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August 15, 2014: An encounter in the sky above Manhattan.

Several thousand feet above NYC.



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Some nights, it's just nice to fly. Late summer, the temperature is starting to come down, the sunset looking lovely, it's one of those nights. Storm has taken to the air, letting the wind rush passed her and whip at her hair. It's not often one sees another person up here in the air, much less people can fly even in New York with so many mutants and supers. She flies up towards the fellow flier and nods her head politely. "Good evening."

Tel looks over, surprise evident in his expression. He obviously wasn't expecting company and the wind makes enough noise to cover up any from Storm's arrival. "Oh, hello. I wasn't expecting to run into anyone up here. "

Storm's smile is subtle, what some would call a Mona Lisa smile. It's there, but it is mild. "No, I usually have the skies to myself. That is why I thought it prudent to at least say hello." The winds about her are strong, holding her up and causing her cape to billow. She nods her head in a bow. "I am Storm."

"Tel." he answers then adds "Oh, make that Gravity Kid I guess. Though either is fine, really. Pleased to meet you Storm. For some reason, I haven't met many people who can fly and it seems the technology hasn't advanced yet to that degree." Not that flight rings were common in the 30th century either but all the Legion had them so he half expected the heroes here to.

There is a tug at the corner of Storm's lips. "Well, Gravity Kid, if true names are to be shared as well, I am Ororo." She looks this way and that, looking over the city as the sun sets. "No, there are not many of those that can take to the skies. I tend to utilize that fact when I wish some time to myself to ponder." She brushes a stray strand of hair from her face that the wind that surrounds her decided needed to be there. "Technology grows in leaps and bounds. I am certain that the skies will be festooned with people in only a matter of time."

"Pleased to meet you, Ororo." Tel says with a smile and a small bow of his head toward her. "Yes, I've been doing the same lately. It's quiet and peaceful." At her comment, he idly shakes his head. "Aircars mostly but that also needs a good computer system to keep track of them all and prevent accidents. I shudder to contemplate what would happen considering the groundcar piloting I've seen."

Looking down at the streets below, Storm hrmms softly to herself. "Well, yes, there is that. As well, aircars will be too expensive for the masses, and so those that use them will likely have the attitude that they 'own the road', as it were." She tilts her head to one side, regarding Tel with her glowing white eyes. "You speak like you have seen our future. A time traveler then? From our world or another?"

"This one." Tel agrees. "The year 2989. It wasn't my idea." And they still haven't come to get him, damn it. "Have you run into may time travelers that you guessed immediately? And no, I can't really tell you what's going to happen. I'm not an ancient historian." Sunset forgotten, he turns to look at Ororo.

Nodding her head sagely, Storm clarifies. "I have seen many things. Time travel, space travel, dimensional travel. It never ceases to amaze me." She looks up to watch the last sliver of the sun darting down passed the horizon. "Do not fret. I would not wish to know my future. It would take the savor out of my present."

Tel nods his agreement. "Yes, it would. I still don't know, anyway. Actually… I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I've been studying this centuries heroes and villains and I don't think I came across your name."

A white brow arches up at this revelation, but her smile doesn't change. "I am hardly surprised. Myself and my compatriots try to keep ourselves out of the limelight. We like to work in the background to keep people safe, letting others take the credit should they wish it. We just want to keep mutants and humans safe, and try to work towards a lasting peace."

"Is there a division between mutants and humans here?" Tel asks with a frown. He must have arrived very recently to ask that. "I'm a mutant but it's irrelevant in my century. When the galaxy is populated by hundreds of alien races, humans are humans. Which is not to say there's not some pockets of xenophobia toward anyone who's different but it's hardly a concern."

Ororo teaches history, so being asked a question like this brings out the instructor in her. "The recent number of mutants has increased nearly 10 fold to what it has been in the past. As such, humans are feeling overwhelmed. It does not help that some refer to mutants as Homo superior. It causes those without powers to feel that they are inadequate in some fashion. And so, they push back. Both sides need to learn to be more like the willow tree, to bend against adversity, but that time is not yet." It sounds a bit like a lecture, as if she's said these things before.

"Well, it will be. You can take comfort from that at least." Tel informs her. "I'm not sure exactly when though." Not a historian. "That's good advice though if difficult to carry out sometimes." Like when you're stranded in time.

For the first time since the conversation starts, Ororo truly smiles. To hear that the dream she strives so hard for will one day be a reality causes a joy to fill her that she has to mellow. The winds around her pick up for a moment before she calms them, her smile fading back to that subtle turning of the corner of her lips. "That is wonderful news," she says, calm and placid once again. "To know that one day we will succeed makes what we do today worth it and for that, I thank you. And yes, it is difficult, but a great man once said that anything worth having was worth working for. So, do you travel forward and back? Are you here for research for you own time?"

"Control over the wind?" Tel asks, noting how it responds to Storm's emotions. But at her question, he shakes his head and doesn't quite sigh. "No, it wasn't my idea. Something happened to bring me here and I have no way of getting him. I 'm just hoping that they realize I'm gone, and when I've gone to, and come get me. They should have been here already so there might be a problem with that."

Nodding her head in a bow of agreement, Storm adds, "Wind and weather. It is how I fly. The winds carry me." Listening to the explanation, Storm grows thoughtful. "If they were masters of time, you should not have noticed that they had forgotten you. While on their end it may have taken years, they should have timed their arrival to within a few hours to days of yours. This does pose a question as to why that have not come. This person that brought you here… they were friendly?"

Tel smiles at Storm's understanding. "You have an excellent grasp of the ramifications of time travel. That is exactly why they should have been here already. It was not a person who brought me here though but an accident. One that, I'm thinking, might be blocking travel to this time. If that's the case, I can only hope it ends soon." Days? Months? …Years?

Storm says, "Tel, I shall look into this for you. I may have resources that you do not. I shall look for you again in a weeks time? Enjoy another sun set together?"

"I appreciate your offer to help." Tel says after a moment. "I'll be here in one week. Thank you, Ororo."

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