Contingency Plans (Language)

August 08 2014: Jericho and Partisan make plans in case the worst happens.

CCU Operations Center

A converted K-Mart distribution center, now housing machine shops, maintenance sheds and living quarters.



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Jericho has been… a bit busy. Internet busy. The kind that doesn't require a whole lot of moving around, but busy all the same. Partisan, though. Partisan he wants to talk to in person about this mess. She'll get upset. He knows this. Heck, he's upset. But this is a battle that's going to be fought without conventional weapons. For the present, at any rate. And he knows she's more than smart enough to see that. Hell, she'd probably suggest it if he were of a mind to go off half cocked. Which… he's not. At the moment.

Still, the way he thrusts the doors of the interior open suggests he's not exactly in a happy place.


She's got a vast array of, well ok that’s a -wing- for that Antonov which she's currently stretching fabric over and stapling down. Cigarette dangling from her lips as she lifts her gaze towards Jericho. "Alright, Jerry. Have a seat and don't touch anything, Why don't you tell me what the hell it is that's got you all wound up?"


Jericho flips the chair around so he can rest his hands on the back. Really, grip the back. He's calmer than he was earlier. Not ready to actually de-orbit space junk back to earth. But yeah. Not happy.

"Remember our 'allies' who helped us set up medical support for the mutants we rescued? Apparently I'm not longer welcome there unless I clear it with Hank. Nancy's being pushed out of her leadership role, it sounded like. In fact the upshot sounded like outsiders in general weren't welcome. Which is stupid. Angelo's been doing a lot of work with those people and he's got all the damn files for what they did. I gave them to him myself."


Jericho's tone is harsh. Almost venomous. "So it's Hydra BS all over again. They control who goes in and out. They vet who they can see and can't. I'm not playing that game with them. Nan said she wanted to talk to the actual guy in charge there. I told her while she was at it, talk to all the rescuees. If they're okay with what's going on with them, I'll swallow the BS and butt out. If they're not, and the head honcho won't see reason, I told her I'd be prepared to move them. I've already got a line on a new site, but I could use help with the logistics. Angelo will back us up for medical support, I feel confident, though I haven't asked him yet."


Partisan raises a brow, before gently setting the stapler down and settling back against her work bench. Quietly puffing at her cigarette for a moment, before ashing off to the side. "So, is this all of them or just one guy making these decisions. I want names, tell me how we got here. Tell me Angelo doesn't have the only copy to that information?"


"Nan didn't give me names, so Hank’s is the only one I know, though by the way she phrased it - 'people' - there's at least one other. To be honest, the only opinions I care about in this scenario are the ones of the people we rescued. They tell me to back off, I back off. I won't like it, but I will. They tell me they want out, then that's what they get. By force, if I have to." The kind of force he's well capable of but doesn't often display. The kinds of things he used to pull in SOAR.

"No, I have a copy of the entire thing in my buffer. First thing I did was put it all in there and index it. And I can get it hardcopy from there if we need it again."


Partisan nods softly, pausing to snag a fresh cigarette as her eyes narrow just a tad. "So, tell me. Who exactly told you we were locked out, and -exactly- what is Angelo doing or not doing here. Come on and give me the full break down, but be specific about who and what they said."


"I can do you one better," Jericho holds his arm up and replays audio snippets from the conversation earlier today. Nancy's voice comes through on a few clips.

"So, you hear about the Godzilla thing last night. Holy crow. The moms were all in a tizzy about it. And we talked about a bunch of stuff. Explained about the plant thing to him for a start. Assured him that while Roberto and I flirted, it was just that. Talked about the farm. I haven't told anyone yet that you're not allowed to visit. I don't think they'll take it well."

"Some of the instructors feel that I'm too young to have the responsibility of being in charge there. They also don't approve of the? heavy handed tactics we took. Parti Girl was a little… well… She was Parti girl. They want me to cut you and her out of my life. I… I have decided to tell them no. If it's their way or the highway, then I guess I take the highway. I just… what's gonna happen to the other nutates?"

"You might be able to go, but you have to call Hank for permission before you go. I'm not happy about it. You and all those others? You did us all a solid. It just sorta sounds like wham, bam, thank you ma'am to me."

"That's what I was told this morning."


Partisan Winces, licking her teeth and quietly looking away. "So tell me if you disagree but, the more interaction I have with these people the less I want to deal with them." Finally pausing to puff at that cigarette. "So the folks, the refugees they feel what they like us? Has Angelo said anything on the topic? Should we start stockpiling gasoline, so we can burn this bridge?"


Jericho just looks grim. Well that and pissed. "I haven't talked to Angelo yet. The folks there Nan's gonna talk to but given the reception I got there when I visited Nan to bring her the sugar rig, they certainly like me well enough. I'm… getting ready for burning the bridge. That's why I wanted to talk to you. If Nan can't get the people to back off and the refugees feel like I think they're gonna feel - Nan seemed pretty confident they wouldn't like it - then we'll need to provide a new place. And deal with our former friends, if they object."


Partisan sighs, before falling silent for a moment. "So first thing, you talk to Angelo and figure out exactly where he is. Before we do anything, anything at all we need to figure out exactly where everyone is. if they try to make any move that the refugees don't want, they become enemies. Once you figure out what the fuck is going on with Angelo, I want you to buy us a hotel. A motel six or something, cook the money or scam it I don't care. Find one with enough room space to handle this, and then keep the staff in place. If this goes sideways, we shuttle them there and we'll begin placing them ourselves one by one."


"Working on that as we speak. Been doing it most of the day. I've got a line on an old place on the 95 between New York and Gotham. I really, really, really don't want to move those poor people again because of this. But, like I said, it's gonna be their call. If they don't like this and our erstwhile friends won't back down…"

Jericho's jaw sets and he looks down, buying time to get himself a little less upset. "Yeah."


Partisan narrows her gaze and rubs at her brow "Fuck, why can't American's speak fucking spanish. I've got Friends in Argentina, friends in government but thats gonna do us fuckall good if these poor fucks can't speak Spanish and wanna live down there." Sighing "And give Molly and Sara the cliff notes, no we're not asking for help nor do we plan to ask for help but they should see what these chuckle fucks are putting on these poor people. Both of them did more than enough to deserve a fucking heads up. I'm going to start packing gear, if they play games with us we won't play fair. We make them very fucking public, we make it clear these people are being held against their will. We throw it on the web, we drop it to TV stations, we agree to deliver serious fucking tips to the FBI and report them for human trafficking. We release videos demonstrating what these fuckers are actually doing, and we get as many kids away from those motherfuckers as we can. The alternative is a shooting war, and we just do not have the safety margin with that many people at stake Jericho. Either they come with us, of their own free will or we make this so fucking public we have the DOJ investigating their shit." Pausing to exchange her cigarette for another. "In the meantime, no threats. Be fucking cool as ice, don't let anything on. If asking politely isn't enough, we carve them up and give them to the media."


Jericho nods. "Works for me. This isn't something I want to get into a shooting match over. Though I will be damned if I'm going to play Mother-May-I with these idiots. They act as though we're the danger here. The ones who risked and bled for them." He snorts. "Asses. Alright. I'm going. I'll handle Angelo. And Sara if you'd like though you seem to have a rapport with her. Maybe my SHIELD contacts too if it gets bad enough but I'm on shaky ground with them. Hopefully none of this will be necessary. Nan'll get them to back off. I guess we'll see."


Partisan nods. "Jack yourself a fucking sat stream, I want a vague notion of what’s going out at that farm. I'll load the birds, and prep our rolling gear just in case this gets totally sideways. I'll be pulling the Carl-G out of storage, just in case right? I'm not saving these people, for these jackboots to rule them all the fuck over again. I did not fucking damn near -die-, so these lay around do nothing cuntnuggets can talk shit and try to play games. These are absolutely, the most absolutely stupid mother fuckers if they think we're just going to fucking stand here and let them go gestappo over there! Fuck them, Fuck the horse they -didn't- ride in on because they've done exactly fuckall -nothing- but make drama on the one side of this they could be bothered with."

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