Roller Derby Recruit

August 18 2014: Jericho, whilst waiting on a few things, is nearly run over by Darcy

Central Park

The one and only park, now with 100% more roller derby SHIELD agents



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Jericho wound up, after his walk, taking a load off in one of those park benches in the shade. He's not… completely relaxed. He's, in fact, gearing up for a trip to Syria. Just a short one. He's got ways of getting around.

They involve ice cream. Seriously, don't ask.

In any case, he's got to wait for the hacks he has in progress to bear fruit, so here he is, sitting in the shade in the New York August heat in Central Park in long sleeves. Yeah. Shade doesn't help much. It's still very, very hot.


Hot? This is nothing compared to New Mexico in August. For reals. Darcy has been working out, skating around hte park, and as she gets tired she just drops herself into the first bench she comes across. …and almost drops into Jericho's lap in the process.

"Oops, sorry man," she rattles off, eyes on her phone that she pulls out of her hip pack to tap at the screen. Must change songs. Must check Faceboo- OMG, Peacewar totes did NOT post that! Whadda TROLL!


Jericho almost jumps out of his seat. He'd been paying attention to the camera feeds a couple of blocks away and not anything nearer by so when Darcy unceremoniously flops down next to him in skater gear he's understandably a bit surprised. She may not recognize him now that he's not burnt to hell. There's not even any scars really. He recognizes her though.

"No problem, just startled m-… you."


Typing with her thumbs, Darcy only vaguely realizes Jericho's said anything. She glances over, and pulls out an earbud.

"What?" And who? but who's not so important.


Jericho's giving her a suspicious look. At least she's not here to muss is crepes and hug all over his burns. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with May?" The skater gear thing almost threw him off but he does after all have facial recognition software and a lot of paranoia.


"I'm skating. It's my.. oh, dude! The Mark." Darcy blurts out as she FINALLY recognizes him. "Right. May. Day off. Sooo not talking work righ tnow. How are you? Man, those burns healed nice. …quick too. Rad," she chatters, nodding… unnaturally. In time to her music. Is she nodding or dancing?


Is she going to hug him again. Please say no because there's still some things that might hurt if she did. Not as badly, but it'd be his luck.

"Yeah, me. So you get days off? Must be nice." Does May ever take days off? Jericho… actually isn't sure.

"Yeah it's a gift. What the hell are you doing out here?"


"I'm not scheduled, so it's my day off. No one's called to bitch about a stapler shortage, so everything is a-ok," Darcy says, pulling out the other earbud. At the question she eyes Jericho as if he were a trifle slow, then lifts her feet clean up, knees straight, showing off her skates with the electric blue wheels.

"Umm… duh?"


"Right. Cause I see skaters in Central Park doing this all the time." He looks about. Skaters actually aren't super uncommon, but they're a lot less common than they used to be in say, the eighties. "Isn't it a bit late for roller derby?" He's got no idea if that's actually what it is, this is just trademark Jericho snark.


"Hell no. Liberties Belles are way too bad ass for me, and I've got sooooo little time on my hands ot even consider trying for the blind draft, though fresh meat night might be fun. Thanks for that idea," Darcy rambles. WHat was her point? If she had one?


Blink. Blinkblink. "Wait. You, a SHIELD recruit, train for actual roller derbies?" Jericho was kind of unaware that those were still a thing. Googling now. Huh. They totally are still a thing. Who'd have thought. "Liberty Belles?" Ow… that looks painful. "Not for long the way they hit each other. Must be sponsored by the local trauma center.'


"Umm. DUH! I'm planning to but it on my resume as hand to hand combat. Think it'll fly?" Darcy says, doing her own googling to show him on her phone. Er… rather, just pulling up their facebook photo album. "I play flat track. Banked is way too mental. And I think they are…" phone pulled back, scroll scroll, Brian internet is so much faster…. "yup! Meth Anne Phetamean's a trauma nurse in the ER. She's got connections, most likely."


The hacker snorts. "Figures. Combat training? I dunno. They'd want you to demonstrate it to them. Maybe if you could get an agent on the rink on you might get away with it. I don't recommend trying to get May there though. I get the distinct feeling she'll be unamused. Er."

"I've gotta ask… how the hell did you end up tangled up with SHIELD. No offence but you don't seem the type."


"Oh, dude. May on wheels! HA! One, never happen. Two, she'd probably STILL kick my ass. So, pass," Darcy replies, laughing regardless, but the mental image of May on skates is epic. Kicked ass or no. She fishes a small water bottle from her hip bag and chugs down a few swigs before wiping her chin with her wrist guard.

"They took my iPOD. The bastards," she says, with VENOM! Because.. Playlist! Sacred!


"They? They being… um… SHIELD? What would they want with your iPod."

Now Jericho is officially confused. "And why the heck would that make you join them. Rather than, you know, just ask for your property back.


"I don't know! Ask SHIELD!" Darcy retorts, sounding upset still. Mess with her music! hrrumph! She folds her arms over her chest.

"And, well… it paid more than interning for a scientist trying to make bridges across dimensions out of parts she bought at radio shack.

"Plus… I don't know. After saving puppies from a giant space robot of fire-breath, it's really hard to go back to anything even remotely resembling normal. Although, it's really frightening, the amount of staples SHIELD goes through. Totally not a ''Green'' organization, if you know what I mean," Darcy rambles. Clearly, she hasn't gone through the anti-interrogation training yet? Something?


Good thing she doesn't actually know anything, Jericho supposes. Unless you want to track SHIELD's staple use for some nefarious purpose. Which… heh, would be funny.

"No, more a black organization from my dealings with them. Well, good luck to you Ms. Lewis. And watch your back. May's a good enough person but there are plenty of others there who are… much less so."

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