Built from Broken Parts

August 12, 2014: Don't you just hate those screaming arguments in the middle of the night? (Language warning.)

Some park near Midtown Manhattan

It's a park, late at night. There's trees and a path and stuff.



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11:21 PM. That is the exact time here in New York City. Cars still fill the street and people shuffle around constantly in an endless cacophany of white noise. Voices, street car engines, footsteps, horns, and music. It can be extremely overwhelming living in the city that never sleeps, but most people find ways to cope when they can't stand the noise. The parks exist for one such outlet.

Evelyn has taken to this park in particular, the grass turf a vibrant green and the bushes and brush on the sides of the path both lush and full bodied. Black steel ornamental park lights dot the right side of the path to illuminate those who would travel a park alone at night, and only those armed would probably dare despite it even being a relatively decent part of town. Here the noise of the streets is unable to penetrate. Not far off, a lake shimmers in the moonlight with a couple of sleeping ducks drifting across the water surface. It's hot tonight, but not unbearable. It's nice. Serene.

Despite even lacking an arm, Evelyn has no incentive to really fear being out in the park herself. No one else is really here it's a perfect escape. A bonus that it's near the Triskelion, not far from the hospital that she needs to be near for when they finish her arm. Her new leg is functioning well, and her reactor has been brought back online. In lieu of missing an arm, she's chosen a rather modest set of clothes. A black and grey horizontally striped hoodie, thin enough to just be classed above a cardigan. It's essentially a fall jacket, not something that would overheat her. A pair of jeans, and a red shirt with some kind of artistic design. A pair of deep purple chucks finish the attire.


It's because of the Triskelion being nearby that causes Domino to walk this stretch rather than drive it, with TIPIS active they'd have her pegged in no time. Yet, it's because of the hospital nearby that she's in this part of the city in the first place. Having connections is a good thing, for a little cash under the table she can score herself some of the best drugs off the market. Treatment options come separately.

It's true that the parks are great places for distancing one's self from the city which surrounds them. No cameras, no prying eyes. Just one well armed albino and the black nylon pack tossed over one of her shoulders.

And another one-armed woman.

Coming around a bend and into view of the other figure the merc's pale blue eyes dart over toward the other. Just as quickly there's the spark of recognition, actually helped by how Evelyn's getting around shy one limb without any obvious discomfort.

Domino will fix that.

The sudden recognition from one to the other is immediately followed up by a closed fist sailing toward Evelyn's face, seemingly completely unprovoked.


Yes, the park is so peaceful. It's incredibly relaxing to just walk along the path, and to the right she stays, should anyone else come that needs to pass. Bicyclists sometimes need to pass on the left, too. It helps being thoughtful. Unfortunately, this doesn't really turn out well, with Domino in her blindspot. As she nears the corner, Domino's the first one to spot her.

Evelyn's eyes dart toward the mercenary as she looks up in time to see Domino pulling back with her fist. Alert! Incoming impact. Her military training triggers immediately and she moves to raise an arm to knock Domino's fist of the way. Unfortunately, the surprise gives Evelyn a lag that prevents her from actually successfully blocking the blow. To any bystander, Evelyn's reflexes were -ridiculous- in that moment, just not ridiculous enough to overcome a circumstance that could take anyone off guard.

Domino's fist lands squarely in her face before she can even make a sound. Without her arm, she's a bit off balance, causing her to stagger backwards and to the side a bit from the blow, her right eye tearing up a bit as she backs away from her attacker, a hand coming up to rub her face. Brain catching up, Evelyn stammers, "W..what the hell? Domino?"


One of those bystanders quickly earns themselves a cold glare from the albino woman. "-You.- Out."

It isn't until they turn to hurry away that Domino grimaces and shakes her fist-throwing hand. Punching skulls is never pleasant, and much less so when it happens to be Evelyn. Still, it was worth it. Still not wanting to underestimate the android again she keeps her distance, approaching the armless side to better her odds of countering any potential retaliation. "You tried to kill me," she states in a matter of fact tone.

So much for no hard feelings!

"You had to, 'just a job,' yeah, whatever. You still tried to blast my face off with my own shotgun." And had their previous encounter in the upper east side not gone quite so well she'd be using a gun here instead of a fist, so there's something.

Still holding her right hand a bit awkwardly, she says "Always trust a merc to never forget."


Evelyn -is- armed. Not that it's apparent. She doesn't feel like opening up a firefight right now, either. Just basic protection should she be mugged, but in this situation, it's not a mugging. Just an ass punching her in her face. Well, she deserved it. She'd be pissed if someone tried unloading a shotgun on her, too. Her hand remains on her cheek, covering the damage. Her jaw was -just- repaired, though it appears to still be fine.

"Whatever," she responds. Fuck you. That's not a normal Evelyn response, you can see in her eyes a bit of emotional hurt, though probably not directly related to the blow to her face. Though it probably pushed her a bit over the edge and caused that hurt to show. She's not going to turn her back on Domino, but she can't deal with this right now.

Backing away slowly, she makes to leave, "Just.. Leave me alone."


Of course the droid is armed, they're both armed. Domino's more concerned about a punch for a punch, she hasn't drawn steel first here. For once.

It doesn't help that Dom's been losing contracts and getting the snot beat out of her lately, either. It's been a trying couple of weeks. Anger and frustration needed somewhere to go, call it a strike of opportunity. Now it's out of her system, the throbbing in her knuckles bringing forth the endorphins until she starts to care that much less about the whole ordeal.

"So you can wallow? Fuck that," she counters then motions onward in the direction Evelyn had been walking with a quick twitch of her head. She'll even be the first to turn and start walking if she has to. "Put on your big girl pants, kiddo. I'd toss your bike key over but it looks like that might have to wait a few more days." Riding with one arm's tricky, that's what caused her to wipe out the other week. Granted she was shooting at someone with the other hand at the time, but still.


Evelyn's had it rough the past few days, as well. Again and again it seems she's taking bullets, losing limbs, something just hates her. Like god just wants to fuck her up, constantly. "Let me rephrase, hit me again and I'll fucking -kill- you. I'm tired of being kicked around and people don't just give a shit. Oh, she's just a robot. She'll be fine."

Her voice cracks, then she shouts, "Well, I'm NOT FINE!" She lowers her hand and clenches her fist, not backing up any more. "I've been hit by a car, shot more times than I can count. I just want to be normal. I want to be /left alone/. I can't even have that without someone punching me, or kicking me." She stammers a little bit, quite flustered and red in the face, "So just.. Just.. Fuck you!"

Well, she let Domino have it. She's shaking a little bit in anger and her eyes are staring daggers. Fuck, she can't even stay at a hospital without people forgetting to bring her food. Sure, she doesn't need it, but she -likes- eating food. "You don't fucking understand."


Here Domino snorts. "You think I hit you just because you're a robot? Must have shorted a wire or two back there. I've decked a lot of people for a lot less of a reason."

Then the yelling comes to pass. She stops and spins about on her heel to stare back at Evelyn. "First, don't you -ever- make a threat like that unless you've got the spine to back it. You've had plenty of opportunities, yet I'm still here. Haven't you figured it out yet? I could have aimed something automatic at your face instead. I'm not going to kill you, Ev. You piss me off, you irritate the -shit- out of me, but you haven't done anything yet to put yourself on the List. And I'll tell you this, NONE of us are fine. Join the fucking club already."

Then the pale-skinned woman steps closer, her Arctic glare never skipping away from the other woman's eyes. "The only thing that -isn't- fucking understood here is that the world doesn't revolve around you and your differences. You went from the CIA to fucking SHIELD, at what point did you -not- expect to be shot at, run over, and ripped apart? You want a normal life? Go make yourself a name as a hairdresser in the Bronx and -get over it- already. When are you going to get it through that damn metal head of yours that I don't -care- if you were built in a lab or not!"

Leaning in closer still, dipping her voice into a low growl, she adds "If you really think that I don't understand you then start paying attention to these little interactions we share. Right now I might be one of the only people that DOES understand you."


Evelyn doesn't falter, she even makes it a point to stare back into Domino's eyes. If ever you would think that threat to be serious from the girl, now would be the time. "No, but you don't give a shit about who you fuck up or step on. I think you hit me because I shot at you. Don't you get it? If I didn't, I wouldn't be a SHIELD agent anymore." Her eyes narrow, her voice is quivering and she might as well be on the verge of crying. Still, she's got a point and she's right on the money with the reasoning behind the strike.

"You don't get that -I don't like- hurting people. You have no idea how much shit I caught for helping you escape because you asked me. You don't care about anyone but yourself. Everyone else be damned. It's always all been about you, Domino." She's seething, "I /LIKE/ being a SHIELD agent. I like the researchers and people who treat me like another person. I actually want to do the right thing and help Clint, and Melinda, even if she can't even come to terms that I'm a person."

"What do you even have in common with me? You're nothing like me." Ouch. It's about this time that the tears start streaming down her face. She's not sobbing, and her eyes continue to hold contact with Domino's, but she's just so angry and upset right now.


"I -know- why you did it, -so- glad to hear that it was worth it and you're enjoying your time with the Division," Domino snaps back with a sharp wave of her wounded hand."

The vitriol which follows is taken in, the merc standing there like a porcelain statue as so much anger is projected right at her. This time she waits. Waits and -thinks.- It's not that she doesn't have a response to any of it, quite the opposite.

The problem is that she doesn't -want- to talk about it. Her life. Her business.

And Evelyn's just about in tears. Over a single punch.

(Just shoot me now.)

First order of business, she's feeling way too exposed out here on the path. Before anything else gets shared between the two she tells Evelyn just three words in a darkened tone which falls just shy of a muttered curse.

"Walk with me."

Off of the path. Into the darkness of the tree canopy nearby.

It's the only opportunity she's ever going to give the other woman.


Even as Domino just stands there are takes it, her silence is perhaps the best move that could have been made it this point. Evelyn's got a headache now, just the act of venting so much pent up anger is draining. It was the punch that broke the camel's back. She quivers a little bit, the request to walk with her being something of another surprise. What?

There's a moment of confusion as Evelyn watches Domino walk away, and it gives her just that little breather to breathe deeply and wipe her face on her one sleeve. Shit's hard with one arm. Eventually, she starts tailing behind, silently.


It's dark, even more secluded, and is one of the most ideal places to mug and/or kill someone in the middle of the city. It's as close to an ideal location as she's going to find, turning around to stare at the synthetic once more.

"Let's get one thing straight," Domino seethes in a tone suggesting she's a hair's width away from falling into a homocidal rage. "If I -didn't- care for anyone other than myself we wouldn't still be having this conversation, and I'll have you know that I'm a fucking -idiot- for this."

Where Evelyn falls to tears, she falls to anger and resentment. "I give more of a shit than you or anyone else gives me credit for, and I give a -whole- lot more of a shit than the people that created me. Where -you- came out of a lab as a success -I- came out of a lab as a failure, I was marked for termination before I was twelve. I don't know what the hell they made you for but they made -me- to be a weapon then went ahead and gave me reason to not trust a single damned soul on the planet. -Despite- that, do you have any idea how shitty -I- felt because I wasn't able to get you out of that building with me? It was never my intention to throw you to the fucking wolves just to save my own white ass."

"You don't like being shot or stabbed or run over or reminded that you aren't human, but you know what? They can -fix- you. -I- get shot I'm gonna feel it for months. If I lose a limb then I'd best get in touch with the crew that threw your ass together because I'm gonna need a cybernetic leg. The rest of us don't have that luxury and there's a whole world of people out there that want me -dead.- I -have- to put myself first because there are very few people alive that are going to give me a second thought."


Evelyn falls silent. She knows this would be an ideal place for a murder. Maybe that could work for either of them if it came to that. Evelyn can take a bullet. Domino can't. She knows these odds, her mind reels over them for a few split seconds before she rations it won't come to that. But she's prepared. As the shade envelopes her, she tenses up. Wiping her face again one last time. It turns out to be a waste, as Domino's words fall on her.

Her reactions aren't all that visible in the darkness, but one could easily feel Evelyn's eyes on them, listening intently to the words spoken to her. There are points that she wants to interject. To say something. But she can't find the words. The last words spoken by Domino preclude a hard silence. Even Evelyn's breathing is barely audible, as she tries to think about this new information. Her eyes are no longer on Domino, but the ground. Shoulders slumped.

"I don't know what I was made for. A joke? Who would make something so pointless and give it emotions." Her voice is soft and low, depressed. "I thought you left me behind on purpose. I thought you were going to catch me. Then, I thought I was going to be ditched by SHIELD and I was scared. I was really, really scared, Domino." Her eyes remain on the ground, "I'm still scared, even. I don't know. I never wanted to fight you. I wanted to help."

The silence falls again, briefly, as she tries to continue piecing her thoughts together. "Maybe you're right. About everything. I'm sorry. I didn't know."


"No, you didn't," Domino replies after a hesitation of her own. "Because this shit's personal and I don't do 'personal.' Now there's another breach of security, you know things which you shouldn't and I just know that's gonna come back to blindside me down the road, so for fuck's sake would you -please- stop crying already," she mutters in defeat, similarly looking off to one side as her hands come to rest upon her hips.

"Maybe they gave you emotions for the same reason they tried to make me without any, these idiots only ever care about their own gain from their star projects. What I do know is that by the time we reached the doors you had already gotten hit from behind, I -still- barely got out of there. That Russkie bitch was grabbing at my foot before I went through the window."

Claiming a deep breath and turning back to the other woman, she offers "So here we all are, standing around like a bunch of assholes. You can probably guess that I'm not that great at finding allies for myself, and tonight you've learned that you're not so damn alone out here."


"Sorry," Evelyn apologises for the crying. Even if she's not crying right now, she was. "I can't help it." She is a pretty emotional person. With the experiences she's had, people usually go one of two ways. They harden into a shell to protect themselves, or they lose the ability to really hold back their emotions. Evelyn's of the latter sort. That's not particularly referencing her combat experiences.

"I don't actually remember it too well. Just bits and pieces." Probably from the electric stun shock, but she doesn't really recall that, either. No one told her that. She also can't condemn her creators and therapists. Carl was always there for her. In a way she'll always be his little princess, though she'd never tell anyone that. Childhood experiences are always a little awkward like that.

After a sigh, she looks towards Domino and nods. "..Why.. don't you join SHIELD?" That would solve quite a few problems. ".. I don't know what to do if we have to fight again. People have high expectations of me, but I don't want to fight you. I also don't want to betray SHIELD."


Domino actually chuckles at the suggestion, not realizing at first that Evelyn's being serious. "Because I enjoy my freedom too damn much, and because there's more to me than being a hired gun. Despite popular opinion I'm not always the bad guy, just way too damn comfortable in my grey territory."

Being SHIELD would conflict with those occasional covert operations with Cable, at the very least.

"There is no 'easy out' to any of this, Ev. The best I could hope for was a bit of understanding before we both walk. We're going to be at odds again due to our professional lives, it's the nature of the game. Just remember that I'm not gonna be aiming for your head."

Finishing the statement, her non-wounded hand comes up with the motorcycle keys hooked around the tip of a finger in offering.

"I'd appreciate the favor being returned."


"It's never easy.." Sighs Evelyn. "Better than being a CIA puppet. I will, though.. You know me, I'll never hit you anywhere vital. Just.. When I'm not on duty, I'll have your back. Just like the other day." She looks back up to Domino, teetering a little bit. "..Thanks. For talking to me."

There's another bit of an awkward pause before Evelyn steps forward. Is she about to punch Domino? Fuck, this is it. Her arm wrap around Domino in a throwing hold. Squeeze to death? What manner of attack is this? Oh. It's a hug. Gross. Assuming Domino doesn't just shove her off, she'll let get of her own volition a few seconds later. "Too mercenary for one of those?"


Hugs..are..not something Domino's quite so familiar with. Or comfortable with. Or..you know. The back of her shoulders tense in that 'prepping for the knife' sort of fashion, though she holds pretty damn still otherwise. There's only one thing that could make this moment more awkward…

If Evelyn had another arm.

Lucky her that a bro-hug is all Ev's capable of at the moment. Reluctantly, stiffly, she'll get a one-armed hug in return. Minus the token pat on the back of the shoulder. Her hand still kinda hurts.

"Think that's more of a killing blow than a shot to the gut," she mutters in a half-teasing manner.


At least Evelyn smells nice, not like those superhero fanatics that go to conventions. She's warm, too. It's always remarkable the amount of attention that went into making her body. When she steps back, she makes a kind of nervous half-chuckle at the comment. "..I have panic attacks sometimes.. touching other people. If you ever need like a hug or something.. Just ask first." Mandatory disclaimer. Not that Domino would ever really ask, she doesn't do personal.

"Preferably not when we're shooting at each other, too. And we should probably never mention this. Ever. To anyone." A half-joke, but it more does Domino benefit than Evelyn. "I .. I uh should get back to the hospital to see if they have a new arm for me. Keep the motorcycle, or if you want, drop it off at Jerry's on North 5th Avenue, in the back. I'll check in a couple days." That's an invitation for Domino to leave some kind of communication method too, if she so chooses. Or she can just keep the free ride.

Reaching up, she brushes the side of her face to get her hair out of her eyes. At least no one could see them in this darkness.


Just ..what? There are so many things wrong with what this girl just said… Usually the offer is phrased more like 'if you ever need military-grade ordnance' or the like. Now she's got connections for black market hugs.


"That'd be one hell of a cease-fire," Domino mutters with a thin smirk. "I'm out of ammo. -Shit,- somebody give me a hug." But, too bad for Evelyn, she said something back there which ol' patch-eye simply cannot resist poking at. "Seriously, panic attacks? You're the one with emotions here, I would have expected you to be all over that stuff."

The offer to keep the bike..? She's not going to turn that down. The keys disappear once more, effortlessly palmed then pocketed without another thought. She did just lose her Yamaha the other day after a failed contract.

"I'd appreciate it." This never being mentioned again. To anyone. -Ever.- She'd be ready to walk away too, but she still wants to hear Ev's excuse about the whole panic attack ordeal.

Her fault for bringing it up, really.


Black market hugs will fetch a high price. Right up there with prostitution. You never know. "Oh, you know. I had a -really- bad hug once. Scarred me for life. Just master that and you'll have a perfect close combat skill." It's like Evelyn to blow something off with a small joke.

Looking back towards the skyline, Evelyn withdraws mentally and socially for a second. An unintentional reaction to the subject, but she seems fine when she looks back at Domino. "I'm going to go now. .. Don't get killed."

With that, she begins walking away. There's really nothing else to say. If she sticks around any longer, Domino might try to press into her for more answers and this conversation is heading down a road that Evelyn is not going to travel.

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