Outsiders: That's not the Hulk

August 12 2014: A green thing crashes into Metropolis and commences smashing. An odd group of people show up to stop it.

Metropolis City Street

Metropolis streets are much nicer and cleaner than in New York or Gotham… and the police keep it that way. Mostly.



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A few minutes ago Skaar was feeling quite full of himself. It is not everyday one bluffs a cosmic entity into looking for some other planet for lunch! Alas, there is no justice in Sakaar, instead of giving him a medal or something those Shadow elder wimps exiled him!

Next thing he knows he is falling into a wormhole and then through the Multiverse. Since it is his first trip he has no idea what is going on until he appears thirty miles over New York and falling like a rock towards the ground. And since he has never fallen from this high, he has something to say about it:


Unfortunately there is no one able to talk Sakaaran in the whole Milky Way. So this important message is going to get lost.


Jericho does not often come to Metropolis. It's a bit… tidy for his tastes. He'd actually probably love it if he weren't actively hiding from people who want to kill him, but he is and while you would think that a place patrolled by Superman would be ideal for this purpose, the fact is that he's done enough illegal things in the course of staying alive that he doesn't really feel comfortable being here. Batman is, at least, by all accounts just a man. A horrifying man, but a man all the same. Superman is a man-shaped battering ram.

In any case, Jeri is here and he's here because he got a couple hits on tracing where that insane AIM computer came from last night. Fortunately, they're networked, if ever so locally, so he's perching on a high rise in construction, eating his lunch while he runs some spoofing software on the computers in question.

The sky lights up. Something is falling fast. It's coming more or less from the direction of New York… but definitely headed toward Metro…


Sitting within the walls of the HMSS Starfire, Kori is reposed, lunch on her lap, though she is picking up the gruel that one of her crewmates had made and as the hulking beast named Orn stands over her shoulder and waits for her judgment with a childlike glee in his eyes. The spoon is pulled from the 'space grits' and the mash is dribbled down back into its massive lumpy home. A wary glance is sent to K'tten, one of question, she had tried it and was giving no help to Kori as she stared back as placid as could be. Damn them and their games, it is like the captain is being poisoned and her crew is in mutiny!

But the alarm sounds, a blaring thing that has K'tten spinning in her seat and hitting keys.

"Breach over MC - Sector, its falling fast… But living, this is no meteor!"

Saved from food death by default Kori is already on her feet, fingers flexing and rolling as the armor that was not there at one moment is rippling like a purple metallic life force over her appendages, plating upward along hands, arms, from toe to mid thigh and across shoulders.

// Beam me down K'tten // Let's all give a nod to…

A blue light archs along the sky beside the falling being, followed by the trailing tracers of red as Starfire cuts through the atmosphere and races beside the falling Skaar.


Poor Skaar. Lunair has no idea about this wormhole bidness. Nor so she speak Sakaaran. But she would totally be sympathetic. And she feels odd in Metropolis. It's so shiny, gleaming and free of random fire fights. She's met Superman and realizes he's a pretty good dude who gives most people chances. But Lunair also is very quiet about her body count (she'd have at least, at the VERY least a few medals for it) and doings. At least she has being a student as her main cover. And she has done heroic things. Really. Naked, twerking mafiosos dancing around tiddlywinking, exploding cars? Totally heroic.

Today though, she was looking for a present. And she hasn't come through here. Lunair's shiny, alarmingly expensive car is parked somewhere nearby (for what it's worth, she's sensible - most of the money is inside and under the hood). She hums a bit, checking to make sure she locked the car and glances up. Ooh, butterfly. Whether or not she sees the Skaarteor is anyone's guess.


So when Jericho had observed that the whatever-it-is was headed his way he hadn't quite meant headed his way. But it becomes apparent as it gets closer that not only is it headed for the city, but it's headed for his particular skyscraper under construction. Well… crap. Fair bet that it won't stop here, but it's probably a good idea not to be there when it hits. Unfortunately leaving in a hurry means flying which is somewhat obvious but… well… it's either that or get hit by a space-thing.

Jericho's traces light up amber and wings spread from his back as he dives away, off the side of the high rise with very, very little time to spare.


Impact at… considerably more than terminal speed, is not fun even for someone like Hulk. Skaar happens to be someone like Hulk, and he can feel several bones breaking when he hits the ground. It hurts, and that makes him angrier. He was already angry enough.

Concrete is hard, but not as hard as his skin, so there is a loud crashing sound, heard over half the city. The ground shakes. Windows shatter. A few parked vehicles go flying several yards. A column of dust rises into the sky. People screams in panic. The whole show.

There are maybe twenty seconds of car alarms and people running without having very clear what the hell happened. A meteorite? Super-villain attack? Space monkeys? Skaar's ears are ringing, and he can feel his broken bones re-knitting at high speed. It hurts like hell, he is seeing everything red, but he can stand. "RRRRRAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHRRRR!"

Having a green giant rising from a crater and roar does little to help the population of Metropolis to calm down. But at least now they are running /away/ from the point of impact.


Starfire is the trail of red behind the green, that burning path of chaos that it is causing in its fall, shooting ahead at a blazing light speed in time to pick up two people and a hot dog cart from the crash landing amongst traffic buildings, and on the edge of Centennial Park.

Setting the woman, elderly man and the hot dog cart down the other two fall over eachother and commence their fleeing as the 'wave' seeming of concrete comes at them, Starfire looking up in time to only garner an annoyed look as she is pelted with the debris and a large chunk of the road foreshadows her form before it slams down.

Starfire had managed to move just in time, hovering above the outskirts of the damage but hearing the full frontal assault of the roar, giving a slow blink.

"What is it?" K'tten's voice comes in over the invisible bud as Starfire moves into ground zero, closer to that bestial ire.

"Not a bird or a plane…" Leaving the mic queued up during the roar the feedback squals and there is radio silence. Teach her to not help a girl out with Orn's cooking.

Now only a couple yards from Skaar her head tilts, pupilless green eyes narrowing at the back-view. It /almost/ looks all too familiar… Hands balling into fists as the energy there begins to spark to life…


Lunair's car, mercifully, is not smashed. However, it's alarm is wailing at full blast and it's considerably dustier with a few chunks of debris falling off. Fortunately, there's no major, unrepairable damage. Ahem. Lunair herself is knocked over, before she goes to disable the alarm. She might want to flee, but she's going to do so thoughtfully. As she goes to turn her car alarm off, she blinks being in range of RRRRAAAAAAARRRRRGGHHHHRRR*!

"Oh. Uh. Doesn't that guy get his pants from Lululemon or something?" How many green guys in pants could there possibly be? Lunair just sort of looks puzzled. Then survival instincts kick in. "Hi! Welcome to Earth! I'm taking cover now!" She's a gracious Earthling, even if she has no general clue how to react to this. On one hand, Earth would be invaded a lot less if we greeted aliens Canadianstyle (friendly) instead of shooting at them. On the other, maybe this guy just wants some yoga pants. She really doesn't know.

So she takes cover behind her car. Peering at the man. Wait. She's got this. A large sun hat in a box is set out - or rather, chucked out in front of her car. There. Aliens like hats, right? Right. She's gonna stay in her cover now that hat has been offered.

*(Not an exact translation or transcription).


Jericho is hovering about a hundred feet above the action. Pulling up short of the ground seemed like a good idea when the thing's impact sent concrete flying every which way. Eagle-enhanced sight lets him see exactly what he's got down there. He doesn't believe it, but he can see it.

"The hell Banner?" He mutters softly swooping a bit lower in the direction of the other visitor from above. The one who did not face plant into a major city street. To be honest she's pretty 'bwha?' worthy too, but she's not screaming at the top of her lungs like it's the All Solar System Yodleing Championship, so he'll deal with that part later.

Right now the only thing he's sure of is that if this turns out to be a gun situation, he doesn’t have one near big enough.


Unfortunately Skaar can't understand what Lunair is saying. Not that he is paying attention (not even to the hat!). The first thing that catches his attention is one of the alarm-blaring vehicles, a large van that handled the near impact relatively well. It is annoying, so he punches the annoyance into smashed metal. Second thing that catches his attention is a golden-skinned woman hovering and with energy forming around her fists. That fiery glow registers as a threat, and he snarls, picking up the remains of half a van with a hand, and throws them to Starfire. With the other hand he grabs his sword.


Lunair gets a look, as well as a slow blink from Starfire. A good diversion! Perhaps if the big green hulk-thing had vanity it would work, but yeah… No. He didn't want the sun hat from 5th Ave, his poor taste showed in his tattered bits of attire and his tastes seem to be more along the lines of smashing… Everything. His landing kicked up large chunks of road, scattering them, smashing into a building sidelong, and cars.. If they aren’t damaged, they're annoyingly blaring the alarm emphasized by the screaming and scattering masses.


Jeri is hovering just above and to the left of Starfire while Lunair hides behind what she feels is safe. That's relative right now, and likely not very 'realistic'. But Skaar is right about one thing, that energy that builds around Starfire's purple armored fists is definitely harmful, and when he turns she almost pauses at seeing he is not what she almost though he was. Paused enough to have a half a van thrown at her.

The narrow set of eyes preludes the forward charge that slams her body into that chunk of van and instead of counter-throwing it into a possible civilian she punches it heavenward, and right towards Jericho. "Catch!" Here's hoping she wasn't poorly assuming his ability to aid. As the van clears her line of sight she is aiming a bolt for Skaar's location.


Lunair tried. Her social dysfunction is good for one thing. She's completely tolerant of nearly anything she comes across. At least, when she's not on the job. She seems a bit surprised. But then, she watches things unfold. An alarm blaring van is smashed, and a lady is getting a van chucked at her. While Starfire doesn't look like anyone Lunair knows on Earth, the young woman is pretty certain no one here really deserves a van chucked at them. She looks thoughtful, moving away from her car. At least he hasn't used THAT as a missile (yet).

She's going to clamber towards maybe something sturdier. Whatever might be convenient, cover wise really. She's got to think. No nudity ray. That just might get awkward. Although, she is admittedly curious as to what a dancing dude might do. Do you know what time that is?

Dubstep gun time, that's what.


Car! That's a car she just punched at him. "WOLF OUT!" Wings are not a thing right now. Not when there's a large chunk of van flying at Jericho. The 'catch' does provide a handy guide as to what the intent was. As the lupine field forms around him - and he starts to fall - Jericho reaches up with clawed construct hands and grips the ruined vehicles, slapping it back down at the Green One with a motion that's less volley ball spike and more slam dunk.

He has got to be out of his mind.


Skaar is not thinking right, or he wouldn't have been so confident a chunk of metal would take the flying woman out of the picture. Because… well, women don't usually fly where he comes from. When Starfire punches the metal projectile a hundred feet higher, he goes 'uh' and his eyes follow the remains of the van.

And a wolf that grabs it! He jumps out of the way of animal-he-has-never-seen before. And… he never saw the energy blast that knocks him off his feet and throw the wall and into a Walmart store. In his defense, Walmart does deserve some smashing.


"Fly high the Shining Grey! The Liath Loinneach! For today Diarmuid the Killing Hawk does battle again!" A shout rebounds around Centennial Park and a man makes himself visible standing atop what appears to be a hotdog cart. A tall, muscular man with the body of a Spartan Warrior, his dark hair is wild and unkempt it looks like it belongs on an animal; right along side those gleaming yellow-gold eyes. Also there is a large very sharp looking spear hefted up over his shoulder like it's about to be thrown.

"Behold Hazel! A great and ugly troll!" He's talking to a brindle dog that is eating one of the hotdogs that was knocked out of the cart, her tail is wagging and she looks very uninterested. She has hotdog!

Then that spear is loosed and it goes ripping through the air straight for Skaar.


Volley, set, spike! Or slam dunk, but either way this is becoming a veritable sport in the middle of Downtown Metropolis, though they all make look like they are (relatively) having fun the scattered people have dulled their screams and some are set to watch from afar and from their own form of cover. It's a hard spectacle to just run screaming from if you stopped to turn and stare, or that archaic scream doesn't raise a brow of… WTF?

Starfire's stare shifts from the blasted Skaar in time to see the fire pull from Lunair, hitting the falling… Blink. Jericho is watched for a brief moment but Starfire does not pause too much longer then a heartbeat to follow through in her pursuit of the large green beastly man, stopping just outside of the hole in the side of Metro's Wally World and show no remorse, sae for the backdrop wail of an infant being clutched by the mother with her bag of flip flops, sweat pants, and diapers.

"Come out, come out…" Her voice croons though the smile she bears is one of mirth and malice, already more calvary arrives though harking your presence from atop a hot dog cart. She needs to get with the barbarian on epic entries. His dog gets it!


Aw. A doggy eating a hot dog. That is just so dang cute. Lunair adores animals. Although, she isn't sure what to make of the man and his shouting. He looks like he rolled up out of Conan or 300 and is totally gonna own some dude with his spear. Her mouth opens. Her mouth closes. Right. It's about now that Lunair decides to cover herself in armor. It's a newly discovered ability, but since it doesn't require a henshin-stripping-sequence or whatever (not that anyone should ever think ill of anyone who strips for super powers or otherwise - that stuff's gymnastics) she can pull armor quickly and easily. It's a bit strange to see the young woman suddenly in some rather high tech, sleek armor. Wait. She remembers that wolf. "Huh. Well, I'm glad he's okay," She considers.

Still, she should probably go HELP. And help Lunair does! She scrambles out from behind cover in her armor. So dubstepping didn't seem to work. She dismisses the weapon and pulls an electrified whip (chain whip, and nothing pervy. gosh) and that strange staff with the cat statue-looking carving at the end. But she's holding distance. Going into Wally World. They have to stake the heart of - no wait. Just find this green guy. "Hello! Welcome to Earth! Please stop smashing things. Are you okay?"


Jericho lands just in time to be too late. It-Came-From-Space is already out of the way and then an energy blast flies past him to strike it and then…

And then he's rather abruptly aware that he's shaking it as it ought not be shook, while displying a seven and a half foot holographic werewolf. Confusion sets in as he wrestles control of his muscles back and then it hits him. He only knows of one person whose even remotely capable of making people do that. What's she doing in Metropolis?

"LUNAIR!!!" He snarls in frustration as he spins, finally able to move of his own will again, and bolts after Not-Hulk.

Ooooh. That Wally-World is gonna need some work…


Skaar jumps to his feet, now inside Wal-Mart. This is truly an alien place for him, mind you. But most of the people have already fled and he has half a minute to look around and be baffled. Maybe he could have calmed down, but someone just stabbed him on the back with a magical spear which is powerful enough to go halfway through his torso. "Arrrrrgh!" And where is his sword? Oh yeah, he dropped it out here.

So he pulls out the spear and heads outside, going through the same hole he made when flying inside. Which Lunair and Jericho were using to get in.

So Jericho, who looks like a threat, is likely going to get punched in the snout. Lunair who is actually telling him something that sounds like… nervous-happy greeting? He just tries to shove her out of the way. He really should take a minute to learn the local language. But, you know, smashing comes first. «Where is the punk that owns this thing?» He shouts once he is outside. Oh yeah. Language. So it comes out as angry gibberish, but he is waving Diarmuid's spear.


"Colorful dancing spawn of Fenris; now is not the time; the troll is upon you, battle or begone! Lame trickster." Yes, Diarmuid has an awesome grasp of 21st century lingo. Kind of. The Otherworlder only sits still for cartoons.

Speaking of sitting still, this is a thing he is not doing now. He is charging across the park at running speeds no mortal could attain a sword being unsheathed from the small of his back, "Foul beast get your unclean hands off Gae Dearg! Knightly woman, subdue the monster and I will behead it." That last bit at Lunair, he has yet to really focus down on Starfire and fathom up what she may or may not be.


Starfire is… taking a moment to stare and film this for her crew who is listening in but staying silent because… Heaing it for once is not as amusing as seeing it. The single slit of clear eyepice drops over her eye and begins scanning, picking up the footage and rolling it before it clicks and reshapes to insert into her eye much like a contact lens.

A slow blink is necessary as she watches the lupine Jericho dance and Skaar shove them all aside like they are playthings as his gibberish responds to Diar's own and it appears as if war has been made between them. For once Starfire cannot do anythin but just…watch. It's like two train wrecks about to collide again.

"Oh I know K'tten, they do things odd here on Earth." And in that moment Starfire tips a nod to Lunair, who has geared up much like she does, taking that moment of familiarity before she just gives Jericho another wary glance and circles Skaar in a rapid flight that ends in her trying to grip that spear and wrench it free or pin his arm behind his own back while pulling upward. A typical pinning hold that would make anyone 'take a walk' against their own will if they get in the locked pose due to the wrenching pain in each joint from wrist to shoulder.

That is if she even can get that close in order to aid in this space and time confused battle?


Sneerk. Lunair fortunately, has a helmet on and no one can hear you giggle in chaos. Break it down, technowolfie. "Way to totally out me and stuff! Also you shouldn't jump in the way of things," Lunair looks baffled. "Why would you do that? I mean, besides heroics maybe. Like if you had a cute, busty girlfriend to save or something. But I am sorry! I'll give you a hotel room or something as an apology. I'm not old enough to buy drinks," wavestaffwavestafftalk. Yeah, she's - heywait. Skaar's nudging her out of the way.

"Wait! You're - not supposed to just SMASH?" Pause. "Definitely not! Not even if you're mad at the lady who sells tight yoga pants!" Lunair isn't allowed to shoot people in the face, Skaar can't always smash. It's how the world works, really.

Then she's being talked to by Conan's awesomely Celtic counterpart. She looks to him. "He's not a troll, mister but we do need to subdue him," She agrees. "He's from- the sky. Apparently." Poor Lunair. The kid raised in a negative pressure room is attempting diplomacy. It's like watching Paris Hilton try quantum physics. Vaguely hilarious and everyone ends up uncertain (ba-dum tcha!). "Hey! Mister, please give his spear back?" If not, Lunair's going to try to disarm Skaar with the whip. If it's good enough for Indiana Jones, it's good enough for her. She's trying to get the spear back for Diarmuid.


Jericho takes a flying leap that looks like it should end with his snout to some part of Big Green and Angry. It doesn't. That's gonna get him punched in the face and to be honest Sir Talksalot can handle that part. At the apex of the leap he switches wolf out for wings and pulls into a hover, glaring. Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a… roll of pennies?

"Okay… someone wanna tell me what's going on and why I shouldn't just call the SRD?" Indeed he's bringing up their contact info now. He could hack their network and tell them about it directly but that seems like it miiiiiight be asking for trouble.


Well, look at how many people is now attacking him. Skaar would be a bit more worried if he knew about the diverse super-powers of the group. But he is still pretty angry and… most people back home can't really hurt him much. He assumes he is just fighting the warriors of the warlord of the weird glass city. He does that a lot.

Now the flying woman and the shorter one with the armor want to grab the spear? Fine. Spears are not his thing. He just spotted his sword, so he lets the spear go and jumps for his stone blade, quick like a tiger. Just in time to receive Diarmuid's charge.

The sword on sword *CLANG* is audible, scraping and loud. Atlantean forged Promethium blade meets Old Power alien stone.


"Not a troll? Whatevs, knightly-maiden. He looks as such." A snarl escapes Diarmuid and he can't much slow down at this point and engage in further dialogue aside from, "Get ready for an uppercut, you dog!" Which, the Hawk of Ess Ruadh does perform one, a step in between the blades parry and a devastating fist is launched upwards at Skaar's chin - a punch that could topple Balor himself. At this point he thinks Jericho is some sort of impish spirit and not worth the time. Starfire… well… she's got his spear alongside Lunair. One opponent at a time, perhaps she is some sort of fae who he'll now have to bargain with for it's return.

Hazel is done with her hotdog and now barking at them all. As if chiding them. Stupid two-leggers.


Starfire stands there with the spear Skaar so willingly released, Lunair's whip coiled around it, making Starfire spin it artfully, as if it is something she had worked with before, and if Lunair relinquishes she keeps it tucked back and aligned with her arm, resting just beside the contours of her floating figure.

From Lunair to Jericho emerald gaze shifts, though the tilt of her head is the only -true- indicator. For a moment while the duo charge at eachother there is a necessary pause while she responds to Jericho's question, looking between the two of them.

"For the same reason we do not work with them or for them ourselves. Because we trust only ourselves and our motives." Pausing, the seriousness and stoicism remains, all the while that energy starts to build up in the hand gripping the spear, arching down along it now in an electrical crawl whether Lunair held on or not. "Who better then to handle our kind then our own."

Starfire's spine straightened visibly as the two met in a razored clash, turning to join in on the fray.

"And because it's fun!"


If Lunair does not release the spear it gets dropped behind, if she releases Starfire is flying in between them and using that 'rod' as a conduit, plunging it into the ground before the duo and blasting outward, enough to hopefully bring this to a slow but not direct enough to blast them off their feet.


Poor Lunair. Diplomacy never seems to work for the poor Earthling. It really doesn't. But she still has to stick to her theory that Earth would be lasered a LOT less if we tried talking instead of siccing Will Smith and Windows ME on them. She looks to Diarmuid. "He isn't! Things aren't always what they seem. He fell from the sky. Don't worry, we'll get your spear back! And cool dog!" She seems intent on giving him his spear back. Really, it's his. She learned from Mr. Rogers that sharing is caring and even if her neighbor is some sort of Celtic Warrior-(Deity), it's still good to be neighbors. Even if she does sometimes straight up murder people. Often. A lot. … she's working on it.

Fortunately, Lunair is wise enough not to try to play tug of war with Starfire. Again, the whole please be kind to our Celestial peeps thing. Because seriously. "Also they'd probably shoot at ALL of us," She points out. "Last time they almost got my friend even though he saved one of their officers," She adds. "… that and my powers are kindasortahighlyillegal and I am going to run faster than-" Pause. She cuts herself off before that gets weird. "Sir Smashalot, please seriously stop." Wait. "What language is he speaking?" She manages to get herself and her staff to bear. And really, she does want to give Diar's spear back and - and - "Well. It is pretty interesting." Nevertheless, she keeps her staff and whip to bear in case something comes too close that's hostile. "I'm trying not to shoot people in the face." It's almost like a 12 step program for MURDER.


"I cannot believe I'm doing this…" Jericho murmurs. The green eyed woman is right though. Calling in the SRD is only going to make this wose for everyone. What he does instead is swoop up amd back sharply when her blastwave goes off and then drops down on angry Kermits back. Or tries to anyway. Wings curl inward, seeking to wrap arms and pin them back. Jeri sincerely hopes his wings are string enough for that. Meanwhile he finds a car with OneStar, jacks it, starts it and begins to line it up just incase this doesn’t work.

"Lunair, seriously. Loogie gun."


Skaar has no problem taking a punch, but he is surprised by the strength behind Diarmuid's fist, which makes him wince and step back. Then Starfire blows up the ground under his feet and he is flying. Again.

But this time he twists his body in the air to land on his feet, and keeps his sword firmly gripped. Jericho landing on his back has little effect, he barely staggers. Or does it? His skin has gone grey-ish and his eyes solid glowing blue, and then he punches the ground with his fist.

A shockwave spreads form the ground around Skaar, raising dust and earth and stones that hide his shape. The ground under Diarmuid splits open and a sinkhole appears trying to swallow him! The Skaar raises his hand and gestures, and a torrent of earth and stone is surges from the ground and flies towards Starfire.


Gae Dearg the Red Javelin is a special artifact, a magical object long ago given to Diarmuid when he walked this world in his 'living' days. This relic's power is that to absorb energy, store it and redirect it when thrown, swiped, or slammed; slammed key right now.
Starfire has 'focused' her starbolts in to it's length feeding the weapon an ample surplus of expel ready energy. Energy that erupts outwards in a highly-explosive and destructive globe upon contact between Diarmuid and Skaar. It's basically starbolts times x amount of added damage uncontrolled and unleashed. This blast is that which sends Skaar back and causes the Fian Warrior to dissappear within it's glowing nimbus. The sinkhole no doubt added insurance to make sure the Celt doesn't spring free again.

What will be left behind once the searing starfire light fades is a caldera like fissure in the earth rent through the middle by a gouge. No Diarmuid to be seen.

Hazel the dog's barks become whines before shes weaving her way through the fighting unmindful of her own safety to start yapping down in to the crevice whilst digging at the ground around it. Futile or not she's a dog, shes concerned!


Well, Starfire had a new toy for a moment she had intentions of returning, right there with Lunair, but she was trying to just bring pause, gain enough attention to talk amicably - if allowed, but the spear was more then what it seemed! Her energy was quadrupled in that outwards stretch, not only blasting Diar back, but Skaar and the winged Jericho as well. It doesn't take long to blast out and then as if rewound while being watched it sucks back in and blasts the creator herself back!

Starfire is ass over elbow, even the ends of that long red hair smoke as she peers out from beneath it with a huff that blows some of that hair from the veil over her face as she licks fingers… And puts some of the frayed ends of her hair out.

Just as she is sitting up, she is alerted to the incoming tidal wave of earth from Skaar by a few pelts of dirt granuels, dusting them off only to look up, the dog not barking up, but down at its long lost master, its body also darkened in the path of this earthen upheaval.

"Oh..X'hal!" Starfire exclaims as she decides. Save herself or… the damn earth-beast. One second there's a barking animal and the next it yelps and they're both buried.


Lunair looks to Jericho. "ew. I hate that thing," She admits. It seems she has a very fastidious side when it comes to clean. Which is ironic given her habit of misting foes with rail guns. Or not ironic, but sensible. Hard to say. Lunair's eyes go wide as Starfire and the spear get blasted. And then buried. "No!" She looks horrified. There's not much metal in the debris, so a gravity gun is out. Thinking quickly, she wades into the melee. Lunair is swinging that odd cat staff. It's a shockwave generating staff. She's blasting the dirt off as best as she can, knocking it up and away. "Hang on!" The loogie gun is forgotten, trying to dig out the kindly alien lady, the doggy and Diar.


The dirt and debris flying everywhere is not… conducive to anything. And given that his wings aren't accomplishing what he'd hoped, Jericho just launches himself skyward again, simultaneously flooring the gas on that car he appropriated. What one man in a suit made of light cannot do, a ton and a half of German engineering very well my. Achtung!


Oh terrific. That there was an insane battle going on in downtown Metropolis… well, one could hardly -miss- the chaos on the news. Especially with a familiar face or two in the middle of the melee.

Arriving in time to see Starfire buried, and with Lunair digging everyone out, Roy's left to try and skirt the chaos, explosive arrows fired towards Skaar, trying to keep wh…. whoever that was away from the buried people and buying people time to get out, hopefully.


Hazel's ears had tucked down and she looked absolutely pitiful until Starfire jumped on her and saved her beans from what was a tidal wave of Terra Firma. Slobbery licks batter the Tamaranean's orange face as if to say, "Dude, be thanks and calmed by my saliva." Tail waggles included.

Upon shockwave dust off by means of Lunair's staff the brindle German Shorthaired Pointer releases some barks and yaps amidst tongue bathing Starfire, apparently no longer concerned with Diarmuid. It's ears are sharp; she knows he is fine and currently digging his way out from beneath Centennial Park. Maybe he will bring up a treat; a vole or an old sock or something.

Above the park are two circling new additions to the scene, helicopters. Both Metropolis media heralds; Galaxy Communications and the Daily Planet. Traffic newscasting is nothing in the ratings compared to actual superhuman slug outs. Those are big scoops.

The presence of those twin whirly-birds says what everyone else present should be thinking, the police and the SRD will be arriving soon.


Skaar smirks when Jericho takes off, «yeah, go away, little shapeshifter, I will get you in a mome…» his incomprehensible monologue gets interrupted when the remotely controlled vehicle slams on him. It doesn't really hurt, but he stumbles a couple yards, swinging his sword at the attacking thing and cleaving the hood neatly.

A second later an explosive arrow hits him. He didn't even see the archer!

Enough is enough. He is in the middle of a strange city and more and more people (or things!) keep attacking him. He is still rather angry, but not as much he can't think. And think is what he needs to do. Change of tactics. He jumps a dozen yards, towards the least dangerous-looking of the warriors fighting him. Which happens to be Lunair! And grabs her. Then he really JUMPs. Top of the closest skyscraper high, and jumps again, this time almost a mile long jump!


It's suffocating after a moment buried beneath the earth, and once it all starts to loose she is covered in saliva and happy furry paws? Okay, so this is why humans cling to these creatures, perhaps it is a bit soothing, but the licking part…

With Lunair's help the light becomes brighter, the noise from the circling choppers staring as a low thrum then beating down amongst the rest of the melee. Both arms come up to shield her face from the dog just before her hand burrows into the furry scruff and pets in return, though it is more Elmira-like, she hasn't a clue on how to handle these things.

PAT-stroookeeee-scritch PAT-stroooookkkee PAT PAT.

Rising though, she is dusting off, loose dirt falling from the armor lips, green eyes turning towards Lunair in thanks as the reflection of the hulking alien leaping in goes from distant to close, mirroring what is occurring as Lunair is snatched up and drifted off, her jaw setting and teeth flashing in a sneer. Where was that shfting tech-man? They needed a moment…a plan… Just as she spots Roy and offers him a small grin.


It's a crude method of earth moving, but it seems to work to at least give the duo (trio? She has no idea what Diarmuid does besides 1) yell, 2) have a dog and 3) FITE. He also has a spear, a sword and is alarmingly Celtic) a chance to get out of the earth and dust. Lunair is relieved once Hazel and potentially Starfire are free. "Hey, are you okay?" She looks worried. And then there's the sound of helicopters. Bother. She smiles as Starfire looks over in thanks. And then suddenly, Stranger Danger!

Lunair eeps, squirming a little and realizing she's grabbed by someone muuuuuch stronger who probably wouldn't be fazed by a 50 calibre to the face. Her weapons vanish and she just hangs on for dear life now. It's not often she hangs out with a dude who can just straight up JUMP like that. "This would normally be fun except it's involuntaaaaaaaaryyyyy-" Poor Lunair. Even in moments of dire terror, her social skills fail her.


Oy… that thing's tough. Jericho debates being worried for Lunair. Breifly. Then he decides that he's not because 1) The thing hadn't shown an inclination to harm her, 2) He's seen her turn half a dozen people into a fine red mist without batting an eye, 3) she can't be disarmed and finally 4) She has a dubstep gun. So no, on balance, not worried.

Maybe a little worried.

The hacker lands, his traces and wings both fading as he looks about. "Well… that was kind of disastrous." He's soooo going to need a better gun,


"Oh no you…" The warning arrow trying to keep Skaar away from Lunair doesn't -even- seem to bother the beastie as he leaps off with the weapon-producing girl. "… don't."

Dammit! Another arrow is notched, and then… lowered, as Skaar is just -way- too fast.

"What the hell…" Roy begins, before Kori staggers up. In an instant, Roy is at the alien princess's side almost at once, offering support. That she wasn't chasing the very large… troll…? … "You okay, Kori?"


A burst of dirt soon a hand slings free and grips the grass bit by bit Diarmuid drags himself free of the park's underground. "Bunk this." The man sputters, trying to not sound enraged. "'tis not a troll, it's a be damned earth demon. I shall find it and rip it's head off it's shoulders!" A hacking noise and the Celtic godbeing spits up a wad of earth, mud and what looks like a beetle.

Hazel dashes forward and eats that, wagging her tail happily up at him. He did bring a treat!

Throwing his shoulders back Diarmuid belts out a roaring, "COME BACK COWARDLY MONGREL!" The dudes voice is loud. It rattles windows and inspires headaches.

Plus snatching up the beetle in her jaws saved Hazel from Starfire's special kid pets.


Jeri gets her focus for a moment, then the reflective gaze of hers goes into the distance the way Skaar had taken Luna, speaking into the invisible bud. "Yes, you saw that, track it, we're not done yet."

Starfire relays that to K'tten and then goes silent.

"Our approach this time just needs us to be a bit more… Organized. I think together we got this." When Roy comes up Starfire smiles and wraps an arm around the archer, tugging him into her to… Pull his hat off. "Just in…"

Looking at Diar as he surfaces and yells his battle cry, a red brow takes a hike and her focus is lost, its brain rattling, and even his cute fuzzy beast eating the beetle he regurgiataed.


One hand goes over her lips and she looks away before taking a deep breath and not going green herself. Yelling in response.

"HEY. INSIDE VOICES!" Templerub. "X'hal help us all."


And here he was thinking Hydra was the worst of his worries. Silly him. Jericho winces at Diarmuid's yell… then at Kori's. "Okay… any idea who that guy was? Or did you all just happen to show up right as he started smashing?" Which, to be fair, seems like a perfectly legitimate response to that. Already Jericho is scanning news reports and seeing if there's anything on this guy to dig up.

There isn't. Damn.

He's about to ask the 'we?' question buuuut… it is Lunair. Nan'd probably appreciate it if she didn't end up kidnapped by an angry Kermit the Frog. For whatever reason he wants a Lunair. Caveat Emptor on that one, man.

"Organized, perhaps. Do we want it dead or just hogtied?" That'll determine what he needs.


Oh, Roy didn't mind one bit when Kori kept taking his hat, not if it meant getting pulled up close and personal. Giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, the archer flashes a grin, before pausing to eye the… "Gross." He wasn't going to finish watching the rest of that, as he brushes Kori's hair up, helpfully keeping it out of the way in case… something unfortunate happened. "

"… I have no idea. What's the sitrep? Your crew's tracking this, Kori?" Roy asks, after listening to Jericho's questioning.


The golden eyed warrior look at Starfire, "Skin of a fruit and hair as red as Scathaths herself.. manner of creature are you?" Seeing the closeness of Roy and the Tamaranean. "This must be your champion, lover or… " He sniffs the air leaning closer to look at Harper's own hair, "Relation."

A look away from the two and then to Jericho, "Your totem lord is a much better fighter. He would be disappointed."

Staring off after where Skaar has escaped with the Knight-Maiden Diarmuid grunts; he can feel a vein pulsing upon his forehead. Patting Hazel's furry head calms him a little, "I require a frosted drink to soothe my fevered tempers /then/ we hunt this mossy bog troll."


Helicopters are circling still but those initial two have peeled off to chase Skaar. The remaining one appears late to the show, also a police vehicle.

"No, no…" Blink. "No!" Starfire's answering everyone's inquiries all around, save Roy's he gets a gesture as she is listening for a moment into her comm, transmission received and she nods slowly.

"I am kind of what that green creature is, alien to this planet, and I know what it is like to crash land here and be unknowing… I just did not tear up a city."

Looking up to the sky Starfire smiles, not at the news chopper but past it. "Anyone opposed to a quick ride not under a camera?" Oh was Diar up for a ride of his life and an eye opening experience if they decided to go… Or were they really given a chance anyway?

"We don't have to kill it, we just need to find out what we can do to /hog/ -tie-? It? My crew may be able to gather information as they track his movements through the city to keep an eye on our friend."


Jericho is a perfectly good fighter when he's trying to kill people. Trying to not kill them is hard without the proper gear, something he may have to rectify. Instead, Diarmuid just gets a snort. "Which one? Hawk or wolf?" The crazy spear guy hasn't even gotten to see the other two yet. Granted one's just a green glow that keeps him from dying.

Okay, introductions are in order. "Okay, I'm Jericho Trent, the missing girl is named Lunair, you, miss are Kori I'm guessing…" At this point a part of Jericho wants to say something about her armor but the rest of him quickly and noisily reminds him that he wears werewolf shaped constructs of light that are still totally bullet proof, so he doesn't have any room at all to talk. Period.

"And I've got no idea who you are, Shouty McShoutpants." Which is going to be his name if he doesn't introduce himself. "Cops are going to show up soon though so yeah, relocating sounds like an excellent idea, Ma'am."

Say what you will about Jericho, he's generally polite.

Roy gets a curious look when he comes up. With the exploding arrow, Jeri'd been expecting Barton. But he seems to know the rather helpful other alien so… can't be bad, right?


"None of those," Roy shakes his head, although he does give Kori a wide grin at the second suggestion. "Name's Roy Harper. I'm with Checkmate." Jerking a thumb towards Kori, Roy adds, "I'd take her up on her offer to track things. So… let's get this show on the road. Beam me up, Kitten."


"Quick ride? You have a stable of good horses or automobiles?" That spear is snatched up out of the ground and Diarmuid inspects it. "We share in regards to the Hawk though I am assuredly the better fighter but no, I meant the Old Wolf. A new friend of mine from the old world." The responses to Jericho, "Where is icecream or a frosty?" He questions, looking around not seeing anything beyond that hotdog cart and some buildings.

Turning away from them the tall man grumbles and the dog (Hazel) just sits down licking at her paws boredly now.

"Oh, yes, I am Diarmuid Ua Diubhne, the Killing Hawk, the Love Spot, Fian Warrior, the spear champion of Ess Ruadh, godson of Aengus Ohd, trained by Manannan Mac Lir of the Atlanteans and Tuatha De Danaan… " He is still going.


"Don't call her that, she hates that, it's K'tten." Starfire says lowly, plugging her one ear as if wrath would spill from the very small comm piece and destroy where they stood even moreso. "K'tten."

Confirming it with Roy before his wide grin gets one of her own, half cocked but with no words…. I mean, could there be any words? Diar is talking and she looks from Jeri to Roy slowly…and just…Mouths /'Love Spot?'/

Her head shakes and she uncovers her ear..

"No! No! He said K'tt… Yes he did. Don't start. Let's go, you know we don't have much time, one block.. Get Orn to have a frosted drink ready, make it fun!"

Fun meant some alien alcohol that /might/ quiet this man down some.

The sky beside the chopper filters down an electric blue, a small beam that spreads over all of them, not even a breath or a chance for response given. One moment there, the next gone from Metropolis….

Now aboard the HMSS Starfire and met by a hulking white/blue creature named Orn, an insectile resembling SIC named Depalo, and the other remaining of her kind aboard this ship right now. K'tten, resembling Starfire but sporting a mohawk.


Oy. Jeri had asked for the guy's name not his encomium. Who put what in this guy's drink. Talking to people that can't be seen is sort of par for the course for the cyborg. Teleporting? He's done that too. No, what gets the hacker to jump about their sudden relocation to Not-Kansas - aside from the rather unusual appearance of the crew - is the fact that he's suddenly surrounded by a network that is very advanced, speaking a language for which he has absolutely no reference at all.

"I… um…" Ahem. "Wow." Okay, this wasn't your average band of do gooders, it seems. Or at least 'Kori' isn't.


"K'then," mutters Roy. "It's not like I'm used to -that- accent."

Pausing as he listens to that, Roy raises one eyebrow, and leans over to Kori. "I'm not going to even try and touch that one," he whispers, just before they're teleported to the ship.

Once aboard, Roy throws his arms open. "K'then! Good to see you! And Orn… and Depalo… well, we've brought you company for a bit! So… hey is that drink for me?"


"… slayer of ten thousand men. Defeater of the Red Man, single-handled bested the Green Champions… WHAT FAE SORCERY!?!" The spear spins in a circle whipping around and slicing through the frosted mug Orn is holding (before Roy can even get a hand out to it). The weapon then jabs out defensively and aims at all those around him.

"Aes sidhe! Taken me in to your mound of devilry!"

Hazel whines then goes over to lap up the frosty that is spilled everywhere. It has sprinkles!

"No dog! You will be trapped in this world for all eternity… "


Now that they are clear of the Earth authorities, including the SRD which was soon to arrive on their heels she takes the time to introduce herself and her crew now as well, having heard Jericho but not had a moment to really speak with Diar's ramblings she now just allows it all to 'soak in' at once.

"I am Koriand'r, a former princess of a former planet Tamaran. This is K'tten, one of the last of my kind. Depalo, and Orn, both also rescues of a war camp we recently liberated from."

Roy gets a hand on his shoulder, holding him back from the drink. "No, /that/ one is a special one for our /special/ warrior guest…Annnd he ruined it…"

To which Orn is grunting angrily and Depalo is stepping back. He knows what it looks like when Orn gets angry. It's their own ship-riding hulk.

"Staring now deadpan at Dair Kori inquires. "What…is a fae and why are you lacking hospitality in my home?" Hit him. Right. In. The Honorwarrior. Feels.


And she also has an encomium. But hers is short. And sensible. Jericho gets the feeling Diarmuid's wasn't done yet. He's about to say something when suddenly there's a spear being whipped around. That triggers a very sensible 'back away from the angry man' reflex. The fact that he's likely to back into someone… doesn't occur to him. Hopefully he doesn't. Once safely out of spear-thrust range, he relaxes. A little.

"Pleased to meet you… Coriander? Or… do you prefer a royal address?" Yes, Jericho has been relieved of his usual snark between 'alien space ship' and 'angry man with the impossibly sharp spear.' Right now he's in 'do not antagonize' mode, glancing to Roy who seems to know what's going on for some guidance.


"Oh fine," sighs Roy as he watches the mug drip liquid onto the floor. He moves out of the way to give Kori easy access to the captain's chair, making sure to stay far and clear out of the way of Orn. Jericho gets a handwave, indicating that yes, he should stay -way- out of the way, while Kori tends to the … swordsman who's talking like some escapee from a renaissance festival. "Kori's a little busy right now, um… Jericho, was it?" Roy notes, as he motions him well clear of a potential melee. "C'mon, let me introduce you to K'then. Er… Kitt'n. No? Can't I just give you a nickname?"


"Princess? Like… " Diarmuid doesn't say it. Too much cartoons makes one goofy Jakob had warned him. Usually Princesses are good though. Usually. A grumble escapes him that sounds like unintelligble words before the spear butt slams in to the ship's floor and steadies itself. "Very well, this is your home and I will abide manners unless I find out you are bewitching me with dark magicks. If that is the case… none here shall live unto the next sunrise." The Fian lifts his strong chin upwards and begins to watch them from above his proud cheekbones. One hand knuckle-white wrapped around that mystical spear haft.

Hazel doesn't seem to mind all of this one bit, shes already slurped down all of the spilled drink and is now walking over to give Orn a few sniffs. The dog looks almost right at home in the alien space ship.


K'tten is giving Roy a look Kori has never given him, it is narrowed and if she had claws that were //allowed/ to be placed on his person she would likely start 'marking' away. It's apparent the crew is not all too used to company or… hospitality themselves but Depalo is watching them all with a scrutiny from a silent corner.

"Kt - ten." She states, only smiling when Kori darts her a levelled stare, sighing and plopping back into the controllers seat, but not queuing up communications, all the while the red blip seems to show the tracked location of the target while green and blues show the locations of others now drug into this melee. K'tten however is now looking at Jeri.

"Your gear, what technology is that exactly? It is akin to some things I have seen, but not exact." Her inquiry is direct, curious, but damn near dissecting.

"Don't call me princess," Kori says to Jericho. "It's a title for a place that isn't existant anymore. I am captain here but just Kori or Starfire is fine." The finality of it murmured as she redirects her gaze to Orn who is grumbling in an unintelligible language that sounds more like gravelly breaths, huffs, and groans. Kori responds to him but it seems she is all but forgotten as he slams those large hands together in an almost child like slam-clap and leans down to… gingerly pet the doggie with… one fat digit.

How cute. A hip nudges into Roy as she remains beside him, letting him know that they'll get theirs in time. It's a process!

"There is no…. magick here, just real frosty drinks that have not….bewitched? your creature, so have what you like, and let's get down to business."


"Right. Kori, then, if you don't mind. Got it."

Jeri'd head Koriander (Coriander?) hiss K'tten's actual name and so he doesn't seem to have too much trouble when he makes his way over to Roy so the Checkmate agent can begin the introductions. This is primarily, of course, because he's been learning demonic. Apparently demons and aliens share a common love of apostrophes and long strings of consonants. He's going to try not to make any other comparisons. It's rude. And… kind o f disturbing.

"K'tten," he says with a small, polite incline of his head. "Nice to meet you."

Aaaand she can see his traces. And… implants, perhaps? "Um, it's an experimental cybernetic suite for information warfare and power field manipulation. I was involved in testing it out. And… was kind of tricked into keeping it. Long story." Long story that he's not eager to get into here. "I'd upload some specs for you but I don't think my hardwire knows your hardware's language." Well, my hardware also decided to learn demonic, he does not say.


A grunt and Diarmuid remains quiet. His glowering yellow eyes watching every single one of them. Oddly enough he doesn't seem too concerned about the dog. "We shall see when we try to leave here. If Chu-… Hazel cannot leave then you laid geis upon her and will be dealt with accordingly. For now, I am within your hospitalities and to remain within my own good graces. Dudes." After this line the Fian settles himself in to a very stoic silence. He's in observer mode right now.

Hazel will make her rounds to the crew, though she doesn't seem to care for Depalo.


Hands goes up as K'tten flashes -that- look at him. "Ok, ok, Kt-ten. Anyway, here you go," Roy steps out of the way as Jericho settles in and starts making himself at home with all that.

The hipcheck from Kori earns her a wink and a grin, followed by a "Well, if everyone's settled and good, let's see… anyone got a lock on Lunair's location?"


Kori is just staring blankly at Diar, she has no clue what he is rambling about, as usual, shaking her head slowly she watches the dog make it's rounds, rightly avoiding Depalo, he isn't very friendly, though he does give Roy a nod. The man is no stranger to Kori or the crew in his relations with their Captian so his welcome here does not arise as much tension for the Second in Command.

Starfire is headed for her seat and as she does so her armor shifts and begins to warp, shedding that purple like a cybernetic snake skin that ripples an sheens away from tawny skin only to be replaced as she claims her seat by a white and purple reinforced suit that covers her completely from toe to neck, a download of sorts to exchange information from any bone, muscle and tissue damage as well as to pluck that 'contact lens' from her eye.

On another screen in front of K'tten everything that went on is now up close and personal, downloaded and rehashed with zooming in areas that beginning to parse and pick apart certain aspects, as well as Jericho's shifting attire, Lunair's armor and weaponry, then Skaar which gets a databank search for alien life forms and their origins. On the other screens…

"Yes we are tracking him as well as Lunair and the others that are in pursuit, but it appears he is but by bit shedding their tail." Kori states to Roy all the while K'tten is glancing from Jeri to the screens and back.

"We saw it, and being as this is my field… I am curious. Perhaps if you are willing to share."

"Later K'tten." Kori interjects much to K'tten's dismay but it is not a 'no' so she is still happy with that much.

Now Orn is back with more frosted mugs, one for each, as well as a wary pass of squinted gaze at Diar, that garbled language speaking again. "He'll be better about it." Take or don't more for the others.

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