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August 14, 2014: Mystique still wants to determine what the heck Evelyn is. Fortunately, she has ways. (Language warning)

Queens, NYC

It's Queens at night.



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It's late at night in Queens. Just a few days after the supermoon, but the moon is still quite full and in the sky, flooding the dimly lit street with moonlight. It's hardly suspect in this neighborhood, one could wander about alone and not feel like they're -definitely- going to get mugged, but it's still enough to make a lone woman a bit edgy.

Evelyn is one such woman that's edgy. Not just a few moments ago, she crossed the street to continue on her path and avoid a small group of teenagers walking the opposite direction on her sidewalk. She's armed of course, she's always armed being a SHIELD agent. But wouldn't you avoid conflict in any way if you had the opportunity?

Her attire for the evening is a little black number, modest in the sense that it reaches just above her knees. Heels are traded out for mid-shin combat boots with a short heel. A small belt pouch is on her belt, like an accessory, but likely holding something nifty.


Tonight's all about fact-finding. Mystique had her fun (and then some) as Pepper Potts, and several other people, in a stolen car that was slapped full of nifty Stark Industries trinkets. She's back in the city again, once more as a completely different person. Tonight's target is this 'Evelyn' she had heard of before, and while the other woman may have been mostly covered in experimental armor before the metamorph happens to be extremely talented in picking people out. The way they walk, their mannerisms, their voice, how frequently they glance from left to right when checking their surroundings… If she can't find someone then she usually has the additional resources necessary to find them through other means.

Tonight she steps forth as a perfect copy of the stranger that Stark had picked up at the protest to take out for a fancy lobster dinner, one which never quite panned out for her. Which was probably a fortunate turn of events.

The first approach is simple and direct, lining herself up to simply walk right past Evelyn. It's always easiest when her target initiates conversation first, make it seem like their idea. Like they're in control. Failing recognition and reaction, she'll just have a delayed reaction of her own then play it from there.

That Evelyn had spent most of that encounter either invisible or incognito does complicate matters slightly. Good thing Mystique's always enjoyed a challenge.


Regardless whether Evelyn recognises the protestor woman or not, she's not really in a talkative mood to engage strangers while alone. While she did previously try to avoid the herd of teenagers, she makes no attempt to avoid the other woman. She's probably safe, she determines with a quick glance. Her strides are long, to try and seem intimidating and hopefully pass by her in a hurry.

There's no mistaking it, though. This is the same woman that was incognito in that stealth suit. Not only did Mystique get a good look at her face and body before throwing her back through the windshield, but the dress makes it easy to get an idea of her body shape, and it's an approximate match. Despite that blow, one might expect to be her in a cast, broken bones, scarred, and beat to hell, but she looks fine. In fact, she looks completely healthy.


Bingo. So Mystique will have to break the silence first, worse things could happen. At least she knows it's the right person. Acting goes one step further as she comes to a halt, pauses, spins back around, then says "Oh my god it -is- you..!"

No turning back now.

Turning to try and catch up to Evelyn, she says "I saw what happened, I can't even -imagine-…" before trailing off, expertly feigning surprise. "You're..you're not injured. But, the car, and the wind, and…"

There's the bait. Now to figure out how firmly she has to tug the line.


Evelyn stops when Mystique calls out. Erk. What? Her head turns to look with a raised eyebrow. She continues to not move as Mystique runs up to her. No big deal, right? What could this other person want. — Ah..

Running standard procedure, she just brushes the comments off. "I don't know what you're talking about." I was implicated in anything. Certainly not testing classified SHIELD technology. "Sorry, I have to go." Onwards she goes again, head ducked a little lower so she can look at the sidewalk.

Involved on the bridge? Nope. In a battle with a god? Nope. Hit by Tony's car? Nope.


"No - wait..!" the other woman calls out once she's brushed off, again hurrying to close the gap between the two. "Listen, I'm not like a reporter or anything, I'm just ..well… I want to help."

Nice and vague.

"Please don't take this the wrong way but I knew there was something ..special about you. You aren't like everyone else, and..and I know how troubling that can be..feeling like you're all alone in the world. There's a group of us in the city, we try to help. I'm sorry, this probably sounds -really- bizarre, right?" she pokes fun at herself with a sort of cheery glint within her eyes.

"I'm Sandy. I'm one of them."


Wait? No thanks. Not here. Evelyn's gaze doesn't break the pavement. 'Come on, lady. Take a hint, I don't want to talk to you.' Even her body language becomes a bit clammy as she folds her arms over her tummy, hands holding each opposite elbow. Then there's the comment of help. Well, that gets her attention. What's this person's angle? Are they trying to scam her? Do they want something.

Mystique's probably got some experience dealing with mutants. Some of them are harder to crack than others. Maybe Evelyn's just really hard to crack? Or maybe she really isn't hiding anything. You're so sure it's her, though. The same Evelyn from the bridge.

Her gaze breaks momentarily to look at Sandy, a group of? Something special? The words turn figurative gears in her mind. What is she talking about? A group of androids in the city? No there aren't, she's the only one. I mean there's Eight, and Cricket. She doesn't really associate with other androids, though. It makes her anxious.

One of them? 'You're an android?' No way. There's not a single way that's true. Either this Sandy doesn't know what she's talking about, or she's actually an android. Either way, that just gives Evelyn the bad vibes. "Seriously, leave me alone." She warns, defensively. She gives Sandy a glance before walking a little faster. Go away!


Patience is very often the key to success. Rushing anything only leads to disaster. Take your time, play your hand with care, then blindside the hell out of everyone as you go in for the win. "Just..hear me out? Please..? There's so few of us, we really need to stick together if we're going to ..going to survive," she finishes with a down-turn of energy within her voice. "Just - would you -"

'Sandy' quickly closes the gap once more, this time going further to try and cut Evelyn off. As she ducks out in front of the other woman her hands come up between them.

And they glow.

Bio-luminescent light emits from her palms, just like certain fish might via chemical reactions beneath their skin. It isn't a blinding light, soft really, but very, very obvious.

"Do you see..? You're different, you -have- to be. You should have died that day!"


Rushing does tend to lead to disaster. Unfortunately, with Evelyn's nerves, she's pretty quick to reach a point where she feels threatened. She stops when Sandy rushes infront of her. Her path is cut off, and she reflexively takes a step back. What? There is a bad mix of feelings here. Some girl with glowing hands is in front of her, trying to convince her that there's something weird about her from the scene on the bridge. Granted, this isn't the first time someone's noticed her from an operation.

Unfortunately again, the scale of her operations has gone up a bit and her profile with it. She can't help it, what with everything going on, she's involved with people like /Tony Stark/, Hawkeye, and even Captain America himself. It's almost hard to believe that she came this far from being a CIA Agent. Of course, she has protocols for dealing with people that can't be shaken. The CIA would just commit them for terrorism and ruin their lives if they were a big enough threat. But Sandy?

Evelyn takes another step back, "I'm not who you think I am. Leave me alone." This could get dangerous if this Sandy actually believes her. Now she's shown her something that puts her at a disadvantage. She could be a threat, though she's obviously being friendly. It's a tough call to make, and ultimately, Evelyn feels bad for it.. But..

Quickly she reaches for her pouch, quick snapping out a small bottle of capsaicin spray. Sandy will get a healthy dosage of it straight in the face if she doesn't evade or block it, then Evelyn will ditch the bottle, turn heel, and run the opposite direction. At least, as fast as she can run in combat boots and a dress.


Sandy can see it coming. This is hardly the first time she's had to deal with mutants, supers, or whatever the heck that are so quick to jump to the fight or flight response. (Or both.) She can watch it unfold, she could so easily reach out and deflect the attack, grab Evelyn in an arm-lock, twist her around and have her on her knees with the threat of a broken elbow if she doesn't comply…

None of this happens.

The spray strikes its target true. Sandy recoils and yelps, it's a convincing tone of 'oh god it burns!'

In that amount of time she's able to morph herself at the molecular level, giving herself a natural resistance to the spray which is designed to be used against biological opponents with tear ducts and mucous membranes and properly wired nerve endings.

She won't suffer through any of -that- nonsense, thank you.

She wants Evelyn to think that it works, to reduce the sense of alarm and the feeling that she has to run away as quickly as she can. As Evelyn's running Mystique breathes out a soft "The hard way, then," before swinging an arm around toward the fleeing woman. In that amount of time it switches from a normal human arm into a long, slick grey tentacle, much like if she had an electric eel for the limb. It extends her reach and allows her to deliver such a shocking assault, if she can catch the other woman.

It's all just chemical interaction, really.


To be fair, when you're a SHIELD agent or any kind of agent, you can either play it cool, or you can get the fuck right out of there. Engaging an unknown is never, ever, ever regarded as a good move. For most things, this is fantastic advice. Chances are, if you pepper spray someone, they'll be disabled and give you plenty of time to jump over some fences and disappear.

Mutants make the playing field a little more difficult to traverse. Of course, with her training, you're never supposed to look behind yourself while fleeing. Focus on moving quickly away. If you get caught, you would've gotten caught either way, and you can only do the best you can to give yourself the best mobility.

This advice does not do Evelyn well this time. She's almost a few yards away by the time that tentacle lashes out at her. It catches her leg and causes her to trip and fall over in a bit of a roll that -looks- stupid uncomfortable and causes her to scream. Not only that, but she's also shocked with a few hundred volts. Roll on the die table of random circuits that will be fried or damaged, then roll d20 to see the return effect if any.

The tentacle manages to connect and complete a circuit with Evelyn's body, and immediately her reactor compensates to power the new additional components that have been added to her body. In this sense, that's the tentacle arm. Evelyn's frozen in place for the moment, but a return few thousand volts will happily traverse through this new unlimited circuit that's been provided. In addition, the skin where Mystique is touching will turn black and start smoking on Evelyn's body as the voltage overcomes her skin's resistance. It smells awful, that's likely to be the less concerning artifact of all this.


Electrocution is a time-honored method of dealing with something. Generally speaking, it works, and it doesn't come back to the one who happens to be flipping the proverbial switch.

Sandy hisses and flicks the tentacle arm away the moment she starts getting seared against the other woman. Ouch..! BUT, it's progress. A focus on electrical energy. A conduit, a capacitor, a live wire..? More research is required.

Evelyn's still on the ground, meaning the time to strike is now. Defending against shock becomes a priority, though she still doesn't want to out herself by doing something as radical as turning her skin into rubber. She picked a chemical-based power, she has to stick with it.

Not that she couldn't give herself a dagger made out of something non-conductive while she's at it.

"You want to do this the hard way…" she hisses while leaping straight for the other woman's downed form with dagger raised high in hand.

If Mystique ends up murdering a mutant right here on the sidewalk then they obviously weren't fit for survival to begin with.


Evelyn lolls a bit a on the ground, groaning when the tentacle finally releases her. Ooooow. Ablative forces increased on reactor, magnetic dipoles moved forward into positron packed metal core. Her reactor pushed out enough electricity to power a house for a short while. That didn't hurt so much, but it did fry some of her components. She huffs out, and a bit of smoke actually leaves her mouth, smelling of burnt electronics.

Rolling onto her back slowly, she's about to get up to try running again, but she's out of time. Sandy is already running at her with.. A knife? What the fuck? She stays completely still up until the point that she makes the leap. Now!

Her leg stretches right up into the air for an impact to Mystique's chest and to fling her out of the way and over Evelyn's body. A combat boot to the chest should hurt quite a bit, if it hits. Using the momentum, failed or not, she rolls in a bit of a maneuver back up to her feet.

The skin on her leg shows a tentacle-shaped burn across her shin, though nothing is visible beneath, just a bit of white fluid welling up near the burn edges. Ow. That -really- fucking hurts. She stumbles a little bit, and instead of running, she reaches down into her boot to take out her SHIELD-issue smartphone.


Ozone… -That- is not a biological scent. She's also recovered remarkably quick for as much current as Mystique had sent down that limb. Where she had been aiming to drive the blade's point solidly into Evelyn's back she instead gets a boot to the sternum, flung aside like she weighs virtually nothing. Fortunately there's a blue metal mailbox to arrest her momentum, impacting with a loud, hollow -WHUNK!- with enough force to dent the panel inward.

Electricity, ozone, and a most curious white 'blood.' Three critical pieces of intel which the metamorph now has at her disposal.

When she gets to her feet no further attacks are prepared. 'Sandy' faces her opponent with a grin and takes a bow from the safe distance now between the pair, the dagger neatly held at the small of her back as though it's nothing more than a fashion accessory.

Then she starts walking away.

Just like that.

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