Cross-Timeline Vaccination

August 08, 2014: Beast is making a point of giving out vaccines to everyone at Xavier's. This is one of them.

Hank McCoy's lab, Xavier Institute

It's the sort of place which only Hank can make sense of it all.



  • Larry the Bamf

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Just when he thought things might slow down, they pretty much picked up. There were emails to his family, apologizing why he hasn't been able to make that intended visit back home this summer…a lot of apologizing since it's been over five years, and more synthesizing of the vaccine, among other duties.

Forget that it's August and students will be returning in less than a month! Lesson plans? What are those?

The door to Hank's lab is currently open as he's trying to catch anyone who might be passing by or he's hoping that those he hasn't tagged yet will come seeking him out. The important part is that they get vaccinated.


Doctor visits, one of those great many things which should never be put off but so very often is. Talia's no stranger to the news of late, both from the mysterious anti-X-gene killer chemicals on the street and from the Institute's information network.

Getting shots stinks! But, being alive is kinda fun and all, so…

An open lab door is enough of an invitation that she slips on through, in a literal sense. She might be trying to impersonate a secret agent from a Saturday morning cartoon. A lone Bamf upon her left shoulder seems to be getting into the spirit as well, glowy yellow eyes narrowed to suspicious slits beneath the brim of a fake Fedora. "I found myself within the lair of the Beast, a most curious creature with a knowledgebase as impressive and cluttered as his natural habitat. Exercising caution I stepped further into his lair."


Beast catches the scent of brimstone and the scent that…isn't Kurt. Using some base deduction skills, he easily deducts the identity of his new guest. "It needs to be said with a heavy Australian accent for it to really work," is offered even as he grabs alcohol swabs and a fresh hypodermic needle. Turning around before he moves over to greet the younger Wagner, he notes the Bamf on her shoulders and narrows his golden eyes, "I've warned the other two and I'll warn this one. You touch anything and you become a biology experiment. Got it?"


The tiny Shoulderdemon's eyes snap wide open then blink once, sitting upright upon the Wagnerette's shoulder with a 'what did I do?' expression. "Bamf..?"

TJ ducks her shoulders and turns, effectively placing her own head between the critter and the other mutant. It's complete with an impish grin. "Don't mind Larry, he pretends to be physically attached to my neck more often than not. Doctor McCoy!" she offers while holding a three fingered hand forward in greeting. "It's nice to finally meet you proper-like in this dimension."


"The warning has been given," Hank offers before he takes the offered hand, "This dimension. Yes. You're another one of those…" and she'd have to be, seeing as she's not all that much younger than he or Kurt. "I'm guessing you knew another version of me in your…home…dimension? Much like Cal?"


"Yep, 'one of those' is me. I'm going to one-up you there and say that I've met a couple of other yous," Talia replies with her typical positive energy. "Exactly like Cal, and Clarice if you ever bump into her. Cute little purple thing," she trails off while holding a hand level to approximate Blink's height.

"So, uh..I suppose I should make some sort of disclaimer here or something. I mean, this vaccine really shouldn't be a problem, but I might be just a 'teensy' bit different from everyone else," she thinks aloud, with more hand gestures. "Did you get a chance to treat Cal already?"


"That must get rather confusing," Hank offers even as he starts towards her arm with the swab. At the mention of being different than the others, though, he pauses, "I haven't, now. How 'different' do you mean?"


TJ kept things easy for the shot, relatively speaking. No sleeves to get out of the way. When the question is asked she gives a partial shrug before trying to explain. "Couldn't really say? There's infinite realities out there. Heck, in some instances there is no X-Gene, it's mapped to something completely different. There's no telling how far detached any of us three are from this reality. I'm just musing more than anything." Pause. "I'm just avoiding thinking about needles."

The sheepish smile which she follows up with probably doesn't help.


Beast doesn't go in for the shot just yet, however. "Would you like me to test and make sure nothing will happen? It shouldn't take too long, although," there's an apologetic look then, "It would mean -more- needles."


..Dang. A blue lip momentarily gets caught between slightly pronounced bicuspids. "Really walked myself into that one, didn't I," Talia quietly observes.

'Larry' folds his stubby arms together and gives her a look of disapproval from all of two inches away from her face.

Taking a deep breath, she decides "Better to be safe about it. I've got nothing planned for the next few hours. If it's not too much work for you."


There's a nod, "That's probably a wise decision. I'll try to be as quick as possible with the needles," and the hypodermic is put back and another needle taken up. He grabs a couple of petri dishes as well as a microscope slide before bringing the needle over. "I just need one of your fingers, please…" Hank will swab, jab, and then take the blood he needs as quickly as he can. Despite having claws, his fingers are fairly deft and experienced at this type of medical work.


"Finger?" Talia repeats with some amount of puzzlement. It's complete with examining one of her own hands, as though the mysteries of the universe are tattooed upon the back of it. Ultimately the hand is offered one more time, though she makes a point to focus her attention somewhere else while the sample is drawn.

"If you don't mind my prying, do you tend to prefer the familiarity of your lab or do you partake in social extravaganzas at times? Every version's a little different from the others, sometimes the line can be very difficult to spot."


"Yes, so I've been told," Hank is happy to try and distract the girl from the needles by conversation. It just makes things easier. "Cal has told me on a couple of occasions that other versions of me are much more social…to the point where I really can't see how they'd be 'me', if you ask me." There is going to be a prick of the needle somewhere in the conversation, and the drawing of a little blood. "Right now, I'd rather not be jaunting about, willy-nilly."


There's a notable twitch of a spaded tail when the needle finds purchase, though TJ does a great job of holding still otherwise. "I get that… Always one crisis or another. Ugly business these days. If it helps I don't recall ever finding one of you that wasn't all 'science-ho,'" she teases. "It seems to be a universal part of your charm."

Larry seems to be a lot less interested in the conversation, contenting himself with climbing on top of her head. It makes holding still that much more awkward.

"So you've found ways of defending against two-thirds of this stuff, was it..? What's the third one?"


Beast gives a grunt at the mention of his 'charm', "Well, I suppose one could call it that…thank you for being so generous and politic. I've certainly been accused of being other things." Probably most of them are true. Glancing up at 'Larry' as he perches on top of Talia's head, he grudgingly offers, "You're being very well-behaved. Thank you." Then, back to Talia, "Are the others 'Moe' and 'Curly'?" Once the blood is taken, he places a small wad of gauze on the site, "Press this firmly for a minute or two."

Without much of a pause, he adds some of the sample to the petri dish and some to the microscope slide and begins the test.


Larry peers back at Beast with a broad, toothy grin with a note of amusement sounding from the back of his throat. 'Look at me, I -can- stay out of trouble!'

Rolling pupilless eyes ceilingward, Talia says "Last I heard Moe went with Illyana and Curly's stuck with Kurt. The others are ..a bit more free-spirited. I couldn't even tell you how many of the silly things there are out there."

With the instruction given she nods once and keeps light pressure on the spot, tucking both hands in close to her stomach. While the Doc's looking through the lens her attention wanders to the rest of the lab. "I may not understand what anything in here is but I can't help but be fascinated… Okay, I take that back. That one looks an awful lot like a coffee maker." Another momentary pause follows before she adds "I wasn't aiming for generosity. In a lot of realities there also exist similarities. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you're appreciated around here. So, don't feel that you have to hide. Or anything."


Beast glances away from the tests briefly to look at Talia, "Thank you. I don't necessarily hide when I'm -here-…although sometimes I need a break from some of the younger kids." It's the reason why he often stays so close to the mansion. It's -safe- here. Outside…that's another story.

"It is, indeed, a coffee maker…and I'm sure you recognize the computers. And to answer your earlier question, the third one neutralizes the x-gene and then releases cyanide into one's system."

He looks back at the samples and frowns some before he checks the petri dish. "Well…there doesn't -seem- to be any negative reactions to the vaccine, but…there is something different about you that I haven't seen." He checks both again before turning back to fully face Talia, "The choice is your's, really. It doesn't -seem- like anything will happen, but to fully be sure, I'd probably need more time."


"Oh gosh, right with you there," Talia agrees to avoiding the younger sorts. She gets to hide behind the excuse of having late night shows in some of the nearby cities, which tends to work great until the morning hangovers and sore throat from hours of yelling at a microphone come into play.

"And that's probably because of the cyanide," she quietly adds with a sigh. "Just in case things weren't already bad enough."

The finding is, frankly, completey unexpected. "What - you did? ..Huh. Well, I'm sure I'll be fine-"

The thought is quickly interrupted when Larry cuffs the back of an elven ear, yellow eyes staring at yellow eyes from the top of her head. "-Bamf.-"

"-With..getting the base vaccine," she finishes with an awkward grin.


"I suppose for many, losing their power would be detrimental or possibly even deadly. For most…perhaps not so much, but yes. The cyanide is pretty bad." Hank watches the brief interplay between LArry and Talia before he nods, grabs another swab, and retrieves the vaccine. "All right. I'd probably do the same thing as well, but we'll monitor you. If you feel at all strange or notice -anything- out of the ordinary, we'll do a work-up and see if it's a reaction to the vaccine."

The shot is given quickly…probably faster than drawing the blood for the inital test. "There…you should be good." He looks to Larry, "I approve of your call on that one."


Larry just looks so full of pride up there. He made a good call, go him!

"You'll be the first to know," Talia assures him. "Or the second, depending on this guy," she corrects while thumbing to the smaller fuzzball. "Thank you, Doctor. If I can ever lend a hand, preferrably with something that doesn't start with 'here, drink this,' you're always welcome to give me a ring."


Beast actually gives a laugh at that one…it's mostly a laugh with part of a snort and a cough mixed in. "I'll let you know, definitely. If you're really interested in being an assistant, we might be able to work something out, but it'll probably be doing boring things like washing slides and dishes and the like." He smirks at Larry before he turns it to Talia, "I'm the only one who drinks those concoctions…" and he gestures to himself.

It's almost making fun of himself. Almost.

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