Outsiders: That's really not the Hulk

August 12 2014: Skaar and Lunair are tracked down by a group of heroes and friends formed by chance

Just outside Metropolis

A wide field with some shelter a few miles outside the City



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Lunair looks over to Skaar. She seems puzzled in her own way. "From… Sakaar. Another galaxy, huh?" She peers up to where he points. She squints a little. Kinda bright. She seems to trust him and take his word for it. "I'll have to look it up and see." She tilts her head. "May I ask what brings you to our planet? We get quite a few visitors," She admits. Then a beat. "My name's Lunair. I go by Armory when I am all fighty."


"I was sent here," replies the green giant. "Not willingly," which explains the faceplant meteor-style. "But if this is Earth, maybe I will stay for a time." Not as if he has a choice! But he is quite sure he will find something to do with his time… and his sword. And someone that is also green and mean, and needs stabbing.


Lunair listens. "Oh. Sorry." She seems sympathetic. Poor guy. "And this is indeed Earth! We have plenty of things to do. Lots of bad guys, lots of jobs…" She offers. "Uhm. Depends on what you *like* to do, really. And it's nice to meet you, smashings aside," Lunair remarks. She seems to think he'll fit in eventually, too. Lots of folks do. That's the perk of Earth. It's pretty varied.


Skaar gives Lunair a skeptic look. It was nice to meet him? That is a new one. "You are a funny one," he decides. No comments about what he really likes. He never gets to do what he really likes anyway. "Well, you are free to go."


Aboard the HMSS Starfire the group of happenstance 'heroes' seem to bond. The expansive ship is made as comfortable as possible while Starfire sits in that large Captain's chair, the information taken from her 'contact lens' being utilized in K'tten's mainframe, zooming and altering readings off of Skaar. The white and purple plated armor clicks and folds down like broken digital plates from that tawny skin just before she stands.

K'tten is taking in the readings and translating them, in between very content with still trying to quiz Jericho on his armor and its origin so she could… experiment on it.

Orn is petting Hazel, finally giving up on his quest to make Diar drink the alien alcoholic frosty beverage because a couple of times it almost turned into a brawl.

Depalo is ever silent, not very welcoming of 'earthlings' on this ship, but trusting enough of Starfire's judgment to keep his insectile muth shut.

Finally K'tten gets a readout and raises a brow, holding it up. "High concentration of gamma radiation comes from this being. It is comparable to another that exists here, but what lies beneath is -not- the same. Not the same chemical makeup. If you know how to handle the other, it may help you here." Now K'tten is typing away and moving fingers over hovering holographics that split out and up from the screen. Yay for hi-tech google?

Starfire's bare feet silently sweep her across the room, looking from K'tten's data to Roy, a brow raising. "You know anything about that?"

Skaar's alien, she should know, but for some reason, -this- is not familiar.


Jericho has been trying to answer K'tten's questions in a manner that will satisfy her curiosity and prevent him from being dissected later.

It doesn't appear to be working.

"Gamma radiation?" Jericho glances over to Roy. The Hulk really isn't in his line of work so what he knows he knows only from meeting Banner a couple times. "That's not good. The Hulk is, so far as anyone's been able to tell, pretty damn near unkillable." Not that they were going to be trying to kill it. "Also incredibly strong and fairly mindlessly aggressive."


Lunair looks over to Skaar. She stares at him blankly. "Thanks. You didn't answer. Where are you gonna stay anyway? And okay!" She has problems emoting and will probably start moving away a bit once he answers the questions. She's either very brave or very odd. Possibly both. Given her powers, PROBABLY both. Lunair knows OF the Hulk. And somehow, this guy reminds her of him. Still, it's probably better not to have an angry, hungry, hungry homeless hulk-guy, right?


"I, uh, ran into the Hulk once," Roy grimaces, as he studies the readings. "If it's similar to -that-, we're going to need a -lot- of help. That, or… we're going to need some sort of heavy anti-radiation gear. Unless Lunair has some sort of gamma-suck ray… hm. I'd say our best bet is to get to her and see what the sitrep is."


"Nasty faced Fir Bolg." Diarmuid is growling under his breath after having released the giant Orn from a headlock that ended up with face gouging and face pulling.

"I will break you." A shove and they both part from one another (again) glares and cursing in whatever Orn's native tongue is and Irish-Gaelic spit back and forth.

Rubbing his neck Diarmuid walks away from where he was by the giant Yeti looking alien to stand near Jericho and Roy, "Chan eil saoi air nach laigh leon." He says before pounding his fist in to the other. Rough translation to something about no hero being invincible. "It is a mighty great beast this troll but we can fell it and save the Knightly-Maiden."

Hazel barks at the mention of Lunair and saving her or just simply is barking. Apparently the dog likes the woman.


Nancy leans over to Jericho, arching a brow at him. "You get me in the weirdest situations. Seriously."


Skaar shrugs, studying the alien (for him!) landscape. "I will find some place away from the city," he replies vaguely. "It is not something you need to be concerned, girl. I told you, you are free to go," he makes a shoo-ing gesture with a hand. Why is she still around? He kidnapped her! But maybe that is how Earth women behave. Some aliens can be weird.


Lunair squints at him. "I know I am! But it feels kinda weird to let someone who smashes buildings at a whim be completely and totally homeless. It would probably end badly for you and them. That, and it would be really illegal and they'd be sending people after you. More smashing would commence." She points out. She does back up at the shoo-ing gesture. "Also I should probably go find the others. But if you're sure you'll be safe." Pause. "You don't even have any cash, do you? And yeah, it is kind of weird." She contemplates this. "But Earth is full of forgiveness and second chances." Yes.

Lunair is a few feet away from Skaar, in a fieldy kinda area just far enough from the city to avoid the bulk of traffic and law enforcement.

Lunair also adds, "If anyone was coming after us, they might be kind of upset if I just disappeared, too."


"Yes, stars blow up and emit this type of radiation…" As K'tten speaks the holographic hovering image is expanded with a sweep of her arms outward, showing a small cluster of planets/larger stars. One rumbles and blows, leaving behind… A nebula, space dust. Within that the concentrate readings seem to match in hue from what comes off of Skaar at moments. The hologram crackles as if foretelling the future and dies off, though it is just K'tten messing with it to made it purposefully ominous. She doesn't get how big of a deal it is, or just doesn't care from her safety aboard a lofty spaceship. Her pupil-less green eyes reflect the group and then Starfire as Nancy speaks up about weird, having ported the woman up at Jeri's request minutes ago. Nancy's version of weird is way different then an aliens. Alien concept and all!

Though, Kori leans over K'tten's shoulder and zooms the current screen that is hovering over a now stilled triangulation. "They stopped moving, though their pursuers are still hovering, hunting…" Brows furrow and Kori stands. This could be good or it could be the new 'friend' is being made a snack before the Angry Green Giant moves on in a destructive path.

"Let's go, just try not to make him blow up, right K'tten?" Starfire says as she walks from the consoles, making her other kith facepalm. As she turns away she smiles, flicking her fingers to make that purple armor ripple back over her figure.

Orn is standing there, thumping his fist into his palm, that gurgling language emphasised with a smile. Future plans for Diar for sure.

They are not even given time to band together before they each are surrounded in a blue glow and find themselves back on Earth, a few hundred feet from Skaar and Lunair.


Making a hush-hush sound, Roy draws his bow, readying the explosive arrows, and motions to spread out. With a hand gesture to Kori that she might be better off preparing to take to the sky if something happens. Shhh. Get a better assessment of the situation before…


"On a scale of one to ten, this isn't even the strangest thing I've done this month." Jericho mutters to Nancy as they're teleported down. He'd made sure to secure some cable and a nice heavy weight. Grappling hook would have done, but all it's got to be is heavy, so what he ends up with is, he's fairly sure, some kind of alien hood ornament. Maybe a wheel rim?

"There she is…" He says softly, spreading out from the rest of the group. He'll let the experts take the lead on this one. He's just here to tie things up if necessary…


Nancy finds herself back on terra firma and lets out a soft sigh of relief. "You just love finding the people that my power is useless against, don't you Brother Wolf?" She gives him a smirk, showing that while she is snarking at him, she isn't actually upset with him.

Looking over from their hidden vantage point, Nancy sees the petite woman that is with the hulking alien beasty. "Ah hell. That's Lun. What did she get herself into *this* time?" Nancy asks with a smirk and a shake of her head. Lovable Lunair, always finding the trouble.


"Ugh, more sorcery."

The teleportation catches Diarmuid off guard only momentarily before he is keying in on Skaar and Lunair. The hush-hush sound from Roy gets a grunted scoff from the Celt. "Silence is pointless right now. We have numbers and the troll is about to get donked up."

A loud shout erupts from the warrior, "LETS ROLL THIS FOOL!" Odd slang coming from the archaic meathead but he uses it. He likes it. Blame Cartoon Network.

That shout was also a challenging roar to get Skaar's attention. To announce the god being was back and wanted round two.

Hazel whines and buries her head under her paws. Her master is a buffoon.


There are few people who can send out word to Alexander Aaron for whom he would change his terribly busy schedule. It was perhaps in the middle of class when he received her summons, just a small communique given and to which he responded in the affirmative. It was off he went then, making his excuses to the lecturer and then heading off in search of some sort of party. It wasn't until he found the news reports of the green fellow's fall to earth, saw some of the heroes on camera… that he realized it was truly some party.

So he made his way to Metropolis, coming upon the gathered people and crowds dealing with the aftermath. Following the news helicopters like the carrion birds they are, Alexander made his way to the edge of the observers looking upon where they think Skaar is from afar. It wasn't until he saw Starfire and her comrades appear from out of nowhere that he starts to close the distance towards them.


"Home-less?" Now, that is a new concept for Skaar. "Bah. I don't need those things. I have lived under the open skies most of my life. I will just… move well outside the city's territory. And if they want to chase me, all the worse for them."

And speaking of the devil, he sees the heroes coming and grins. "Ah, your fellow warriors are here." He cracks his knuckles and then draws his sword. "Persistent fools, they are," he growls.


"Homeless," Lunair nods. "There's not really a lot of open space left in some places. Do you need to eat or something?" She asks. And then, heroes! Lunair looks over. her eyes widen. "Oh dear. That might be because of me. I mean, I guess I could see why they'd be worried," She considers. But then, Lunair is also capable of some pretty alarming fire power in a heartbeat. On the other hand, she's squishy. One good squish or dropkick from Skaar, and that's all she wrote.

"But you don't have to fight! You're gonna have to talk to people if you want to stay here and not die because of exhaustion or beatings!" Flail! Anyone close would see that Lunair is mostly talking to Skaar and looks alarmed as he draws his sword. "Hey! Wait! It's okay! He's kinda gruff but not evil! You don't have to be cuddly to be -" Pause. "Wait, you're not evil, are you?" … this is not her strong point. "And a lot of people and heroes on this planet are persistent. If you want to stay here any length of time, we have to let people know you're not a threat. If you aren't. I mean, you could be into smashing bad guys and that's okay."


"//Rol/l/ him?" Starfire's brow rises at Diar as she is lifting form the ground to hover there, that heated cosmic glow beginning to eminate from her hair all the while her hands slowly starts to spark that buildup of their own, gathering energy from the sun the longer she is within its rays.


Roy is watched as he loads his weapon and takes to the brush for better vantage, collectively placing the 'fan out' of their group just before she levels that pupil-less green gaze on Lunair and Skaar, keeping in plain view and heading into the open, placing herself in the open and closing the gap between herself and Skaar.

Alexander is seen, a small flash of a grin to him, having called on another she knew as relaible to aid when Roy suggested it. Both arms now spread out from her sides, palms out as if to show being unarmed, but that is not true as that glow mingles with the filtering shafts of suns light and makes the starbolts energy grow and radiate up her arms.

"Do you release our friend, or desire to be…rolled?" Starfire asks Skaar now. White or red flag, you pick, but they are all ready.


Someone needs to give these people a class in slang. Mostly Diarmuid, but… apparently ‘Coriander’ could use it as well. Odd name, for an alien, being named after a spice. Maybe it means something in her people's language. Since folks have seen them, Jeri gives Nancy a nod, sprouts wings and circles left, staying back far enough to not appear threatening. Nancy, hopefully, can help the others talk reason into this guy.

Otherwise it's gonna be a long night.


"No, the idea is to -find- out the si… oh hell…" That Diarmuid was charging into the situation that -might- have been possibly, hopefully, peacefully resolved, particularly with Lunair flailing…

Switching out his explosive for an ice arrow, Roy fires… not at Skaar, but at Diarmuid. Mostly to freeze him in a spot -till- he was absolutely sure that things weren't about to blow up. God, hotheads!

… and he really should have a good long look in the mirror later.


The weapon drawn by Skaar has Diarmuid's blood boiling with excitement; even his eyes seem to be glowing a yellow now as his own spear readies itself, turning in his hand as if about to ready a lunge. Then the unthinkable happens and an arrow hits the Celt, an arrow that spreads frost across his backside.

"What… " Shock then rage and the man's head is turning while breaking through the ice that just encased him bit by bit; "Betrayel, I died to a betrayer once, I will not again." Anger rising the man starts to crack himself free. It'll be a moment.

Hazel's whine takes on a new pitch and she barks once at Roy then at Diarmuid before running over and hopping around the frosty wrapped Celt. Maybe she can distract him enough he'll 'cool off' and not go at Mr.Harper too. Such a hothead.


Nancy's eyes go wide as Jericho gives her the look. He went and volunteered her for talking duty! That jerk! Oh sure, talk your way into a multi million grant from Stark Industries and out of a situation with Xavier Institute all in one week and suddenly she becomes the diplomatic one. Peachy. She puts her gun away, pretty sure rubber bullets wouldn't help with that behemoth anyway. She starts to step ahead, since so many of them are out in the open anyway, and like the one with the orange skin and glowy hair, holds her hands out to her side to show she isn't armed. And unlike Kori, she really isn't.

"Hey! Tall, green and gruesome! My friend there says you're not evil. So… how about you put the hompin' big Swiss Army knife down and we get to know why you seem to want to destroy stuff."


Drawing closer to the group of heroes, it might seem a touch strange to see some twenty something fella stroll up towards the gathering. Wearing just jeans, t-shirt, sneakers and a backpack the young man seems terribly out of place to just hike on over towards the possibly ensuing site of mayhem. Still, high above the helicopters continue to thup-thup-thup around and broadcast their findings to the world.

It's once he's near enough to the mass of heroes that the young man with the classic features and the glowing red eyes looks between them and then considers Starfire. "Koriand'r." He says levelly. He spares a quirked eyebrow for the motley others then makes a small 'hnh' sound to himself. Then his attention shifts towards Skaar, the charge of Diarmuid and his sudden immobilization. A moment passes and then he says lightly, "Nice party."


"There are always reasons to fight!" States Skaar, glancing at Lunair briefly. Looks like Diarmuid will be the first to reach him. That is fine for the green giant, he owes the man a punch to his face. "Maybe that makes me evil, hah!" It doesn't sound like something that worries him much.

Now, Diarmuid getting shot by something that freezes him is fairly amusing. But apparently he is not evil enough to take advantage of the situation to cut him down. "Looks like they came for you," he addresses Lunair again. "So go meet them. Then we can fight."


"Well, actually, it doesn't," Lunair points out. "Have you SEEN my powers? I only mostly take contracts out on evil things," She explains. She looks a bit grumpy Skaar keeps brushing her off. "Being stubborn doesn't make you evil. It makes you stubborn. And you'd better start thinking about it if you plan on living very long," She points out. "Earth is special. We have so many heroes, you'd be run down."

And then Diarmuid is frozen. "Wow. Shot in the backside. That's kinda-" Pause. Well, somehow, the godbeing IS pretty cool. But mostly from her perspective and Lunair is weird. So she thinks he and his dog are cool. But it's not like SHE can go charging into things. It tends to end badly for th squishy folks. Nevertheless, she looks to Skaar. "I'll go tell them the truth of the matter. Then you can have a place of your own and not be a butthead." There. "And no one gets smashed without a decent cause."


This… Is not what Starfire expected, considering how things were left off and they had not spent -too- much time in the Starship regrouping and dodging news crews this sudden calm has her lowering her hands and casting a sidelong glance to Nancy before it darts off across the field to Lunair.

Blinking slowly as Diar is frozen in his tracks literally by Roy, and starts chiseling his way out makes her mentally head-hang. Alexander's words making a huff of laughter pass.

"Lunair?" She is the one he took, she is the one that can fully give them a report, that and the creature himself. Glancing to those closest to her (Alex and Nancy) she lowers to touch down upon the ground and approach them. No slowness to her pace, not treating him like a cornered animal, but another one of /them/ she now only slows and stops a few feet away, sweeping a gaze over Lunair then settling it unwaveringly upon Skaar.

"Does he need donked by our local announcer (Diar). You okay?"


Moving over to Diarmuid, Roy grunts. "I -told- you to assess the situation -first-. No warrior should go charging into combat without -knowing- what is going on." Nonetheless, when Roy turns to Skaar, it is with his explosive arrow in hand. "So, what's going on, Lunair? Believe me, you have no idea how much I want to shoot first and ask questions later, but since you're here in one piece…" Eyes shifts to Starfire and the others, before returning to Skaar. Just stay alert.


Jericho touches down on Skaar's left side. The wings stay out just incase he needs them to lift off, but as things have gone from fighty to talky, he seems a bit more relaxed.

"Can he understand us? I heard him talking during the fight but it sounded like gibberish to me." Mostly he heard a lot of Raaaaaaaaaaagh!

The hacker cuts a glance over to Nancy and the rest of the group and then immediately breaks into the SRD feed, putting a couple of false sightings in the other direction. Gotta buy some time…


"Don't preach to me you little sprog. I am a Fian, a warrior without peer and a champion of hundreds battles." Diarmuid snarls snapping loose of a bit more of the ice. "I know the situation, it is quite simple. The troll and I do battle. The rest of you stay out of the way or perish in our epic clash." A few more chunks are battered down and the Celt levels his spear at Roy about to launch it through him when the dog (Hazel) springs up and leaps in the way. Bounding hopping and snapping at the man whose eyes are lit up. He is seething.

"Out of the way mongrel dog."

Hazel doesn't move; just keeps bouncing around.


Nancy is all smiles as far as Skaar can see from the distance. Anyone close enough to her to hear her muttering behind the smile gets a totally different impression. "Great, the squishy one is doing the talking." Smile. "And this big guy seems neither as gracious as the Prof or as flighty as Stark." Smile. "Jer, I'm gonna kill you when we get home." Smile.

Her hands are still at her sides, nice and harmless, see?! Her eyes dart from Lunair to Skaar and back again. She's about to say more when the chick with the glowy eyes beside her says… Mental note, teach these people how to talk! Holy crow!

"Lun-Lun, you okay? You say he's not evil. So… just likes to smash things?" He's big enough to be the Hulk and they were talking Gamma radiation in the spaceship (#67 on the bucket list - fly in a spaceship - check) Maybe a leaning toward smashing is a Gamma thing?

The barking and yelling behind her are not helping Nancy keep her image of calm. She turns her head to look at Duir. "Okay, you hurt that dog and I swear, I will find a way of sucking your powers out through your nose and never give them back. Ever."


Scritching a hand over his chin thoughtfully, Alexander looks across the way at Skaar. That gaze is clinical in its own way, gauging the way the young green fellow moves, his perceptible reach, the way he holds the blade. A cock of his head is given as he considers him, then as if reaching some particular judgment, Alex walks over to stand beside Starfire and a single pace to the side and behind her. Those dark red eyes level fully upon the gamma-radiated individual.

"I have no care for what laws have been trangressed by this man, though I do extend my protection to the Princess. Such claim have I made." Then he looks towards Diarmuid and gets a faint ghost of a smile, though he keeps the reason for it a secret for now.


"I can understand you now, shapeshifter. And I learned your language already," Skaar points at Jericho with his oversized blade. He is now the closest, although he is watching Diarmuid closely. "Let him go. I will be happy to give him the fight he craves. It just won't end how he expects."


And yet, the raised in a hospital room mostly dysfunctionally murderous mercenary gal is ALSO talking. Although, Lunair's personality seems mostly to be positive when fits aren't upon her. She waves, hearing her name. "I am okay! He didn't squish me. He's just being stubborn. He landed from somewhere," She points up. That was where Sakaar- whatsits was, right? Right. Lunair looks a bit puzzled. "He does like to smash. And sword. he said I was free to go, but I stuck around to tell him he should prooooooobably explain to you guys and if I was just gone, people might be upset," She adds. But then, she looks around to the group.

Her face goes a bit red. "Um. Thank you for coming for me, though. That means a lot." She looks flustered. She is grateful. "It's kind of you all," Nod nod. Even if they just came to fight, why not? "We talked a bit mostly. He's not from around here." Pause. "You guys are okay? And hi Hazel!" Wave. She looks to Starfire and nods. "I am fine, thank you. He asked me some stuff." Maybe he needed to hear more English? Then she looks to Diarmuid. "If it helps, I'd hate to be in your way." Hey, she's polite.

A pause at Nancy and Jericho. Confusion reigns. But yes. She even seems to recognize Alex an Roy. It'd clearly a little overwhelming for her and she frowns. "But he seems really a lot like Hulk. I don't know. Either way, I am fine now. And glad to see everyone. But …" Well. They can't have a homeless Hulk-alike running around angrily.


Starfire is listening, watching, and remaining. An unmoving alien statue beside Nancy, with Alexander at her flank and proclaiming his oath of protection. An odd lot, most if not all war-based as much as the 'Fian warrior' but of a different context or a different culture/realm overall.

The mixture is not oil and water in most cases, its adaptive, but some things take some getting used to, and hearing the bantering between Roy, Hazel, and Diar makes her shoulders slump somewhat as she sighs an exhale and pinches the bridge of her nose with eyes finally closing.

At least Lunair is okay and managed to somehow reach through to this hulkalien, her other hand reaching to listen in on a message from K'tten, glancing to Jeri. He even beat her people to interception and K'tten is raging… with curiousity.

Skaar now gets her focus as she is done giving herself a mental templerub. "You learn fast…" And then she turns towards Diar in his struggle to be free, smirking at the sight there, speaking to him like one warrior to another, just like she got him to stop from trying to turn her ship inside out as a 'fae trick'.

"You're honor has not been ruined by this, but it can be if you don't… stop while you're head. Make allies."

Gold star for trying, though Roy is giving Lunair the look to queue up the dubstep gun if Diar lunges free.


Jericho doesn't miss the look. He also doesn't miss the fact that Starfire is in constant contact with her ship. He can see the transmissions coming and going. He can't listen in on them, because the technology and technique is somewhat alien but he knows it's happening.

"Oh yay." It can talk. "So why were you turning a Metro Wally World into a scrap heap then? Some kind of super powered strikebreaker or something? The Union Man?" The hackers eyes cut over to Nancy. Yes, he's snarking, he does that when he's concerned.


"Very well, beast! I shall go through you! Then I will slaughter the backstabbing archer THEN the BLIGHTED TROLL and anyone else who gets in the Killing Hawks way!"

Nancy gets; "Shut your mouthmess vampire." and Starfire a friendly, "Enough of your daffy fae prattle, you orange skag!" Diarmuid's voice has become a roaring shout (folks should be getting used to that). It's obvious he is on the side of annoyed.

Hazel doesn't back down, instead dropping her head down and growling low at the enraged battle-hungry Celtic godling.

Gae Daerg poised and drawn back then suddenly a flash of light bursts from the center of the warrior as he is about to let loose that mystical spear. The light, seering, blinding and brilliant as if Lugh himself just arrived.

As quick as that sudden magical flare happens it fades and a man is standing there, middle-aged, scruffy bearded with dark sunglasses and a mess of long hair, average of build, a bathrobe on, stained tank top, flip flops and wearing Superman boxers.

Hazel barks happily then runs over jumping on the man's chest to lap at it once before running over to Lunair, circling her legs and then sniffing her, casually Skaar then running over to greet Nancy since she didn't get to on the ship. She was asleep under one of the very warm consoles. Two-leggers everywhere! What fun to be had. So many faces to lick and smells to discover.

The man standing where Diarmuid was lets out a loud yawn while scratching his belly with a fingertip, "Yo." He manages before looking around at all the people gathered. "One hell of a party, huh?"


Nancy tries to beckon Lunair to step away from the big scary man. She's not sure how long that ice is gonna hold big guy #2, and he seems pretty p.o'd. Alex gets a glare for a brief moment. "Oh sure, offer your protection to the chick that can fly and has armor on. Nice." She looks to Skaar and rolls her eyes, gesturing with her head at Alex in a 'get a load of this schmuck' sort of attitude.

"So, you learned English that fast, huh? Pretty impressive. So… what else can you do? Other than kill me, cause I'm pretty sure you could do that, but I'm not really wanting to find that out first hand. Can you… be smaller? Maybe not so incredibly intimidating?"

Nancy clenches her jaw at Duirmuid's insult. Why does everyone always equate goths with vampires? Man, that is so annoying. Oh wait, yeah, she mentioned sucking. Okay, he can have that one. She misses his change but is then confronted with a dog. "Would love ta pet ya, but big guy. Wanting us dead." She pats the dogs head momentarily. "I'll pet ya later. You know, like if I live through this."


From his place at Starfire's side, Alexander eyes Skaar but also Diarmuid. He looks a touch disappointed at the man's shift in form and heaves a small sigh of such. A shake of his head is given as he folds his arms over his chest and then murmurs quietly, "It's been so rare to see a hero in the classical sense, would have been interesting to see them clash." He seems almost wistful.

Skaar also seems somewhat disappointed at Diarmuid's strange change. And also distrusting. He lowers his blade only slowly. "I am Skaar. I am from Sakaar," he states, since… did Lunair said something about him? The whole non-fight has been somewhat confusing. He is starting to think this colorful group had never meet before his unfortunate fall in the middle of that city.

The point of the sword touches the earth, and he sinks it a foot, his hand leaning on the hilt. "I fell here and then you attacked me." This might be a slightly biased point of view of the events, but whatever. "Who are you?" He asks.


Lunair is pretty odd as humans/mutants go. Pinning her down is like trying to wrestle a bean bag full of greased ferrets. Still, she seems to listen more than speak for now. And then suddenly, Diar goes BOOF! Her eyes were wide, as the killing hawk prepares to make like Skaar is a chicken coop and take him out. "… what's a skag? And a mouthmess? Does anyone have a dictionary?" Chaos REIGNS!

Pause. "Hi!" She waves to the man in the bathrobe. She'll pet Hazel as she can, too. Lunair sort of follows the dog, looking to Nancy. "I am sorry I worried you," She offers. She lets Skaar speak for now. Lunair did say some stuff about him! "I think it was a misunderstanding more than an invasion," She offers.


Starfire just takes a moment to blink and stare at Diar as he speaks to them in such a way what she can only discern as insulting in his tone. She has no clue what a skag is but he has been rather rude to her from the get go. A shift of gaze to Alex and then to Nancy as if she is inquiring, then to the 'hacker' with a slow blink.

"I think I should be offended." Kori states with a furrow of brows now in thought.

Passing Skaar a long look now she speaks in his language, a thing she absorbed from that contact prior, but not used until now, where she is trying to be somewhat non-warlike. One moment.

A gesture went with that, something between a 'one minute' finger wave and a 'BAH' hand flail. As she heads for Diar his form shifts down and she pauses, looking down at him as one armored glove slowly seemingly dissolves from over orange skin and she swings back and swats him.

Starfire doesn't care if he has Multiple personality disorder or multiple body disorder… It seemed offensive!

"That's for when I find out what skag is."


Taking a deep breath as things calm down enough that they could actually have a civilized conversation, Roy lowers his bow and arrow, disengaging. There's a start as Diar becomes human, and then Roy lets loose a sigh of relief, before he watches Kori swat Diar. "Well, whatever it is, he earned it," Roy mutters, leaving Starfire to defend her own honor as he shifts his attention back to Skaar.

"We were, uh… just arriving from outside the city for the most part, to make sure that peace was kept. Name's Roy. Most definitely from Earth. You're cool now, right? How, uh… did you fall here?"


Of the things that Jericho expected to happen, the transformation of Sir Talksalot to Sir Beersaregood wasn't one of them. And then he gets slapped. Well… skag's not a nice word.

"I'm Jericho." He sighs over to Skaar. "And you're courting an SRD manhunt. Pretty sure I won't be able to keep them away if we start going at it again. And I don't think that'll end well for any of us, so…

So maybe we not do this right now? "So you didn't mean to tear Metropolis up? Superman will be thrilled I'm sure. I was just in town for business when you crashed through my lunch."


"The blonde pretty kid has the right idea, time to go." Jake lets out a sigh and there is flip flop walky scraping sounds, "C'mon, Hazel, Dumbass the Love Sponge probably left the oven on again." He wants no piece of this crazy superhero business. It's upon turning around and whistling to his dog that Starfire's towering presence stops him, okay, bombshell from the 5th quadrant of DO-ME-PLEASE-THANK-YOU is looking pissed. "Uhm, I didn-"


The sound echoes and Jake's feet lift off the ground and his entire body goes horizontal midair before he shoots off like a rocket from the impact; his cheek doing that whole rubbery high-speeds flappy thing before he impacts with a grassy knoll and then skips like a ragdoll twice before coming to a stop; superman boxers in the air ass up, glasses shattered in to a bazillion pieces and bathrobe flipped up over his head.


Flawless Victory.


When Kori looks to her, Nancy is ever so helpful. She leans over and tells her, "It's another word for skank." Okay, not really helpful, since this girl probably doesn't know what that means either.

Lunair gets a smile from the goth. "S'alright. Just glad to see yer okay. Us squishy types gotta stick together, right?" She ruffles Lunair's hair as she turns her attention back to Skaar.

"If you wanna spar, that's fine. But this is neither the time nor the place for it. I'm sorry if we attacked you. We didn't know who or what you were. We would like to make… " She looks to Jericho and grumbles. "The Sardines are coming? Oh hell no! I am not having that old geezer with the Tom Selleck 'stache flirting with me again. I say we… " She looks over her shoulder as the guy that *was* a hot hunk of godliness gets sent flying. "Well now someone has to carry him and it ain't gonna be me."


Skaar snorts at… well, maybe Jericho's lost lunch. There are a few snort-worthy things. Like for instance, only Jericho and Roy have introduced themselves. Earthlings must be rude.

They are also afraid of something called 'SRD' and maybe 'Sardines'. Which is a fairly ridiculous name. Like little fishes… or something. Oh, he knows he still has a lot to learn, but he has never backed down from a fight and he doesn't want to start now.

Starfire speaking his language does draw his attention, and he narrows his eyes at the alien princess. «One moment? Fine. Speak,» he replies.


"Ah," That's not nice. Lunair smiles back to Nancy. She nods. "Surely," Lunair doesn't protest and even closes an eye at the hair ruffling. For someone as lethal as she is, it's like having a highly armed puppy. Sometimes. She listens though, this time. And then poor Dude gets Gibbs-slapped exponentially. Her eyes widen. "Well. It's me he came for. I guess I can lug him along," She nods. "Or portal gun him around. That might be kind of good practice," She considers. But then, does the world really need Lunair to be good at juggling people?

"And we should probably find somewhere to talk. The SRD would probably shoot at us and hurting them makes it even worse," Sigh. Bazooka ONE SRD copter and - okay, Lunair thinks better of that plan. Nevertheless, she's moving over to help pick up the fallen man in his robes. And superboxers.


Oh… Hell. Smaller equals less resilient? For a moment Starfire just stares as his body flounders out and just lays there. That purple armored gauntlet reforms and fingers roll lightly, that stung even her hand and she had to shake it off a tad.

But the expression on her face as she turns is that of kittenesque pleasure, from the half-mast rest of lids to the small smug grin upon her lips. Though once she seems to be done 'preening' her hand holds small almost invisible ear buds, the only thing visible is the faint glowing lines of wires. Roy already has one, but she flashes him a small smile in passing before she gifts one to each, her eyes meeting each person but speaking to Skaar for the moment in his language. I don't need your permission…-Pause- I think it would benefit you to listen to them, to us, and for now remain out of sight here. They do not take kindly to the appearance of our kind. Especially the SRD.


The lanky unconscious man is thankfully rather normal (as far as humans go) and doesn't weigh a stupid amount of muscle mass like Diarmuid would/does. Upon flopping him upright and over he lolls backwards his face no longer a bearded probably-once-coulda-been handsome guy but now a terribly swollen Quasimodo impersonator. His cheek has expanded about five sizes already to the point that eyeball is sealed shut, his lips are disfigured and well, it's just very very bad and ugly. Fortunately nothing seems broken.

Hazel is already beside Jake and had run through the routine of making sure he lived, covered his face in slobber and even sits there happily as Lunair begins to move her obliterated owner. She'll follow along and keep company. She's a great judge of character after all.


Pulling out of speaking Sakaaran each person should now have a communicator, standing back of Diar/Jakes limp form and lowering to put one in his ear. Yes, she's going to mess with him later….

"I have to go, but you all are welcome. And he is as well… For medical care." She says, pointing down to sprawled Jake just before she smiles and slowly lifts from the ground, flying off with that tracer of light trailing behind.


"I got no idea what Starfire said, but whatever it is, we're gonna have to clear up this a bit. You want to come back with us?" Roy asks, motioning back to… well, wherever they are. "Wait up, Kori! Take … oh…"

Looking back at the others, Roy shrugs. "I don't suppose anyone has a ride back?"

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