan watches him a moment before he looks over to Flash, those brows drawing down, "Is that all you think I'm about? Who's hotter? If they try to hold it over our heads, then we're out a headquarters. You do realize that, don't you?"

Gaining his feet, Alexander offers an almost lupine grin in Wiccan's direction then he starts towards Wally. Slapping that man a good /whap/ on the back, the young deity tells him, "Til the next time, Flash." He starts to trundle off down the street, "I need to get some sleep before early classes." Another wave is given over his shoulder, "Wiccan, fare thee well." That's right, he said thee, wow he must be a real god!

"It was a joke, dude. Lighten up. Don't get saucy because you got your international politics wrong," the Flash chuckles and shakes his head a little bit. "And if we lose our headquarters, we lose it. We'll go back to Vorpal's apartment like where we started. Headquarters are just a place to stash your stuff anyways."

Wiccan just gives a sigh and rubs at his face as well, "That's not what I meant." He gives a shake of his head as well and stands, "I'm going to bed too. School starts in, like…a week or something nuts and…we just went to Sweden." As if that should say it all. "I hope you're right about the Headquarters, Flash. I'd hate to have to say 'I told you so'…" although he might actually like that.

Instead of hailing another cab, Wiccan just sort of…lifts into the air, his cloak billowing about him. He's close enough to fly home at this point. Might be easier to sneak into the house then.

"Wouldn't be the first time," the Flash says to himself. "And I keep on tickin'" The Flash zooms away, heading west and looking for sleep.

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