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August 6, 2014: Some Titans get together for an impromptu get together. Up on the roof.

Titans Tower



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It's midday or so and Tel's standing on the roof of the tower, looking out over the city. Really, he's looking up above the city at the sky more than anything on the ground.

Stepping out of the stairwell that leads up to the rooftop, Alexander emerges into the wind and the smell of the bay, standing tall and looking across the distance. The rudimentary security systems they have in place had shown the lone figure, giving an acknowledgement to a presence there if not much else. So the ESU student clambered past the construction, up the steps… just to check on their guest.

Approaching their visitor from the future, Alex lifts his voice, enough to just offer a few words and to perhaps remove and chance of surprise that might spook their guest, "A decent view, all told. Though one might wish to savor it when they're more assured of the building's structural integrity."

The Flash makes his way up to the top of the building singing a song having to do with something about being "Happy." He looks out on the tower and sees Tel and Alex there. "Hey guys, They're up here." People will notice that the along the walkways are large groups of grass and other foliage in a makeshift garden that is specifically designed to be environmentally friendly.

In his arms, Wally's got four boxes of pizza.

"We gots a picnic up in here, if y'all is interested."

The darkness collects into a single swirling ball and slowly expands until it's taken on the vague shape of a person. Tendrils writh off the center of the shape and pull inwards to form the arms and legs of the body image and solidify into a small hooded woman, standing on the very edge of the construction, so close to the plunge that her toes hang out over open air waiting for nothing more than a strong breeze to blow her out into a terrible descent.

Raven lifts her head, black hair blowing out like curtains in front of an open window, turning to regard the others on the constructions rooftop. Hoodie down, hands shoved deep into the pockets to either side, she greets them all with a nod and turns back to regard the midday view of bay. Looking for all the world like someone who would catch immediate fire in direct sunlight. Thankfully, she doesn't.

Tel glances over at the sound if someone arriving and nods a greeting. "I can fly so that's not really a problem." If it collapses, he won't be. "I don't think anyone mentioned your name to me. Mine is Tel, if no one said. Flash." he greets when the speedster shows up. "Raven."

Strolling forwards, the young blonde man with the pale seraphic features offers a small nod towards Tel Vole. It was one of those nods that in times past might have been accompanied with a small bow or a salute, such is the air of formality to it. He straightens and offers answer, "I prefer Alex," His tone is easy enough, casual, calm. Then when the others make their entrance he offers an acknowledging wave towards Flash, and spares a ghost of a smile in Raven's direction, though it is so short-lived she'd never be able to prove it.

"Did they already learn your story and have they embraced you with open arms?" The tone is still just as easy and just as casual. "Or are you on some form of probation til we learn if you are some sort of evil for us to wail and gnash our teeth about?"

"Dude is from the future," The Flash says as he eats a piece of pizza. "He's cool." The Flash pulls one of the boxes over towards the edge and dangles his legs over as he watches the sky. A six pack of soda's suffers a loss and is now down to 5 as Wally sips on the grape soda. "RavRav, how you doin' sugar?"

"I'm fine." Raven answers Wally, crossing her arms against the breeze way up here on all this construction material. "Why are we having a picnic on a buildings skeleton? Seems a little morbid." Says the Gothy one. She turns away from the edge, presumably deciding not to test her flight skills on such a very long fall and dropping into an indian style seat next to Wally. She even reaches for one of the grape sodas, but instead of opening it looks at the nutritional label, can slowly turning her hands like steam roller.

"I have been welcomed." Tel tells Alex. "And I am in law enforcement, not crime though you have only my word for that. I would not be offended if that's not sufficient based on only a day of knowing me." Moving over to the pizza, he takes a slice.

Strolling back to the gathering, walking alongside Tel Vole for the moment, he takes up a place leaning against the steel frame of an industrial air conditioner that awaits installation. Having availed himself of a piece of pizza in the transition, he takes a bite and chews, swallows. "Oh to be fair I am not entirely of concern regarding your honesty. If you are a friend from the future all well and true, then wonderful."

There's another few moments where they eat in silence and then after another bite he adds. "Though if you're some evillish sort from someplace or another, makes no nevermind to me. It simply adjusts the rules of our interaction."

"Well," The Flash says in answering for Raven, "Some of us can fly. And some of us can't. Moving across continents quickly is pretty amazing, but sometimes you just want a great view, you know?" Wally is on his fourth slice of pizza. To Alex and Tel, he sums up the earlier hypothesis, "We're starting to think the mixture of the speed force, a bolt of lightning, Raven's bolts, Magma's hotness, and Fiddlers sound created a portal that sucked him through time. How's that for scifi?"

Raven nods with Wally, but for which of his statements remains mostly up in the air. She does not, however, take a slice of pizza unless there's one that is vegi… and even then she picks off pieces that look gooey and ultimately just ends up with a piece of crust that she chews on like a straw blade. "He was 'science police'." Rachel says up to Alex, feeling that the distinction between law enforcement is highly important.

"There was a powerful explosion in my time. It's possible that the reactor exploding somehow combined with what ws happening here." Tel adds in to the hypothesis. "I don't know for certain that they happened at congruent points in time but it's possible that could account for it somehow."

"Science police?" Alex takes a few more bites of his pizza and then casually tosses the crust back into one of the empty boxes, the heathen. He procures another piece then returns to his lounging posture against the large steel box. "Sounds like something dogmatic could be attached to their enforcement. Like church police, enforcement of a belief system."

For a moment he looks thoughtful, "Or could just be like the vice squad. Focuses on scientific transgressions. Or perhaps a little from column A, a little from column B."

"Well either way, we're gonna help Tel here find his way home some way or another. And until then he's got a chance to hang here in the past and dumpster dive with the old timeys for as long as he wants." The Flash looks out over the horizon and winks at Raven, "Pret-ty romantic, lady. Pretty Romantic."

Raven perks suddenly and glances back at Tel, "Are the Titans in your history books?" This somehow seems way more important than he earlier admission of their new guests former employment. Much like a teacher, she's using the length of doughy bread as a pointer sans laser. "Aligned Planets." She points out to Alex, "An intergalactic police force that have taken on the monicre of science. I suppose with enough time I could reconstruct a complex magical cantation in legos…" Shrugging, eyes returning to Tel for answer to her question.

The piece of bread thwaps at Wally's forehead without looking his way. It probably misses, but she's thinking and doesn't have time for smarm. It will have to suffice.

Tel gives Alex a puzzled look. "Not at all. We're the main police force for the United Planets." he stresses that lightly, correcting Raven. "The name originates as a part of the Metropolis police in fact, sometime late last century. I was thinking that maybe I could work with them and earn some money till I can go home since my credit chip doesn't work in this century. I don't know why no one has shown up yet."

"Hmm," Alexander seems to enjoy his second piece of pizza, lingering on the last few bites. Then aside towards Raven he murmurs askance, "Even if he could tell us, it would no longer be in regards to our current reality. His presence has changed things." There's a pause as he considers the possibilities, then tosses the crust into an empty box. "Though I suppose it could give some idea as to what might happen."

The piece of bread bounces off the Flash's head and lands in the grass off to the side. A pair of doves swoop down and start munching on it. "Romance is dead, Raven. Romance is dead."

"I'm not interested in what might happen. I'm not trying to aquire lottery numbers…" Raven says to Alex, "I'm assessing the potential that a major historical event, such as the formation of the Titans as would be indicated by our combined defeat of a single enemy: The Fiddler, combined with all those elemental forces hitting in a single moment in that exact place might be sufficient to pull someone out of time." Said while staring at Wally, "I am no scientist, so I admit that I am spitballing."

Then, "Romance is overrated, not dead. If they create a holiday for it, chances are strong that it is in postmortem."

Tel needed some time to think and ends up shrugging. "I don't remembering learning about a group called the Titans but like I said, I'm not a historian. We know about the Justice League, of course. And Superman."

There's a tilt of his head given as Alexander considers both Raven and Tel in turn. He folds his arms over his chest and hms again, "And if he told us of some large event in the future, or had some detail we could act on, from a lottery ticket to the death of a loved one, would you act on it?" The young man shift his faintly glowing eyes over towards Tel, "Would it be ethical? And why?"

"Deep thoughts," The Flash says as he groans and gets up. "Romance is so not overrated. Look guys, I gotta head home for a bit and see my mom. It's meatloaf night. Y'all stay breezy. Tally Isham in 5."

"Later homies," With a swirl of air, the Flash takes off down the steps and out of the tower. He glides across the water, before hitting Staten Island, and if they're still following him, they might be able to see the trail as he hits the mainland and acrosses New Jersey.

"I believe it is because romance is overrated." Raven can only assume, she's never actually met a barrel leaping Italian man in search of his kidnapped love to definitively have the question answered. Musing as she is, she watches Wally dash down, across, and away; looking away only once she can no longer see the trail blazed by his fastest feet alive, at which point she looks up at Alex and takes a bit of pizza crust.

Looking after the retreating Wally, Alexander's smile becomes a touch smaller, faint and perhaps wistful. Though he gives no hint to the thoughts that drift through his mind, some hint of them is there in his body language, the slight tension or hint of nostalgia. Then, as quickly as it was there, it's gone.

Turning back to look at Raven as Tel Vole moves back towards the edge of the building, the young deity cocks an eyebrow, "You raise a risky topic of conversation considering the company that you keep. Then again, I suppose Flash raised it upon reflection."

"Romance?" Raven asks, not looking away from Alex as he moves over to where he ultimately stops and shrugs a shoulder, "I don't see how. He has known me well enough to know my thoughts on the given subject. It hardly seemed a debate he genuinely wanted to have.." Seriously though, she probably wouldn't have known if he was genuine or not. She's not that quick on the reception when it comes to conversation. "Either way, it's true. Romance is overrated and underwhelming. Everyone chases after it, when they find it they stay in a constant state of heartache and either stay together miserably or separate to chase after 'true love'." What an upbeat opinion she has.

"That's not really true." Tel says from where he's standing on the ledge and looking upwards. "There are many who stay together for a long time, still loving each other and not at all miserable. It all depends on what you bring to the table, what you expect and how well you talk to each other."

For a time Alexander sort of just looks at Tel as numerous trains of inquiry spring to mind, different angles, different topics still pertinent. Eventually he settles on one as he says almost absently, "I was under the impression that in the future everything would be done by machines, or robots. Hm." Though the tilt of his head might seem to give some hint that he isn't entirely serious.

Turning those dark red eyes back upon the grim young woman he tells her calmly, "Though he brings up a point. You should perhaps consider his point of view. Statistically with this team dynamic you're doomed." He finally steps forward long enough to snare a fizzy grape soda, then pops the top. "The only woman on a team of fellows. At least one of them is going to go all moony-eyed and try to convince you so pitifully earnestly to leave your shell. And then it'll be non-stop notes in your locker, little red hearts drawn on notebooks."

A nod is given, "Doomed, unless Flash recruits another gal. Then you _might_ be safe."

Raven turns to regard Tel with a cool look in her eyes that seems more natural than actually intended for him, then shifts to stare out at the wide open New York sky scape. "Probably." She isn't so cloistered to think what he's saying, if only the idea, is false. "They will be sorely disappointed. As painful as it will likely be for them… or not.." She doesn't seem bothered either way of that equation, "They will not succeed and we will continue to act in a manner of platonic, distant platonic, regard or I will leave the team to make it easier for everyone to accept that I have not, do not, and will never be interested in anything even remotely regarding a relationship."

Tel smiles at the idea of machines. "Hardly. While we do have technology you don't here, there's still many things that can only be done by people." He glances back over his shoulder at Raven's comment. "If someone is unable to take no as an answer and respect your wishes, it should not be you who leaves."

Scratching a fingertip at his chin, Alexander nods. "True, and I'm sure you'll have no shortage of white knights to leap to your aid." He takes a sip of grape soda as he looks towards the edge of the building, then he turns back. "But that is all secondary. However much enjoyment can be derived at such conjecture."

His eyes shift back towards Tel Vole, faint reddish gleams in the corners of his eyes. "So your plan is to bide here and do what good you can in the interim?"

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

"White Knights." Raven snorts, shaking her head and taking up a small pebble that must have dislodged from the construction worker's shoe. "Also overrated. And unnecessary. I am aware that I am a woman, but I assure you that I am perfectly capable of dealing with unwanted amore myself. I do not need a white knight to come pull me out of a tower or to awaken me from some deep sleep."

The pebble is hurled out into the open air where it will no doubt fall and kill someone when it hits them from such a height. "Disney has taken those stories and twisted them into romantic tales where some beautiful man saves some beautiful woman from some evil monster. In what way has anything ever worked like that in real life?" The pebble is caught by a small purple portal and falls back into Rachel's palm from another just above her palm so that she can hurl it again.

"No thank you."

"Yes." Tel agrees and hops down off the ledge to go get another slice of pizza. "Though I can't understand why no one has show up yet. Just the intent to perform a course of action should be enough to affect the future. Unless there's something preventing them coming back to this time. Ripples in the timestream, in effect, caused by what brought me here. I might need to wait until they've died down before anyone can show up here." If that takes a year or two, that would be inconvenient. If it takes a century, that would suck.

Taking another sip, Alex listens to them both and again hms to himself. He leans forwards a bit as he confides to Raven, "White Knights rarely care for the feelings of the maidens. It's an act of ego in essence, and in some ways an insult to the maiden." Then he waves a hand, "In any case."

Turning to Tel, the young man lifts his chin. "If you require shelter away from the tower, I have some assets you could make use of. I, not being a man from the future, have no idea as to your mental state. Sometimes I just like to stop and think for a time, gather my wits about me."

Then at that last he shoots Raven a look as if daring her to say something about him and his wits.

Raven shrugs indifferently to the poor oppressed maidens, even though in this case, this particular analogy, it is in vague reference to herself. She hardly feels like a maiden and is certainly not in any distress. Perfectly capable of handling said distress even if she were hypothetically in it. Those other maidens, they can fend for themselves. "I don't believe in labels." That's the second time she's affirmed that fact for something that Alex has said.

"Time is a strange sort of thing." Wiggling her hand between moments where the pebble is tossed and reappears in her palm. It resembles, if in a pantomime manner, a river, "Divergent and diverse. Could be you are not from this time line at all, but rather an alternate dimensions timeline. Which would explain a great many things. It would also mean that the chances of you returning home are next to zero." Turning so that she can look around Alex, leaving his wits alone for the moment, at Tel.

"In which case, you will probably need a new drivers license."

"My mental state is fine." Tel assures Alex. He's still in the optimistic stage. "Thank you for the offer, though." Wow, Raven is a downer though he's not going to let it bother him. "Time will tell." he says with a brief smile. "Ah, you need licenses to pilot your ground cars?" As many of them as there are, it's probably a good idea. Not to mention what he saw even just briefly watching them. "Yes, since no one has show up yet, it would be best to assume there's going to be a delay. A license, as you put it. Clothing. Credits. A place to live. I'll need all this."

Pushing off of the wall and carrying his grape soda with him, Alexander looks over his shoulder as he moves to the stairwell. "I'll see what arrangements can be made. If we leave it up to Flash you'll end up driving a Yugo and wearing a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' t-shirt." He pulls open the door and pauses. "Til another time, Raven. Tel."

With that said he makes his departure, walking down the steps at a leisurely pace.

"If anyone can get you illicitly acquired questionably sourced goods, it will definitely be Alex." Raven assures Tel when the self styled god departs. Her thumb jerks back over her shoulder towards the doorway, then the hand opens and catches the falling pebble. Before throwing it again, she stares at their new arrival with her head tilt to one side, "If it makes you feel any better, you can always make a very comfortable life here in a primitive world?"

"Illicitly?" Tel asks, turning to gaze after Alex. "Is he a criminal then? I suppose in this century, it's not really my problem if he is. Though our jurisdiction tended toward crimes a bit more major than theft." At her comment, he nods in agreement though obviously not really liking the idea. "I'm sure. It's just not my home."

"No, not a criminal." Raven corrects herself, "Well connected, egotistical, but not a criminal. At least not that I am aware of. I barely know him after all…" She watches Tel, turning the pebble between her fingers with a distant expression on her otherwise bland face, "Home is wherever you make it. I do not have a ''home'' either. Not for a long time. When I came here, I was as out of place as you are now, but I made something out of it.. you will too, I am sure."

"I'm sure I can." Tel agrees somberly. "But it's not just how we fare. There are my parents, my friends, Jed. We're not married any more but we're still the best of friends. I don't know if it would be better if they thought me dead or lost in time with a chance of returning. They won't find any of my DNA at the site of the explosion so the question will always be unanswered.

"At the risk of sounding severely insensitive…" Raven warns, since she is by no means the best person with whom to discuss matters of emotions and how others will feel, "Giving loved ones false hope seems far worse than sparing them it. They will feel horrible that you have gone, but they will move on with their lives. Perhaps with the occational painful memory when they see some stranger drinking your favorite milkshake. The oposite side of this is that they will spend, potentially, their entire lives thinking that anyday you may return. Their lives will revolve around it, they will grow bitter and jaded…" Her hands clap together, fingertips pressing lightly together, "If it were me… I would hope that they thought I died. But I have been accused of being heartless." That kind of hurts, but she doesn't show it.

"No, you make a good point." Tel assures Raven. "But I don't think they will. No body, no DNA, maybe even the traces of temporal energy. We're not unfamiliar with the concept of time travel even if it's something even the Legion does very sparingly. Well, that I know of. I was never a member and they don't tell the Science Police everything." Which is one reason there's friction. "It will all depend on what evidence remains at the site of the explosion and how they put the pieces together. Something I have no control over." he adds with a sigh.

"If it makes you feel any better, I am certain that something from our time went back across into yours. It was not necessarily an explosion, so much as a… gateway." Raven is theorizing, but again she is no scientist. It just sort of makes sense to her and without emotions to get in the way, she has a lot of time to consider things. "So they have some evidence to work on in regards to where you are. I just hope it is not an alternate dimension. That would complicate things."

"No, whatever happened here, there was also an explosion on my end." Tel explains. "I'm afraid I caused it. My guess is the two combined somehow did this. But I could be wrong. But if something did go through from this side, then it should help."

Raven bobs her head from side to side and looks out over the open skyline with a little sigh. "At least you landed in the middle of potential friends." Said while hoping up easily to her feet, "Imagine if it had been in the Gaza Strip or.. further back. When dinosaurs invented fusion energy for the first time and destroyed themselves." She looks to Tel and dips her head in a clipped nod, "Either way, I hope you can find something here that will make it home for you."

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