Bringing Down The House

August 17, 2014: Amanda Waller pays a visit to the Titan Tower. Consider it an extreme housewarming party.

Titan Tower

The Titan Tower, financed by the King of Sweden. What's left of it, anyways.


Waller's guns

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The next day in Titan's Tower after the demonic assault by forces from Limbo is at least a rather peaceful one. There was not much damage to the building save a bit to the rooftop that the construction workers will be able to handle rather easily, and a good chunk of debris on the grounds when the stone creature exploded, but all in all the Titans emerged remarkably unscathed with the victory.
So afterwards, after his long quest off across the world, Alexander Aaron had taken the night to rest, recuperate… and sleep for almost fourteen hours straight. Until he emerges from the living quarters area where the dorms are, and out into the main area where those Titans that are often around slouch and settle before a huge entertainment center just off a kitchenette. Wearing sweat shorts, a t-shirt, and a towel thrown over his shoulders, Alexander looks freshly showered and refreshed from the ordeals of the last few days.


Keith O'Neil walks into the dorm area, coming back from a rather grueling late shift at the warehouse. It has been a long day and his mind is a bit on the fritz— enough of it in fact that he doesn't realize that he's walking into the tower without switching into his Vorpal identity. It is only too late, when the doors open and he sees Alexander there, that he realizes that he's not wearing fur-only fair skin and red hair.

Which means it's probably time to reveal his secret identity.


"Huh, nice to see someone in the team who's awake at this hour," he quips, backpack slung over his shoulder. "Was wondering when I'd get to meet someone here!"


Dropping down onto the sofa with a fwumpf, Alexander looks over his shoulder. He pauses and does a double take and then asks with a slight curiosity to the tone of his voice, "Who the heck are you? New guy?" Since, well, the alarms didn't go off and things didn't explode into a mayhem of wildness.
He leans forward, reaching for the small remote and starts keying through the channels, flicking, flicking, settling on Dog the Bounty Hunter.


"Ayup. Black Tiger's the name, how 'bout you?" Adopting a fake hero name based on his martial arts of choice wasn't particularly inventive, but it would do for now. He's a rookie and he's slipped up- he didn't intend to reveal his identity to his teammates… not until he knew them better. So he needs to talk to Flash as soon as possible.


Squinting sidelong, Alexander's gaze narrows as he considers the man. Anxiety is a small subtle form of fear, and right now… he can almost taste that wafting off of the young man who stands there before him. Those dark red eyes gain a subtle gleam as he cants his head to the side, but then… perhaps to his credit, he doesn't press. One hand waves to the side as he gestures towards one of the other chairs nearby. "I thought you were with the Avengers…"
He slouches into his seat and crosses one leg over his knee. "Also I thought you were black too. And ruling some country in Africa."


"That's Panther. I'm tiger. He does… jungly thing. I do things with my fists." Or at least Keith thinks he has that right. Until the strange circumstance of his transformation came about, he only paid attention to the more local superheroes. He didn't really have time to map obsessive association lists like some of the kids in highschool.


Another eyeballing glance is given, then he shrugs. It's not his job after all to screen everyone, and if something evil comes about he's sure he'll be able to handle it in some form or another. So Alexander keeps the volume down on Dog as the big blonde messy guy runs after some horribly anemic junkie trying to skip on bail. He turns on the closed-captioning so he can keep up on the culture as he talks to Tiger.
"How did you come to join?" He asks casually as he looks back towards the television.


Ok, quick thinking, quick thinking— "I ran into Flash a couple ago, I helped foul up a jewelry store heist. Said he liked my style and he asked me if I considered joining after doing the screening thing. I woulda had to be stupid to say no — so here I am. How 'bout you?"


Normally Alexander is a bit more laid back about such things, but this poor fellow is simply layering it on. There's an almost palpable tension from him. So he occasionally glances over with those crimson eyes leveling a judging consideration upon Keith, then he looks back towards the screen. "I'm surprised you're so open with your identity." He says this lightly, though some of the other Titans don't care about secret identities… himself included, he knows a lot of people are really focused on it for various reasons.
Then he answers the question given him by gesturing absently to the side, "Flash and I met during an incident at the docks. He liked the cut of my jib. As it were." Of course he hasn't introduced himself yet, but perhaps he's biding his time.


"Well… I'm just a kid from the Bronx. I don't own enough to hide anything." He smirks, trying to play it cool. "Speakin' of that, you didn't tell me what you go by?"


"Alex, or Alexander." The young man turns his attention back upon Dog's escapades. Then he furrows his brow and figures in the interest of full disclosure he adds, "Or Phobos if you're feeling terribly costumey and super heroic." The young blonde man with those angelic features shifts his attention back towards Keith. "Do you have an area of expertise?"


"Martial arts. I don't really have a costume yet. I thought about donning the gi but then I realized it'd look pretty pathetic. Phobos, huh? That's an interesting name… where's it from?"
He knows here it's from, but if he's playing dumb, he's got to keep it consistent. He walks over to the couch to see what Alexander is watching.


Slouched deeply into his sofa, Alexander keeps watching Dog chase after this poor junkie guy who is screaming and begging for the old man with the entirely too long hair and too much jewelry to leave him alone. Dog, while macing his quarry, tries to convert him to Jesus.
As for Alex he glances over towards Black Tiger/Keith and quirks an eyebrow, "Oh? What style do you study?" He asks casually enough, and perhaps for the first time seems actually curious.


"Black Tiger fi— " Keith pauses and watches the screen. "… what on earth is he doing?"


"Black Tiger, Hidden Mongoose. I love this movie." The Flash is just sort of there, now, as he sits next to Phobos and begins watching TV; bowl of popcorn right in his lap. "Wait a second, this isn't in subtitles…"


Reaching over for some of the popcorn, Alexander promptly steals some and gestures with the offending hand. "This is Dog the Bountyhunter. On the Learning Channel? Isn't that great?" The stripling deity remains in his terribly slouched posture and watching the show, now that Dog has the poor junkie carried off and into the back of his SUV. Something about heroin is being discussed and how it's no good, and kids don't do drugs in school.


"Reading heat signatures. We have eyes on the targets."

"Assessing the area. Looks like entry is going to be difficult. Find a wa-."

"No." A woman's voice blasts over the intercom. Despite its loudness, it's eerily calm. "We're going to go right to the front door."

With those words spoken, an array of vehicles begin to swarm the street, all black with tinted windows, heavy on the exterior armor, guy to guy bunched up in the backseats two in the front. Amanda remained in the middle, door swung open, heeled boot stepping out onto the pavement as her hand grips the door to stair up towards the tower those reside in.

"Body count." She murmurs.

The guard presses a hand to his ear and listens, then speaks. "Two confir—.. copy that. Three."

"I need three on me at all times. The rest, take positions upon the roof, we're going inside." Cause what's more threatening than a woman with three burly bodyguards? To the Titans, probably not much.


"Oh, right. Dog the guy who looks like a mix between Brutus the Barber and Sting." The Flash tilts his head and points at Keith, not knowing him without the fur. "Who's that?"


Turning to look over at Wally as he gestures towards Keith, then back to Wally. "What, you don't know him?" The young god looks back towards Keith and cocks an eyebrow curiously, "He said you recruited him during some jewelry store heist thing."
That having been said as they both turn to look at this apparently new intruder, that's when all of the alarms and proximity warnings go off in the Titan's tower, lights flickering and the klaxon sounding.
Alex looks to Flash, "Wow that's, like a really good system. Kind of."
But then he gets to his feet and frowns as he half-hops and half runs towards the control room, most likely being beaten by Flash on his way there. He points at Keith and says sharply, "Stay put."


And the jig was up. Crap, Keith hadn't counted on Flash being there… "Hey Flash, it's me, Black Tiger. BT? You asked me to join?"

It's way too much to hope that Flash's speed also makes him a scatterbrain- but then the warnings go off and his other two teammates blast off for the control room. Very convenient.

"…maybe I can save this…" he mutters and slinks away off to the restroom, in the opposite direction. There, he looks into the mirror, Says The Words and… well.

Vorpal is in the house now.


"We're all set, Ms. Waller." One of the guards say, and with a nod she presses forth, but stops. Her guts were screaming at her, obviously they knew that they were there, but still, she had to take one little pause to check to make sure that her own flack jacket was well positioned against her chest. "Lets move."

It was just the four of them, marching right up towards the gates with quickened paces, Amanda's sure pace above the rest marked with a clickty clack of her heels.

"Scan their defenses. I don't want any surprises."

"Ma'am. We tripped the security defenses. Permission to shut it down?"

"Not yet. Lets see what these people are made of. Prepare to blow the doors."

"Black Tigawha? Oh. Vorp? I've never seen him lookin' like a dude. I never thought he could look like a dude." The Flash shrugs his shoulders, "Good look for the guy." But as the klaxons erupt, the Flash bolts into action, "Intruder!? Welp, no time like the present for a little action."

He zooms off in a whir only to end up behind Waller and her men, He makes a quiet 'shhh' motion with his finger and mouth to no one in particular. He's hunting wabbits.


As for Alexander he stops long enough to get his own eyeball of the security monitors, and the HUD reticles that hover over Amanda Waller and her comrades as they walk up towards the front door. His brow knits, not recognizing them and not really understanding why this is an issue. So he breaks back down the corridor at a run, snaring the hanging katana off the coat rack as he runs by and slinging it over his shoulder while he darts towards the front double doors.


The Cheshire Cat slips out of the bathroom, invisible. He's planning to 'run into' his teammates soon and why, no, there was no redhead here before, no siree, must have escaped in the confusion… but that's a secondary concern. The alerts are sounding and that means a potential intruder.

He watches his two teammates head that-a-way (well, he sees Phobos. He manages to catch the Flashblur) so he figures that that's the hip way to go.

So here goes Curly, following after Larry and Moe— only invisible, because someone must save the element of surprise from itself.


One man breaks formation to reach into his pocket to retrieve a small little device, green lit to fumble within his fingers. A few beeps, and it was soon attached to the door, the button not yet pressed but waiting on Amanda's orders.

"WOAH! Did you see that! BOGIE ON THE LOOSE!"

"I can't get eyes on it! Fucker just disappeared!"

"Where did it go?! Find the freak!"

Amanda's ears were set ablaze as she listens to the coms, her hands slowly moving to lace fingers in front of her, not giving an order just yet, but keeping her hands close to the gun hidden beneath her arms.

"Target acquired! The Weatherman is compromised, shoot to ki-.."

"Belay that order." She suddenly speaks, her head turning slightly to the side in hopes to catch something, anything in her sights. These kids were good, they have a fast one in their midst. A bogie, damn right it was.



What's that green thing?! Tsk Tsk! That can't be good! That can't be good at all.

The world seems to slow down for Wally, colors dull and fade as they take longer to reach his eyes. Breathing is almost imperceptible and eyeblinks take forever.

With a deep breath, he decides to get to work. He zips over to the first guy and begins digging in his pockets. ID? Who is this guy anyhow? From there, he tries to disarm him at break neck speed. Not at break the dork's neck speed, because that'd be mean and that's now how we roll. After, he goes to tie the man's shoes together, all before getting a far distance away from the group. Never know with baddies. Too close and they might start bein tricksy hobbitses.


As the Flash is little more than a red blur as he darts hither and yon amongst the operatives who are now bracketing that front door, it most likely seems an eternity to him while it takes Alexander just those few seconds to get to the front door.
Those double doors open and stepping through is the stripling God of Fear, his grey sweat shorts and white t-shirt not being too much of a costume. But he does have that fine fancy katana slung over his back that at least makes him look a touch intimidating what with those crimson eyes.
He looks around the people arrayed before him out on the driveway of Titan's Tower, and then he lifts his voice. "What is the meaning of all of this?" Not a shout, but somehow the words carry.


The Fastest Man Alive(titter) and the God of Spiders (because really, spiders are fear, have you never looked at the banana spider?) have already shown their hands. Not a bad thing to do, since one is a god and the other one can't be hit.

So the chaos kitty is content to stay invisible as he walks noiselessly down, his night vision letting him perceive details quite clearly. Unlike his fellow team-mates, he prefers to leave his existence in doubt (take that, Schrodinger!) until he needs to act. He's keeping his eyes peeled and his mind focused, in case he needs to intervene.


"There it is again! WOAH LOOK AT IT GO!"

"What's it.. hey! Shup! Don't say nothin, watch.. watch.."

Wally had did his thing and the man steps away from the door, only to stumble and fall flat upon his face. There was a brief scramble from the guard, searching for his weapons but, none were there? Dafuq?

"AHAHA! CHARLES FELL!" One man screams into the com.

"Weatherman should have let us shoot."

"I can hear you." She says plainly. The dry woman was still all calm, eyes catching a blur of red every now and then with a wrinkling of her brow. "Another one." She states, turning around to face out towards the driveway, both pistols now soon pulled from their holsters as she speaks loudly. "Keep an eye out for that bogie. If you see it coming, shoot ahead."

The bursting of the door causes the other two to jump into action, still keeping by Amanda's side but removing their own pistols to aim towards the entrance. It seemed that everyone was armed to the teeth but poor, dear Charles, who bent and twisted to get at his laces.

"At least we didn't have to go inside." Amanda murmured, turning fully, no winning smile upon her lips but a flat face which was soon contorted into an angry brow. "Allll-exander Julius Aaron. You are the reason for all of this." Okay, and so are the others. He was just the first to show his face.


The Flash gasps again from afar as he sees them all pull those flashy guns of theirs. He begins moving so fast he can't even hear Amanda Waller going on about how this is all Alexander Aaron's fault, which Raven would likely agree with were Raven here right now. But nay! He's burning along on a trajectory as he attempts to disarm another of the evildoer invader-crusaders and deposit, if able, his guns over there in the drink. (By drink he means the ocean).


Standing there in the open door with his hands upon his hips, Alexander affixes those glowing red eyes upon the individuals that are now before him. There are the bodyguards, the woman, the distant gunmen. His gaze flicks from one, to the next, to the next. He grimaces as he shifts forward slowly, taking the steps down the driveway at a slow pace, just a few strides to get closer and away from the front door as he looks to Ms. Waller.
"I do not know you." He pauses, then adds. "Yet you know my name. You most likely also know I have a phone." His head tilts to the side, "If you wished to contact me."


Vorpal narrows his eyes when the weapons are drawn. That's not playing nice. Stepping out of the door, invisible a he is, he smirks and focuses.

"I would put your weapons down, if I were you." A resonant voice from above echoes down at those gathered. "It is unseemly, and we do not approve of guns aimed at us. Unless it happens to be our birthday." Up above, should they look up, is a positively enormous and disembodied Cheshire Cat face, with a grin from ear to ear that is somewhat sinister. "I won't repeat myself again. Put 'em down or hope your insurance covers Acts Of Cat."

The real Cheshire Cat, meanwhile, steps away to look at the woman's reaction.


"Its coming in hot! We can't shoot!"

"The Weatherman gave an order!"

"If we shoot we run the risk of taking down the Weatherman. Do. Not. Shoot."

//*Tssss*/… "Idiots." Amanda murmurs.

The guy on the left gets taken down easily by Wally, fingers practically burning from the quick snatch which causes him to clutch them in between his thighs. "AAGH! It got me!"

With a roll of her eyes, she takes a step forward to keep her ground, not minding that her henchies are getting tore up by the 'Quickness', he was going to stop soon enough so that she could address him as well. "This requires a little more finesse than a telephone call, little boy. If you weren't pinging to Goth-.." And then she stops.

That disembodied voice causes her eyes to dart upward, her jaw tensing as the voices within her ear become a little bit louder than need be.

"Amanda, get out of there!"

"How come no one had eyes on the third?!"

"What third! That's the one that disappeared!"

"The other fuc.. Nevermind."

"You guys, we forgot to put ourselves on mute."

"Breaker Breaker we got a situation!" A completely unauthorized voice comes across the airwaves as the Flash is standing out of arms reach from one of the disarmed baddies with an ear piece in his ear and a microphone to his lips. "We got a one-eighty-nine on the one-eighty nine Over Over, Roger that."

"Hey lady. Anyone ever told you it's nice to knock?" The Flash exclaims to Amanda, followed by a "GET OFF MY LAWN!"


Looking slowly to the left, then slowly to the right. Alexander watches as Amanda Waller's henchmen are systematically rendered impotent to affect the outcome of the situation. Those glowing red eyes narrow to slim slits of light that he aims right at the woman as he closes the distance further. Just a few more steps, ominous and precisely taken as he cocks his head to the side like some quizzical canine.
"I can appreciate the efforts you have taken here." One long-fingered hand and gestures to the side slowly, as if brushing past her words and her very wishes. "But you see, my comrades seem to take such an approach poorly. And I should be fully honest, I do feel marginally set on edge by your tone."
The tall godling lifts his chin. "Either agree to another meeting elsewhere, or make your retreat knowing you have failed."


"Or I could eat her right now. Can I? Can I? Can I eat her?" The head swoops closer, opening its mouth— a bona-fide anvil, glowing and purple, falls from it and with a loud *thud* next to Amanda, barely missing her as it sinks a little into the ground. "Oh pardon me! I guess the doc is right and I do have too much iron in my diet…." Vorpal smirks at that. The power of illusion combined with the ability to create constructs worked beautifully, in case he ever needed to convince the giant disembodied head was real.

Large yellow almond-shaped eyes narrow. "How about you tell us who the eff you are, toots, and what kind of high horse you're riding tonight that makes you entitled to trespass here? I'm still of a mind to eat you, you know."


Being a woman, she was a natural multi-tasker. On top of keeping herself calm and not letting her anger go unchecked, she was already three steps into serene-ville, especially when the Flash yells in her ear. Goodness, gracious. Even Alexander was approaching and she stood her ground to take another step towards him as if there were about to butt heads like two bulls in a fight. But there would be no fight here, not one that Amanda could win physically. Being on solid ground at their doorstep was pushing it as it were.

She was a patient woman of course, not with her own but with others, rarely ever does she blow her cool and show her hand to others. Even though she took one step back to allow that disembodied head to splish splash at her feet.




"John. Light em up." As soon as those words slipped from her thick lips, her hand reaches up to snap the com right out of her ear. It was tossed aside casually, much to the dismay of her guards who soon suffered a loud pop within their ears.

Bodies, they systematically fall to the ground, her own com piece firing off a loud *POP* to demonstrate their fate, and with a turn and a light brush of her hair behind her ear, she begins to walk. "The names Amanda Waller." She says aloud, her left hand lifting to flick off a wave towards the three at her back, eyes pressed forward. "And you three will do well to remember that." As soon as that hand lowers..


One would think it was fireworks with the slow cadence at which it starts, the distance at which those missiles were fire ensured that it would only reach the water as the first signal for Amanda to clear the area.

A car door pops open to allow Amanda entry, while the other SUV's open and men begin to filter out, machine guns galore.


"Uh…guys?" The Flash's jaw drops as he sees missiles jut out from a distance and head straight for the Tower. "Guys! Run! RUN! Holy crap!" The Flash looks to grab either of his willing homies and get them to safety unless they're moving themselves at a good rate.


So she wanted to play? The nerve, bringing thugs to THEIR sanctum sanctorum? Blowing up THEIR place? (not technically, King of Sweden and all, BUT STILL!)

No more mister nice cat

"Oh, I am shakin' in my boots— wait, that's Puss. I always get myself mixed up … HEY! DON'T GO!" The Cheshire head yells in Amanda's direction. "It's… your… unbirthday! You can't have an unbirthday without a wish! Sooooo ….. MAKE A WISH!" the head's cheeks seem to puff, as one would before blowing out a candle. And 'blow out' it does— but instead of air what comes out is a veritable shower of anvils. Glowing and purple, they fly through the air spewed from the illusory mouth like so many spitballs, only much heavier, but they still manage to fly like a swarm towards the thugs and the SUVs.

The tower is going to blow, but he'll be damned if he doesn't take out as many of the other guys as he can. And humiliate them thoroughly in the process, too— the anvils directed at the gunmen are smaller, unlikely to kill but very likely to cause some serious injuries. However… he can't really be bothered to make the same concession towards the anvils being sent towards the vehicles.

~Blow up my home! I'll teach you!~

Oh yeah. Tel had convinced Vorpal that moving into the Titan's Tower would be a great economic incentive- saving on rent and so forth. Therefore every single thing Keith has ever owned is in that tower, right now.

Man, is Tel going to laugh when he hears this.


With a stern look, Alexander takes only the barest of moments to glower at Amanda Waller as she makes her departure. But then his attention is snared by the rising contrails of the rockets, the missiles, and then the men with the machine guns. It's a total recalculation of the entire engagement, with the poin tmen going POP POP POP as their corpses hit the ground. This is something that is unlike the previous individuals they've come across before.
And with that new assessment of the situation… Alexander realizes that a shift of venue is needed. Or like Wally says, run! And so he does, breaking to the side, the katana blade whispering from its sheathe and ready in case any opposition comes close as he moves in the direction of Wally and hopefully Tel.


When you're in the military and you save a guys life, you get favors. When you get money, times that by fifteen. When you've got the ear of the goddamned.. REDACTED, the world is nothing but a playground.

Amanda was comfortable in the backseat of her grand SUV. Cadillac, they have butt warmers, leg room, televisions on the back of the headrests for the children to watch whatever it is they watch now a days. What is it? Lazy town? Nah, that might have been off the air. Backyardigans? Nah. Too squishy. Whatever it is those kids watch wouldn't be on the screen now. Now would be a woman who leans in upon the counter top of her own office, wry smile down upon her lips as she opens up with that one line Amanda hated to hear:

"Told you to call him first."

"Lesson learned." Amanda was rarely humbled, rarely. And in rare times when she is humbled, she tends to act rather rash.

"What do you want to do with the kids?" She asks again, a little concern showing in her face.

"The usual. I'm going to make them come for me. Patch me through to the.. no. Tell them to burn it the fuck down. No one makes a fucking T on American soil."

"Let me guess." The woman on the screen chimes in, "No one fucks with The Wall?"

"You bet your sweet ass." She retorts.

Those poor men that she left behind would fall folly to anvils and rockets alike, they all fly from the city, intending to make that large structure fall into the depths of the sea, quite possibly pissing off the sea god in the process. And like the rest? She was gone.


One after another, missiles rip through the giant T, tearing it to shreds and setting it aflame. As the Flash sits there and watches, the flames show up in the whites of his lenses, blocking how sad he feels.

For a long while, the burning T looks as though it might continue aflame for the rest of the night. But eventually, only a few moments after Waller leaves (it felt like an eternity), the whole damn thing comes down in a gigantic heap, looking like an implosion from one of those old stadiums from the 1970s that had that old astroturf and was usually in some midwestern rust belt state. Except there's no new stadium to be had this time around. No grass, plush fields. "Dude," The Flash says. It's all he can say.


Walking up to stand beside Wally, Alexander is still there in bare feet and shorts, his t-shirt has holes in it, a few scorch marks, a little bit of blood. The young blonde man frowns and slides the katana blade home in its sheathe as he shoulders it, then leans forwards with fingers splayed over his knees.
For a time he watches the burning, the light of the flames flickering over the water… but then there's that big collapse and a haze of dust brushes over them. One hand wipes at those glowing red eyes and he grimaces. "So. Amanda Waller."


It is as if a veritable portal to hell opens on the ground, as a hole opens in the earth and flame pours through— but it's only a rabbit hole, and Vorpal leaps through it, badly singed fur and bleeding from one arm. He was the last to leave, and he overestimated how long he could stay before escaping… but that doesn't matter to him right now, as the glowing red eyes can attest. The seething fury boiling in his belly is what's important.

"Everything… I ever owned was in there!" he hisses and turns to Alex, murder in his eyes. "She knows you. You are going to tell me that bitch's name and who she is so that I can open a Rabbit Hole from her asshole directly into her goddamn throat!"

He's a little intense right now.


Still standing there with Wally amongst the flickering of the flames, Alexander looks thoughtful, even as Vorpal is riled and seething with anger. A glance is given to the side and the young blonde man cocks an eyebrow as he considers the felinian individual. He looks back towards the tower and then asks, "Who is Black Tiger, now?"
And with that he ignores the question, since really… he doesn't know who Amanda Waller is at the moment. Her way of introduction is definitely… unique, however.


And Vorpal's hackles rise. "….I..W..T…H… @#&*@&!! This was your goddamned fault!"
Well, in all fairness, that's what Amanda had said, and right now he needs someone to place the blame on to feel better, even if just marginally so.
"You know what? Whatever! I'm going to see if the goddamned homeless shelter has a cot that hasn't been claimed at this hour of the night!" he turns on his heel and starts making tracks, muttering venomously under his breath.
"Move in, he said. Save on rent, he said. Fewer worries, said he. HAH!"

News Release the next morning:


Onlookers from nearby Staten Island were shocked today as the newly erected Titans Tower was seen flaming in the early evening sky just before it collapsed.

According to witnesses, the tower was struck by multiple projectiles assumed to be missiles of some sort. Sources within the Titans say that no one was in the tower at the time: both other teammates and construction workers, who were working hard to get the tower done by the October 1 goal, were luckily absent as the flames eventually brought the tower down.

SEE: Our online edition has a camera video that captured the Tower as it fell.

Three Titans members were involved in the interlude but had little to say. "That's jacked up," The Flash said shaking his head. "Vorp had like, just moved in." Vorpal, understandably upset, pointed to a thus far unidentified woman who seemed to be the culprit: "AMANDA. GODDAMNED. WALLER. That's the expletive who bombed it. Waller, I am coming for your ass! All of it! It might take me seven months and five construction crews to deal with that enormity, but you are MINE!"

The Flash added, "We'll rebuild it. Taller, Better, Faster, Stronger."

Other Titans who were contacted did not provide immediate responses.

The King of Sweden, whose nation paid for the Tower to be built in thanks for the Titans saving the Crown Jewels of the Nation was surprised and apologetic. "We hadn't thought to arm it with a missile defense system. We don't really carry that technology."

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