People come and go so quickly here

August 10, 2014: Sam starts a garden. Illyana stops by for a visit.

Xavier's Institute

Nestled in the northern corner of Westchester County, Xavier's Institute for
the Gifted sprawls across acres and acres of property containing a multitude
of buildings and grounds. Far enough away from the hustle and bustle of City
life, the lights and sounds of the Big Apple are never truly too far for day

The institute itself is a walled complex with subtle and hidden security
stations. Coming up the main approach, it looks collegiate; the shrubs and
bushes are carefully and expertly pruned, and all is in place.



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It's a Saturday afternoon at Xavier's, and Sam Guthrie is spending it outdoors with a few select students: a pudgy girl with auburn curls, a boy with glittering skin, and a pair of twins with twenty-eight fingers between the two of them. Their goal is simple. Plot a fall vegetable garden, make its boundaries clear, and distribute work evenly.

"Y'all find a space where the sprouts won't get trampled, square it off, then we'll talk veggies." Sam beams as the four eager students get to work hammering stakes, spreading orange traffic ribbon out in an orderly fashion, and trying their best to otherwise mark their territory. His expression optimistically says, "Yes, world. This semester is going to be the best yet!"
And to all that sunshine, a little rain must fall. Well, Illyana certainly tends to bring the grumpy with her glass-half-full sort of outlook. He spots her coming across the lawn towards him, dressed in jeans and T-shirt and sneakers. For a change, she looks like most any college student. Which she is.

"Farming. It's always gotta be farming, hmmm hayseed?" Illyana remarks, a smirk curving her lips as she heads towards the tall, lanky young man.
When it comes to farming, a little rain is always welcome. That might just sum up Sam and Illyana perfectly. So when one blond turns from his students to address the other, it's done with a big, toothy grin.

"'Yana! Wouldn't be right if I didn't get some seeds in the ground 'fore this place is crawlin' with kids." Sam approaches his friend eagerly, stopping just short of a hug. It doesn't seem right to hug the Darkchilde, somehow. "Glad you could stop on over."
Yeah, Illyana's not much of a hugger, really. But she can see that he wants to in that big, puppyish way he bounds over. With a slight roll of her eyes, and that smirk curling into something damned close to a smile, she puts her arms up so he can hug her.

"How's the family?" Because she knows where he'd have been spending his summer. Ma Guthrie would undoubtedly need help with all those kids out of school. "I heard mention you were out here so I figured I'd stop by."
Sam laughs and reaches out to squeeze Illyana, making the kind of animalistic noise known only to come from distant relatives, namely obese aunts. “Mmmmhmm. Man, it’s been a while,” he says, pulling away before things get a chance to become awkward.

”Family’s good for the most part. Jay’s been steppin’ up to handle a lot of the heavy lifting on the farm, but really he’s just into his music.” Sam shrugs and spreads his arms before pushing his hands into his jean pockets. “What’s up with ol’ ‘Yanna? How’s life treatin’ you?”
"Teenagers." Illyana says with sarcasm. Because was it so long ago that they were teenagers themselves? And ah, the trouble they got themselves into…

The question gets a bit of a grimace. "Eh… hanging in there. Weird stuff's afoot, as usual." Since things have been quiet in regards to the evil Nightcrawler from her past that dropped in, she decides not to bring it up. Maybe it was a fluke. They do happen. Occasionally.

"You missed a bunch of the old crowd." She mentions. "Amara's been here over the summer since we graduated from NYU." The pair of them were actually roomates over the past four years down in The City. "Roberto's back in town, so he swung by. I think he and Doug had gone to a baseball game. They had those…" She wiggles a hand with one finger sticking up. "Foam fingers and stuff."
"Weird stuff? Tell me about it." Sam rolls his eyes and steals a peek behind his shoulder. Lots of weirdness in a ten-foot radius here. Nothing new.

"I remember gettin' some very sarcastic texts from 'Berto 'bout baseball. Never thought he'd actually be at a game. Doug can be convincing, though." He lets out a laugh mostly through his nose. "I heard about Amara, too. Y'all haven't been too far away. And you know folks here like to make sure everyone in the city is doing well." Certainly nobody is "checking up" on them, though. Not the professor.
Illyana hitches a shoulder, looking away ostensibly to watch the kids. "I stop by from time to time." And she does. A few times a year. More if they feel she's needed to either get folks somewhere quickly or for her magical expertise. But she's not one to just come by and hang out. She makes too many of the students uneasy. And that makes life not-easy for their teachers.

"The Professor's actually asked me to pitch in on a mission, so I've been by a bit more than usual of late."
"Good!" Sam says, with a healthy dose of enthusiasm. "Seems like people are always comin' and goin' 'round here. Myself included. What sort of mission are you on? I haven't had a solid debriefing since I got back."

As Sam settles into something more serious, some shouting explodes from behind him. Apparently the gardening club (they do NOT refer to themselves as such) has encroached on the ultimate frisbee squad's turf. "'Ey!" Sam barks, "Kale doesn't need that much room to grow." He pulls a hand from his pocket to shoo the gardeners into a smaller square of earth.
"'People come and go so quickly here' Sam? Really?" Illyana's tone is all dry mockery. Given her fondness for movies he can probably guess that she's quoting, even if he doesn't recall the movie itself. Which really, would be even more amusing.

"There are some pages from an evil book on the loose." She rolls her eyes and smirks. "Yeah, yeah, I know. But yes. Evil book. Like, evil enough I don't want to take the pages into Limbo because I'm afraid what might happen. They're Elder Gods magic. Prof wants us to track down some leads. Which is fine, I was working on it anyhow."
Sam narrows his eyes and smirks. "Well, it ain't Kentucky, that's for sure." He sighs and reaches up to massage the back of his neck while Illyana goes on about the evil book.

"Sounds like it's right up your alley. You need any help, you know you can ask, right?" Sam lifts his brows along with the offer, genuinely hoping his friend knows this. "Though I don't much like the sound of Elder Gods."
"Welcome to my life." Illyana says, trying for a light tone as she gives him a wan smile. "But yeah, I guess I'm the most well-informed one here and… the damned thing is new to me. Prof's got one of the new guys, Remy, heading up the mission. Mostly because it's his bridges we're likely to burn doing it. He was hired to steal to the page that alerted us to things, so we're tracking backwards to see if they've got more intel."

Illyana looks at Sam for a long moment, with the sun in his blonde hair and wind tossing it about. Finally she gives him one of those rare, small but real smiles. "You look good Sam."
Sam listens to Illyana's story with rapt interest. A new guy named Remy? And a thief at that? Surely that's not the craziest profession an X-Man has had, but it's dawning on Sam how much a summer away can really change things. And speaking of time and change…

"Aw, shucks, 'Yana. This is when all the time apart really sinks in, huh? Well, let's let it do its thing." He breathes in deep, holds it, looks up and away to some distant slow-moving clouds, then exhales. "You look damn good yerself."
Illyana can't help but chuckle at him. "You only say that because I'm all dressed-down for the kiddies." She teases. She left her ass-kicking boots and all the leather and spikes at home. Which of course, would be Limbo. "It'll be what it'll be." She agrees. "I need to go track some folks down, but I'll come around and poke you later, alright? Me and the others'll drag you away from your dirt and your kids for a night out or something." The impish grin is one that should make Sam worry. Illyana occasionally takes folks in… 'interesting' nights out on the town.

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