August 5, 2014: Just some summertime, poolside fun.

Public Pool

A big public pool in New York City. Lots of folding chairs, a lifeguard tower, and screaming kids.



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Bright sunny afternoon. And thank GOD for leaving ''work'' early. It's been a sweltering day, and with Darcy having been made to run errands, she left training feeling hot and sticky and sweaty, and she recalled the public pool she walks past every day. She hurried home, changed, and rushed back out to the pool. Who cares if she's solo? She's hot, she's sweaty, and she's looking forward to cannonballing.

It's been a busy day for Sam, one that's left him itching to get out of Xavier's for a while. Luckily, it doesn't take much for him to jet over to the city for a few hours. To lie by the pool. To read. To…people watch. And he's doing all those things to various extents, though the worn paperback he's holding is getting decidedly less attention than the crowd. It's summer, after all, and the pool is packed.

Dammit. Packed. Darcy sighs, long suffering, as she sees the sheer about to stupid kids being stupid in the water. Oh well! She moves over to an empty pool lounger, next to Sam, and drops her towel and beach purse on it.

"This taken?" she asks of Sam, peering at him from behind her overly large, white framed sunglasses.

Sam lowers his paperback - some yellowed thing called "Children of the Void" - and turns to Darcy. He considers her a moment, looks at her things, and grins. "Ah'm thinkin' it is now," he states in a thick Kentucky drawl. "And a good thing you snatched it up, 'fore one of them little monsters did." He points to a kid standing by the pool eating ice cream in a cone. The kid gets a little ambitious with his tongue and the whole mess ends up in the water somehow. Such a waste.

Darcy follows Sam's finger and gaze to the brat and when the ice cream goes in the drink, her shoulders visibly slump.

"Mutherfu- I was gonna jump in that. Dammit," she blurts out before dropping to the lounge chair, still all hot and sweaty… and pouty. She turns to look back at Sam, and spots the book.

"That's a … freaky lookin' bat," she says of the illustration on the cover.

Sam glances at the book as if he's seeing it for the first time. He chuckles, holds it out to Darcy, and taps the cover around the area of the bat's head.

"Kinda silly if ya ask me. I mean, look at 'em ears." Another chuckle and he places the book in his bag, which sits on the other side of his recliner. On it is a logo for Xavier's Institute, should Darcy know of such things and even care. He turns back to her.

"How 'bout we not let some wasted ice cream ruin things."

Darcy chuckles at the bat, nodding in agreement. Sam's back is given a glance, and nothing more as she beams at the suggestion of not letting stupid kid ice cream waste anything.

"Okay!" she agrees readily, pulling off her sunglasses and tossing the five dollar beauties on top.

"Cannonball?" she asks, head tilted, brow quirked, lips smiling, eyes sparkling. Who can make the biggest splash!? Darcy bets she can!

Sam stuffs the rest of his things in his bag and sets it all on top of his recliner. No way is someone going to take the thing from him while he's away.

"That's just my style," he says, standing to give the pool his attention. He spots a bit of a water that's more or less clear of bodies, then sets off to make his leap, but not before adding, "Race ya," to the mix.

Oh hell no! Darcy squawks, her smile big and bright. She runs, yes runs, and yes she gets that high chirp of a whistle and the shout of WALK! from the life guard, but she doth not care! She rushes to keep up, pushes to get past him, and leaps from the edge as high as she can. She quickly tucks her legs under her, hugging her knees, and gulping a lungful of air just before making a SPLASH!


Yes. ker-SPLASH!!

Sam is taking it a little bit slower, maybe because he's trying to follow the rules. Or maybe he just wants Darcy to get ahead. Either way, his own cannonball ends up trailing hers, though it makes an equally offensive (to those around them, at least) ker-splash.

After a few moments under water, which is not as cooling of an experience as he was hoping for, Sam emerges and lets out a "Whoop!" Fun right?

Darcy breaks the water the same moment Sam does, pushing water from her face, laughing. She looks over at Sam, face without makeup since the mean lifeguard at the door demanded she take off the face paint. Her lips are still wide and full as she beams at him. Her eyes are a carefree green.


Sam slowly kicks his legs and makes small circles with his arms to stay afloat. He's smiling, too, as he shakes his head violently so little beads of water fly everywhere. For some reason, this tends to annoy people in a really fun way.

"Why not?" he says, controlling himself long enough to get a steady look at his pool companion. "I bet we can get one more good on good one in 'fore that guy kicks us out." He motions to the lifeguard, who clearly has his eyes on them.

Darcy is also treading water, but not anything like as smoothly. She looks over at the lifeguard and grins mischievously.

"Think we can get him wet?" she asks, more than willing to add a bit of insult to the mix. After all… makig her take off her makeup!

"You're a real trouble maker, ain't ya?" Sam says, stating what's becoming the obvious for him. He looks to the lifeguard briefly, then rolls his gaze back over to Darcy. "Fine, but this one's all yours. Ah'm right behind ya."

And with that he starts to lazily make his way to the edge of the pool.

"You have no idea," Darcy retorts, doggy paddling strongly after Sam to the edge of the pool. She pulls herself up out of the water, showing that for all that's she's curvy, she's no weak wall flower. A tatt peaks out from under the top of her bikini bottom. Standing, Darcy looks all calm and chill, like she's a little angel as she waits for Sam to join her. ALl the while, she's watching the life guard out of her peripherial, taking little quarter steps to get herself into the best position to KER-SPLASH the water onto him.

Sam lingers in the pool while Darcy exits and can't help but notice the tattoo. No surprise there. He grips the edge of the pool and lifts himself out, revealing no visible body art. Turning himself around, he sits on the edge, legs dangling in the water.

"So, what's the plan of attack here?" He looks up at Darcy with that grin again.

"We jump. We splash. We get to the edge, and bail," Darcy says, voice and eyes dancing with the thrill of it all. Her lips are curved up in a mischievous smile, as she bends forward to speak conspiratorial to Sam. Her forearms rest on her thighs just above her knees, her hands clasped together, fingers laced.

Sam sticks out his bottom lip and furrows his brow in mock deep thought. He nods, looks up at Darcy all serious like. "Straight-forward. Punchy. A touch risky. Ah think it'll work." He pushes himself up into a standing position and waits for Darcy to join him. "On your mark," he starts, fighting back another playful smile.

Darcy beams, checks her positioning one last time, takes a big breath and, unable to wipe the smile from her face, calls out: "Mark!"

And then she jumps. While laughing.

She hits the water with a splash, catching the lifeguard in the shins. Still laughing, even under water, Darcy kicks to the surface to sputter from the water up her NOSE!

Sam holds back a bit when Darcy shouts, taking some time watch the woman leap, position, and splash back into the pool. It was turning out to be a much better afternoon than he anticipated. Another leap, and he's soon in the pool alongside her.

Breaking the surface just short of the pool wall, Sam gives his head a mighty shake before looking up to the lifeguard. "Excuse us, sir," he says, reaching for Darcy's arm to lead her back toward their recliners. And fast.

Darcy sputters and kicks and goes where Sam pulls her, laughing the whole time. Well, laughing when she's not coughing that is. She heaves herself up and heads to the recliners to grab her towel to wrap around herself.

"God, I could so do a burger and fries right now. Wanna get some with me?" she asks. Clearly, Darcy is not the time to be afraid of strangers.

Up and out of the pool, there's a whistle blowing in the distance. Sam gets to his bag and pulls out his towel, quickly patting himself dry.

"Ya read my mind, er, I don't actually know yer name." Whether or not he's the type to so readily go eat with a stranger is unsure, but he does seem comfortable with this particular stranger.

"Darce," she says, towel over her shoulders as she holds out a hand for a quick shake. VERY quick, cause the lifeguards are heading over to kick them out. Which Darcy clearly doesn't care about, ‘cause she puts on her sunglasses, loops her arm with Sam's, and laughs the whole way out.

"Completely worth. Hash-tag: Worth. Extra side of WORTH!" she chatters as she slips on her flip flops and leads the way to a sidewalk hamburger street cart. New York is amazing like that. Food in carts on the street. It's like magic!

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