Kill Bruce: Joker Edition

August 14 2014: The Eraser approaches Joker about killing Bruce Wayne

South Channel Island

A rooftop overlooking Arkham Asylum



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Ah South Channel Island. The Joker's home away from home. Batman doesn't have the market cornered on the whole lurking on the rooftops. Joker can do that too. He just doesn't tend to leap off of them, onto people, cape outspread like some great and terrible flasher of the night. Right at the moment Joker is considering Arkham Asylum. It's a place he's stayed before. Kind of a second home… and it could be an incredible resource. Potentially. If he works this right.


From behind a door opens, slowly with a long creak, the sounds of methodical footsteps, the clank of a cane hitting the old steps that lead to the roof. A man dressed in a bright yellow pinstripe suit, with black dress shoes that make him look a bit like a pencil behind the open door. He has bright red hair, and dazzling blue eyes, the kind of look that would be hard to forget. Something about this man seems kind but cruel at the same time, a small smile across his face. "You're a hard man to find," his voice sounding off with a somewhat faint Irish accent.


Flick. Flick. Flick. Flick. The Joker is playing with a butterfly knife as he peers out over the city. "It's the principle of the matter. If I were easy to find, anyone could do it." As if that explains everything. He turns, his pale skin stark in contrast to his dark clothing. His gaze is dispassionate, almost in human in the lack of interest. "Why were you looking?"


"I put out a little advertisement a few nights back, and have been told you might just be the perfect man for the job" The Irishman explains making his way over with that clack clack clack noise. ", and I'm a big fan of your work already," He admits looking out towards Arkham. A small smile creeps along his features, as he holds the cane in front of him, to get a bit better support as he looks on.


Flick. Flick. Flick. "Mmmmm. Advert. I've been a bit busy with a… production, of late. You may have to jog my memory." It's possible the Clown Prince remembers and just wants the measure of the man.

Then again, he's nuts. It's possible he remembers nothing at all. Or just enjoys making people repeat themselves.


Without taking his eyes off of the structure in the distance, the Irishman rather calmly states, "Twenty million dollars, in exchange for the death of Bruce Wayne" his voice calm and professional as he speaks with a bit of anger and spite in his voice as he mentions the name Bruce Wayne.

The Irishman adjusts his yellow tie so that it's perfectly straight, looking over the various spires and windows of the Asylum. Oh how he wishes just one more light on the second floor where turned on, so that there would be an even number of them on this side of the building. "Extra if, you can prove he suffered first,"


The Joker's in one of his 'aloof' phases. These are the times he's actually able to plan. Scheme really. His most devious and elaborate plots come from times like these.

"Twenty Million for Pretty Boy Wanye? That's a lot of money for a dilettante." There's a pause and pale man turns to look back over Arkham.



"He always got what he wanted" The irishman says unable to help himself from letting out a quiet chuckle. "Women, money, friends," His attention still on that one last light that needs to turn on, only for another two to turn on completely ruining things, "Made me a laughing stock through school,", His attention drifts away from the building so that he doesn't have to look at that one light any more. There's a bit of a flint of hatred in his eyes. "Gave me a life of suffering, killed my wife, and now I want to return the favor," his accent never seems to waver as he speaks, but for Lenny it's more then a bit difficult to keep himself in character as real emotions find their way into it, risking the whole thing.


Revenge. How… trite.

"Twenty Million Dollars… for revenge." The Joker shakes his head. "And here I was hoping for someting a bit more… grandiose." He sighs. People can be so petty, really. No one looks at the big picture, the whole production. Just their little part in it. Still… the death of Bruce Wayne would be a nice high note in the Joker's plans. It's possible he can work with this.

"However, as I said, twenty million is a lot of money. I'll consider it. And what's more, I'll… spread it around." His flunkies and Harley… he doesn't know if Harley will go for it, but the psychopaths he keeps in his employ might well.


A slight twitch of the eye is all the notification that the Irishman can let slip of his boiling anger at the mention of it just being revenge. ",and I suppose you'd prefer I went about telling you it was about stealing his company to build up an empire an run for president" He speaks looking over the joker, as he mentions spreading the word around, though he can't help himself but mutter. "Actually that'd be a great idea…"


"See?" The Joker shrugs. "Buuuut…" He sighs. "Everyone has to start somewhere, I suppose. You'll get your revenge on Pretty Boy Wayne, and then you'll find out exactly how much of a joke it all is." Joker's face splits into a wide, manic grin. "But then, finding the punchlines is half the fun and I suppose I shouldn't deny a fellow comedian that." What.. .exactly is he talkin about?

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