A Dragon Cornered: A Taste of Blood

August 19, 2014: The Galante and Richard Dragon (as Anthony Quinn) discover the whereabouts of the Lucky Hand Triad's hitman, Feng Mo the Demon. Unknown to Dragon or the Batfamily Catwoman is present with her own agenda. (Warning: Language, Violence, Innuendo, Gore, NOT PG)

Gansu Projects, China Basin, Gotham

Run down residential complex that has been converted in to a drug den and brothel.



  • Vincente Casso (Galante)
  • Sammy One Shot (Galante)
  • The Walrus (Galante)
  • Greater Nardi (Galante)
  • Lesser Nardi (Galante)
  • Galante Gangsters
  • Lucky Hand Triad
  • Bystanders
  • Feng Mo (Lucky Hand Triad)

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Vincente Casso's hit squad is proactively hunting the Galante killer which of course to no ones surprise brings them to the downtown streets of Chinatown. Right on the fringes of Triad territory. Casso is nowhere to be seen. It's the Walrus, Quinn, the Nardi brothers and One Shot Sammy leading a bunch of mad men of lesser repute.

The Nardi brothers are two men who look mean as the pit fighters they are. Greater Nardi is a massive man with no neck and wide shoulders, where the Walrus is rotund Big Nardi is a slab of muscle. Lesser Nardi is a short, wiry man. One wouldn't be able to tell they were even related if not for the obvious shared nose, over amount of body hair and the swarthy skin of the same darker shade. Across the street from them they have pinpointed the supposed home of the Neck Twister. A project complex that stands about four stories, is one part opium den the other part brothel.
The Galante mobsters have shown up in force, they obviously mean business and once they found out where this monster nests down they moved out, it was quick, rushed and there was no straggling. Men were armed, vehicles were lined up and bodies were moving. Very Untouchables.
"Alright you slags, this is it. Time to show these chink fucks who they're messin' with." Sammy couldn't sound any more cliché as he looks in to the backseat of the car he’s sitting passenger in.

Tony Quinn's done his part for the gang while he's been embedded with them. He's done his job busting the occasional head and overseeing the boss' interests, whether it's as a guard, a button man, or an enforcer. Sure, no bodies have dropped on his watch but the man's a professional. Lots of new hitters go throwing around deaders just to make a point. Some folks, they don't have to. That's Quinn.
So that's why when he's running with this crowd tonight he's got a place up front and a bit to the side, overseeing, but not running. He gives a nod to Sammy. "We go in together, might let em flank us in this sorta place. Might want to split a few fellas off, establish a perimeter. Don't want any runners." As he says this in a way it's true. Then again it also thins the ranks a bit for some predatory element to pick those guys off as they split up. Just in case, you know, some might be around.
And speaking of those that 'just might be around', Batgirl lurks in the shadows where she's got a clean LOS to 'Quinn'. She doesn't need him to be wired to know what he's saying. Or at least, what he wants her to know. She can pick that up just fine. Better than hearing his words even if he were to speak plainly. She's not planning on pulling the 'Scary Bat' routine tonight, just pure stealth mode. Of course, everyone knows what they say about plans and battle…

Inside one of these buildings pillows are strewn across the floor, overstuffed and decorated of the orient, brocades, fringed, covering the expanse of the floor from one wall to the other beneath the low willowy hang of sheer and mesh that blows with the broken window that spans one whole side of the walls of this lofted space. A gaping wound in the fogged over panes, spider webbing out and left dirty just to conceal what other dirty deeds go on, on the other side. Men and women sit together, smoking off the large hookahs, the odor permeating the air enough to give one that aphrodisiac from being here alone.

A writhing mass of bodies in another darkened corner, furthest from the opening is enough to give way to what the theme of this particular illicit den harbored, unknowing of what is awaiting below.

Heeled feet of those metallic stiletto’s step casually over each body, moving or only rising and falling in slumber, lowering to check, moving the blonde hair off a girls face only to flick it back in place, with each gesture the synthetic fabric of her cat suit groans, those laces that bind it together up each side tugging to keep it all in place. Oh to be a 'working girl' again, but those red stained lips are not smiling, there’s a stoicism cast behind the shadows of long platinum and black streaked hair, intricate braid work and twists keeping the mass up and off shoulders in spots, length left down her spine to the small of her back.

" ' Ey toots, what ya lookin' for. I think I got it right 'ere for ya!" A man yells, not even getting a glance as she continues wading casually through the bodies until she reaches the broken window and looks down. A reason for /Leonne/ to pause.

"Perimeter?" Sammy narrows his eyes at Quinn, "Yeah, we'll do that. Split up. Nardi bros you guys go to the north side, I'mma go east with some of Brunos and Castille, Quinn… "
The Walrus speaks up this time, "Will go with me. We'll head to the south, near the carport. Come on turtleneck." The big man slides free of the vehicle (driver side) and it lurches with his weight being removed, moving almost casually the big man makes his way off towards the south end of the project structure.

From Catwoman's vantage at the window she will see the traffic shift beyond, several cars have parked and men are pilling forth. It's not like they’re being overly stealthy but they're not yet announcing themselves either.

A rustle, a soft landing and the presence of another body is enough telltale signs for Batgirl to know exactly who it is that just started perching next to her. The man's face below the cowl has his lips etched in to a thin line. No words spoken, none needed. They communicate better without them anyhow.

That Quinn guy, he's a guy who can read a room. So he knows that little 'suggestion' of his drained some of what little political capital he's got in this crowd, and now it's in part gained Walrus' suspicion. So when the big man claims partnership, he doesn't protest. Falling into step and heading south, 'Turtleneck' keeps his hands at his sides and his head on a swivel.
As they move, Quinn's voice lifts just a bit as he murmurs with a hint of jocularity that's barely there. "I appreciate that we get along n'll, Walrus. But s'only fair thay m'upfront with ya. I only like ya as a friend, Wally." At that he smirks sidelong at the larger man, perhaps trying to even be companionable.
Batgirl doesn't look over as the larger shadowed form settles next to her. She doesn't need to. The slight adjust in her stance to put him more clearly in her field of vision says the entire hello they need while on the job. The silent young woman watches the group split up, and only then does she glance over to the Batman. Her head tilts slightly towards the North, asking if he wants her to follow Sammy and the Nardi brothers.

So many hunts, and they have converged onto one territory again. Those blue eyes narrow down through that jagged and shattered opening of the window; lips peeling back to reveal the flash of teeth as she hisses air inward. Leonne is on her own hunt and what is spilling out of cars and now entering the buildings only causes a bit more of a haste in her step.

Every casual stride that was once a prowl is now one of a hunter that has picked up the scent, though pausing over another short haired blonde to move her hair and coming up with it in her hand. Fuckin' wigs. Throwing it aside the girl is shrieking and pawing at her head, crawl/staggering after it she hisses her own "bitch.." At Leonne who now exits this room to enter a hall that only ends in a guarded door, the two men looking at her without emotion.

She had gotten word from her girls that this is where Sarah might be found, but then the other utterance was of a Black Dragon…

That door is in her way…
Sammy splits from the Nardi Brothers only to lead his goons out of visibility. The Nardi's almost look lost as they begin to bicker back and forth before they set to scaling up the side of the projects via a dumpster then an emergency latter that looks like it's doubled as an outdoor patio.
Batman tips his head motion for Batgirl to pursue them. Then leaps vanishing off the edge of their shared perch for his cloak to stretch out and stiffen as memory fiber hardens it enough he can glide the distance behind Sammy and land on an advertisement board that is probably three decades old and covered in graffiti. Apparently it was once a Marlboro Man billboard.

Walrus grunts past that namesake giving mustache, "Just keep moving, less talk." Apparently the man's not fond of conversation or he's trying to remain stealthy, something the overly large man is very capable of. He's exhibited as much several times now. At the car lot they can see this is the main entry point, large decayed doors are half patched with wood and a small gang of about four men lounge about the steps, at least two pieces upon them. One tucked in to a shirt and the other casually rested in a lap. They seem bored, stoned or drunk. Like lizards who have had too much sun. They've grown cocky.

Those guards by the door both spare one another a glance before they look at 'Leonne' and motion her away, "Go. No place for you, Feng Mo is already busy with his whores for the night."
"Yeah, feeding him more will just be a waste. Go find one Liu, he'll put you to work."

That scored him no points; then again that wasn't Quinn's goal. He keeps his place near the man, following along with steady smooth motions, shifting from cover to cover each time maintaining low visibility and sound, yet keeping close enough to support his 'partner'. It's only when he reaches the entrance point to that car lot that he shoots a glance at the other man. A hand gestures to himself, then Quinn jerks a thumb towards the men, signaling he'll take care of it.
Without waiting for some form of ascent for the man, the disguised Dragon slips to the side and proceeds to make a silent approach on the four disoriented men. He flanks wide, sweeping around to try and maintain cover. Once clear of their line of sight he closes, footsteps quiet despite the faint layer of grime and dirt on the ground. There's a moment where he sets… and then he's on them.
The first two are usually the easiest. Each used against the other for a sharp clapping of heads together and then a yank backwards to add the impact of the fall seeking to rob them of consciousness. The third is trickier, even as the man in black and spectacles whirls. A throat strike is made quickly, looking so terribly vicious and lethal as it's delivered to rob the victim of voice and consciousness… yet somehow carefully gauged not to take life, not that Walrus could tell.

It's the fourth though that might be trickiest.
Batgirl gives a nod as she's moving, one that most would probably miss really. There's the flutter of her cape as she slides from shadow to shadow and then without seeming to stop, or wait for heads to be turned she leaps across the distance to close with the Nardis. But she already knew they would be looking away, that she had that gap of blindness without ever having to pause. That's why she took the extra step on the parapet. Why she slid to the gargoyle below a hair slower than she otherwise would. The bickering of the brothers makes it easier to keep track of them as the littlest Bat shadows the thugs.

Leonne's head tilts, a light motion that sends those bunned up locks of braids, dreads and twists spilling over her bare shoulder, the smile though, that is where the play lies and reaches her keen eyes. A slow blink and she is returning to that slow prowl in her gait. "I am not for Feng Mo, I was called on by him…" Pausing the long gloves that rested in a belt at her side are withdrawn, sliding them up on her arms they rest at mid bicep, her fingers pressing delicately between each of the other to make the fit perfect.

"For you both." Those final two words are whispered as she does not make to pass them or press for the door, instead she is leaning in and against one of those large guards, a gloved fingertip trailing up his front just beside where their two bodies contour together.

The Nardi brothers are up and in to the second story quick enough it's almost admirable. They're movements say they're not strangers to combat or this kind of activity; especially when one of the Lucky Hand Triad gangsters bodies spills out of the patio behind them, falling with a thump to the grounds below just beside the dumpster they ascended. On top of being strongmen and gymnasts they're also ex-Esercito Italiano formerly 4th Alpini Parachutists. Rather impressive and perhaps two of the deadliest men in the employ of the Galante Mob.
They move with a tactical precision through the Brothel, they're inside no more than 2 minutes and have already killed three Triad members. At least it's an easy trail of bodies for Batgirl to follow.

The Walrus has seen Quinn's moves already and doesn't slow down to display appreciation for them, instead rushing past and grabbing the final (4th) man on the stairs, hefting him up and head butting him twice in to oblivion. Or at least unconsciousness. Discarding the man with a flick he opens the door, motioning Quinn in. A gun is now in the Walrus' hand, a silencer wrapped around the tip. "Smells horrible in here. Like bad Chinese food and sex candles." It does and more.

"We're on duty though. Why he do this?" The second guard says confused. "He wouldn't, he's not that nice. What’s your game lady?"
"No, I need this man. Look how hot she is."
"You idiot. She's probably a cop or something."
"So. I never fucked a cop before. Give me 5 minutes with her. I'll find out if she’s kosher or not." A scream is heard inside of the room behind them, loud shrill and then silence. Neither man pays it mind. They know what’s happening beyond those doors and they don't want to see it (again).

"Could smell worse." Quinn says as he slips past the fallen men and precedes Walrus into the hall. His movement to the side of the way is quick, as if trying to get to cover as quickly as possible, or to limit the amount of time to giving Walrus an angle on him with that silenced pistol. He glances over at the man and starts to move in, checking and clearing the rooms with a quick glance as he maintains a low profile in a crouch.
There's a moment where he holds up a fist to stay their progress as he seems to 'see' something. But then he waves Walrus forward, letting the man take point as they penetrate deeper.
When Batgirl slips and finds her quarry's already dropped bodies, she crouches down next to the first to check for a pulse. Not getting one she picks up her pace. While the easy thing would be to let the bad guys fight it out, she's not keen on any sort of death count. If she can intercede stealthily so the Nardi brothers only think they've killed folks? Great. But she'll let herself get spotted before she lets another body hit the floor.

Leonne's hand is slowly ascending that man's chest in its press along where their bodies meet, her head rolling back to spill those long locks downward further along vinyl coated back, swaying like whips…

"A cop? Plleeaassee.." That single word can be taken so many ways, but just as her hand reaches the top of the one guards shirt she is pulling him down to her as if she is about to kiss him and that scream makes her act.

The belt around her waist is withdrawn by her other hand, suddenly meeting the one by the throat. In a swift motion she is wrapping the twined leather of her whip around his neck, jerking him downward and constricting the hold around his throat to try and maintain silence from him. All the while her upper body lowers with that dragging pull her leg kicks out and snaps up, aiming for the second guards throat as well.

Batgirl can see the Nardi Bros as she comes around the corner, the Greater Nardi is actually acting as a springboard for his smaller sibling to leap off of and land upon a slender man who had pulled a knife, the man's scream is cut short by the clamping teeth of Nardi Small upon his throat, muffling the sound. "Heheh… <Bite his fucking jugular off>" Thick Italian is spat out by the larger one who has turned just enough he can see down the hallway behind them. Possibly even spot Cass.

The Walrus gives Quinn a prolonged stare before stepping past him striding down the hallway, blankets, sheets, the occasional door. No guards. The overhanging cloud of opiates, incense, cigarette and indoor burning barrels has a constant fog through this place, it only adds to the environmental distractions around them, the noises from each room telltale enough of what happens beyond closed doors. Some not so closed. It is a scum laden brothel house after all.
"No one. Nothing." The Walrus rumbles.

The whip loops easily around the man who had been pressed against Leonne, his eyes bulging out before they grip up and try to pry at it while she maneuvers his body about; where the head goes the body follows. That lashing kick misses the body guards throat only because he managed to move his head to the side but clips him in the side of the neck and shoulder forcing him to stumble back and that’s when it happens, the firearm at his side goes off while he's drawing it upwards, the bullet goes through the floor and the second shot goes through the wall.
No one can mistake the sound of a gunshot. Not in this line of work.

Shaking his head as if expecting it, Quinn scowls and snaps low just for Walrus to hear right after those gunshots. "Fuckin' amateurs." That's right, Dragon just swore. Hey, it's in character for Quinn. But then he breaks from cover and starts to move in the direction of the gunshots. He pauses for a moment to lock eyes with Walrus, "If this's goin' pear shaped, s'gonna be in that direction." He gestures with a toss of his head.
And unless the Walrus protests strongly, Quinn's moving then towards the sound of the fray, surrendering a bit of stealth in favor of speed. His stance is higher now, and he seems to surrender himself more to the feel of the moment, letting his chi guide him as he enters that state of act and react as he moves in expecting trouble.
With all the haze in the air, Batgirl figures adding to it a bit can't be all bad. Fingertips trigger her utility belt, dropping smoke pellets into her hand. A quick throw at the far wall brings the cloud of vision-impeding helpfulness curling down the hallway. Batgirl slides down against the side of the hall, keeping what stealth she can as she makes for the smaller Nardi. One arm cocks back, aiming a punch for a kidney, hoping to get those teeth to let up so one foot can shove the down man further away. Then she'll move deeper inwards, trusting to her obscured presence to get the predators chasing a running object.

The poor man at the end of 'Leonne's' whip is being maneuvered much akin to a marionette, the gunshots have her springing back, using his shoulders as something to flip her body up and over, landing in a crouch behind him only to go -up-, guiding him with her, back to back and pressing him towards his gun drawing buddy, her other hand reaching up to knot fingers through the whip.

"You should know by now in your line of work… If it is too good to be true…."

Kicking up she is using that guard like a wall, protection and balance, kicking around the side of him, horizontal now in her body’s twist and leverage, snapping around to try and hook a leg around the weapon laden hand, using the bend of her knee to have a hold of the other man's forearm while she still maneuvers the other by his throat.

"You take it before it's too late!"
The dance of Catwoman/Leonne using Guard #2 as a puppet looks rather amusing unless you consider a gun involved. As she snaps around and kicks the gunman her dance partner begins to slacken while the whip constricts, he's fading out and it's soon going to be her holding him up. The shootist gets kicked and his weapon aims up, putting some holes now through the ceiling.
Responses throughout the building are varied; men climb out of rooms, women run, some hide, others carry on. Dragon/Quinn and Walrus in their flight upwards to the next floor find themselves standing at the end of a hallway covered with the curious or the scrambling. Most are so doped out of their mind they're clueless. At the end of the same hall the martial arts master and the Walrus can see the battling woman and the two sentries. However, a wall of bodies stands between them and her. Not all of them combatants.
"Who the fuck is she?" Walrus shoots a man to his right, a weapon was on his person, and the toppling man also drops what looks like a badge. It doesn't slow the big man; he proceeds to move down the hallway towards the trio battling at the other end, men and women alike.

Nardi Smalls erks and sprays saliva across the open bite mark on the spasming man's throat, his kidney taking a shot that has him arching his back before kicked away to slap in to a wall.
Stealth on her side as it is, it somehow doesn’t stop the behemoth Greater Nardi from slapping a hand out and clipping the back of her shoulder. Something in that guttural Italian barked out.

Gunshots inside inspire gunshots outside, Sammy's men are opening fire; fortunately Batman is out there to deal with it. Inside is up to all of them.

And suddenly, for Dragon, all pretenses are broken as he says low under his breath onto their shared commline, "Officer down."
As quickly as that the man known as Quinn is no longer there, but the preternatural calm of the Dragon descends. Everything else around him is background noise for now. The people emerging, the swirl of combatants and non-combatants. It's all movement, mass, obstacles. As now the Walrus is his target. A gun man starts to rush past to the side, heading for Walrus as the tall man is the more obvious target. Only for the charging Chinatown gangster's progress to be abruptly checked with a forearm crashing against his chest swirling him around as a hand closes over his wrist holding the firearm. A short sharp twist breaks that wrist, giving the gun over to Dragon he tosses it aside and still using the same momentum he brings the man fully around almost like an elegant technique from Aikido. And at the last moment the triad is /hurled/ straight at Walrus's back to stumble the man even as Richard breaks into a run after.
At about the same moment the collision should occur, Dragon leaps, a foot planting into the wall as he kicks up and leaps off of it to gain height and his foot lashes around with a whirling snap of movement seeking to smash the weapon out of Walrus' hand. Perhaps it would have been better to take the opening and put the large gunman down if he could. But now it's safer to get the giant of a man disarmed.
Batgirl is small, which makes her a hard target to hit. But that works against her when someone does manage to catch her. Even though Greater Nardi only clips her, the strength and mass he's got behind him twists Batgirl around and sends her flying into the hallway wall. Luckily, she also knows how to roll with the blow, so even though she'll have bruises and ache, none of it shows as she comes back around and launches herself at Greater Nardi.

Given his strength and reach, in close is one of the last places that she should want to be, but Batgirl's all about the hand-to-hand, and that means getting in tight with those that should have a physical advantage on her. She drops into a slide at the last moment, foot lashing out and aiming for the big man's knee. Then the opposite foot sets down, pushes up, and that same kicking foot moves from knee upwards in a sweep for his jaw as the first strike should bring it within range.

Guard 1 lowers to his knees, crumbling to unconsciousness beneath the choke hold of the whip, she lowers with him, flipping back off his limp body towards those two doors, evading the floor-aimed gunshots that are fired in a panic riddled aim that is doing no good for him.

Hitting the large doors once guarded they spread open with a loud clatter, Leonne landing on all fours, her whip snapped back and releasing the man's neck for the comfort of her grip. Where she is resting seems oddly cushioned, but she is looking at the helter skelter hall of people, watching 'Quinn' in his battle and swinging that whip above her head with two sharp snaps to lash once again at Guard 2 to disarm him before he does finally shoot her.

As that whip sails forward she looks down, a glance that slows everything down to slow motion in her mental visual. That 'cushioning' is a body, a blonde woman who is peering up with one green eye between her own mangled and knotted locks of hair directly at Leonne with a glazed over look of death, though looking further down she is upon the woman’s back, not where they should be eye to eye…

"Shit, Sarah…" Found who she is looking for, just not how she desired..
The smoke pellets smoke has obscured Nardi Smalls and Nardi Big only got that clap off before they go Rhino in a Antique shop on that room, ripping it apart only to lose Batgirl in the hallway. A flight of stairs up from the Walrus, Leonne and Quinn.

"The fuck turtle!?" The Walrus barks out as his forearm is kicked and the firearm knocked loose, a knife appears in Walrus free hand and just out with a very accurate swift jab. A jab aimed for Dragon's chest. He'll miss of course but carry with and slap a whore out of the way only to backhand swipe at Dragon, that empty hand grabbing with it to get a hold of the man. Also another possible miss but he's angry right now. The customers, Triad and workers alike in the hall scatter before the combatants.

Leonne has opened up a whole new room, a large canopy bed sits center of it, lush garden to the east side, two bodies inside, a woman curled up center of it nude, covered in bruises and crying. The windows and balcony to the outside is open, causing the canopy streamers to whip around and float in the air, far too many sheets and drapes in this room. It makes it hard to see who else is in here aside from the trio of abused or dead prostitutes. "Sarah? That was her name. She told me it was Topaz." The voice, comes from… around her? "Who are you and why are you here? A lost slut who comes to join her sisters or something more?" %RA rip in the curtains and they peel away to reveal a tall, bald Asian man with scars lacing up and down his chest, face and shoulders. He muscular and moves with a speed that’s just on the side of lightning fast. Metahuman even with a kick aimed squarely at the center of Leonne's ribcage. "I'll soften you up and come back for you. The Demon is hungry and I smell Galante prey near."

There's no emotion in those eyes as Dragon shifts to the side. The swirl of chaos around them seems to utterly leave the martial arts master untouched as he slips around the knife strike, then the grab. Yet for each attempt he makes the larger man pay for it. Offering a limb like that is gifting a present to an attacker with speed, it gives them something to strike, to twist, and if needs be break.
But for now there's little more than a few whip crack fast flattened hand strikes to a forearm. Then that reach and grab is answered with a low toe kick into the side of the knee, each movement seeking to cripple, to break. There's nothing in those eyes, not even pity or remorse. And then hopefully as his evasions drive Walrus onward he eases closer hinting at an opening and if it's seized then Dragon will focus his chi and a single knuckle in a burst of movement aiming to put the big man with the moustache down.
With the Nardi Brothers tied up and the larger hopefully drooling on the floor, the Batgirl heads for the stairs and the sounds of more commotion. There are people everywhere, screaming, and so stealth is kind of out the window. She has to fight against the current of them, trying to make her way to the others.

Guard 2 falls, that whip crack sliced the ends across his face, gun clattering to the floor and sliding under the feet of people now fleeing the hall and scenarios. His screams or even her success are unheard to Leonne's ears, she is staring into eyes with no light, and her breath deep gulps. It was not death that caused this, it is a broken promise she had made to those that stay in her side of Gotham.

One moment behind in reaction to that man's movement, but not too late to narrow her eyes on him in that solitary promise to him… She will keep.

The impact to her side is sickening sounding, like a kick to a bag of boiled potatoes there's even the faint sound of a crack as her body sails sideways. Though she rolls, somersaults and bows her spine enough to make the impact partially absorbed by the way she /rolled/ along the wall, arms splaying and those metal claws flashing to catch and leave trails as she slides down and hits the floor.

On the ground there she is gasping, rattling breaths in….and out… There's blood bubbling and boiling..
The Walrus is not a martial artist; this much is obvious once they get going. At best a fantastic brawler or a scrapper but he lacks technique beyond busting someone down and making them feel it. Richard Dragon puts him low fairly quickly only to see that muscular man in the black loose pants kicking Leonne. His movements are unnaturally fast, too fast, aided by not just explosive martial power but by Chi and something more.
"Don't worry bitch, you will scream, "Feng Mo's name before the sun rises many times." Turning he looks down the hallway towards Richard Dragon; his scar-puckered lips curl in to a smirk. "Ah… you are not Galante meat." The man's fingers one by one appear to pop snap and crackle in a rippling flex.
Fortunate for Batgirl is the bulk of the Walrus being battered around that many of these people are bowled aside or fleeing; this leaves her open vantage of the man calling himself Feng Mo facing off down the hallway at Richard Dragon.
"What is that behind you? I heard the Batman was a man, not a little boy… "

It is always difficult to read Dragon, for when he moves it is barely telegraphed and there is no hint in those grey eyes. That gaze locks upon Feng Mo and a small measure of recognition dawns. His gaze narrows and against what remains of the swell of humanity, Dragon breaks into a run. And despite the man's words of someone behind him… he knows. Most likely he knew before Feng Mo did. He moves into that run towards Feng Mo, breaking towards the side and choosing an angle of approach that not only will gain attention but will draw the man's guard up and to the side, giving a perfect window for Batgirl to close as well at another angle and to meld their efforts together seamlessly.
And then they engage. Respect is paid for the man's speed, defensive, countering… a feeling out of strikes as the Dragon tries to keep Feng Mo focused upon him. "You are metahuman." He says calmly. The first words in some time. "I find those with powers often forego technique, carried by the crutch of their enhancements in lieu of practice." And as he says this he tries to time this moment to land a strike, to at least irk the man with a short snap of pain if no actual damage.

Outside the structure:
Stooped over Sammy One Shot's now toothless mug Batman stares helplessly as he watches the eastern side of the Gansu Projects catch fire, the old building is nothing but dried woodworks, paper, refuse and cheap manufactured quantity ready 'goods' quality was never a factor with this particular building.

"Dragon, I can't reach you. You're on your own."

Castille's netted self is struggling where he is wrapped against a post, "You can't leave me here! I'll burn to death. That fire will get me!"
Batman pauses and looks the man over, the distance from him and the building. He'll be fine. "Good." He says before firing a grapnel launcher up around towards the northern side of the complex. He has to find another way in and the real source of the fire. This doesn't seem natural and he heard no explosives.

Once more inside:

Leonne inside the master chambers of Feng Mo can see the man's back; watch the initial engage between the martial artists and Batgirl. It's quick, almost too hard for the eyes to follow and then Feng Mo is back flipping quickly as sudden gouts of flame envelope him (almost as if he knew it was incoming), not just him but the entire hallway.

Richard Dragon, Batgirl, Feng Mo, the Walrus and everyone in it is swallowed by a large gust of flame and black smoke. It roars down the large hallway and the cracking, snapping sounds of a falling floorboard can be heard; the building itself quivers and shudders as fire and heat spreads.
From that blackened plume coming out of the hallway a form staggers and falls, tripping over one of the fallen guards, "Fist, you fucking moron. You almost burned me alive. I sense you out there… this is mine. You have no reason to be here!" The Chinese is fast. Enraged and Feng Mo's soot covered body is reeling, slapping flames off of his pants and legs.

Beyond him it sounds like a great oak tree is toppling or a giant just fell over, Gansu Projects is crumbling in upon itself, swallowed up by flame and its own decrepit state.

Dragon and Batgirl have been separated from Leonne (and Batman).

Continued in A Dragon Cornered: Breath of Fire and A Dragon Cornered: I am Revenge

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