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August 16, 2014: Don't believe every sign you read. Tony's workshop is NOT a sterile environment.

Stark Tower: Tony's workshop

A clutter of worktables, highly advanced computer interfaces, and hand tools of every possible variety. It's a tinkerer's dream come true. It's also a slovenly mess.



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Tony's Lab has been converted for the evening in Eve's presence. Ever since SHIELD assigned her to Tony-duty, she's been here much more frequently. JARVIS has pretty much given her access to any floor that Tony's on and the exits, because it's essentially her duty to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble. On the flip side, it's also her duty to monitor the billionaire to make sure he doesn't croak or do anything REALLY stupid. Tony, on the other hand, has had a free assistant.

Today, the lab has been white-walled with plastic sheeting and curtains everywhere. It almost looks like a hospital. Extra lighting has been provided, as well as a few trays of different parts and medical tools. A handwritten sign has been made and sticky-taped to the glass window entrance to the garage with the words, "Sterile Environment". Fantastic, what's going on inside? Well, the two occupants have been stripped down to bare minimums for sterilization reasons. Whether that time of necessity has passed or not remains to be seen.

Evelyn is just wearing some socks, a grey cotton bra, and a pair of Tony's long-legged PJs which look much too big on her. Her hair is tied behind her in a very short ponytail. It's actually impressive that Tony did whatever he did to convince her to do whatever procedure she's doing to help him with his reactor issues. She looks.. slightly annoyed. "Dude. Are you sure no one's going to come down here? As soon as I'm done with this, I'm outta here."


Pepper Potts contacted Fenris the day after Tony finally admitted to her that the material in his arc reactor is poisoning him slowly but surely. She had said she would help him beat this, and she meant it. He's finally arrived — hopefully with some metal samples — and she's all set to meet him in her office before taking him to talk with Tony directly.


Seriously, is anyone even remotely surprised that Tony has a half naked woman down in his workshop? It -is- Friday night, after all. Then again, he usually reserves access to the party to rooms upstairs, most pointedly, the bedroom. Where all the party is made. Tony, like Evelyn, is similiarly undressed. He's bare chest save for the reactor set between his pecks, and a pair of white scrub pants because they're comfortable as hell.

Sterile, something something, field. Blah blah.

Whatever, maybe he's just manipulating the poor woman into walking around scantly clad? The truth behind it is up to the casual, or observant, observer. He looks like death warmed over. His skin is pale, even more so than usual, and his eyes are starting to sink back into his skull. He has not lost any significant weight, but he clearly isn't eating very well… and let's face it, he's not sleeping enough. No matter how hard he tries.

Right now? He's laid on a reclining metal chair with several tools beside him (small screwdrivers and jeweler clamps) while Evelyn works at pulling wires out the chicken noodle soup consistent by product that collects in the arc reactors housing chamber in his chest. The reactor itself is being held up to just before full wire length by an assistive device, with a camera eye on it's clamping arm and a DUNCE cap on his head.

''Dummy'' makes off whirling whines, particularly when Tony side glances at him, "If you pull the housing bracket out again, you're going back into the corner… you know what you did.." Then over to Evelyn, forcing a smile, as he uses a mini soldering tool to connect a new set of wires to a gooey, slightly slimy, lead. "Eve, you're going to have to relax.." He says this while doing work that REALLY requires a lot of concentration.

He even grins a little, but it's a ghost of an expression, "This wouldn't even be in the ballpark of the strangest thing anyone who can get down here is caught me doing…"

Like that time he was drunk and had all the assistance dressed up in tuxedos dancing with the entire cast of Cats. Ahhhh the good ol' days.


'Jeremiah Wolfson' as the tall, predatory looking man is otherwise known had arrived in his usual fashion, which is to say via casual violation of the fundamental tenets of reality. "Miss Potts. Your call sounded urgent. I would have come sooner but I had to drop Cora off with Hyowta." So saying he walks with her down to Tony's workshop and sees…

"Well, clearly I'm either five minutes to early or five minutes too late." He says dryly, looking Tony over. There's a rod of oak belted at his side and a glimmering silver necklace about his neck… and an odd carven box with what look like nordic sigils on it.


Evelyn's already dug out a couple wires, and she looks .. About a 6/10 on the disgust scale. This had to be done without a glove, which makes it all that much worse. Carefully she pulls out a loose wire as she shudders and places it on the tray beside of her. The result of a few snips to try and clean up this mess. "This is disgusting, Tony. JARVIS, was it really necessary for -me- to do this?" She's been doing that a lot lately. Addressing JARVIS. More because it's funnier when JARVIS takes her side, along with dummy over there.

For the moment, Evelyn doesn't see Fenris or Pepper, but she's not exactly focused on the entrance to the garage. This requires concentration, right? She's all concentration. One hundred percent concentration. The small copper coil running from the arc reactor is still anchored in Tony's chest. "There's so much.. Stuff in there. Do you just hide electronics in your chest cavity?"


Pepper Potts frowns faintly at the plastic sheeting everywhere at the hand-written 'Sterile Environment' sign, then taps her password into the door access and steps in to just short of pushing the plastic aside. "Tony? Do I want to know what you're doing?" She looks up at Fenr… Jeremiah in this form and shrugs apologetically, mouthing the words, 'He's eccentric.'


Tony's eyes bulge a little and his neck veins start perk against the skin when one of the loose wires brushes the metal casing and send a small jolt running through his entire body like static on steroids. "Whoa… Dummy, that's it. Back to the cor- NO!" Holding a hand out to grab the loader arm, soldering iron between his fingers, when he starts rolling away still holding the reactor, "You're killing me here…"

JARVIS, as he's done the last dozen times, says ina voice that might sound apologetic if he were even remotely capable of it, "No, you were not required to do this. Though it is a two person job and Ms. Potts made Mr. Stark promise she never needed to again." Exactly the same wording, exactly the same inflection.

He's reliable.

"One more…" Eyes on Dummy, "And then we'll set the reactor back in it's…." Oh hey Pepper just broke sterile field! And worst of all, Tony doesn't seem even remotely upset. In fact, he grins at her and points one of his jeweler screwdrivers at Eve, "I was teaching a class on post modernist expressionism… one thing led to another… suddenly we're naked in my workshop pulling high yield reactors out of each other's chest." Well, his chest anyways right? Wink wink.

"I'm almost done." Waving to Fenris, while going back to the business of connecting the new reactor set to the brass base plate.

"I think I dropped a cheeto in there once." For Eve.


'Wolfson' puts the case down, whatever it is and stands with his arms folded. He doesn't look annoyed or impatient. Rather just amused in the manner of a large cat watching mice play below it. "I think, Miss Potts, that you should endeavor to keep your employer away from creatures like me in the future. There's no shortage of them that will encourage this kind of thing." Yes, he's making insinuations. He's seems to be joking though by the tone of his voice and grin on his face.

"Take your time, Mister Stark."

Evelyn gets a curious look and the tall man sniffs at the air. "Hrm… interesting."


Evelyn sighs, fiddling a bit. "I found one of the problems." A small prick in Tony's chest and she pulls out a tiny metal shaving. It's not part of the original debris, just a piece from the reactor. She wipes off the goo and shaving on the tray beside of her. Now the others in the room have her attention. Her gaze shoots up and darts from Pepper to Fenris. "Hey! This is a ster—…" Ugh. She doubted him from the beginning. Tony gets a stern stare. She's not gullible, and this is certainly getting a note on his daily report.

Reaching in again, she checks to make sure one wire isn't loose, but it does manage to touch the side of Tony's reactor. "Oops. Sorry, Tony." She says in the most deadpan, non-apologetic tone ever. This doesn't stop her face from being lit up like a Christmas tree. Being half-naked in front of anyone is stupid embarrassing. "You're all clean."


Pepper Potts watches all of this with slightly incredulous eyes. And, as much as she'd want to scold Tony for the plastic everywhere, at least Tony did keep his promise to never, ever, ever make her to that again. But, now Evelyn has the goopy hands, and she knows how much gross-out factor is involved there. "Here, Evelyn," she offers as she steps forward and picks up a towel to offer to the replicant. "Tony, Mr. Wolfson stopped by with some rare metal samples. Do you have a bit of time to talk with him?"


'Wolfson' otherwise known as the Fenris Wolf (something Tony may well remember) is indeed watching the half clad Evelyn and Tony with undisguised amusement. Mostly Evelyn because of the changing expressions on her face. "For reference, miss, clean environments frequently involve clean suits." Just being helpful, the Old Wolf.

"Miss Potts, is this a regular occurrence?" He asks as Tony and Evelyn… presumably respectively own and extract themselves from the awkward. Partly he asks because he's being a bit of a troll but also because he's trying to divine if a certain binder had some influence here.


Brrrrzzzz.. Tony shivers when the wire comes in contact with the reactor plate and looks up at Eve with wide eyes, "See, I thought we'd bonded." Holding his tools out to the side in an emphatic sort of shrug, "I offered you wine. How did you not know this wasn't legit?" Teasing her now, it was, in a very weird way, a manner for him to be comfortable enough with her to ''let'' her put her hand in his chest.

Exposing himself like this? Not an easy thing to do or something more than a handful (Pepper) have ever done before. He'll play it off as being a pig, that's easier than admitting he has trust issues.

The last wire is soldered to the reactor core, doubling the connections in hopes that it might slow the by product production while he works on the real solution. "You should come by when I drain it." Nose wrinkling, eyes now on Dummy who whines a little.

"N- no…" Reaching out to take the reactor from the, while the loading arm turns almost like it's playing keep away, "Give me the reactor… stop staring at me like that. You've got creepy eyes…" Dummy whines quietly and drops the arm down in what is not unlike a dog being scolded. Once he's finally got the arc reactor, set it in his chest, and twisted it into the locking brackets the intense blue light is covered by a thin grey 'He-Man' shirt. "Sure!"

Sliding off the chair with a wink at Eve, "Thanks, your hands… they're precious instruments.." Squeezing one of her shoulders, "Next time, we'll have wine." And he's off, barefoot, towards Fenris, "Let's see what you've got."


Fenris walks over to the case and murmurs something in… well it's like Norwegian, but not. The box clicks and he opens it. "Miss Potts told me that you were looking for rare metals." He turns. "Are you also part of this endeavor Miss…" That last directed to Evelyn.


Evelyn gently takes the towel from Pepper with a small, grateful smile on her face. "Thanks, Ms. Potts." The sincerity in her voice is genuine, unlike her previous apology. Her hand's wiped off on the towel and left on the tray, and she looks milliseconds away from stalking away when Fenris addresses her. Fuck. ".. Evelyn. SHIELD agent. Pleased to meet you. I'd shake your hand, but.." A small, apologetic smile.. "I'm sorry, I should really be getting dressed."

It's more urgent to her than anyone else in the room, probably. She looks good. As always. A perk of being an android. Though a bit too nude for her comfort. "I'll be off now. Tony, you owe me big." If his plan was to cleverly disguise his trusting Evelyn by making him look like a pig.. It worked. Now she actually turns to leave to presumably get dressed and do actual work.


Pepper Potts smiles and nods to Evelyn as the shorter woman takes her leave, then goes to offer Dummy a gentle pat to say hello while Tony and Fenris start to talk about the metals. She's done her part for the moment.


Mission Accomplished. You have been awarded 10 Stark points for unlocking the 'Trust me? Heck, you should see me naked!' Achievement.

Tony smiles after Eve, cleaning his own hands in the sink at the far end of the workshop, and coming out to join Fenris and Pepper as the SHIELD agent departs with promises of debts yet unpaid, "I'll make it up to you, promise." Said over their shoulders to Eve as she departs, stage clothes.

Now to Fenris, "Yes I am. I need high density metal with high conductivity. Eight gigajoules, give or take." Wiping his hands, "Or…" Looking around, "JARVIS, load the specifications on metal ninety one?"

A small view screen opens in front of them and Tony draws out the metal in question, holding it with the tips of his fingers so that he can show the molecular make up. "Vibranium-titanium and an unknown substance I've labelled as element M." The two parts he can find are flicked towards a trashcan, leaving only the unknown element. "I need to find that."


Fenris examines the screen very closely. One advantage of being over two thousand years old is the chance to study up on most of the sciences. "Mmmmmm. Some of this looks very similar to siderite…" He pulls a small, iridescent chunk of what might be taken for iron ore but for the way it reflects light from the case. "Not sure if it's quite the same though. I don't usually have the same kinds of 'high energy' in mind when I consider the applications."


Pepper Potts stays next to Dummy, helping him clean up after Tony by getting a tray for the bot to put all of the small tools and items on. She's noticed that the simple AI seems to respond better when he has someone to interact with, and keeping him from pestering Tony and Fenris right now is likely a good thing.


Tony reaches out, eyebrows perked in question whether he can take the siderite and if allowed turns it to put it in the digital framework of the view screen. Once a copy is reproduced, JARVIS starts listing off the various qualities of the element, while the example is handed back to Fenris, "I haven't gotten a chance to run extensive tests on the metal… but I watched it absorb kinetic energy from a fall of almost a three hundred feet without injuring the person."

It was that clang that alerted him to it at all.


"Star Iron is the metal of choice if you're looking to hold energy. There are others, but Promethium is extremely difficult to come by and I don't particularly recommend going looking for any at the moment. Ordinarily the energy you store in it is…" The Old Wolf's hands flicker green for a moment. "Arcane, but a sufficiently clever ferromancer… such as yourself, might be able to get it to do what you wish."


Pepper Potts swaps out the tray of microtools for a waste basket for Dummy, and walks over to one of the multiple rolling toolchests. She certainly knows better than to try to put anything away by herself (she did that once. Only once.), and sets the tray on top of the toolchest for Tony to deal with later. She then crosses back over to gather up the launder-able items left from Tony's … procedure. Busy work, really. Just doing something to do something while the brains over there do the brainy stuff.


"Promethium." Tony cants his head slightly and leans back against the work table with both hands hooked to either side of him over the edge, "I could off-set the radiation levels with a titanium alloy housing, but… I don't think I want to put it hat close to my heart." His mouth tucks in, eyes going back to the diagram of the metal yet unidentified, even in his datafiles. "It's an option. JARVIS, run simulations for Promethium-147 in a…" Chin scrunches, thoughtfully glancing up into his own mind, "point three, point one and point zero nine gram titanium alloy."

Business started to cook, Tony pushes over towards the table where a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich is sitting from god only knows when. Without even thinking about it he snatches it from the plate and starts chewing gingerly. "Awo abou' thor'e'erm?" Mouth full. Peanut butter.


"I tend to stay away from all things Thor." Fenris murmurs in jest. "Uru would most certainly be ideal for your purposes. Unfortunately I know of only one place it can be found for certain and no one there is likely to part with it."

Fenris pauses and considers. "Also I'm not well liked there. If siderite does not serve, you may consider flowsteel. It's frequently used by enchanters and responds to arcane energies well. It's a platinum-titanium alloy with a little bit of the otherwordly tossed in."


Pepper Potts looks over at Tony and practically grimaces at the sandwich he's munching on. Leaving Dummy to his clean up duties, she crosses toward that sink as there is also a kitchenette in that area, and starts to fix a fresh PB&J as well as setting out the ingredients for another of those high-nutrient smoothies. And yes, as predicted, the moment the blender cup is touched, Dummy abandons his current task to go 'help' with the creation of the smoothie. "Mr. Wolfson, would you care for anything to eat or drink while I'm over here?"


"I don't have a whole lot of experiences with 'otherworldly'.." Tony confirms for those who weren't aware of it, "I'm not ruling out that it's an option, but I don't know how to cast spells, so it's not going to be any real benefit to my research unless someone is waving the wand." The sandwich is turned over several times and tossed back down on the plate. "That had mold…" That's gross, that's really gross.

Tony opens his mouth and tries to force the remnants off the roof of soft palate with his tongue, "Gah… Pepper, that had mold." So disgusting. Water, right out of the facet. "Oh god that's disgusting…"


Fenris glances down at the oaken rod at his side, and then back up. "I am fine, Miss Potts, unless there is some tea handy."

"Mister Stark, I do have some magical ability. Not as much as those dedicated to the purview, but I think for your purposes it will be adequate. In addition my knowledge of theory is… rarely matched. I have had a very, very long time to study after all. I am not sure if an answer to your problem can be found on my side of the veil, but if you wish to look, I will help.


Pepper Potts shakes her head at Tony and sets the freshly made sandwich on a plate on the counter for when he's done grossing out. She smiles and nods to Fenris when he requests tea, setting the coffee maker to boil water for her while reaching for a tin of — blasphemy — tea bags and staying within arms' reach of Dummy to help monitor his smoothie creation. Hey, she doesn't make tea here very often, and she's NOT leaving the good quality stuff sitting around where Tony might try to eat the leaves dry or Dummy might mix them into a smoothie or some other unfortunate circumstance.


Tony scrapes his tongue with the tips of his fingers while walking over to the counter, but the worst of it has passed. Still hungry, despite the minor mold setback, he grabs the sandwich and devours it in several quick bites. Eyes rolling with delight as he washes it down with a glass of milk while Dummy finishes the smoothie.

Eyes on the loading arm, Tony squints and shakes his head, "I think we finally found something you're good at…" Then back to Fenris, "Veil.. well, not tonight, I've got about a thousand tests to run…" And Pepper is probably going to make him sleep at some point too, waving his hand as this is all less than interesting fare.

"Oh…" Turning to Pepper, "Someone from the Daily Planet came by earlier.. Interview… it did not go well. So, when you see the article and it says things like 'Tony Stark does not care about the deaths of hundreds from his weapons' and 'he's a pig' just know that I really tried to blow this guy off… he's persistent. Like… herpes. With big bottle glasses." Holding his fingers up like O's over his eyes. "It was really creepy."


Ah reporters. Fenris is glad he doesn't deal with those. No one in the mortal world cares enough to ask his opinions on anything. Well, except for Pepper here. "Sounds like you might have fared better if they'd sent someone a little more… feminine. Maybe you should tell them that." It's a joke. Fenris probably shouldn't' make jokes like that around here.


"Weelll…. I kind of suggested that he put in a good word with Lois Lane…" Under his breath, still staring at Dummy, "I mean, I'd already made a bad impression, I didn't figure it could be ''worse'' right?"


Pepper Potts is glad to see Tony eating, even if his manners are still those of an underfed eight year old. But then he mentions something about the Daily Planet and she can't help but frown. "Did you get the name of that reporter?" She has a feeling she's going to have to do some serious damage control there.


"Kent something. Kent Clarks." Nodding, Tony finally takes the built in cup off the smoothie maker and pours some into a tall glass. All the nutrients one might need for a wholesome diet. "Wait, no, Clark Kent, that's it." Three healthy drinks from the cup and he sets it back down with a little shrug. Not like the news could pan him anymore than they already do. The fact that he was put on the spot about Stark Weapons given his very vocal and violent campaign to reclaim them put him on the defensive!

"I'm sure it wont be that bad." It probably will be, "I answered all of his questions." And accused him of starting a witch hunt.


Fenris smiles indulgently. "I have all night for this if you prefer Mister Stark… though I suspect you'll want rest after your… procedure."


Pepper Potts carries a mug of tea over for Fenris now that Dummy is finished with the smoothie-making and no antifreeze or motor oil was added. "I suspect the same, actually." She turns and gives her boss the look that brooks no arguments. "Rest is an excellent idea. And by that I mean sleep."


Tony was just about to agree on the condition that they stop to pick up elf girls or something equally absurd. Then Pepper levels the look on him and he puffs his bottom lip and shrugs, grinning despite the fact he looks like he just got out of chemo. "She's the boss." With one hand carrying his smoothie and another flipping open his cellphone, "JARVIS, transfer file Reactor MK three model two to my phone. I'll work on specs until I fall asleep." Headed towards the stairs, "Dummy, try not to burn the workshop down, huh? We have work to do in the morning."

Walking backwards up the stairs, "Wolfenstein… which is a far more accurate and interesting name… Thanks for your help." Genuine, despite the teasing, "And Pepper…" say it… "Good night." Chicken shit. Off he goes, to save his own life. With flare, a t-shirt, and a smoothie that probably has motor oil in it.

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