When You Wish Upon A Star

August 10, 2014: With the August meteor showers happening, some of the folks at Xavier's Mansion decide to make an outing of it.

Xavier's Institute

As dusk falls, on a small hill just by the lake.



  • Bamfs <Curly & Larry>

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Is there a day that can be more perfect than it was? Little warmer than the previous, but the lack of humidity certainy makes up for any failing on that count. With the evenings dipping down into the 'almost chilly' category, but certainly in the 'let's all open the windows for a cool night' realm, why wouldn't a stroll around the back area of the mansion be in order?

To add to the -need- to be out of doors, meteor showers that happen every August is happening and the sky is actually devoid of clouds.

It is a moral imperitive, at least, for the Bamf Prime, to be out of doors. So, strolling the grounds in search of a hillock that would be perfect for such a lightshow, Kurt has a blanket in hand and a bamf on his shoulder; Curly. The bamf is settled in on a shoulder with a spyglass in hand, the reticule up against a small glowing yellow eye. In the next second, he calls out, "Bamf!" and points rather theatrically in a direction.

Land ho?

Sunspot heads out to Westchester County.

Beast has already set up a location near the Mansion…with the vaccines prepared and being distributed, he's decided to allow himself a rare moment of rest. He's forgone any sort of blanket and has just set up a telescope and tripod on some higher, open ground, but he's currently seated, right in the grass. Barefoot, as he tends to be most of the time, he's actually wearing a faded, 'Muppet Show' t-shirt and cargo shorts. Quite casual for him, really, but he also wasn't expecting company.

Meanwhile, inside of Xavier's…

Something made of glass crashes from further inside, the acute note of breakage just audible through the open windows. It's immediately followed by a rapid-pace *thumpthumpthump* of something running, quickly. Probably with more than two legs, by the rate of muffled impacts.

It isn't long after when a tiny indigo fuzzball comes -darting- out from a third story window, immediately taking a hard left to run along the outside wall of the building.

A moment after -that- Talia comes flying out the same window, somehow managing to not bash the frame with any portion of herself as she gives chase to the errant Bamf. "Get back here you furry little runt!"

Then they're gone around the corner of the building, the *thumpthumpthump* growing distant.

'Ro is also out to watch the meteor shower. She's packed a lovely basket full of goodies and is wondering how many others are going to come out to watch the show of nature at its finest. When she notices a cloud starting to wander over, she arches her brow at it. "Not tonight, my friend. I'll let you come back later," she tells the cloud as it is taken away by a strong wind. She spots some friendly blue faces and takes herself in that direction.

"I was hoping I would find you out watching the shower. I hope my time away in Africa was uneventful."

Sunspot comes into Xavier's Institute from Westchester County.

"Evening, Hank," comes as a happy greeting. Without as much as a 'hey, do you mind?', the blanket is placed down behind Hank's makeshift observatory, and as he settles down, the bamf teleports from his shoulder perch to land upon the top of the telescope, adding another 10 pounds of weight to the end. Leaning down to look in the larger end of the 'spyglass', there is an amber eye and blinks, "Bamf?"

"Ja, it's bigger than yours, und no. You're not getting a new one. Now get off of there."

Kurt shoots a glance towards the house and the distant rumblings, and in the next moment, takes a deep breath to exhale it in a sigh. "They really are worse than little brothers at times."

Now, however, as 'Ro approaches, Kurt shifts over on his blanket, straightening out all the little folded edges. "Liebchen. Over here. Come und join us." A smile grows to a grin as the cloud is sent on its way, and his voice lowers, "I could not miss it. Und now with your aid, I won't. Come," and a three-fingered hand pats the blanket, "come und sit."

Shaking his head at the question, Kurt instead moves towards, "You were missed, liebchen. Though a breeze easily reminded us that you were always here."

Beast looks over, "Evening, Kurt," is offered jovially…until Curly decides to perch upon the telescope. He gets to his feet with a sigh and goes to recalibrate the equipment, "Little brothers eventually grow up, so I'm told," is offered with a slight growl as he makes the anjustments. Two fingers point at his own eyes before they point at the Bamf's. He's watching him.

The sound from the Institute gets another sigh as he returns to his seat on the grass, ""If that is anywhere near my lab, heads will roll."

Storm's arrival is greeted a little more pleasantly, "Welcome back, Ororo. I hope your trip went well?"

"I told you to-" -Bamf!-Foomp!- "-Stay out of my stuff!"

Two sets of backlit golden eyes bounce rapidly along the roofline, one pair notably lower and opened much wider than the other. The smaller one leapfrogs over the chimney, shadowed in another instant by Talia as she springs off of her palms and vaults the brick obstacle. "Larry listens to me, why don't you!"

Over the edge and straight down the wall they go, both darting back through another open window to the sound of someone yelping in surprise.

They're probably not in Hank's lab. The proof is in the pudding, or rather in the powdered sugar donut the renegade Bamf has snared within his tail as he comes bounding back out of a ground floor window, bounces off the top of a parked car, complete with a dusted sugar 'footprint' of his landing, then takes to a cobblestone wall like a boss.

Talia's right behind him, move for move. Without a donut. She'll worry about that part later. "Learn what a locked door means, you stupid little teleporting dolt!"

Ororo's smile is subtle as she closes the distance towards Kurt and Hank, but for those that know her mild forms of expression it is enough to know that she is quite happy to be home again. Her bare feet caress the grass until she gets to the blanket and she sinks down. It's at this point that she looks over towards the house and at the commotion. "They keep life interesting. The mansion would not be the same without them."

She opens the basket. It's light fare. Mostly just things to drink and nibbles to snack on. Nothing alcoholic since, well Ororo doesn't drink. "Things went very well. At least the parts I visited. I avoided the centers of conflict. I could end their wars so easily, but it is not my place. They will learn, or they will not."

Taking an almond for herself, she looks up to the sky. "It is going to be as lovely as always, is it not?"

Just after the Bamf bounds away, the the parked car's door pops open, and out comes Roberto da Costa. He looks affronted, if also a bit amused. "Ei! I just had this thing waxed, you little — ah!" When Talia bounces off of his gorgeous new ride, that is less of a cause for amusement. "I am never parking next to this maldita school again," he grumbles to himself as he chases after them. "If there's a dent, your insurance company will be hearing from me!" he calls after his quarry.

"They, sadly, don't grow up," Kurt responds, his tones theatrically rueful. "But, one can give them a quarter und they'll go und play. Or, offer them something they do want." The grin remains and he whistles softly, only to have Curly look up from his backwards vantage and blink at the elder Bamf. "Bamf?"

"Why don't you go help TJ, ja?" Which, of course, could mean that the donut could be his prize! Ish.

Or not.

Straightening on his perch, the little blue imp salutes as the small spyglass is tucked under an arm. In the next second, all that is left behind is a sulfurous cloud, heralded by the sound of Bamf!

"You have to know how to push… oh, Mein Gott.. TJ!"

He can see it now… the train isn't going to be derailed.

"Ja, they keep things interesting, but isn't it a curse, 'May you live in interesting times'?" Still, Kurt's tail moves to give 'Ro a gentle, teasing poke. "You are right. Either they will learn or they will not." His voice lowers, however, and he continues, "You were missed. Welcome home."

Uh oh. Consternation across acres. Always heard.

"Get him, Curly!"

Beast just shakes his head and chooses not to get involved in the Bamfs and their methods of entertainment. "So you have toddlers…forever." There's a brief wince of pity before he looks to Ororo, "We can only do what we can do. Sometimes, we have to let people realize their own mistakes." That said, he glances over at the cursing by the car…"Well, at least we're not trying to -hear- the meteor shower."

'Interesting' is a word for it, at least these two didn't set off the car alarm back there. They probably didn't scratch or dent it, either! But..now the chaser has become a chasee. "I don't have an insurance company, go fish!" … Blink. TJ risks a quick glance behind herself and notices that Roberto's after her now, too. "Hey, nice car!"

One lightning-quick Bamf darts around a small tree.

One quick and slightly heavier Talia banks off of the same tree, disrupting the branches a good deal more than the other critter.

It's then that the renegade Bamf leaps through the air and attempts to leapfrog over the back of Kurt's shoulders.

TJ's right behind. "Stop that Bamf!"

Blue eyes watch the goings on between the Bampfs, their sister and now … is that? Roberto. There is a crinkling at her eyes, just a hint of a smile. "The more things change, the more they stay the same. This will likely end with the little ones winning and the rest of us rolling our eyes in resignation." Another almond is eaten, a hand gestured over the repast. "Do help yourselves. I could not possibly eat all of this myself?"

"Yes it is a nice car, thank you for noticing," Berto answers huffily. Well, it's understandable that he's huffing: keeping up with TJ is going to challenge even his considerable athleticism to its limits. "Next time try to notice before you start jumping on it like a particularly springy bed!" The quick course correction makes his pursuit a bit easier, actually, as he veers toward the group of stargazers on an intercept course.

Fortunately, he keeps his eyes open enough to realize who he's rushing at, and hits the brakes before he actually barrels through them all. "Uh, hello, everyone," he says, skidding to a halt, straightening, and running a hand back through his permanently unruly hair. "I, ah, didn't realize there was a faculty meeting out here." He clears his throat. Super profesh.

Kurt ducks the moment the bamf makes the leap over head and lashes out with a hand to grab the little imp by the tail. Hand hold is replaced by a tail-hold, just to be sure nothing else is knocked over or otherwise disturbed. "TJ! Put the brakes—" On.

"Ja. I have toddlers forever. Intelligent und willful. Und no one knows what it is they truly mean when they speak. I can understand them, ja.. as can TJ. But what it is they mean?" A shrug gives his shoulders rise, "Your guess is as good as anyone's."

Kurt brings his tail around such that the bamf is dangling in front of his face- upside down. "Stop it."

From his inverted position, all the bamf can do is shrug, two little three-fingered hands outstretched, palms facing, for him, upwards.

Reaching with a hand towards a small bunch of grapes, Kurt seems to completely forget the bamf is there for his manners to come front and center. "Danke. It was quite thoughtful of you." Now, with the tail, Kurt moves the little guy back to set him down -behind- the group.

Then, when 'Berto arrives, Kurt is just bamfless. "It's fine. We're out to watch the meteor shower. Storm was so kind as to banish the clouds so we could get a good view. Join us?"

Beast offers an incline of his head as a greeting when Sunspot approaches, "Mr. Da Costa…good to see you again. Feel free to join us, if you'd like, but, sadly, I'm afraid that Kurt's and Talia's friends are off-limits. Until they break something." He still doesn't trust the little buggers. Getting to his feet, he goes to check on his telescope yet again…just in case the presences of the Bamfs somehow knocked it off of its setting.

"Don't make me possess your scrawny little hide!" TJ threatens just before the next leap is made. "I swear I'll - Dad!"

All four primary limbs dig into the ground in the same instant, arresting her forward momentum so quickly that she has to lean backward to keep from going into a roll across the lawn, her spaded tail zipping past her on one side before it realizes the rest of her is no longer in motion.

It also puts her nearly nose to nose with her fellow Wagner.

Without skipping a beat Talia puckers up and kisses the tip of Kurt's nose with an exaggerated "Mwah."

As for the halted renegade Bamf she suddenly reaches around and makes a grab for the tiny blue body, which..has a spiked belt around his middle. No, not a belt, though it does happen to fit him quite nicely as one!

"This is -my- choker. Not yours." Oh, and they're not alone anymore! With the short strip of chrome-appointed leather in hand she suddenly looks up at those assembled with widened eyes, as though only now seeing them for the first time. "Hi..! That is a -wicked- telescope, Doctor."

"Yes. Yes, that sounds like an excellent plan," Roberto stammers, glad for the cover. "Stargazing sounds like a great way to pass some time. How have you all been, lately?" He eyes Talia a bit more suspiciously than the Bamf, even before Hank's warning that the latter is 'off limits.' A very large female Bamf…? But she addresses Kurt as 'dad,' and in actual words, too. Probably not a Bamf, then. He offers his hand. "Roberto da Costa," he introduces himself. "I gather you're an automotive enthusiast."

Ororo covers her smile, trying not to laugh. The antics of both Talia and the Bamfs is amusing, but she does want to see the meteor shower tonight after all. "This is not a meeting of faculty, Roberto. Just some people with a wish to view a meteor shower hoping to do so together. Would you care to join us?"

Nodding her head to Talia, she gestures to the basket. "Feel free to help yourself. I have juice and soda as well as fruit and nuts for snacking on."

And… he gets kissed on the nose?!

"TJ.." Kurt begins, but nothing comes out after. 'Stunned and unable to parry', gaming geeks would call it. He tries once, twice to get something out, but while his jaw moves, nothing else does. Finally, he exhales in a sigh.

"Get your choker und— give her her 'thing' back."

"Bamf!" rings out defiantly.


The chubby little bamf starts a grumble before he teleports away, leaving the choker for TJ to pick up.

"Now, if you're done, TJ.." Finally, Kurt gets to talk to everyone else without too much interruption. (Too much.)

"There are times when we are actually 'just us'," comes in an easy tone. It's as if this happens all the time? "Best view-"

As the sky darkens, the sun dipping completely, the small wisps of light flash across the sky high above the group. It's easy to miss, almost, except there are more… and more as night completely falls.

"Aren't you supposed to wish upon a falling star?"

The interaction between Talia and Kurt gets noted but Hank decides not to comment on it. It's far easier that way. "Feel free to join us, Mr., Da Costa…" is offered, but then the shower begins. Golden eyes turn to the skies and he actually leans back in the grass, one arm pillowing his head as he watches, trying to just enjoy the view. "That's what Disney says…" is offered before he falls silent again.

Bright golden eyes blink once more before the Wagnerette ducks the one hand behind her back, complete with her retrieved belonging. "Talia," she near-automatically replies between quick breaths with a single dip of her head. "Or..TJ," she sheepishly adds after Kurt calls it out. Reaching up to rub at the back of her neck, she adds "I can appreciate anything fast and/or expensive looking as well as the next girl. Sometimes better than."

She may have logged some hours with that racing game Kurt occasionally played, too.

Attention shifting once more, this time it's the white-haired woman which receives a bright and friendly smile. "'Roro! Always wonderful to see you!" With the offer present she'll just find a couple of things to nibble upon while hunkering closer to the ground in typical gargoyle fashion.

When the lightshow begins and Kurt's question is asked, she softly replies "I don't think I can come up with wishes that fast…"

"I have said it before and I will say it again, fatherhood becomes you, Kurt." Was that a joke? It's always so hard to tell with her, that practiced calm countenance of Storm's. She leans on one hand and also notices the interplay between Talia and Kurt, only a single white brow spocking up in reaction. She lifts her chin to look at the heavens as the stars begin to fall. "I cheat," she admits to Talia. "I only ever have one wish."

"Next time you can sit inside the car, instead of on it," Roberto offers with a smirk. "It's a much different experience, I think." He settles back behind Ororo, hoping not to spoil anyone's view like he already spoiled the tranquil quiet of the grounds. He sits on his haunches in the grass, gazing upward as the last rays of sunlight give him his last little boost of energy for the day and the show begins. "I'm not much of a wisher," he admits. "Anything worth wanting is worth pursuing. My pai may be a world-class jerk sometimes, but he taught me that much."

"Disney was a dreamer, so it makes sense," Kurt agrees. Nudging Beast, his tones turn teasing, "Was, nothing about the futility of placing dreams upon a giant rock that is aflame, hurtling thousands und thousands of miles above?" It's true; the elf isn't quite a scientific, and putting all that together takes a fair bit of effort on his part.

TJ gains the next bit of his attention, but Kurt doesn't say a word. It's Storm's words that actually brings that bit of a smile back to his face, a partially lopsided one as he looks towards his newly home friend. "Ja, but she's older. It's only the young kids that attract girls." Not that he's honestly looking! Really! "I could get a puppy, though."


It's Storm's response to the question regarding dreams, however, that Kurt offers up a soft sigh, nodding his head in agreement. "It is towards that dream," that everyone here works. "It is the dream, however, Herr De Costa, that allows you to continue, even in those moments of darkness. Those times when you believe you have failed."

"Sometimes, my friend," Hank points out, "It's best not to question the wonders of the Universe. Just take it in for the marvel that it is." Of course he knows what meteor showers and he could probably analyze it or give a lecture, but sometimes even scientists want to enjoy the wonder and magic of life.

The other conversations just seem to go on around him as he focuses on the skies. It's why he came out here originally and, no offense to others, it's what he entends to do.

'Only one wish.' That earns Storm a momentary glance from TJ, not wanting to take her gaze off of the -other- storm for very long. "Something you would be comfortable with sharing?"

Da Costa seems to be in a sharing mood, already. With the offer of getting a ride in his car she motions a small fist-pump and mutters "Score." The folks at Xavier's always have such wonderful toys…

Kurt, on the other hand, gets a -literal- hand when he considers getting a puppy. Without looking his way she reaches a three-fingered hand over and gives him a heart-felt push upon the shoulder. Then he mentions 'The' dream, to which she quietly offers an "Ooooh, -that- dream… I didn't know if she was hoping for an endless chocolate fondue or something."

God only knows what saying 'endless chocolate fondue' could possibly remind her of that has her eyes snapping open wide once more. "Oh crud. I forgot about the … Enjoy the show, guys!"


Raising a finger to her lips, Ororo doesn't even say a word, knowing that Talia and Roberto will get the hint and just watch the spectacular light show that nature is providing. She reaches over to Kurt, resting a hand on his shoulder and giving his back a gentle rub. She is here and happy to be with her friends, even if she can't express it as much as she would sometimes like to. "It's good to be home."

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