August 14, 2014: Keith tries to approach Raven in a friendly way. Poor fool.

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A free day isn't something to squander away, especially when it also coincides with days in which no crime or supervillain crosses your path. Were he not moderately tired, Keith would be delirious about the fact.
Some time exercising, some time taking it easy and just letting things be for a while, it has put the young man in a good mood and a desire to clearly enjoy his day.

As he is walking through Park Ridge, his mind wanders to his growling stomach, and he realizes it has been far too long since he breakfasted. There is a chinese restaurant nearby- and not too expensive for the quality of food, either. Jacket slung over his shoulder, he starts walking down an avenue of trees towards the intersection and out of the park, food on his mind.

Small wonders that Rachel Roth has picked this, of all locations, to take her early lunch. The fact that it is quiet and out of the way likely had a great deal to do with the appeal and she occupies one of the booths with her hood pulled down. A plate of food lies half eaten infront of her, while a book sits open as well. 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman. Her violet eyes scan the pages quietly with a practice, concentrative ease and after a second she's already flipped to a new segment.

Well, well, well. The redhead notices Rachel… it was hard not to. From that day at the party when he first saw her, it was impossible to mistake her for someone else. For her good or ill fortune, Raven was one of the people in Keith's mind, constantly.

How should he approach this? He makes his way to a booth that is right accross from Raven's, intentionally misunderstanding the waitress who pointed to another booth. Sitting down and flipping his menu open, he pretends to read while he tries to eye the book Rachel is reading. Slyly. Or as slyly as he can be.

Another customer.

Rachel is already put into a less than comfortable position. She's come to know the waitress and cooks, family owned, so she accepts their presence as an unfortunate side effect of enjoying their egg noodles. When another person comes into her little haven of solitude, however, it puts her on edge.

Never mind that the red head is trying to be sly. Like she's not accustomed to people trying to give her eyes over the top of the menu… Her black lips press together into a pencil thin line across he alabaster face. There's only so long she'll be able to sit there pretending that she doesn't see him before she can nolonger focus on the words in her book.

Which is unfortunate. She really likes Neil Gaiman.

"Sorry… I don't mean to stare-" Keith begins, "But I noticed what you're reading…" he lets it dangle in the air a bit. "I shouldn't be interrupting strangers. I just usually don't get to talk to people about books like that—" He looks up at the waitress, "Just water for me, thanks, I'll decide on what I want very soon." he says, sounding apologetic and looking at the menu again.

The dame has broken.

Perhaps it is the ultimate example of judgemental, but Rachel has cast her die and come up with an opinion on Keith long before he ever opens his mouth to address her. It isn't that she is socially incapable of looking past strangers addressing her, but she was in the middle of reading, so this has understandably (at least o her) put her in a foul mood.

"Oh?" She says with a tone that drips with… nothing. Absolutely nothing. She is like a frozen brick with regards to expression and emotional outpour. "I am very glad that you are capable of reading." She indicates with a brisk, curt nod. "If you would not mind me doing so?"

Keith looks a little at a loss for words at first. "I'm sorry. I like discussing about books I like. Just don't really see a lot of book clubs picking up Gaiman. You look like someone who'd have a lot of thoughtful things to say." When the waitress arrives, he gives his order and drinks from the water glass that she brings.

~OK, maybe she just hates everybody's guts?~
~Why is she so… spiky?~

That settles that, there will be no reading for her tonight.

Rachel lightly closes her book and sets it aside infavor of resting her palms flat down upon the surface of the table to either side of her plate and staring rather profoundly across the gap between them at Keith. It's funny how penetrating eyes that are so empty can actually be. Like violet ports into some raging storm on the otherside of a forcefield.

The seconds might tick on, but she finally breaks the silence with a pointed, "Well?"

The door to the Chinese restaurant opens as a blonde young man in his late teens enters the establishment. He is mostly quiet entering not drawing to much attention to himself. Almost sliently getting seated by the hostess. "Table for one." He says and coincidentally sits near the other two at their own table. He looks around the place and his eyes glances over at Raven. There is definitely something different about her, but Ryan can't exactly say what.

Oh god, now he was in it. Might as well just plod along and get struck by lightning. "Well, have you gotten to the forgotten god just yet?" he asks cautiously. He is willing to be that she has read this book multiple times, but playing it safe is always a plus.

"The statues of the forgotten gods?" Raven inquires without much shift in her expression. At least not until there is another guest to make their appearance into her sanctuary. Is it just not her night? Has she slightest someone and not known it? This one is also looking her way. She knows that look, but she's still too busy staring at Keith to look away.

Doing so would indicate defeat in this awkward staring match she's forced her original interrupter into.

Staring back at Rachel is uncomfortable. He is tempted to squirm, but that would be giving up. "No, the god no-one can remember, the one Shadow bribes over in Las Vegas?" He's too focused in engaging Rachel from his own booth to really pay much attention to the newcomer.

Ryan suspects that Rachel must get that look often and really doesn't say much. The interaction between the two is interesting to say the least. Ryan looks away seeing as neither of them have noticed him and as a waitress comes to take his order and brings a glass of water to him as well.

"No, I have not." Rachel states flatly, the warning so apparent in her voice that it might as well be a physical embodiment of the exacting revenge she will bequeth anyone who dare ruin the book for her. "He has only just gotten to Kay-ro." Her fingers twitch, but her eyes remain steadfast.

Say whatever one might about her cool nature, she is decisively good at staring matches. She's not even blinked. Not even a subtle one to moisten her eyes. Only her lips move to form words, then they return back to the pencil thin mark of black across her face.

Oh, she has most certainly noticed Ryan. She is just thus engaged. And will not be losing.

"Oh, well… you're in for a good read-" Keith's eye are watering, but he's trying his best. He really is. "… so you've gotten to the part…." must blink MUST BLINK MUST BLINK "—with the golden coin and his wife." Failure. Defeat. He blinks.


Ryan finds his eyes drifting back to Rachel and Keith. He tends to constantly look around examining his surroundings. The blonde tilts his wondering what exactly the two are doing. He isn't the most proficient when it comes to social interaction. "A staring blinking contest?" He says aloud even if it wasn't meant to be to come out of his mouth.

That is satisfactory to put a small, if cool, smile on Raven's pale face. "Yes I have. He should have asked her what she wanted." The notion of that tipid love affair is rather pointedly against Rachel's comfort, but she finds it facinating regardless. Now Ryan clearly wants to play as well, so she turns her head just enough to stare at him.

And just like that, the laser beams were focusing on someone else. Taking a moment to nibble at the arriving food, Keith is more than happy to let the newcomer foolish enough to attract her attention that way. And to observe her interacting without being under the spotlight.

To say that Ryan wanted to play as well, is going to far. He was simply interested in what she was doing. He blinks seemly unaware as to why she is staring at him, but he did look at her first. His grey eyes curiously look into Rachel's purple. He doesn't seem to be interested in playing this game. "Is there a problem?" His expreesion calm.

"No, I do not have a problem." Rachel is glad that they could come to an understanding this early in their staring match. Seeing as he did not play the game, she returns to looking at her food. Even going so far as to grab her chopsticks to eat a bit more of her rice noodles. It is one of the reasons she comes here, after all. They are quite devine.

Whether they are divine or not, Keith won't know for a bit, as he gestures for a little take home box.
Okay, so maybe this approach failed. But there are chances for others, right? First he needed an elegant retreat.
"I'm sorry I bothered you… I forgot I had to go to work early tonight so… er, yeah, enjoy the book… it's quite good."

Of course, she probably thinks this is the last she has seen of the ginger.
Silly Raven. Gingers don't have souls, right?

Ryan looks even more confused than when he entered this place. "Hmmm…" A sigh escapes his lips and he starts to dine on his food as well not really being able to figure out what just happened.

Rachel watches Keith have his food packed up, at least with a subtle turn of her head, but only nods in reply. "Thanks for ruining the part about Vegas." She says, then blows on her noodles and precisely slides them into the back of her mouth with the chopsticks.

It's a twenty four hour resteraunt, so she'll likely be there for the rest of the night. Which is fine. Right around midnight, everyone stops coming in anyways so she'll be able to read in quiet.


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