Just like a Gargoyle

August 14, 2014: X-23 spots Magneto in Mutant Town and confronts Lunair and him.

Mutant Town

Mutant Town isn't so much a slum or ghetto as it an enclave. Sure, it started out as something else, but it's big enough now to have its own personality and, frankly, subcultures within the larger… uh… subculture.

Regardless, it's as eclectic and unpredictable as its inhabitants. Which means: Very.



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Mood Music: It had turned Mutant Town more upside down than normal. Perhaps it was even worse than it was before - all that Laura knew? There were sometimes mutants disappearing nightly. But whether they were snatched away, or just moved on, she didn't know - a lot of the regular people who tried to get by here had moved out for the party, and Laura had had her little apartment bolthole broken into more than once.
By different people. People generally didn't try to break into her place more than once.
But Laura had a different view of the thing. On the street itself, it might have been seen as a festival. Free food, free love, free fighting - the place was filled with it as mutants of all kinds were enjoying themselves.
And there was Laura Kinney, perched atop a streetlight, wearing her best 'leave me alone' suit that she had. Black leather pants, knee-high boots, and a sleeveless leather vest that gave her a vaguely military appearance. She was watching, like a cathedral gargoyle, over the people in the street. But it was a little quiet - it was the middle of the morning, after all.

Magneto: Not a festive person. But this time he had to see. Besides, there were rumors about Brotherhood activity again, and certainly he didn’t start the rumors. Last times there were rumors about Brotherhood activity, a group of unknown superhumans (probably not even mutants) managed to make the Brotherhood look like cartoon terrorists.
Magneto is neither a festive person nor has much of a sense of humor. He also keeps grudges forever. So he is in Mutant Town. And since he is in the area, he contacted Lunair to have a chat. Which explains why both of them are in the street where most of the neighborhood is still trying to get over the hangover of last night’s party. They is a cafe just around the corner. Being a rather paranoid individual with spy training, he doesn’t fail to see the girl perched on the streetlight. If it wasn’t Mutant Town, it would be unusual. Since they are in Mutant Town, it is not inu… wait, she has high-density metal in her forearms and feet. That is odd even for a mutant, so Laura gets a second, frowny glance.

Festival? Lunair is more curious than anything. And really, she's probably keen to make sure no one's getting hurt or whatever. And then she got contacted to have a chat and visit a cafe. Which is totally groovy. Lunair is careful and alert. After all, her former(ish) job was that of a mercenary. She doesn't seem to grasp much about any sort of rumors besides that there's often grumpy humans who would cheerfully render her extinct and she wants none of that.
Lunair is content to enjoy tea, pastries and chat with Magnus (read: Magneto). She dresses nicely enough, though she lacks any sort of sensory ability. Besides the standard issue ones. Laura makes her curious. "Huh, she dresses like my goth friend except angrier." And there's one of Lunair's problems. She really lacks an innate sort of reference frame, so to her, a lot in life is relative. "Must be fun to sit on the street light, though." Pause. "Aside from birds and moths."

Up from up there, Laura had quite a view of the populace at large. The teeming masses - every so often, someone saw her up there, and lifted a hand to wave, or shout something up to her.
Laura ignored them, letting the slightly chill wind up there whip her hair around her face like a shroud. Pursing her lips, Laura Kinney lets her green eyes dance across the ground. She had… built a certain feeling of kindness for this place. No, she hadn't found many that she felt she could trust. There had been a couple weeks with Logan, but…
She couldn't ignore the fact that he was, well. She didn't know how to handle him. Or how she fit into the world's picture anymore. But up here, things made sense, if only for a little time.
Laura gets that feeling at the back of her neck, like… someone was watching her. Laura snaps her eyes down and towards Magneto rather suddenly. Narrowing her eyes, she flicks her eyes from him to the person next to him, and then back. The Brotherhood - a lot of people were convinced that they were causing trouble in this area, during this festival, and Magneto being here?
Well, that seems to verify that. Standing up straight, she steps forward, plummeting down from the street lamp, reaching out her gloved hands to grab the side of the thing as she nears the ground. It didn't slow her down nearly enough, but as opposed to breaking her ankles - she felt the snap of pain as they nearly did. She certainly sprained herself.
She would limp for about three steps, before she stands up straighter, making her way through the crowd towards the man, intensity in her gaze.

“It also gives a sense of distancing,” muses Magneto, “for someone that…” he falls silent when the leather-clad young woman drops to the ground. “Lunair, you might want to step back. It is not often someone recognizes me, and rarely a good event.”
He also considers the situation. There aren’t crowds of people in the street yet, but if he is attacked, less is better. The old man heads towards the closest alleyway.

"…" Lunair looks about as clueless as she feels. Her hazel eyes reflect it easily and obviously. She sips her tea, eyes widening as the woman drops down and comes towards them. "If you're sure," She looks concerned. Either way, Lunair does take a step back. She glances around. None seem to be the type who would just into a brawl for the sake of it? That might be a relief. What Lunair knows about Magneto is probably quite limited. And she knows even less about Miss Laura. Bafflement is written across her face, following carefully. She does wave politely to Lauren.
If Lunair is a minion, she's an odd pick. Weirdly polite.

Laura rarely had a good idea on how to handle situations. Most of her training involved 'pretending to be a non-threat' until that explosive moment where she proved that she was one of the larger threats in the room. The Program had driven her from California, away from the people that she had considered family, and… well…
There was a fair bit of residual anger left in her.
If she had known that Magneto had his particular set of powers - and furthermore, that they would work on her, she might have been a little more subtle.
A young man with a skin of rocks moves to intercept her, calling, "Hey - you're cute - you wanna…" Which Laura promptly ignores. She would have run directly into the man if he didn't step aside then, her eyes flickering towards Lunair for a moment then, before she starts stepping after Magneto proper.
No doubt he'd have the time he needed to reach the alleyway.
"…what are you doing here?" she asks, her tone of voice deceptively calm, although underpinned with a bit of a growl.

Magneto is commonly know as this crazy mutant that attacked military bases, tossed tanks around with his powers and was able to survive exploding a nuke just yards away. Didn’t they tell Laura? Or maybe she is very brave.
“Where else could I be?” He replies, not bothering denying his identity. He turns back when the young woman follows him into the alleyway, studying her with icy blue eyes. He is good at reading people; he senses the anger underneath the calm tone. “Who are you, girl?”

Lunair is quiet. She follows Magnus along, peering at the rock skinned gentleman. Huh. Lunair is desperately undersocialized but she seems to handle okay. Until she opens her mouth, anyway. At any rate, she looks to Magneto. Then to Laura. She is somewhere in the middle, to the side in the alleyway. She has the sense not to get between a tense conversation. "…" She looks again between them. Why would someone attack Magnus? He's probably got a World's Best Grandpa mug at home or something.

Brave, perhaps. It could very well be something else, too. The thing about many stories like that was how overblown a lot of them were. And perhaps maybe, well.
If he could do all that, maybe he could destroy her with a thought. Even if she seriously doubted it.
Lunair was ignored for the most part, although, the young woman may see, not entirely. Eyes flicker her way every so often. At least… until she says what she does. It was a joke - Laura identified it as much, and her eyes snap to her for a moment, letting her gaze linger there.
Why would she attack Magnus?
Laura clenches her hands into tight fists, and through her fingerless gloves, twin blades spring out, bringing with it a flash of blood about the knuckles. Brandishing those claws in front of herself, her eyes return from Lunair to the Master of Magnetism.
"Your people. Your group," she says, her tone of voice low, dangerous. "They need to get out of Mutant Town. Now." she says. "…these people are not here to be attacked, or destroyed. Do you understand?" she asks, lifting her chin as she glowers at the man.

Magneto’s eyes narrow, “my people –is- Mutant Town,” he states. Then he steps forward, reaching to grab Laura’s wrist. His powers are already latching to the claws, trying to keep them from moving, so it might be he grabs her even if she tries to stab him or move away. “These are not grown, they are too homogeneous, they are forged. Adamantium. Who gave you something this valuable and deadly? And why?”

"Sorry," Lunair offers quietly. She seems a bit uncertain. And then the claws come out, her eyes widen. There's talk of people not in Mutant Town. Magnus has people? Why would they need to leave? He's a mutant, far as she knows. Again, she remains baffled. She does watch out over them, though, looking towards the end of the alley.

When he steps forward, steps forward to grab her - well, both of them might see the motion in her shoulders. A flexing there, as if to stab them forward into his gut. But it was like she was pressing her arm against a wall. His magnetics kinda were a trump card against her powers. His questions go without answers. "I'm going to protect them - and I am going to keep them safe from… from…"
Laura glances down to her hand and her wrist, her eyes widening a bit as his hand settles around his wrist. Snarling - she exerts a little more force, the young woman flickering her eyes from her hand to his face, the snarl on her lips disappearing as she garners a suddenly very serious look.
Hopefully he was holding her feet down as well. Otherwise she would bring up a boot against his shin, a blade springing from the end of the boot to hopefully nick - or deeply cut, the side of his leg as he draws near.

Magneto realizes the threat of the foot blades when Laura brings the boot to his shin. Magnetism strikes just in time to prevent the blade from springing, and his eyes narrow at noticing what she almost did. “It is not my intention to hurt you, girl, but I advise you to desist in your attempts to cripple me. I have little patience for foolishness, and your youth will excuse you only so many times.”

Things just got REAL. Lunair's eyes widen as Laura springs on Magnus. He almost got snikted or foot snikt'd. That's kind of terrifying. "Do you two hate each other?" Finally, her ignorance starts to come out, like the sun peeking over the horizon. She does glance out the alley, to make sure no one joins in.

With her foot nearly shivering with how much focus Laura was putting in on it, the young woman levels her gaze on Magneto. Another moment, and she pushes tighter against it. Hopelessly.
Laura hated being restrained like this, kept in a cage - there were two ways her mindset tended to go - either far away, as it did in the Program - or raging against her restraints, as she was beginning to do here.
"Do… /not/," she says, her voice lifting up from the calm of before, green eyes flaring with something as the teen flicks her chin. She was trying to restrain the edges of her anger, but they could no doubt see it - boiling at the edges of her gaze and her features. "What do you /want/ with M-Town?"

“I had not seen this woman in my life,” Magneto replies to Lunair, but his eyes never leave Laura’s face. A few more seconds, and he tilts his head, and steps back. She is free, at least as long as she doesn’t try to gut him again.
“I want Mutant Town to be a refuge from the discrimination and persecution so many of us suffer,” states the old man. “A refuge and not an impoverished ghetto, which is what is becoming very quickly.”

Lunair seems sympathetic. Being restrained is one of her least favorite hobbies, too. She watches the two. "Oh. I see," She offers quietly. "I don't think either of you wants people to fight here? Or to have those um, whatstheirface, those guys who really hate mutants?" She offers. "I don't know." Magnus never struck her as outright evil. A little murderous, sure. But who doesn't, now and then? Or - it's hard not to with immense powers. "I don't come here much. Sometimes I visit my friends," She remarks. And Lunair is lucky in that her mutation is subtle. Until she uses it.

Laura was a bit like a spring, once she was released. The military boots touch the ground again, and she takes a step away. A beat, and her claws slip back into her arms, a sigh of sorts leaving her. But there was tension in her arms, and torso - an intensity in her gaze. She would leap at Magneto if he gave her the chance of it.
"No. We don't," agrees Laura with Lunair, even if her eyes don't track from Eric's features. There was a cautiousness to her tone.
"Every week, there is someone else here that wants something from this town. Kidnapping mutants. Wanting to take them back to their hotel rooms. Or just someone to shoot at. And now there is this festival, and things are getting worse here," she says, flicking her eyes past Eric at a strung out young woman further down the alleyway. That woman had ignored the exchange so far.
"It isn't going to get better."

Magnus sighs, “see? That is why I have to be here. And in a score other places like this, and Tel Temer.” He folds his arms, again studying Laura. “You want to protect this place too,” he is not asking, he knows. “But you are alone, aren’t you? And foolish. Who gave you those claws and told you who I am?” He turns to Lunair. “You can pass as human, like roughly half of us. But most of the mutants in Mutant Town cannot, Lunair. Have you noticed? It is not they don’t want to hide, they can’t.”

Lunair nods. "Yeah. I bring my friend stuff sometimes," She offers. She looks quietly concerned, glancing this way and that. Lunair will, for her part, keep an eye out for the two.

"And that makes them vulnerable," adds Laura unto what Magnus says, flicking her eyes from the man to Lunair then. A handful of moments, and she frowns deeper.
"I'm Laura," she says to Magneto, a bit of suspicion dancing in her eyes. It might seem like she didn't hear his questions, although the sharpness in her gaze would suggest otherwise. And she starts taking steps back towards the mouth of the alley, her eyes on Magneto still.

“I am Magnus,” his icy eyes return to Laura. Apparently he is not going to get answers from her today, but he is curious, and of course he is suspicious. Magneto is always suspicious, and Laura’s claws hint dark and dirty deeds. No one gives a teenage girl weapons worth hundreds of thousands dollars out of the goodness of their hearts.
“Laura. If you want to protect Mutant Town, don’t do it alone.” He tosses a card to the retreating girl, it reaches her floating on a magnetic field. There is a phone number there. “A man I trust that lives here. He can help.”
Then he turns to Lunair, inviting her to walk with him. They still have a conversation pending. And now he expects some questions from the gun-making young woman.

Lunair makes her own weapons worth - well, nevermind. "Nice to meet you, Laura. I'm Lunair. And good luck," She offers quietly. She looks to Magnus. She will follow along, then. She seems sort of puppylike in a way. She waves to Laura and follows along.

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