Touching Base

August 17, 2014: Lara and Matt reconnect and catch up on what's been going on in their lives. Plans are made.

Lara's Penthouse at the Waldorf Astoria



  • Winston (Croft Butler)

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A few days after the gala, Matt Murdock gains entrance to Lara's penthouse via Winston and is shown towards her office. As he's let in, he looks a bit sullen. "Lara, I'm sorry I missed the gala. I know it was important to you and I would have liked to have been there. I had no idea it would turn into such craziness. I'm sorry."

Lara looks up from the gobs of paperwork she's buried under at what should be the dining table of the suite. She blinks at Matt for a few seconds, before she lets out a laugh. "I'm not that high maintenance, Matthew. You were there for the schmoozing bit at the beginning, which was all I needed. Plus things all worked out in the end. Well, mostly. They're still debating what to do with the pliosaur." She tosses a stack of papers aside, with a metric ton of monetary figures on them. "I'm not sure there's a good solution, to be honest. Even if we built a place for her to live, all of her primary prey sources are long extinct and the cost of feeding her would be astronomical or require the use of endangered species."

"Talk about high maintenance," Matt says with a chuckle as he approaches the desk and sets his hand upon the corner. "Haven't talked in a few days. How is everything going otherwise?" Matt for himself has been busy with casework and cleaning up the power vacuum fallout from the Fisk arrest.

"Well, I accepted the offer from SHIELD, so there's that. I'm sure orientation will be fun," Lara says with a chuckle. She covers his hand with her own. "Otherwise it's been quiet. Which is probably a bad sign, right?" She props her chin in her free hand. "How are things with you? I imagine the criminal Underworld is a massive cock fight with Fisk in jail."

"Good," Matt says with a nod. "SHIELD will be lucky to have you. I'd tell you to be careful, but I'm sure you will be and I'm not sure you'd listen to me if you weren't planning to be." His head tilts and he chuckles with a sigh, "It's interesting. There's something odd happening with drugs down in Mutant Town and we're not sure who the big players will be out of Fisk's aftermath. Could be a handful, could be more. And I don't think Fisk is done, even from prison."

"Men like Fisk are never done, even after they go to their graves, Matt," Lara agrees. She gets up and takes his hand, leading him over to the sofa to sit somewhere more comfortable. "Tell me about the Mutant Town situation. Anything I can do to help?"

Matt follows a long and takes a place next to her on the sofa. He leans forward and shrugs out of his charcoal colored suit coat, throwing it upon the other side of the sofa. "I haven't found out much to this point. I intercepted some of them as they were shooting up a festival. That guy who was with us against Fisk, the guy who turns to smoke, he was there as well."

"He was at the gala as well, I think," Lara admits. "Someone that I think is good to have on our side." She loosens his tie for him with a grin. "I think we need to take a day off soon. Maybe go to a beach. Drink something that requires a paper umbrella speared through some fruit."

Matt smiles as she pulls the tie down from his neck, "I was thinking the same thing, to be honest. I think getting out of New York is a perfect idea. Maybe out of the country. Any thoughts as to where?"

"I was thinking perhaps the North Shore of Oahu. Or perhaps Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda," Lara notes as she brushes fingers through Matt's short-cropped hair. "Someplace not touristy, a little private, serene." And least likely to have some sort of crazy villain attack it. "Matt, were you blind from birth?" she asks, curiously.

"Both of those would be good options, but I'm not sure we're fit for the Virgin Gorda," Matt chuckles a bit and throws his arm around her. "No, I wasn't. When I was a boy I lost my eyesight in an accident. I had some sort of radioactive material thrown into my face—it's what gave me my powers."

"So I can describe things to you, like a sunset on a beach, and you can picture it?" Lara asks with a smile, leaning against him lightly, and resting her head on his shoulder. It's a nice moment of peace in a life of utter chaos.

"Absolutely," Matt says with a smile. "You're feeling decidedly more sentimental than usual, Miss Croft. Perhaps distance has made the heart grow fonder."

Lara laughs. "Or maybe nearly being eaten by a prehistoric sea creature makes me appreciate the best things in my life," she points out. "Life can be short for people like us. Incidents like this are a reminder that we should enjoy the things we value."

"Perhaps," Matt says with a grin. "Either way, the feeling is mutual. What's your schedule looking like? When I finish up this case I'm working on, and after I get a handle on the Smooth, I'm going to need to get out of here."

"I'm Lady Croft. My schedule is what I decide it is, for the most part," Lara notes. Winston coughs nearby. She sighs. "Well, mostly. But I can arrange it around our getaway. So don't worry about that." She leans back and puts her bare feet up on the coffee table, just to piss off her butler. "Let me know if there's anything I can do to help regarding the Smooth. If the smoke man is working on it, I likely owe him a hand."

"Absolutely. I'll try and touch base with him and let him know you're interested. Do you have an official code name? If I go around and tell masked vigilantes that Lara Croft is interested in working with them, the cat will sort of be out of the bag soon enough." Matt pulls her a little closer to him and embraces her with the arm that was around her shoulder.

Lara snuggles into the curve of his arm and sighs. "You heroes and your silly code names. Very well, I suppose one can call me Morning Dove. Though it sounds silly when I say it out loud."

"So does Daredevil," Matt says with a chuckle. "I'll search for him tonight. Well, early tomorrow morning I suppose. Assuming we're going to be making an evening out of this."

A soft chuckle comes from Lara. "Early tomorrow, definitely. I need some Matthew time." With that, the Tomb Raider pulls him in by his tie for a kiss.

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