Titans: Defenders of Limbo

August 17, 2014: The Titans plus one get involved in a territorial dispute for Limbo thanks to Alexander.

Titans Tower



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The winds from the ocean are heavier today, though occasional. They're strong enough to cause the flag atop Titan's tower to flap and snap with the breeze, even as the salty smell of the bay is carried up and over the Tower. Far off to the west the sun is setting behind the skyline of Manhattan, giving the tower an impression of a lone building standing sentinel against the world.

Yet upon the rooftop itself it's quiet, save for the whirl of that flag and the occasional creak of some of the scaffolding and framework the construction workers still have set up. But a moment later that peace of the high outlook is broken by a whorl of mystical energy whirring into life as a glowing disk appears upon the ground. It's a flicker of reality that is there one moment and then the next slides upwards through the air, the glow casting long shadows. Suddenly that disk disappears and leaves in its place the young man the Titans know as Alexander. Or Phobos for those inclined.

There's few places someone can hide in a world dominated by cellphone cameras and CCTV footage streaming everything to the world wide internet web. Rachel, being the isolationist that she is, has taken to spending time in the Tower where at least she knows who is coming and going by way of the monitors built for planetary observation in one of the completed lower levels of the Titan complex.

Each of their signature powers is programmed for recognition into the database so as not to set off a multitude of hazard alarms every time one of the team teleports onto or otherwise appears within the premises. So it is with a vague glance over the top of her book that Rachel takes note of the Alexander's appearance on the roof. Nothing out of the ordinary here, certainly nothing to send out a call about, and most assuredly no reason to close her book. Immediately after identifying the source of the 'wheeeep' sound on the monitor, she returns to her literature. For now, her only concern is Neil Gaiman and his prose.

Not everyone who looks like a horror movie extra has such hatred of modern conveniences. Cloak, formerly of 'Cloak and…', certainly looks as if he'd be more comfortable with a demonic grimoire in his hands. But this is not what we find. Instead, he actually does more than ninety percent of his superhero work from his smartphone. Which is where he comes across a misspelled advertisement that was obviously typed in an extreme hurry, or written by a simpleton. Like many advertisements, it promises things that are likely too good to be true. However, this one comes with links to news reports.

"Here goes nothing." A swirl of darkness envelops Cloak, and he is gone from his roach-infested room in the abandoned church. Another swirl appears mere yards from the front door of the Titans Tower, and he steps out from the Darkforce Dimension, close enough to stare straight into the camera before ringing what he hopes is the doorbell.

"Who makes a building shaped like a 'T?'"

Meanwhile up on the rooftop, Alexander steps over towards one of the cameras that are use to monitor the building. He's dressed in travel clothes, jeans, a heavy jacket, a large hiking pack, and over his shoulder is a katana in its scabbard. He stands up on his tip toes next to the stairwell entrance and proceeds to bang on the black orb that is the camera sensor overlooking those seeking entrance from above.

/click-click-click/ "Anyone on monitor duty. Hey? Anyone in there? Things are about to get messy in eight minutes…" Alexander checks his watch even as he starts to unsling his backpack, letting it drop to the ground, "Seven minutes, actually. Hellooo."

Things certainly do get interesting quickly around here, Rachel would be remiss to disagree, but that doesn't stop her from looking terribly put upon when forced to depart from her reading. Her book is laid aside as not one, but two individuals attempt to make their presence known to whomever might be handling monitor duty this early evening. With a cool glance between them, she opts for addressing the devil she knows, "Yes." Simple, but does it convey enough? "I will be there shortly. Try not to destroy anything until then."

Purple energy surrounds her, whirls like a tempest for a brief moment, and leaves her standing in the hooded cloak and dark purple clothing of her heroing. With a press of her hand a second swirl is created, this one teleporting her easily down to the doors of the Tower, several feet back from Cloak. "We do." Distantly, answering a question she only just heard before disappearing from the monitoring station.

"What do you want?" As cold as a block of freshly cut glacier.

It's always a bit of a shock to see someone doing 'your thing.' Which is why Cloak is taken aback for the briefest of moments when a woman teleports behind him. It's his schtick to the letter. Fortunately, he can't afford a lawyer.

He turns slowly, looking less plussed than he probably feels. "What I want… that's a simple question that requires a complicated answer. But I suppose what you meant to ask is 'Why am I here?'" As he turns the rest of his body, it becomes apparent that there's not really much body there at all. The man is more shadow than substance. From within that shadow, he produces a slightly-outdated smartphone, and pulls up something on the screen. "I'm here in response to this advertisement. I assume one of the members of your group put it up?"

'Com Titants Tower immediately fast in oreder to sign up for sueprgerat fun and lots of superheroijng imeediately oyu won't regretiIpromis….' Below that, all of the pertinent contact information is displayed, though most of it is displayed wrong.

"I don't have a date tonight, and the cable is out. So I figured…. why not check it out?"

Tel flies down out of the clouds and lightly touches down upon the roof. "Alexander." he greets, running his hand over his hair to push it back into place from all the gusts of wind. The benefit of a short hair cut. "Did I see someone down below?" Walking over to the edge, he looks down at the ground then says "I think I recognize him. Creepy guy. And I've met some creepy puys."

To the camera, Alexander responds, "No promises. 6 minutes now." Then he steps away and starts to pull off his jacket, scowling at the amount of time it takes to yank it off and begrudging it the while. It's this moment that Tel descends and Alexander looks at the other Titan. "Hey, Tel." He then takes up the ornately sheathed katana and holds it in his left hand as he steps around the construction work upon the rooftop.

A glance is spared downwards towards the cloaked duo far below. He pauses, blinking. "Is that her dad?" He asks idly, then waves a hand as if that's all immaterial. Affixing his attention on Tel Vole he asks, "How are you with demons?"

Is Raven suppose to look impressed? She's not certain whether she's suppose to look impressed. So instead she just stares blankly at Cloak and his lack of a body in favor of shadowy stuff within a cloaky cocoon, while he shows her the advertisement. Immediately she thinks to Wally and makes a mental note to slap him up side his head when next she sees him.

"Your time is advantageous." Her own cloak hangs down over her shoulders keeping her mostly hidden within the folds, as does her hood with only the slights flicker of red from the chakra set in her forehead. "There is a situation on the roof." He could be the situation… that is an option, but unlikely. Alexander said six minutes, he is quite precise about these things. It is disregarded as she looks up to the top most portion of the tower.

"Consider this your try out. Unless you would rather call the cable company." Her hand extends and another portal appears, one that swirls around her and leaves her standing in the cascade of wind whipping her cloak around on the tower's roof. "Five minutes." Not sarcastically, she's incapable, but it's pretty close.

"They're no more immune to gravity than anything else is." Tel answers but also says "No, he called himself Cloak when I met him. We were having hot dogs. What's in six minutes?"

"A situation on the roof? You mean with…" Cloak's voice goes from scary rasp to scary whisper. "… evildoers?" He turns away looking all the way up the building. It's a pretty quick jump for someone who just jumped from Brooklyn to here.

"I'll see what's up. Sort things out. You should know though, I've got this thing about evildoers… which…. I'll tell you about some other time." A dramatic swoosh of his cloak, and Cloak disappears into a cloud of shadow, reappearing almost instantaneously on the roof. "You there. Lie flat on the ground with your hands spread out, or I'll inflict horrors upon you so traumatic you'll wake up screaming every night for the rest of your life."

By the way, he's talking to Aaron and Tel. Somebody should have given him more detail.

"They're no more immune to gravity than anything else is." Tel answers but also says "No, he called himself Cloak when I met him. We were having hot dogs. What's in six minutes?" He leans over more to get a better look. "All I know is he teleports and his body seems to be made of shadows." And then, as mentioned, he teleports and speaks up behind then. "I don't think so." he tells Cloak.

"Wait wait, hold on a second." Alexander's voice carries a world of annoyance with it. He turns and levels an exasperated glare at Cloak and says levelly, "Look, RavenLite. We're not the bad guys here." The blonde young man with the glowing red eyes and the katana in his hand does look somewhat… angelic. Then again those eyes do speak to something terribly malevolent. In any case he checks his watch again and frowns, "In four minutes… ok quick, long story short."

Stepping away from the edge of the building Alexander tells his tale quickly. "Hey, I'm Alex, this is Tel. We're Titans too. Few weeks ago I got in a scuffle with some demons who were going to kill this girl. I have a bit of sway amongst the mystical so I told them I laid claim to the girl and heck why not, the entire island of Manhattan." He draws the sword then, its red blade gleaming with the touch of the setting sun. "So since that time they have a sort of schedule where they appear and attack me to contest those claims I made, since apparently the girl is a sovereign of Limbo or something. So for their boss to take over they gotta overthrow her. So me and my big mouth they gotta go through me."

"So yeah, even shorter. Demons will be here soon, get ready."

In hindsight, Raven will probably agree that standing off to the side with her cloak blowing in the wind was likely not the best way to handle the misunderstanding between Cloak and the other Titans. Something like, 'No not them.' or even, 'They may not look like much, but they're with me' certainly could have smoothed things over quickly and decisively.

Everything worked out, though. She had a feeling they would.

Alex's story is important enough that she turns just a enough in his direction that she can see him out of the corner of her eyes, then she looks back over the skyline. "Using company resources for personal gain?" This is what passes for teasing from the violet eyed Raven.

She raises a black gloved finger to point at Cloak, "Potential recruit." So very helpful.

Even if Cloak didn't believe their story, it's unlikely that he would protest much when he gets a look at Phobos. Fire and light are, in the parlance of our times, things that will ruin his shit. In fact, he doesn't really look all that comfortable out on the roof in the first place. But even though he's clearly out of his element, he doesn't give off that impression. The hollow sound of his voice, coupled with an aggressive body posture and a well-practiced glare, make him look more than willing to leap across the roof and break out the life-draining.

Fortunately, that won't be necessary. "Ah. Well… now I know that." He doesn't apologize for the misunderstanding, but he doesn't not apologize for it either. "I can give you a hand. Demons are lame."

"Heroes don't inflict horrors upon people." Tel informs Cloak with a troubled frown. This is a recruit? Then again, he's never seen Raven in action either. Considering what Alex has said, he nods then gestures to the ledge of the roof. "We should probably get onto the ground. We're likely to break things up here and they're not even built yet."

Alexander takes a moment to look towards Tel and says to him, "You might wanna look around. Your comrades are a pair of shadow beings, and the God of Fear. We don't get much darker. Though yeah, heroic." At that he then steps back towards the edge of the building and casts his gaze downward. Stepping back he scowls and slices the air with the blade in his hand, the weapon giving a short hum as if considering doing that very thing.

"My reasons for choosing up here is that first, Demons like to talk a lot. They're going to appear, recite their titles and reasons, try to intimidate us, and give us a chance to surrender. I figure we hit them while they're in the middle of it and with the height advantage some will fall over the side, separation of their force and possibly put a few of them down."

Then he checks his watch, "We have two minutes to discuss alternate plans."

Raven doesn't make any arguments against Tel's version of heroics, but she does regard the trio of herself, Cloak, and Alexander with a perk of her unseen brow. Her pale face is partially hidden and she certainly wouldn't fit the part of colorful and whimsical heroes familiar to the streets of New York. So she just goes with the flow of it and listens to the first plan presented.

"Separating them would also separate us. I suggest myself and Tel pursue any that survive the fall to the ground while Phobos and Cloak remain up here to deal with any remaining." The wind blows her cloak about her, but suspiciously doesn't do much to remove the hood until she reaches up to slide it back off her hair of her own accord. "The longer we can keep them from gaining a foothold, the easier it will ultimately be." Regarding Alex, "I assume that these demons are capable of bringing forward reinforcements from their own realm?"

"Yeah, well… Cloak inflicts horrors upon people. But only if they're a-holes." He has no problems inflicting horrors on people, but he keeps his language relatively PG-friendly. Clearly, his priorities aren't quite in order.

"I don't see any problem with the plan. But I guess I'm just not sure why I can't just… I don't know… eat them?" Cloak looks up from beneath the folds of his hood, glancing somewhat awkwardly around the group. He's serious.

"Or, I guess we can just stick to the plan."

Tel looks from Alexander to Raven to Cloak. Well, when it's put that way, yeah. He's going to have to give that some thought. Just not now when they're about to be under attack. Although… eat them? No, not now. Later. "So these demons can't fly then." With just a couple of minutes to go, he surrounds himself in a close fitting forcefield. "How many are we expecting?"

"Last time there were three of them, large, generals of their army supposedly. One had wings so there's some variation," Alexander grimaces as he steps to take the 'point' of their formation, knowing that most likely the Demons in some way will orient themselves upon him. He shifts that glowing red-eyed gaze of his over to Raven and tells her, "They don't seem capable of summoning reinforcements, perhaps it has something to do with the formality of their challenge. They can retreat, however."

Rolling one shoulder he says, "If we beat them here it'll be about six and a half years before they can challenge again." At that he checks his watch again, "Alright, one min—"

And then it becomes clear that Alexander's watch is apparently slow.

A large gaping black maw in reality appears shattering reality in a more profane way than Cloak or Raven have a tendency to do. It's a maw that gapes with fangs of shadow that drip black ichor upon the rooftop, acidic droplets that hiss and spit as they land. And through that huge maw steps five tall figures ranging in a chaotic mass of nightmare and evil. A ten foot tall monstrosity with tentacles where his head should be holds up a twisted green scythe that has rows upon rows of small chittering mouths wailing in agony upon its haft. At its side are two winged beings with no legs and only a long serpentine tale for the lower half of its nightmarish form. A whirling and whorling black cloud with glowing eyes in the middle lashes the air with small bolts of electricity as it hovers over its brethren with menace. The last, however, is a creature made of stone with hands that end in great circular masses for crushing and pounding, huge swollen spheres of granite that are mirrored by its spheroid head.

Upon their appearance the one with a scythe struts forwards and wails with an otherworldly voice, « I am Triqlaizuravox! Lord Master of Belasco's Armies of the North! I am ageless in time and never have known defeat in battle! I seek the godling! Surrender now or all shall—"

To which Alexander shouts, "Get 'em" And suddenly the young deity's slammed his sword square in the chest of the big stone guy while barreling a shoulder into the large demon… and barrels over the side of the tower right along with him.

Time is relative and preparedness is a matter of mindset rather than paradoxical demands of martial ability. Raven, as she stands with the wind rustling the cloak around her, is always ready. She has spent a lifetime dodging the forces of her father, the cultist who would position her in a manner suited for releasing the demon lord from his hellish prison. In that time she has come to expect nothing of fair play from the foul creatures of any realm, to include Earth.

When the black maw opens in reality, she turns her head to face it, wisps of purple smoke bellowing out from inside her cloak and whirling around her in a cyclone that runs from foot to brow. She is carried off the roof of the tower in that whirlwind, her hood returning to its position over her head without ever touching it. There is no banter between the Daughter of Trigon and the forces of Belasco. Her hands extend out with the fingers spread and summon threads of chaotically rippling energy like whips from each nail which she slashes through the air to encircle around the throat of one of the serpent beasts accompanying Triqlaizuravox. With a jerk of her arm she pulls it forward and throws her second hand out to cocoon it within a purple mist like bubble of her own soul energies.

"You are not welcome here." Her voice is far too loud, far to deep, and far to arcanely powerful to come from such a small woman.

"I need a catch phrase." There are many other things that Cloak needs, most of which would be far more helpful in his fight against evil than a catch phrase. But then, we've already established that his priorities aren't quite in the correct order. "Guess I'll take that… blackish electric cloud thing over there."

Suddenly, Cloak is waaaay taller than he was a split second ago, propelled upward by the Darkforce energy that makes up his body. Where there used to be a vague outline of a human body, now there are thick inky tendrils of hellish void energy. It is with these tendrils that Cloak begins attacking the electric cloud monster, whipping at it like some sort of demonic Indiana Jones. But with tentacles, instead of whips.

When the figure is completely wrapped up in Cloak's tentacles, it begins to use it's nebulous form to attempt to wriggle through the Darkforce tendrils. Cloak won't have that. "Screw this. I'm just going to eat him."

And that's precisely what Cloak does, pulling the tendrils into his body, while the electric cloudy demon shrieks and frantically tries to escape. After the monster disappears inside the other monster, Cloak takes a moment to pose dramatically with his cloak thrown open. But it's then that bolts of lightning begin coursing out of his torso and striking all around. "Ah! I think I made a huge mistake!" He wraps the cloak over his 'body' in attempt to shield everyone from the arcs of lightning. But it's clear that his continued presence is a hazard. "Sorry guys! I'm going to have to digest this guy somewhere safer." And with that, he's gone.

Even the time keeping devices here are primitive as it turns out. When the maw opens, Tel stays where he is and takes stock of just what enters their reality. Alexander is taking care of the big guy but that still leaves four. And while he could just start blasting things, he's been trained to make the most of his abilities. That means picking one's target carefully. Triqlaizuravox! I choose you! Except for a very slight increase in the blue grow surrounding him, he doesn't seem to be doing anything. However Triqlaizuravox develops that same faint blue glow and then begins to rise into the sky as he's no longer subject to Earth's gravitational pull. Just the reverse. This is why he asked about flying.

The demons are set upon and they roar loudly, « Treachery!!! » as the leader lifts his scythe and howls in a way that causes those tentacles to quaver and quake. Then suddenly it is being lifted upwards and it turns its torso to the side, affixing its attention upon Tel Vole. « Your defiance is a mockery! » And almost contemptuously he raises his scythe in both talons and a green blast of energy lashes out hurtling between him and Tel, breaking into a million tiny green fanged mouths that seek to devour the man from the future.

The thunderous cloud of a demon tries to in turn devour Cloak when the man of shadow accosts him but suddenly it realizes it is overpowered. It lashes out angrily with its lightning bolts, flickers of blue electricity race over the ground and towards Cloak only for it to be absorbed, to struggle, and then to disappear with the man's departure.

Raven's opponen howls impotently as it reaches for the long compound bow upon its back, yet the bonds she has placed it in prevent it from grasping its weapon. It lashes around, turning its black eyes upon its brother…

And its brother rushes to its aid, the bow of bone drawn back with arrow knocked as it begins to fire arrows of black energy at the shadowy woman.

Meanwhile, far below, Alexander lands upon the ground and the demon shatters with a heavy /crash/. It's enough to leave the young man staggering as he tries to get back to his feet, hand still holding the katana only for him to go to his knees again as he tries to recover himself.

Where Raven was, she no longer is, appearing instead behind the brother serpents with the threads of shadow soulself pulling the already captured of the pair into the air and holding him fixed in a position while she floats backwards away from her assailant with one palm pointed out towards him. The tendrils tighten their grip like a constricting snake squeezing the life out of an unfortunate rat that found itself within its den.

Her eyes take on a brighter glow as she calls upon more of the powers of her soulself, creating a secondary image of herself hovering a few feet to her right. From that image, a third is born, and then a fourth and fifth. Each resembling the original in shape alone. Once there are five of her floating in a the exact dimensions of an untraced star, Raven herself takes on a smokey shadowy appearance and the group dissolves until defining one from another would be nearly impossible.

All speak as one, "You will find no safe haven here, minions of Belasco. You have only one last chance to return from where you were summoned." There is no threat apparent, only a arcane promise of crackling, bar

Actually, their defiance is just defiance but Tel's not going to get into a war of words over it. Deciding that it would be a very bad idea to be devoured, he takes to the air, flying back to avoid those hungry mouths and firing a gravitational blast at them to try to disperse them.

The appearance of the shadow force that is Raven's soul self would unnerve most any creature. Not so for the scythed leader as he cackles triumphantly as his spell seems to send Tel Vole into flight. He exults as he turns in mid air, a pair of great ebony wings bursting forth from his back as he roars, « Rally my soldiers, they are but flesh for truth. »

Yet one of the serpent brother's eerie voices rise in a hiss even as his brother is tormented and constricted by Raven's shadowy tendrils. He knocks another arrow… but now has too many targets, too many. He draws the bow and snaps back, « Kazzaxxalas is taken, and D'orn is fallen. The battle goes ill! » The serpent slithers closer to Raven and snarls, « Free my brother shadow queen, and my brother and I will not raise hand to you and yours for six thousand years. »

The lord snaps, « Fool! »

As for Alex he groans and rubs at his head, one of his arms seems to not bend correctly and he grimaces as he straightens it, bone crackling against bone as the wound begins to mend. The remains of D'orn around him do not stir.

"Dudes, did you hear all that banging up here?" The Flash is plopping up the steps wearily after a knock down drag out fight in Keystone City. There are all sorts of particulars that would be extremely interesting to discuss, but not at a time like this!

The Scarlet Speedster's mouth goes agape and the bag of potato chips falls to the floor as he tries to take in all in front of him. "Well this ain't good."

Everything seems to go into straight slow motion as Wally invokes the powers of the speed force. Despite the carnage in front of him, it seems like his friends are doing a pretty good job against these evil-types. He spies a serpent, however, that looks like it may need some 'ramming speed'.

Thacka-Boooom! The Flash sears across the top of the tower and goes for a straight whacka-punch right to the serpent's head!

Raven knows that her heritage makes her the target for beings like this. The target for attempts to push her and ultimately shove her tumbling over the edge into a black void where she will know nothing around her, but her body will be used as the vessel for true evil. Her eyes close as the temptation to call upon all of the powers within her to cast these creatures back into the blackness of their realm and simple release herself to the desires that she struggles minute by minute to keep held at bay.

The temptations of power.

When her eyes open once more, they are searing points of emptiness cast on Scythed leader. "Your minions abandon you." She warns him, uncoiling the cords of her own soul from around the throat of a serpent brother, just as Wally sends the second a message visa vis a speed force punch.

All five images collect into a single cloaked persona of Raven, hands down by her sides radiating with a light devouring darkness. "Last chance to follow them peacefully. The alternative is far less pleasant."

Wings. So much for anti-gravity. Tel lets nature reassert itself as he flies around, taking evasive action against future attacks. And since the demon appears to use his weapon to direct his spells, or perhaps they're even the source, it's time to do something about that. There's nothing subtle about it this time. His hands glow bright blue and then suddenly the scythe, and only the scythe, is affected by about 15Gs.

The serpent creature pleading with Raven almost manages to look pleading… only to have that visage snapped around and for teeth to go flying at the force of impact from Wally's hypersonic punch. It's slithery head snaps around wildly, blearily as it falls to the ground, eyes unfocusing as it struggles to maintain consciousness. Then its brother is released to crumple to the ground beside it. With an almost herculean effort, the struggling serpent touches the shoulder of its brother… and the two fade from view out of this reality and into the next.

Yet this leaves the Demonic General roaring its displeasure. « No, you fools! » Only to suddenly have its displeasure grow an order of magnitude as its scythe is wrenched from its hand abruptly, the green and rust colored weapon with the myriad mouths falls to the roof of the tower and craters there with a loud crackle. « Malggamas! The scythe of plagues! How dare you! » It objects most strenuously as it rushes downwards, chasing after the fallen weapon, its talons extended outwards to try and reclaim its prize.

Meanwhile, far down at the base of the tower, Alexander rushes into the lobby to try and catch the elevator.

"You mean, /this/ Scythe of Plagues?" The Flash says as he snakes it from the clutches of the Demonic General. With the momentum of the speed force, he's able to get it out of the way. The bad news is that he's not really able to lift it without going fast. He grunts and struggles, "Hey, whaddya feed this thing anyways?"

Raven touches a toe down on the roof of the Tower and the wind catches her cloak as she starts walking amidst the whirling shadowy soul cloud that writhes around her like a vortex. "You have been disarmed and your forces are retreating or dead. You have little options remaining in this engagement and fewer still if you dismiss my attempts at a peaceful resolution." Her hands extend out to either side of her, tendrils flaring forward to engage the demonic warlord around the wrists as he reaches out for his scythe.

"You do not know me. So I will introduce myself." Her voice is powerful, oppressive, as she recoils the tendrils to drag his hand away from Wally and the weapon the demon so desperately desires. "I am known as Raven. Daughter of Trigon. And I am ''not'' to be triffled with."

With a thought, Tel banishes the extra gravitons weighing down the scythe so Flash can take care of it. Which is to say, keep it out of the demon's talons. Since Raven is giving the demon a chance to leave without further fighting, he waits. "Leave now and this is over."

Faced with his very own Kobayashi Maru, The Demonic General glowers at them all somehow, even with a head composed entirely of tentacles. It howls in disappointment and rage as it lifts its claws into the air with eldritch energy crackling around its talons. It's voice lashes the air like waves of heat as it snarls, « You have made an enemy, Child of Trigon. In six years I shall return and suck your eyes from your skull! »

And with that said the creature is already fading from view before the last words of the threat are uttered leaving only a wisp of mystical energy in its wake.

Of course he also leaves the writhing slimy moss-covered fanged mouthed Scythe of Plagues in Wally's hand. The hundreds of tiny mouths slaver and drool and exudes an aura of sickness which most likely will at least give whomsoever wields it a really nasty cold.

Like, for realz Wally. Gross, dude.

"Whoawhowowaoah!" exclaims the Flash as he struggles to get a hold of the scythe when the gravity changes. Once he takes a bit to actually see what the whole scythe thing entails, he's absolutely horrified and flings it across the top of the tower and away from the others. "Dude! W.T.F?!"

The Scythe never touches the Tower as tendrils of shadow wrap around the shaft and pull it into Raven's out stretched hand. There's something decidedly darker about her than before, even amidst the wisps of soulself that vortex around her, she's faintly glowing. Slowly the weapon is turned in the air and she casts her violet eyes across the roof with a furrowed cut to her brow.

Then without a word, the entirety of her soul returns and she's standing once more in the dark jeans and black hoodie that makes up her civilian clothing, save the addition of a rather grotesque weapon held in one fishnet adorned hand.

"A fitting, if disturbing, trophy for the museum." Tel says, walking over to get a closer look at the scythe in Raven's grasp without actually touching it. Then he pauses and turns to look at Flash. "Do you have a museum with appropriate wardings and security in which to store dangerous weapons taken from defeated enemies?"

And a few moments later Alexander emerges from the stairwell, frowning as he reaches the roof and rubbing at his shoulder. He looks around and cocks an eyebrow, pleased to see the other demons gone. He crosses the way and lifts a hand, "Hey Wally," No point in asking him when the speedster got there, could have been whenever.

"Looks like you have things under control up here." He looks to the others curiously.

The Flash watches Raven acting all creepified, but to be honest he's really used to it by now. Tel gets a raised eye brpw. "A museum? I don't have one, but the other Flash does. That sounds like a great idea. I wish I'd thought of it."

"I believe we have bought ourselves six years." Raven states to Alexander, holding the scythe out to him expectantly, then regarding Wally for a moment. "I could potentially create a ward strong enough to house it, if we wish to glorify our major battles with demonic trophies." Perking a brow beneath the shadowy hang of her hood.

"It's less a glorifying and more a way of keeping them safe." Tel tells Raven. "The Legion houses all the equipment taken from those it fought and defeated in a building that has the best security possible. The Legionnaires have access to it and so do recruits under supervision. Each is a lesson in its way."

Accepting the staff from her, Alexander grimaces at it and then tilts his head. "I'm thinking it may be best to break it, to at least make it less useful should someone reclaim it. Objections?" He asks as he looks around, then draws the katana from over his shoulder and brandishes the red blade beside the scythe.

"This is probably going to stink if I do, I suggest people steb pack."

The Flash shrugs his shoulders, "No objections here, if that's what y'all wanna do." Just to be safe, he takes a step back. Then another. Then another. All this hocus pocus mumbo jumbo he leaves to those better equipped for that sort of thing.

Raven watches after the scythe as it passed over to Alex, but she offers no objections to breaking it. She does, however, cross her arms over her chest and steps back away from the katana and the promise of stench when it sunders the demonic creation.

"Stink?" Tel asks and does indeed step back. "I'm thinking explode. Destroying magical artifacts is rarely easy and never safe." More than one Legionnaire has had access to magical power and dimensions. "You might want to do that away from any people. Or buildings."

The katana swings through a smooth arc as Alexander gets ready. He looks to each person in turn and gives a nod, those glowing red eyes flitting from each individual to the next. When Tel Vole does voice his concern Alex cocks an eyebrow and then gets a wry if perhaps slightly wicked grin.

And as quickly as that Grasscutter's edge slices cleanly through the middle of the scythe, cleaving it in one perfectly clean cut through the middle that causes those myriad of mouths to scream with agony as a cloud of greenish gas seems to fly upwards into the sky.

Throwing the halves away from them, Phobos watches as all of those hundreds of mouths wail and cry, then slowly die with tiny tongues lolling out and gasping their last. That green cloud drifts upwards slowly, dissipating as it goes.


The Flash eyes Phobos warily before looking at the others, "I think I'm going to hurl." Instead, he reaches down for his bag of potato chips and brings it up to check. He smiles, "Couple left in there that didn't touch the ground. We good."

Raven watches the cleaving and then takes up both halves of the scythe, one for either hand, and holds them up to examine them. Whatever she was searching of, she seems satisfied by what she finds and nods as much. "I will put these in storage." Holding them up, then turning to walk unphased towards the door leading back into the tower.

Stopping only once she's beside Wally, whose head she swats at lightly with the knuckles of her right hand. He's far faster than she could ever hope to be, but still… "Do not advertise our team in text speak." Then she resumes departure to put this horrible weapon somewhere safe.

Tel steps back even further as he starts to get a whiff of that odor. And then back some more off the edge of the building. "Text speak?" he asks, curious as to why Raven swatted Flash. "Is that why Cloak showed up here? An advertisement was placed?" That seems less than wise.

Alexander follows after Raven, waving over his shoulder as he makes to depart. "Thanks for the help, fellas. Give my love to that Cloak guy if you see him again." And as he says this he steps into the stairwell after the dark goth girl.

A few words can be heard in that stairway, "So. Trigon, huh?"

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