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August 16th, 2014: After his encounter with Starfire Jake awakens to find himself aboard a spaceship. Aspect and Skaar join in a brief how you do.

Aboard the HMSS Starfire

A space ship thats not so space capable.



  • Hazel
  • Crew of the HMSS Starfire

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The medical bay of the HMSS Starfire is as high-tech as expected of a vessel capable of intergalactic flight, usually, when it's not disabled and barely capable of atmospheric and the lack of proper chemicals.

Jake Kincaid the alternate persona of Diarmuid looks as though he was soundly thrashed and then some, the scariest Cabbage Patch kid's don't look half as bad as he does right now.

"Holy shit ow." Jakob manages with a croaked groan. Right now he is down to the boxers and tanktop lying upon the flat glowing bed. Strange glowing 'rocks' situated around his face and neck. At least it's not broken.

Hazel is out with the crew.
"Have I been abducted?"

Starfire stands there over 'Jake', K'tten having just left after injecting him with a painkiller that is out-of-this-world. Literally. One that will only numb parts of the body when injected into that specific bundle of nerves, this way he cannot feel the rapid healing process as bones are forced back into place, muscles are rewound from bruised to healed and the skin is 'kneaded' back into a normalcy. It basically leaves things feeling there, but not there, no weight like novicaine and no heady cloudiness like percocet - made for warriors, by warriors (tm).

When he starts pulling out of his unconsciousness he is likely to still feel /something/, but what is up to his odd system from The Dude to The Barbarian, Starfire had no clue, though sh took a step back and made no move to hinder him from rising, folding her arms across her chest, that heavier covering of armor no longer present, left to the fine straps of purple that rest down in a stretch along the curvature of hips and then around the heave of her chest. Pupil-less green gaze stares at him, reflecting his image back at him more then being a 'doorway to her soul', though one corner of her lips quirk as she speaks.
"Again, no. But if you are into probing I am sure my second in command will gladly oblige…" Now she looks a bit concerned…

Rubbing the back of his neck Jake blinks a few times, he can feel his right cheekbone! Well, aware of it, it doesn't hurt but it doesn't feel like it's a foot out from his face now either. Good times.
Could I bother you for some water, please?" He asks, a bit on the side of raspy. His throat is hoarse. Once seated upright he begins to flex his toes and fingers as if allowing himself to realize he still has them, "So… whatever my big loud friend said, did, didn't do, or whatever to you. I have nothing to do with that. We're two totally separate people. I just want to get that out there now before you decide to hit me again. Also no thanks on the probing, that ain't really my bag."

After a moment of watching him inspect himself Starfire goes over to a sink, grabbing a small cup and putting it under the faucet with the press of a button, distributing water that immediately fogs the outside of the plastic cup with the chill.

"He yelled at me with an insulting tone, said I was a…."Pausing her eyes darted a bit for the word asshe stops in front of him with the water offered. "../skag?/ Whatever that is, either way it sounded bad and deserving of a slap."

The slap heard around this poor guys world, as it seems.

"That doesn't surprise me. Diarmuid is a notorious dick who doesn't know how to speak to… well, anyone." The water is taken and almost inhaled with large gulps. He's rather calm for a 'norm' who is parked inside of a spaceship. "You almost killed me you know." Absently a hand leaves the cup to rub at the side of his face. "Some good medicine you have though. I mean, wow, you should be sharing this kind of stuff with the world. Imagine the lives you could save."

"I merely slapped who I thought was a… much stronger being.. Didn't realize when you are in your underwear it is otherwise." Starfire states casually, stepping back to give 'Jake' room, leaning against the wall after pulling that length of red hair over her shoulder to keep from catching it between. Listening though a brow raises and her head shakes.

"Imagine the lives it would take from abuse, imagine the amount of creatures, plants, and planets would die for the greed. I've been here long enough to know when to keep what is mine… Mine and use only when necessary. Like when I decide to slap a man in his nighties."

Jake squints as if testing his eye, "Fair point." He says before setting the glass aside, reaching down to tug his boxers and shirt a little. "Got something to wear other than this, my eh, nighties? It's a little drafty?" Plus Starfire… yes. Jake requires more clothing. Thinking of this he looks around for his bathrobe which was unfortunately shredded and frayed horribly upon being used as a human shaped skipping stone.
"You from anyways? This is a spaceship and you're definitely not just a mutant, supernatural or whatever else we have on this chaotic planet." The man's fairly laid back about the world of beyond normal bounds despite appearing as human as can be. Then again he does on occasion turn in to a Celtic god-being.

Meanwhile, back on Earth and after a brief chat with Jericho and Lunair, Skaar headed northwards at the speed of a jumping Hulk (around 200 mph when only mildly annoyed and being careful not to land on anything important) and now is taking a walk within the wilder area of the Adironak State Park, looking for something to eat and trying to figure out the com device Starfire gave him without instructions.

Skaar can't read Tamaranian or English, anyway. But he is good at figuring out how machines work. So after a few minutes there is a call from the planet surface asking for Koriand'r. Because Skaar heard Alexander to call her that.

+MEET: Jericho Trent has arrived via +meet.

Starfire nods slowly, pressing her comm on the channel that radios amongst the crew. "K'tten, we have men's attire here right? Yes… Something for The Dude to wear." Pausing Starfire seems to scan Jake from toe to head slowly, then nods, affirming something in that slow regard and responding. "Sounds about right for him." The smirk at the end is not assuring. "Clothing on its way." She says to Jake and then pauses as the other call comes in. Yeah, this one she knew exactly who it was. "I have yet to tell them how to simply ask for a summons K'tten. Bring him up…. Yes the gamma one… No Depalo you cannot." And in a moment Skaar will find himself being ported into the main area of the ship, K'tten standing there with a look of curiosity as is her nature. Just a different kind then Depalo's.

"Yeah, clothes… " He confirms the odd way in which Starfire talks has him frowning but he's avoiding directly looking at her until he gets more clothes, several terrible things can happen with this action. Getting smacked again is not something he wants.
A panel on the wall opens and a 'spacesuit' is ejected, the material the same as what Starfire's crew is garbed in. "Thanks." He says while they all begin to filter out of the medical bay to Skaar's location in the front.
Jake will be out once he is done changing.

Hazel is the first to see Skaar upon arrival and announces her self with a loud bark, a sharp loud bark that bounces off the relatively empty walls in the command hub.

Wait, bring him up? But he liked down there! Skaar grumbles as the ship teleporter pulls him from the planetary surface and his access to the Old Power. It feels unpleasant and strange.

So K'tten and Depalo get an unfriendly scowl. But that is normal fairly normal for Skaar, diplomacy is not his thing.

Jericho is, in his way, as curious as K'tten. He just doesn't usually quiz and consider prodding and poking at people because he's got other options. Today he took some time to carefully examine the communicator he'd been given. Mostly he wanted to figure out how the communication protocols worked, what electronic language it spoke and if it could be duplicated. To his credit he was clever enough to figure out how to link with the thing, but messing with unknown technology always carries some risks and as he was beginning his analysis he accidentally tripped one of the functions: The 'beam me up' function. Ooops.

At least it doesn't take him long to figure out where he is. And he has the good grace to look a bit embarrassed. Sadly, this may well put him squarely back in K'tten's cross hairs.

K'tten is staring at a big radiated man when Jericho appears, her eyes sliding to him once, back to Skaar just in time to return his scowl. "Koriand'r what is with you and these rude people, first that yelling man and now this large hulking mass. Not so much as a smile. Welcome to our home, don't fall out a hatch, it's been bound to happen a time or two…" K'tten is disgruntled and walking off, though Jeri got a nod he gets free of her 'prodding' for now.

Kori is just standing there and looks at Skaar, then Jeri, shrugging idyllically before she smiles. "Yeah bad company tend to have K'tten getting a trigger finger on the vacuum switch. It makes her smile." Starfire does not seem at all too disturbed about this as she approaches the two now and then gestures them out of the control room to a room to the right, the door hissing open after a swift lazer scan.

What it opens to is a large lounge, semi-circled sofas, tables in a low hovering array on transparent backlit stands and all within a dome of plated reinforced glass so they can look out over space.

"I see you found the home button. I forgot to mention that trigger but… Hi!"

"This is not better!" Jake shouts from the med lab, only to come stomping out in to the area Skaar, Jericho and Kori inhabit. He still has his boxers on but they're mushrooming out from underneath tight purple shorts that look like little more than a g-string. There is a shirt of sorts but it only hangs down over the shoulders and tightens around the neck, making his tank top puff out underneath it. The gloves are cool at least, they're also purple, however and go up to his elbows. The boots could almost be considered knee highs and are likewise, purple. Tamaranean male garb. "This is not a kick ass Mass Effect style space suit like I was hoping for! This is like… Flash Gordon porno! Oh shit it's the Hulk."
Jake strikes a pose almost looking like Marilyn Monroe as he cover his lap and nipples realizing more than K'oriander and her crew were present. Who cares what aliens think right?"

Skaar could have used the com unit to talk. Instead they pulled him out of the planet where he has business pending… maybe. But hospitality needs to be acknowledged, so he nods politely to Starfire and moves to the lounge area. And then to Jericho as greeting, because he was helpful recently.

But Jake mentioning the Hulk brings his scowl back. "My name is Skaar," he states. "I am Sakaarson." Which is not the same as saying he has nothing to do with Hulk, but that is a matter he is definitely not going to mention right now.

Jericho sighs and shakes his head. "Sorry. I was trying to figure out how your little space cellphone worked." He says as he follows Koriand'r and everyone else to the lounge. "Didn't mean to drop in unannounced."

Jake's appearance has him stifling a laugh. Ooooh… dear. Maybe this will teach him not to let his inner Ren Faire master out without getting him dressed first.

"Hello Skaar. I see you made it up here after all…"

Kori pauses at the open door, leaving it open so any more that want to join them can do so freely, mainly awaiting Jake once he gets in suitable attire…. Which when his grand arrival is announce prior by his yell has Kori grinning ear to ear, those white teeh a flash from their place behind deep purple lips framed in sunset huen skin.

"I do so love K'tten's sense of humor. Look we match!" Starfire says as she approaches Jake and then frowns, looking down at the ballooning outward boxers. "Those do not match." And like a magician that pulls a tablecloth off a fully decorated table…


Those boxers are removed from beneath the mankini, unless he evades quickly.

Walking away Starfire then claims repose on one of the sofas and reclines back, looking rather pleased with herself. "Well Sakaarson, have a seat, welcome to my ship and likely a place you ma find a bit more… homelike?"

To Jericho she smiles as well, rather aloof in all of her presentation amongst them. "If I was overly concerned I would have disabled that ability. You all are welcome here as you please, though if you want to know more about my technology all you have to do is ask, K'tten seems more then pleased for a fair exchange.."

"Skaar, Hulk, whatever, sorry, you look just like the other much more popular guy." Jakob replies to Skaar before hearing Jericho's laughter which gets a glare. He's clearly embarrassed, who wouldn't be in this get up.
"Ah no you get away from me no no NO NO!" Jake is flailing feebly at Kori as she grabs ahold and rips. "Nooo ow… because it wasn't bad enough already. " A sigh and his shoulders slump defeated while he stares down at his body. He needs some sun. He's far too pale.

Skaar might be mildly amused by Jake's plight, too. At least he loses the scowl, and finds a place to settle his bulk. The furniture seems able to deal with over-sized aliens, which is good. He leaves the sword at his side.

"Eh. Thank you. No, it is not like home. But that is not important now. I have some questions." In fact, many. But he is not someone that enjoy long conversations or admitting his ignorance, so he will make just a few and try to figure out all the rest. "What is the galactic date today?"

Jericho almost blanches at the mention of K'tten. "I thought this might be a bit safer." He murmurs to Kori. "Since she seemed… uh… really, really curious." It's not that he thinks K'tten wants to dissect him and look at his cybernetics directly…

Yes it is.

The talk of galactic date gets his attention though. Mmm? What's this?

"August 16 of the year 2014. Ask away, I'll gladly help if I can." Kori is abrupt to answer Skaar's first question, watching him with something there behind that pupil-less gaze, almost a comfort despite his large presence and that sword beside him, more of a kinship and one she meets on a different level then that of Jericho and Jake, but they all have their different places. When Jeri speaks up she tilts her head his way and grins with a small laugh. "Oh in /that/ regard my second in command should be your concern, he's the geneticist/splicer and former Dominator. Depalo is a genius." The way Kori says it as if he holds medals and trophies for genetically splicing aliens for many decades. "K'tten is just the technical one, she'd dissect your armor, not you… And put it back together." Might she add!

Thoug Jake's poor expression has Kori laughing lightly. "Silly that you concern yourself so much with the attire, you want these back?" She hods up the boxers and waves them like a white flag for him.

"No… that would be pointless now." Jake says quietly as he listens to the talk of splicing, dissecting and other unpleasant sounding stuff that Kori just fires out there so casually. It's not casual. Horror movies and alien phobias begin with such things. Slowly he lowers himself in to one of those seats, managing to cross his legs and cover himself somewhat with his hands. Yep. This is comfortable. Just as drafty as before. "Galactic time is Earth time, huh? Or I suppose… when in Rome… "

"Hrm. I don't recognize that calendar," Skaar looks at Jake as he says it is Earth time. That explains it, and not really what he wanted to know. Alright. "You spoke my language, the language of the Shadow People, do you have a mechanical translator or have you been taught to speak it?"

He is pretty much ignoring Jake's wardrobe problems. Sakaar dress code is much closer to Tamaran (or Barsoom!) than Earth.

Kori's reassurances are most decidedly not reassuring. Especially not considering the fact that he's been fighting a group for over a year that wants to do exactly that. Still, her people seem less callous and outright evil than Hydra. So he's not worried… just very nervous.

"Yay?" He leans back, listening. Apparently it is a feature of highly developed cultures that clothes are not a thing, at least judging by Jake and Skaar. Kori he's seen wear a few different things, some of which clearly have different purposes. It'd all be very interesting were it not for one burning question.

"Sorry to interrupt, but do you usually hand out teleportation beacons to people you've just met? Not that I'm not appreciative but…"

A faint smile to Skaar at his next question, though that pupil-less gaze of emerald green looks past him it seems, or perhaps through him to reflect the stars behind them all in that domed room, speaking to him in Sakaaran… "I can absorb languages, it's an ability of my people, to meld.." For war or for politics, but its for knowledge and a weapon in and of itself if used just right. "So you taught me. Next question!" Kori says as she sits up more to face them all, enjoying the company… Something she apparently does not get much.

"So, you just flip flop to the Big Mouth? What is your deal? Or his deal? Or…" Something like that? Kori's inquiry is at Jake as she pauses with Jericho's very logical question and responds in kind.

"Do you accept alien technology and keep it on your person all the time. especially when it is remote…" SMILE!

"My deal? Uhm, I wanted to go home and you slapped me I almost died and now I'm on your ship dressed like a Power Puff Girl? Also I think my dog has been kidnapped by your crew. Think that sums it up." Jake replies, not really prepared to just open up about who or what he is even if the orange alien knockout is oddly upfront, friendly, matter of fact and some how still very naive sounding. But deadly, even the not freakish looking guy has that aura about him. It seems to be a thing here.

The ability to absorb languages by physical touch is hardly the oddest thing Skaar has seen, so it is accepted without further questioning. The green giant leans back and studies the others with curiosity. Jericho, he knows already a little. And Jake changed place with the belligerent warrior that challenged him, "where is the other one, the man with the spear?" He asks him.

"In her defense, you had just called her a skag." Jericho offers, grimacing as Koriand'r makes a very good point. "No, though it's kind of the first time I've been exposed to much in the way of alien technology." He was aware, in general terms, that aliens were a thing. But he tended to think of them in terms of Superman. Refugees from elsewhere with powers beyond the ken of mortal man. That kind of thing. While Kori does fit that bill, the Star Trek home base she's got going here, and the obvious alien tech, ships crew and so on do set her apart.

"Mostly I was curious if it could be adapted for my own use. I do a lot of… dealing in the digital.

The Dude, formerly the Spear Armed Loudmouth, gets a nod. "You seem a lot more reasonable than your alter ego. Or did the Captain bring you here so you and Skaar can finish that grudge match?"

At Jake's words Kori rolls her eyes and sighs. "You are dramatic, your face was just shy of the little troll man of the bell tower in the cartoon with the Gypsy, and I fixed it.."

Pausing her eyes dart amongst the trio and reflects to the others that had come to the aid and 'rescue' of Metropolis from Skaar's exiled fall. But the events all twisted and turned into something new and unexpected.

"Ask K'tten, if you give her fair trade she may allow you to adapt it, but I want let in on it." Suddenly there is a moment of stoicism in Kori, one that has her sliding back to move from a lounge to an upright setting.

"I think they ae perfect for keeping us all in contact.. I can wire them together for such instead of just to me.. in case… Well, you know.." The shoulder bearing the burden of long red hair rises and falls in a small shrug. "We need each other."

She had a team dynamic once before and missed it, but it is not one she is suited for upon her return and what had happened, but these people…

The dynamic is doomed, and she loves the possibilities!

"No, rather not have Diarmuid out. I'll stick to being Jake." The man says rubbing at his face absently. "Skag huh? His vocabulary just gets better and better. Also no thanks Skaar… " Jakes brows furrow, "We're still somewhere around Metropolis right? We didn't end up in the Terminus System or nothing?" Stopping he looks over at Kori, "Talking about all of you people right? I'm not needing my dog, a warm bed, some sleep, a shower and some clothes. Actual clothes."

Skaar is still too new in Earth to know what weird a group were the ones to meet him on arrival. That only one of them was not human made them a very homogenous group for what would have been a meeting of that style that in Sakaar.

But now he is starting to figure out that the vast majority of Earth inhabitants are humans. He saw nothing but humans in his trip to the mountains. "So you think you might need me… hrm… us?" His too bright green eyes study the woman for a few seconds. She has a starship and some day he will want to get back to Sakaar. Fair enough. "I'll keep the device."

Jericho gives Jakob a look that says 'we do?'. "I'd certainly be happy to keep in contact." Which will no doubt make K'tten happy. It'll give her additional chances to convince Jericho that really, it's okay to let her prod at the cybernetic network hooked up to all of his vital functions.

There is no possible way this could go wrong.

"I'll hang onto it as well, though… are you proposing we form a…" Jericho tries to choose his words carefully. "… more permanent association?" Hey, he likes Nancy and Lunair is a bit odd, but he can deal with her. Roy seemed like right good people. Starfire herself is… chipper. Skaar and The Dude-ski? Eh… he's not sure about them. But they're not psychopaths so there's that.

"A friendship with benefits!" Starfire states to Jericho with the smile now more so spread across her lips, tucking her legs up to tuck beneath her while she cushions her back against the rest, arms spread across it while hands pat the top, her excitement not just in her actions, but her eyes.

Looking at Skaar she nods. "We may need each other, I have so much to show you." Stating it matter of factually but the words seem more like she's gonna take him by the hand and lead him through a candy shop. Not quite, but…

At Jake's words though Kori's small buzz is killed, the smile dropping a bit, but she nods. "So you aspire for nothing more then that? Your dog loves it here.." Nudge nudge Duderino. "..and you loud friend is fun."

Fun is a very VERY broad word in Starfire's dictionary…

"A friendship with benefits?" Jake questions, "I think on Earth that means something completely different than what you're thinking it means." Oh geez it's just too easy with this woman. The innuendo drops are everywhere. Swallowing he tries to look away, towards the wall which is totally amusing while thinking about Uma Thurmans feet in Kill Bill, ick, neckfat, Whoopie Goldberg wrestling Janet Reno in bikinis, anything to just not let himself drift towards unhealthy thoughts while wearing this purple mankini. "My loud friend would probably love the idea of being a super squad member with the rest of you but I don't. I choose life. Diarmuid's a man out of time with a death wish who knows nothing but fighting. I imagine I'll have no choice when it really comes down to it. If you idiots are making friends with him I'm going to be stuck waking up in more stupid situations where i'm hanging around the lot of you in uncomfortable scenarios… so, it's, eh, whatever. I'm around. Plus where is my damn dog?"

Skaar feels somewhat out of place with Starfire openness and good mood. Lunair has the same effect. He can't even say it is Earth women. "Show me? Well. Perhaps." He concedes hesitantly. Then back to Jake. "Diarmuid, yes. So… is he not you? He seemed an honest warrior despite his big mouth. Where is he now?"

Jericho hides a smile behind his hand. Okay. Yes. Alien woman is not up on Earth slang. To be expected. It actually kind of makes him wonder how long she'd been around. "Koriand'r, you're friends with Roy, right?" If Jericho seems good with names, it's not just his memory. He also builds dossiers on everyone he meets. Pictures, files, names, public information, that kind of thing. It's paranoid yes, but Jericho is a paranoid man. Comes of being hunted for so long.

"Maybe you should have him explain that phrase to you, but it's got some certain connotations…" He feels fairly sure the alien captain didn't mean it like that.

I mean, she didn't, right?

"Your dog's probably making friends. She seemed quite happy to sniff just about everyone. Wouldn't surprise me if she's caging belly rubs or food from someone." He's about to ask the same question Skaar did, but the big green man beat him to it, so instead he just awaits the response.

"Last I heard Orn is feeding her recipes and teaching her new tricks. I can have him bring her to you if you wish." Though as she speaks and watches the trio her head tilts, listening now to something else in her ear, nodding and slowly sliding off the edge to a stand. Responding to Jericho as she passes, she also passes Jake a smile and Skaar a friendly 'punch' to the shoulder that leaves an audible thud, if she did it Jake she's 'almost kill him' /again/. Queue dramatics!

"I am friends with Roy, and he gives me a lot of earth phrases, perhaps I should ask him their meanings. Do they not mean what they say?" She pauses, thoughtful then shrugs again, smiling before she leaves the room. "Ask K'tten to return you home Jake, or show you to a room of you choose to stay here, all of you."

"Diarmuid is… somewhere else, I don't know honestly. Dead again probably. I think thats where he goes when he's not me." A shrug and it's obvious Jake isn't comfortable talking about that one. It makes him feel guilty for not wanting to let the Fian out. "Anyways yeah, send my dog to me and give me one of those things to reach you guys with or whatever, secret decoder rings ya'll are passing out. If anything at least when I end up out in BumFuckEgypt I can get a ride home. I really really need to get home and make sure my house wasn't burnt down. I just moved in and last apartment I was in Diarmuid tried to make popcorn on the stove… it's a whole thing." He just waves both hands in the air and stands up at the creak and groan of Tamaranean material, a blush appears and he is not a blushing man. "ASAP. I got to get real clothes."

Skaar is not up to earth world play or friendship gestures like getting punched in the shoulder. But he got a lot to learn yet, so he keeps watching and keeps the mouth shut. "I want to get back to the planet too," he comments. Uncomfortable without his Old Power. It is like being without a hand! "But… I will return, perhaps tomorrow." He stands up and goes looking for K'tten.

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